Netrunner Build - 10K Combo Damage, Melt Enemies!

Netrunner Build - 10K Combo Damage, Melt Enemies! - Cyberpunk 2077

By zanuffas
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I would like to present the best Netrunner Build for Cyberpunk 2077. Create the best hacker in Night City. This build will cover attribute allocation, perk suggestions, and the most crucial cyberware to make the build work. I will also explain how to use quickhacks together to make an instant kill combos.

Netrunner Build - 10K Combo Damage

The build has been updated for 2.12, there were no major changes to cyberware or mechanics

I enjoyed making this build and it required a lot of testing. Many things changed in the recent big update specifically, the RAM economy and how quickhacks should be used. Many of the players found it difficult to play in this class, but I am here to help.

You will mostly use quickhacks to disable, and damage enemies. This requires certain steps to make so that the build can pull off the infamous Infinite Overclock combo. There are many other quickhack combos, but this is the most powerful one, where you use your HP to fuel quickhack uploads.

If the situation arises that you don't have RAM, fear not. There is a perfect alternative for this - smart weapons. They can be very powerful, especially if used together with quickhacks. Moreover, they make combat somewhat easier, as you only need to hold the trigger, everything else is done by an automatic targeting system.

Unfortunately, I will not be going into Monowire cyberware. I have a Monowire Build ready, however, for this one I chose not to. The main reason is that the build uses Smart Weapons which play a similar role.

The build was created and tested on Very Hard difficulty.


First, let's go through attributes, they will decide the direction of the build and give access to different tiers of perks. The higher tier gives better actions and passives to further support the build. Let's take a look at what we need for the Netrunner Build.

Starting Game

Here are what attributes you should be taking at the start of the game. I also recommend checking my Beginner Tips Guide, to learn more information about Cyberpunk 2077, if you are just starting

Attribute Allocation Description
ico_intIntelligence +3 The main attribute of Netrunner is to ensure additional RAM capacity. This will further unlock new perks.
ico_refReflexes +2 Unlocks first-tier mobility perks.
ico_bodyBody +1 Gives bonus HP and first-tier perks
ico_techTechnical Ability +1 Starting progression to get first-tier perks.

End Game Attributes

Here is the goal of Netrunner Build.

I would say the build is finished at level 46. This is when you obtain mobility, survivability, cyberware, and quickhacking perks. After that, it's mostly improvements and increased cyberware capacity score.
Attribute Total Allocation Description
ico_refReflexes 9 We are interested in the mobility perks it unlocks. Moreover, based on your choices after level 50 it may be useful for Smart Weapons.
ico_bodyBody 15 We need one main perk from this attribute, that will give a huge survivability boost when using OverclockOverclock
ico_techTechnical Ability 20 It will provide some survivability perks and additional cyberware capacity as it is very important for this build.
ico_coolCool 3 Although Netrunner may utilize some perks from the Cool Tree, for this particular build I did not concentrate on this.
ico_intIntelligence 20 High intelligence will unlock all the perks in the tree, increase total RAM, and give decent bonuses from some cyberware.

I recommend putting the rest of the points into Cool. This will further improve your quickhack damage once you get COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer cyberware

Need help with level-by-level attribute/perk progression? For my supporters on Ko-Fi or Patreon, I offer attribute picks on each level, for optimal progression.


Let's go through the perks of the Netrunner Build. We will go through about 60~ perk points for the build, and the game awards about 80. So you will have perk points left to adjust the build to your needs.

Intelligence Perks

The main perk tree of Netrunner build. Unlocks a lot of useful actions and combos to make everything work together with quickhacks. I did not take all the perks as I was constrained by them. However, by reaching level 10, you could pick most of them, especially smart weapon ones.

intelligence perks netrunner build cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Eye in the Sky perk icon cyberpunk 2077Eye in the Sky Nothing special, I did not use cameras, but it is needed for progression. It could be great for initiating combat from stealth early in the game.
Warning: Explosion Hazard perk icon cyberpunk 2077Warning: Explosion Hazard Very valuable perk, that makes exploding containers deal more damage. This is probably the easiest damage source in the game requiring only 2 RAM.
Optimization perk icon cyberpunk 2077Optimization The recovery rate is good, but we are interested in progressing further and unlocking new perks.
Encryption perk icon cyberpunk 2077Encryption Somewhat good perk, as you are killing enemies left and right, this can ensure that you don't even enter the combat before everyone is cleared.
Subordination perk icon cyberpunk 2077Subordination I found this useful on some stronger enemies like MaxTac. Optional if you find that the duration increase is unnecessary
Carhacker perk icon cyberpunk 2077Carhacker Vehicle quickhacks are awesome. However, I would delay them, as the RAM cost is high.

Level 9 Perks

Perk Description
Embedded Exploit perk icon cyberpunk 2077Embedded Exploit To fully utilize the damage potential, be sure to first upload something like Ping, Cyberware Malfunction, or Sonic Shock. This will easily boost your damage, I recommend this combo against elite foes.
ICEpick perk icon cyberpunk 2077ICEpick Some bonus RAM savings when mixing quickhacks.
System Overwhelm perk icon cyberpunk 2077System Overwhelm Further improves damage by unique quickhack effects. With increased queue size this will be a worthwhile combo.
Speculation perk icon cyberpunk 2077Speculation We are more interested in unlocking the next perk in the line. This is just a good source of RAM to have.
Recirculation perk icon cyberpunk 2077Recirculation A useful perk, that will help with RAM management. In case you are stranded, just use your Smart Gun, to fill up your cyberdeck.
Acquisition Specialist perk icon cyberpunk 2077Acquisition Specialist Improves smart weapons by increasing lock-on speed and reticle size.
Precision Subroutines perk icon cyberpunk 2077Precision Subroutines Increases accuracy, but we are mainly interested in the next perk it unlocks.
Hack Queue perk icon cyberpunk 2077Hack Queue Allows the creation of some sweet combos and utilizes unique effects with the next perks.
Data Recycler perk icon cyberpunk 2077Data Recycler With OverclockOverclock and Blood DaemonBlood Daemon, this perk will allow us to obtain RAM from health
Feedback Loop perk icon cyberpunk 2077Feedback Loop I would say this is not a crucial perk if you have Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock. However, if you have a free perk point you can invest into it.
Need help with level-by-level Perk progression? For my supporters on Ko-Fi or Patreon, I offer optimal progression at each level, to pick correct perks.

Level 15 Perks

Perk Description
Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock The ultimate perk of Lucy's build. You can sacrifice HP to obtain additional RAM. Pairing it with Hack QueueHack Queue, Blood DaemonBlood Daemon, and Burnout Synapse, allows you to sustain this effect infinitely.
Sublimation perk icon cyberpunk 2077Sublimation Improves survivability and unlocks the next perk in the tree
Race Against Mind perk icon cyberpunk 2077Race Against Mind More damage to the lower HP? This is auto-pick for the build
Power Surge perk icon cyberpunk 2077Power Surge I would say this is an optional perk in case you need more survivability.
Queue Acceleration perk icon cyberpunk 2077Queue Acceleration Further improves queue size, allowing the creation of even more powerful combos
Queue Hack_Root perk icon cyberpunk 2077Queue Hack_Root Nothing special, just a small improvement to save RAM. It will also unlock the next perk.
Blood Daemon perk icon cyberpunk 2077Blood Daemon This is a bad boy. It unlocks huge potential for OverclockOverclock allowing you to regain your lost health.
Queue Prioritization perk icon cyberpunk 2077Queue Prioritization Faster upload speed for the first Quickhack, when you fill up the queue.
Target Lock Transfer perk icon cyberpunk 2077Target Lock Transfer Further improves smart weapons, by allowing you to switch them and not losing the targeting.

Level 20 Perks

Perk Description
Queue Mastery perk icon cyberpunk 2077Queue Mastery Once you get this perk, be sure to always fill the queue for lockdown. I recommend using Cyberware Malfunction as it is cheap. This will result in +15% higher damage against the target.
Smart Synergy perk icon cyberpunk 2077Smart Synergy Instant Target Lock and more damage? Worth it if you are utilizing Smart Weapons.

So I did not take Spillover perk icon cyberpunk 2077Spillover. The main reason is that some quickhacks may spread when you don't want that to happen and this takes full control out of your hands.

Body Perks

This is a very important perk tree. Although we will only take a few perks, they will play a huge role in higher survivability. First, while OverclockOverclock is active, having some survivability will ensure that the Netrunner build will not die once spending all HP on quickhacks.

netrunner build body perks cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Painkiller perk icon cyberpunk 2077Painkiller Allows regenerating HP during combat. This is very valuable, especially in the early game, where you often may not have healing items.
Dorph-head perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dorph-head A brief damage reduction from mitigation for 2 seconds. Very valuable once you are in a shootout

Level 15 Perks

Perk Description
Adrenaline Rush perk icon cyberpunk 2077Adrenaline Rush Gives a huge survivability boost by unlocking a new health bar after activating a healing item. It will ensure that you don't die while using OverclockOverclock and with the next perks gives some good bonuses.
Juggernaut perk icon cyberpunk 2077Juggernaut Once Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush is up and running this will give a decent boost to all damage and faster movement speed
Calm Mind perk icon cyberpunk 2077Calm Mind Delay of Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush decaying.
Need help with level-by-level Perk progression? For my supporters on Ko-Fi or Patreon, I offer optimal progression at each level, to pick correct perks.

Technical Ability Perks

Now the third pillar of the build ensures you can equip the best Cyberware in the game and one-shot most of the enemies.

technical ability perks cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Glutton for War perk icon cyberpunk 2077Glutton for War As healing items play an important role in this build, the perk ensures that you regain them faster.

Level 9 Perks

Perk Description
All Things Cyber perk icon cyberpunk 2077All Things Cyber Lower cyberware capacity cost for some slots and bonus stat modifier increase.
Renaissance Punk perk icon cyberpunk 2077Renaissance Punk Additional cyberware capacity based on the attributes invested.
Chrome Constitution perk icon cyberpunk 2077Chrome Constitution Gives a flat 5% damage reduction, greatly improving the build's survivability.
Health Freak perk icon cyberpunk 2077Health Freak Unlocks third healing item. This will greatly boost the survivability of the build and allow to release of more quickhacks while in Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock
Borrowed Time perk icon cyberpunk 2077Borrowed Time Together with Biomonitor, anytime you kill an enemy close to death this will instantly restore your health.

Level 15 Perks

Perk Description
License to Chrome perk icon cyberpunk 2077License to Chrome A new cyberware slot and bonus armor, moreover unlock the next perks.
Extended Warranty perk icon cyberpunk 2077Extended Warranty Extends the duration of cyberware effects, which is extremely useful for this build and the actions we use.
Cyborg perk icon cyberpunk 2077Cyborg​ (optional) This is an optional perk, which improves Countershell and other cyberware but does not affect Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock.
Pyromania perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pyromania​ (optional) I recommend this combo if you are using Shock-n-Awe cyberware. It allows easy stacking Pyromania perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pyromania, which gives a bonus mitigation chance. This way you can easily reach 100%.
Heat Shield perk icon cyberpunk 2077Heat Shield​ (optional)

Level 20 Perks

Perk Description
Edgerunner perk icon cyberpunk 2077Edgerunner And we unlock extremely powerful perks. This will ensure that we can easily fill all the cyberware slots and equip all the powerful choices.
Ticking Time Bomb perk icon cyberpunk 2077Ticking Time Bomb​ (optional) Activates a stack of Pyromania perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pyromania​ and also reduces incoming damage.

Reflexes Perks

The attribute tree mainly plays a role in enabling better mobility. There are some useful weapon perks, but those are relevant only if taking SMGs or Assault Rifles.

netrunner build reflexes perks cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Slippery perk icon cyberpunk 2077Slippery We mainly take this for progression, but as long as you move, the benefits of the perk will pay off.
Muscle Memory perk icon cyberpunk 2077Muscle Memory Allows reloading while running, making the combat somewhat easier, especially early on, when you don't have good quickhacks.

Level 9 Perks

Perk Description
Dash perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dash The main perk that improves the mobility of Lucy's build.
Can't Touch This perk icon cyberpunk 2077Can't Touch This A huge survivability boost for 2 seconds after using a healing item. We will be popping them left and right once OverclockOverclock​ is active.

Perks - Relic

These perks are available with Phantom Liberty DLC. They will give further improvements to some of the game mechanics. To be honest, there are not many contenders for this specific Netrunner Build.

netrunner build relic perks cyberpunk 2077

Priority Perk Description
1 Vulnerability Analytics perk icon cyberpunk 2077Vulnerability Analytics Shows vulnerabilities, that allow for huge damage boosts. Good synergy with Smart Weapons as they will automatically target these parts
2 Machine Learning perk icon cyberpunk 2077Machine Learning Increases the frequency of vulnerabilities.

If you wish to use Monowire then JailbreakJailbreak​ and Data TunnelingData Tunneling​ are perfect choices. However, I did not use these for the build. 

Equipment for Netrunner

Now let's take a look at what gear the netrunner can benefit from. I would generally recommend Smart weapons as you take relevant perks and they are fairly effective. Moreover, kills made with them will restore RAM.

In the late game, you will most likely don't even use these weapons as quickhacks will destroy any foe with just one upload. You will need them on more difficult encounters like bosses or even Cyberpsychos.

Smart Pistols

In my opinion, these weapons are good to have on hand, however, they pale in comparison to SMGs and other smart weapons.

Item Description
genjiroh cyberpunk 2077Genjiroh I think the most effective smart pistol. Deals a decent amount of damage, can apply shock, and targets multiple targets at the same time.
crimestopper cyberpunk 2077Crimestopper Has a very fast attack speed, and can immobilize targets by uploading cripple movement quickhack. Very enjoyable weapon to use.
ogou cyberpunk 2077Ogou Releases two explosive rounds, and gets bonuses to armor penetration and critical damage.

Smart SMGs

The most fun weapons to use for Netrunner build. They have extremely high rates of fire and some of them come with strong unique effects

Item Description
yinglong cyberpunk 2077Yinglong Very fun weapon to use due to its extremely high rate of fire. Pop Reboot Optics or Overheat for even more damage. That is not all, it also has a chance to deal shock damage and release small EMPs.
pizdets cyberpunk 2077Pizdets Iconic SMG that has a built-in silencer. A perfect option if you want to do some quiet snipes. The downside is its low magazine size
warden cyberpunk 2077Warden The normal version of the newly introduced SMG. Has a big magazine size, and with some mods, it can rival even iconic versions. The perfect option to continuously spray foes
prototype shingen mark V cyberpunk 2077Prototype: Shingen Mark V Releases explosive rounds and has a decent burn chance. It can be used with Contagion quickhack to create more explosions. The only downside is that it has a burst-fire mode, instead of automatic.

Smart Assault Rifles

Unfortunately, there are only two options to choose from here. Another downside is that their damage is not as high as SMGs.

Item Description
hercules 3ax cyberpunk 2077Hercules 3AX The coolest-looking smart weapon? I think yes. Give it a try if you have a chance. It can also poison enemies.
divided we stand cyberpunk 2077Divided We Stand A decent assault rifle that can easily hit multiple enemies and has increased damage.

Smart Sniper Rifles

Item Description
yasha cyberpunk 2077Yasha If you managed to land your hands on this one, definitely get it. Gives an additional modification slot.
ashura cyberpunk 2077Ashura A very powerful weapon. Unfortunately, it only has 1 ammo per magazine. So make that one shot count. Also, make sure to upload a quickhack to the enemy before shooting.

Smart Shotguns

In my personal opinion, these weapons are somewhat disappointing. They are of course powerful, but either they are weaker or limited by their fire rate.

Item Description
db4 palica cyberpunk 2077DB-4 Palica Unfortunately, this does not have an iconic version. Somewhat fun shotgun to use, that releases multiple homing rockets to reach its target
ba xing chong cyberpunk 2077Ba Xing Chong Crazy shotgun that releases multiple exploding pellets, destroying anything in its path. The main downside is that after each shot you will have to reload.


Cyberware is a unique mechanic that allows you to fill cyberware slots with implants. Early games can be quite difficult as you will have limited capacity. However, as you progress and drop more Capacity Shards, you will be able to equip more.

Visit ripperdocs every 10 levels. They get higher-tier cyberware that gives a huge boost to stats and their effects. This will have the biggest impact of the build together with perk choices.

First Priority Cyberware

This is what is essential to make the build work. I would even recommend dropping everything else to equip these if cyberware capacity doesn't allow it. These cyberware selections make the core of the build.

first priority cyberware cyberpunk 2077

Slot Cyberware Description
Frontal Cortex 1 bioconductor cyberpunk 2077COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer The single most powerful cyberware for netrunner. Makes all quickhacks do guaranteed critical hits. After you obtain this one, most of the enemies will be one shot with the correct quickhack sequence
bioconductor cyberpunk 2077Bioconductor A weaker version, if you do not have access to the one above or are limited by cyberware capacity.
Frontal Cortex 2 ex disk cyberpunk 2077EX-Disk Gives a flat increase in Total RAM.
Skeleton 1 spring joints cyberpunk 2077Spring Joints Improves mitigation strength, complementing  Countershell, and Neofiber.
Nervous System 1 neofiber cyberpunk 2077Neofiber It gives a higher mitigation chance which makes it harder for enemies to detect you and increases your survivability.
Integumentary System 1 countershell cyberpunk 2077Countershell Very cheap and effective cyberware that can boost mitigation chance by 50%.
Operating System 1 tetratronic rippler cyberpunk 2077Tetratronic Rippler The best cyberdeck for pure damage with quickhacks like Short Circuit and Burnout Synapse.
netwatch netdriver cyberpunk 2077Netwatch Netdriver Mk.1
I recommend this one if you would like to upload quickhacks via devices like Cameras.
militech paraline cyberpunk 2077Militech Paraline I recommend this one if you are heavily using Smart Weapons as it will boost their damage during Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock.
Face 1 krioshi sentry optics cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi "Sentry" Optics A more relevant eye cyberware that gives bonus damage based on intelligence. Of course, this comes with higher cyberware costs.
basic kiroshi optics cyberpunk 2077Basic Kiroshi Optics Simple eye cyberware, that I think does the job for this build.
Hands 1 smart link cyberpunk 2077Smart Link Allows Smart Weapon targeting.
Circulatory System 1 biomonitor cyberpunk 2077Biomonitor Automatically heals, makes the combat somewhat easier, as you do not have to worry how long it takes to use a healing item.
Circulatory System 2 blood pump cyberpunk 2077Blood Pump The most powerful healing item in the game, it will ensure that you don't die while using OverclockOverclock.
heal on kill cyberpunk 2077Heal-On-Kill Another option that gives HP restoration on kill. This is a cheaper alternative that some people prefer.
Legs reinforced tendons cyberpunk 2077Reinforced Tendons My personal favorite makes traversing much easier.
fortified ankles cyberpunk 2077Fortified Ankles Gives the highest jumps and high boost to armor compared to cyberware capacity cost. But you need to hold the jump button.

Second Priority Cyberware

second priority cyberware cyberpunk 2077

Slot Cyberware Description
Frontal Cortex 2 newton module cyberpunk 2077Axolotl This cyberware will take the build to the ultimate level. It has a very steep cyberware capacity cost. But it gives cooldown reductions for everything - OverclockOverclock, Kerenzikov, etc.
newton module cyberpunk 2077Newton Module Gives a cyberware cooldown reduction after taking out an enemy. It is not much, however, with multiple kills, the effect adds up.
Skeleton 2 epimorphic skeletonc cyberpunk 2077Epimorphic Skeleton Gives a huge armor and health boost, greatly improving survivability.
Nervous System 2 revulsor cyberpunk 2077Revulsor Improved version of Reflex Tuner, which works similarly to Sandevistan and does not slow you down
reflex tuner cyberpunk 2077Reflex Tuner Excellent cyberware that kicks in when your health drops below 25%. This has a good synergy with Borrowed Time perk icon cyberpunk 2077Borrowed Time, which gives a chance to gain a health item when on Low HP.
Integumentary System 2 shock n awe cyberpunk 2077Shock-N-Awe This is very powerful cyberware that gives decent armor, but most importantly it can damage surrounding foes. If prefer a playstyle where you engage in close to medium-range combat, I would recommend this cyberware. Be sure to get Pyromania perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pyromania​ + Heat Shield perk icon cyberpunk 2077Heat Shield​ for the highest mitigation chance.
painducer cyberpunk 2077Painducer A defensive cyberware that will reduce some big damage you receive and spread it over time. Use it if you prefer staying in long range.
subdermal armor cyberpunk 2077Subdermal Armor A simple cyberware that has a high armor-to-cyberware capacity cost ratio.
Integumentary System 3 cogito lattice cyberpunk 2077Cogito Lattice Defensive cyberware that has a very low cost. By using Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock​ you should have very high armor.

Final Cyberware setup

The final setup gives general improvements to health regeneration and damage setup.

netrunner build final cyberware cyberpunk 2077

Slot Cyberware Description
Arms Any Cyberware Feel free to add any cyberware if you will be using Cyborg perk icon cyberpunk 2077Cyborg​ perk.
Skeleton 3 kinetic frame cyberpunk 2077Kinetic Frame As you should be maintaining high stamina, the mitigation chance will be active most of the time.
bionic joints cyberpunk 2077Bionic Joints Gives bonus armor for higher survivability.
Nervous System 3 Deep-Field Visual Interface
Gives bonus critical damage from attunement based on the Cool attribute.
synaptic accelerator cyberpunk 2077Synaptic Accelerator Just a protectory cyberware that will give you some additional time to deal with enemies if you are detected.
Circulatory System 3 second heart cyberpunk 2077Second Heart
Although quite expensive, this ensures that you can resurrect. Together with Axolotl, this can have its cooldown reduced very fast.
heal on kill cyberpunk 2077Heal-On-Kill I would say this is the safest option, it gives an additional layer of HP restoration.

How to Use the Build

Now let's go deeper into how to effectively use the build for Netrunning. There are a lot of aspects and the build is quite complex.

Core Mechanics

So these are core mechanics that you should know to play the build effectively.

Quickhack Order while Scanning

One of the most irritating things when playing a Netrunner is when an important quickhack is either at the end or in the middle of the list while scanning. This is a major limitation with cyberdecks, that has negative gameplay experience.

netrunner scanning quickhacks cyberpunk 2077

Well, there is a way to control them which is very unintuitive, but still gives what you want. When adding quickhacks the order in which they will be shown is right bottom to right top and then left bottom to left top.

The difficulty is that when adding quickhacks, they will first be added to the end of the list, meaning you have to plan how your quickhack list will look.

quickhack order cyberdeck cyberpunk 2077

So even though this system is very unintuitive at least there is a way to control it. In the image above, the quickhack list will be:

  1. Cyberware Malfunction
  2. Burnout Synapse
  3. Short Circuit
  4. Reboot Optics
  5. Overheat
  6. etc.

Use Smart Weapons while out of RAM

Once the RAM runs out you can either hide or use your weapon. The good thing is that with the RecirculationRecirculation​ perk, each killed enemy using SMart Weapons will restore 2 RAM. Moreover, the build includes other relevant Smart Weapon perks like Acquisition SpecialistAcquisition Specialist​ and Target Lock TransferTarget Lock Transfer.

Another option is getting the SiphonSiphon​ perk and using Monowire. But in my opinion, this is a riskier approach as you will be under enemy fire which can result in death.

Utilize Tracing to your advantage

Tracing is a stealth netrunning mechanic. Once you upload the first quickhack a bar will appear that fills up as time goes by. This means that enemies are looking for you but not yet engaged in active combat.

The mechanic creates some tensions, which may hinder the stealth playstyle. For this reason, I recommend EncryptionEncryption. What you can do is try to delay entering combat as much as possible until tracing reaches 100%.

However, there are tricks on how to avoid this together and I cover it more in the Quickhack Combo guide.

Obtaining new Quickhacks

The main question is how to get new Quickhacks. Well, there are a few main ways, which are fairly simple:

  • Purchase from Netrunner vendors throughout the Night City. New quickhack tiers become available as you level up. if you do not find the one you need, just rest for 24 hours, so that their inventory will reset. Quickhacks that you have will not appear in their inventory.
  • Hack access points. These can be found near groups of enemies with NCPD scanners. Just use Ping which will reveal everything in the network. Generally, access points are highlighted with red color on the minimap.

access point cyberpunk 2077

Recommended Quickhacks

Item Description
cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction This is a mandatory quickhack. First, it disables enemy cyberware and increases damage against them. Second, after you gain Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit this ensures that by default you deal 60% more damage with subsequent quickhacks. So this should be your starting option.
burnout synapse cyberpunk 2077Burnout Synapse This is mandatory if you want an "advanced" netrunner build that can use quickhacks without RAM limitations, I covered it in the Quickhack combo section on how you can do it
ping cyberpunk 2077Ping
This can be a good quickhack early in the game. It reveals enemy positions connected to the network. However, later on, this is not as good, in my opinion, as you more or less can guess where the next target is.
reboot optics cyberpunk 2077Reboot Optics
Decreases enemy accuracy with weapons and increases headshot damage against them with weapons. Take this if you are using Smart Weapons.
sonic shock cyberpunk 2077Sonic Shock
With this Quikchack you can make an enemy disappear from the network, making them an easy picking without raising alarms. This requires at least tier 4. However, quickhacks which are used after it activates initiate Tracing. (this worked differently before patch 2.1)
contagion cyberpunk 2077Contagion By itself, it is not a very powerful quickhack. Its main appeal is that from Tier 4 it can be combined with Burn effects to create explosions. Moreover, as it spreads, explosions can be created multiple times.
overheat cyberpunk 2077Overheat Great quickhack if you are using Smart Weapons as it decreases armor and provides bonus damage. Moreover, can be used together with Contagion to create explosions.
detonate grenade cyberpunk 2077Detonate Grenade It is an ultimate quickhack so you may not get access to it early. However, once you get it you can use it very cheaply after creating explosions.
memory wipe quickhack cyberpunk 2077Memory Wipe
The new king of stealth netrunning. Memory Wipe allows for avoiding Tracing. You will need Tier 4 for this. Higher tiers are very expensive in terms of RAM.
short circuit cyberpunk 2077Short Circuit A very powerful quickhack that deals electrical damage. It is very effective against robots, drones, mechs, etc.

Quickhack combos

There were big changes to quickhacks after the big Cyberpunk 2.0 update, now they have a synergy with each other. Overall, their costs have been increased, and you will mostly be able to use 3-4 quickhacks, without Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock.

When fighting a group of elites this will be not enough, so you have to be smart about it. I recommend reading the Quickhack Combo guide as it goes into depth on how best to utilize these new mechanics. I recommend a few combos in the next sections where I talk about Early and late-game combat.

Early Game Combat

The early game of netrunner tactics and quickhacks that you should use. I also recommend checking the Beginner Tips Guide which is perfect for starting players to learn more about game mechanics and easily missable things.

The Early Game problems

Unfortunately, early games with Netrunner build, especially on Very Hard can be brutal. First, are not able to use high-tier quickhacks. Second, low RAM and limited netrunning capabilities allow only a few quickhack uploads, while you have to wait for the recovery.

For this reason, I recommend using or carrying a pistol, to make the early level easier. Also, don't forget about grenades. You will be getting better and better and it starts becoming easier from level 15. Do not let this deter you as you can see from the showcases, the build is a beast in later levels.

Gun combat

In case you enter Gun Combat and want to maximize the effectiveness there are a lot of options. I would like to cover one of the simplest and most effective.

First, be sure to have a smart weapon, they target enemy weak spots and have a good synergy with some cyberdecks. Now, for quickhacks, I recommend using:

Item Description
cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction One of the cheapest quickhacks. Disables enemy cyberware increases damage against them, and stacks for stronger effects.
overheat cyberpunk 2077Overheat Starts burning the enemy, but the most important effect is that it melts their armor and each shot against them gets bonus fire damage.
reboot optics cyberpunk 2077Reboot Optics Makes the enemy almost blind, making it easier to approach them and their shots miss. Moreover, you deal bonus headshot damage.

You can use all of them together against strong enemies like cyberpsychos, easily destroying them in a matter of seconds with a weapon like Yinglong.

Creating Explosions

Explosions are a good source of area of effect damage, that deal decent damage and can be very cheap to use. The easiest source is red containers found in the environment. You can either explode them with quickhacks or weapons. Be sure to have Warning: Explosion HazardWarning: Explosion Hazard to increase the damage of environment detonations.

gas tank initiate overload quickhack cyberpunk 2077

The next option is to create explosions yourself with quickhacks. There is a very easy combo - Contagion + burn source. Of course, this is a bit more costly, but the effect is usually even better as you can create multiple explosions one after another.

Sequence Action Description
1 contagion cyberpunk 2077Contagion Setting up the combo, by releasing the poison from the quickhack. The quick hack will spread to other enemies creating even more confusion.
2 overheat cyberpunk 2077Overheat As you can see there are a ton of options for how you can set off these explosions. And as the Contagion spreads, you can create a second and third, if anyone is still alive. Just be aware, that weapons and Monowire, have a "chance to burn" meaning that some of them are not as effective. For example, Monowire has a 20% chance to burn, and its slow attack speed makes it a problematic choice.
monowire cyberpunk 2077Thermal Monowire
incendiary grenade cyberpunk 2077Incendiary Grenade
errata cyberpunk 2077Errata
Prototype Shingen Mark V cyberpunk 2077Prototype: Shingen Mark V

Short Circuit against normal targets

This combo is as simple as it gets and is a good option for taking out normal enemies mostly with one HP bar. For this, you will need two quickhacks - a Short Circuit and Cyberware Malfunction. This will activate three effects:

  1. Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit
  2. Bonus damage from Cyberware Malfunction
  3. Additional combo bonus from Short Circuit itself
Sequence Action Description
1 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction Use it one or two times to weaken the enemy.
2 short circuit cyberpunk 2077Short Circuit Short Circuit will create a combo and deal additional damage. Moreover, this will also activate Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit

It's a very simple combo but falls short once you start fighting stronger enemies like elites.

Late Game Combat

Now for the late game, there is a wide array of options. Again I urge checking Quickhack Combo Guide to find all the options to maximize Netrunner potential.

Burnout Synapse with Infinite Overclock

This is the most powerful combo that you can use to more or less never run out of RAM. For now, this looks to be the top combination of quickhacking since the 2.0 update. So what makes it powerful? Well, this is a combination of multiple perks and quickhacks. Let's go step by step

  1. OverclockOverclock allows to use HP instead of RAM for quickhacks
  2. Hack QueueHack Queue and Queue AccelerationQueue Acceleration allow uploading multiple quickhacks in succession
  3. Data RecyclerData Recycler returns 80% of RAM that has been used, so we are trading HP for RAM
  4. Finally, Blood DaemonBlood Daemon restores HP based on quickhacks in the queue, which we can be further used to fuel Overclock

This is just the part of it. The core of this combo is Burnout Synapse. It has unique effects, if you kill an enemy using it, the OverclockOverclock duration is extended by 5 seconds. As long as there are enemies you should be able to sustain it and use HP for Quickhack uploads.

So here are  recommended sequences based on the situation:

Most damage

Be sure to activate Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock​ as this gives a huge damage boost.

Sequence Action Description
1 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction This activates Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit​ and Tetratronic Rippler's unique effects. Moreover, Cyberware Malfunction increases overall damage and disables cyberware. The big costing quickhacks are there to activate the bonus effect from Burnout Synapse.
2 burnout synapse cyberpunk 2077Burnout Synapse
3 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction
4 Ultimate Quickhack with high RAM cost

Best when high-level in normal encounters

Sequence Action Description
1 burnout synapse cyberpunk 2077Burnout Synapse Once you get some good cyberware and can one-shot most of the enemies, using this one will net you the best results. You can recoup 75 HP from Blood DaemonBlood Daemon, at the cost of less damage, as now Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit​ will not activate. But this is perfect for simple enemies or in late-game normal encounters.
2 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction
3 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction
4 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction

Stealth Netrunning setup

Stealth Netrunning is also a viable option. With quickhacks like Memory Wipe, you can eliminate the Tracing mechanic and follow up with any hack. This is not available early in the game, so here are some things that you can do.

First, in the early game make sure you have Encryption perk icon cyberpunk 2077Encryption, this will somewhat delay until you are detected. Shadowrunner perk icon cyberpunk 2077Shadowrunner​ is another great addition, but it requires you to do a takedown (run behind an enemy and grab them). This is risky and may not be the preferred choice.

Now at level 30, you will unlock Epic quickhacks. This is when you can get Memory Wipe Tier 4. It costs 10 RAM to use and does what Sonic Shock did - disable tracing on subsequent uploads.

Ensure you disable the Spillover perk icon cyberpunk 2077Spillover​ perk; otherwise, quickhacks can spread to nearby targets, who did not have Memory Wipe uploaded yet.

So if you want a stealth approach always use Memory Wipe Tier 4 first. This will most likely require you to activate Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock​ more often. Here is the most powerful combo to instantly take out enemies:

Sequence Action Description
1 memory wipe quickhack cyberpunk 2077Memory Wipe A very simple combo, that also has low costs. Make sure that you use Memory Wipe Tier 4, and Sonic Shock at least Tier 2. This way it guarantees the lowest RAM cost. Moreover, you can take out two enemies at the same time in the endgame easily before you activate Overclock perk icon cyberpunk 2077Overclock.
2 reboot optics cyberpunk 2077Reboot Optics
3 sonic shock cyberpunk 2077Sonic Shock

Wanted to thank u/Past_Bat1045 for sharing this stealth combo -


Thank you for reading this post on Best Netrunner Build in Cyberpunk 2077. This is the most iconic archetype and build in the game universe. The highlight of the build is quickhack combos which ensure that you can easily upload them in succession for additional effects and damage.




Why not Spillover for a perk? Out of curiosity

Spillover is a great perk, but you give up some control of your quickhacks which can cause more problems. For example, you are doing a stealth setup, and accidentally one of the quickhacks moves to another enemy. Now Tracing starts, and your perfect stealth run becomes more stressful as you have to manage the timer...

Another option is that you need a strong combo to kill an enemy, and instead of Cyberware Malfunction, Burnout Synapse is uploaded first, again, you will not be able to do a combo with maximum damage, in case you need that.

It's not a bad perk, and you can definitely use it, I just like to have full control of what quickhacks do.


Feen-X implant seems like a natural for this build. Is it not worth it? I'm new so sorry if this is a stupid question

Hey! Yeah Feen-X could be an option for a third slot in Skeleton cyberware! Just prioritize Spring Joints and Epimorphic skeleton before equipping Feen.


I like to customize the netrunner based on preferences. For example, I did a Sniper Rifle version, and it worked well for what I imagined a netrunner should be - stealth hacker.

I like you guides and have been using them since the big 2.0 update. For the next playthrough I am thinking of doing Solo


Does this work on 2.12?

Yup, there were no major changes since 2.1 and the build has been revamped yesterday :)



Thank you. This has been a fun build to play. Do you recommend any specific stats on clothing? For ex. on helmet, which is better +Armor, -Visibility, or +Quickhack upload?

Well the most important would be Quickhack upload. However, I think they give minimal boosts, so just worry about looking cool :D


Hi bro, thanks for good subject, but I would like to ask can I play Netrunner Build on stealth way ?

Best Regards..,

Yes, of course. There is a section above that talks about how to do an instant kill without triggering any tracing. However, this requires you to be at about level 30~ to work effectively as you need Memory Wipe Tier 4 quickhack.

However, I can also recommend this post -, there are two builds, and one of them uses hacking and silenced weapons, so this could match what you need :)


Thanks you. Just I would ask about the Stealth Assassin - Hacking I check what you write about I feel not good against mini bosses and big one, but this one Netrunner Build I think better against mini bosses and big one, right ?

Regards ..,

Yeah this netrunner has more survivability from Adrenaline Rush,but it only becomes truly powerful in later levels 30+.

The Stealth build has more weapon options - snipers, silenced pistols, quickhacks, that make for a different playstyle. So its more effective earlier in the game.


Hello friend ! you are making really great and detailed content ! I love your builds not even to make them but to understand some game mechanics.
In 2.1 would you change or update this build considering the nerf in Synaps burning and the 2 new cyberwares ?

Again ! thanks for your work

Hey, glad that you are enjoying the build :D

I left a note at the top of the post. Overall, the only thing that I would change is use less Sonic Shock as it now does not prevent traceability. Otherwise, everything else works good. The Burnout Synapse nerf, does not change how powerful the quickhack is with correct cyberware setup.



Hello ! Im lovin your builds and are just now trying out the Netrunner. However I'm struggling with RAM capacity. Im following the build but end up wit 21 cyberdeck ram, while you have 31 in your clips. Im lvl 60, and lvl 21 in the netrunner progression. What am I missing??

I would not worry too much about RAM, but upgrade your Cyberdeck at ripperdocs to Tier 5++. This will give a big boost.

Moreover, use Overclock more often and you will not have to worry about RAM. This is the reason why I also recommend Axolotl so that it can be activated as often as possible :)



Thx your the best !


i was using this then you made it a paywall :(

Hello! Check the top of the post :) For the older version of the build with worse progression, you can find it here -

This is a rewritten version, and I think the best one that I have written to date (in terms of playstyle, damage, survivability and readability) :) The only thing that is paywalled is the leveling progression. It costs just 1$ which is not much and allows me to create this type of content :)



Every work is worth something ! U are making great content and most of it for free

Cheers! Enjoy :)


What should I get with the 10 perk points Phantom Liberty gives?

feel free to pick what you think is missing for the build or your particular playstyle :)


Fantastic build as always! My question is: What tier do you have for each of the highlighted quick hacks? I'm trying to work out the optimal cost/benefit for each. Thanks!

I would always aim to have the highest tier. You could optimize based on RAM cost/benefit, but I don't think that is worth it. I would mostly go into combat with Overclock activated and this increases the RAM pool drastically, also you can easily regain HP with the mentioned combos.

The only important one is Sonic Shock Tier 3. It works for tracing disabling and has very low RAM consumption.

So for damage quickhacks I would always go for the highest possible, as it would also give the biggest damage. Moreover, from level 50 you will start unlocking iconic ones, they will have additional effects, and some of them will have lower RAM costs.



Awesome thank you for the info! I just found your page today and really appreciate the work. Will def use one of your BG3 guides as well.

Bit of a personal question but is this site a hobby/bit on the side? If so thanks for all the effort, it must take a while to get these tested and written up to the high standard you put out. (Same applies if this is your primary thing) :)

Haha, glad to have you onboard! It is a hobby, but currently working on it full-time. If everything goes well, I would like to continue doing it :)



What is the best weapon combo for monowire? Or it doesn't matter basically?

Hmm, I would say for minmaxing it would be any smart weapon. Intelligence tree only benefits them and not specific category like pistol or shotguns.

However, there are some good combos, like using Contagion with weapon that deals fire damage. However, this does not relate to monowire itself


How do you thinks about this? Karenzikov mid air with Smart SMGs

My cyberware:
Frontal Cortex: Ex-Disk + Ram Relocator
Arm: Thermal Monowire
Skeleton: Ram Recoup + Epimorphic + Rara Avis
Nervous System: Kerenzikov + Adreno Trigger + Repulsor or Reflex tuner
Face: Cockatrice (+30% crit chance)
Hand: Smart link
Cyberdeck: Militech Canto mk6 / Tetratonic Rippler mk 5
the rest on the guide

Weapon: 2x Yinglong + 1 Yasha (Iconic Ashura Twitch sponsor) as sub weapon to take them from afar

Check Kerenzikov Boost system cyberware. Overall looks, good, would be interested to hear how it plays out and how you plan to progress with it :)


How do you think at this build?

I will using the YingLong/Shingen mk.V with Raiju (Tech SMG)* + Erebus (P SMG)*

*: Iconic from the Phantom Liberty but I still grind for level 50 before start the DLC so just YingLong and Shingen atm...

Raiju (Tech SMG):
an Increased Criminal Activity event that begins in Dogtown near the Kress Street Fast Travel Point

Erebus (P SMG): This tricky but it missable during the Somewhat Damaged DLC main quest (this just a crafting spec)

Hmm, I personally cannot play without Air Dash anymore. Although I do not recommend it on all builds, on my personal playthrough it is mandatory. Otherwise, your netrunner looks cool, with all quickhack perks, adrenaline rush, and SMGs :) Maybe staying with one type SMG like Smart or Tech would save some points for Air Dash, but as I mentioned that's my personal preference :)


yeah can work but there is super cyberdeck for netrunner build if you don't care for the Erebus it the Militech Canto Mk 6 This cyberdeck had lower ram than the Tetratonic Rippler mk 5 but it can open for you most OP quickhack in the game Quick Hack: Blackwall Gateway to summon the Aggressive AI to attack enemy and it can jumping around 20m (that large radius) work very well with the synapse burnout cuz it jump cost ram and can help with regen health

Cool, will definitely include these, once I am updating the build :)


Oh yeah for got to mention the Renasain punk perk not worth for the trouble to get all 9 attribute when you can almost chrome your self at level 45

It just 4 cyberware capacity per attribute at 9 or higher so in total it just like 20 capacity it maybe enough for the 1 blood pump or the skin cyberware

I level 47 and fully chrome my self with the Edgerunner perk

Hey, in the Phantom Liberty, you will get tons of new iconic cyberware, so that cyberware capacity is useful. But, yeah I will be updating a build in some days to a more optimized version

Another aspect is when I was writing the build I did not know yet that Capacity Shards existed or they were abundant in Phantom Liberty. This greatly changes things :)

Hope you enjoy the build



Am i missing something or is renaissance punk in the tech tree and not the cool tree?


Hello, thanks for your guide, I used to play a netrunner tech/smart-guns kind of gameplay before 2.0.

Now with the update and PL increased level cap, Im thinking of following your guide and going 20 INT, 20 REF, 20 TECH, 12 BOD and 9 COOL, to go for a hack and gun kind of gameplay.

I just have a question, can I go instead with 17 BOD and 4 COOL so I can have more HP for the overclock skill or is there any downside of going 4 COOL?

Hmm, why would you need 4 cool? For the car perk?

Regarding Body, take it to 15 and get Adrenaline Rush. This will give you a huge survivability boost.

Overall, when I was testing the build, even 9 Body was enough, what matter is whether you could activate the quickhacks before enemies would chip away your HP. Of course, any additional HP is welcome once you have INtelligence fully covered :)


I know you probably believe it is obvious, but you should add the smart link and the monowire implants in the cyberware equipment. If not why are we using those weapons

Good catch, fixed it!


Hello and thank you SO much for this guide.

I am a returning player. Played a reflex&smart SMG/Skippy build on release on ps4pro (yes, the pain). Ive never looked into hacking because i.i.r.c. unfortunately it was kind of gimmicky on release and not very powerful.So i have like zero knowledge about that build.

I am now back for 2.0 and PL (on ps5) and wanted to continue my old character. Attribute reset is still free, dont feel like playing through the whole base story again. Plus my V has 750k credz, is level 32 and 50 street cred.

I logged in last night and spent about 4 hours at the ripperdoc and the quickhack vendor COMPLETELY overwhelmed. I almost gave up and started a new save.

Your comprehensive, awesome guide just cleared up most, if not all questions i had !

Like you covered everything (as far as i can tell): level progression, different weapon type setups, quickhack & combos, cyberware.

I searched the Webs for like 4 or 5 hours yesterday and today combined and your guide is absolutely 100% what i needed.

so: thank you again !

i have 1 question tho, that you might also want to clear up more in the guide: is the added cyberware capacity from "renaissance punk" really so importand to push attrib points into body/cool so early ?

wouldn´t it be more effective to for example at level 35ish to be at like 20int, 15reflex, 9 tech, 3 body, 3 cool. to get to the better parts of the smart gun traits i mean ?

like i said: i didnt shot a single bullet in the game since 3 years, so excuse me if my question is dumb.

Best regards, Marco


For your Question and the for the Author Guide
1. Why the 9 on all trait? Well if you had the Phantom Liberty DLC then you will had another 10 level to spend so it already viable for the build
2. 20int 15 Flex 9 tech and 3 body cool
Well as you play at the new game you need a constant healing passive like the on guide said cause the game had put a limit into granade and healing item to force the Netrunner player play more Aggressive like charge in and hack and smarty kill all the enemy

For me: I try to max out Int Reflex and Technical (for the Edgerunner perk)


Great that you enjoyed the build guide! I am glad that you are also aware and challenging the build :)

Regarding your question, I think both ways are plausible. For example, if you are not using cyberware and do not need that additional cyberware capacity then you can definitely forgo that. However, I really found it useful having Blood Monitor, Blood Pump, and Heal-on-Kill ready to be able to support Overclock

Generally, I think that I am forgoing by picking one thing or another. So if I went for 15 Reflex, how would that benefit me? I would get a higher critical chance, and access to perks for weapons that I do not use. So that's not really useful. This has been my logic

However, I do plan on improving this build as I have a few ideas on how to make it a total quikchack monster that does not need any weapons. But that is for later until I get a better grasp on what the new expansion offers.

But always decide based on your playstyle. What works for you may not work for me or vice-versa. that is why I try to include a lot of explanations on how to best use the build



Hello again

Yes, you touched that part about countering general squishiness + Overclock health drain in the guide. Makes total sense, now that you re-explained it.

Truth be told: I think i tunnel-visioned "Submachine Fun, because it looked fun in some videos. So i unconsciously overread the part about Blood Pump etc. My V doesnt even have 2 smart SMGs at this point. I think i will go with your suggested way. Thank you again for clarifying this !

PS: Please keep the Reflex Build variant online, should you go for a non-weapon build. 20 Reflex and 20 Int is my ultimante Cyberpunk powerfantasy.

Best regards, marco



Hey thanks for the guide!

I'm just wondering what happened to the Cool perk tree from the previous version?

After doing some testing and playing more with netrunner I found the tree to be redundant. Quickhacks now have a separate "stealth" mechanic called traceability. So no matter how well you hide having stealth perks does nothing to improve quickhacking.

However, if you are going with Smart Pistols or Smart Snipers I have a variation of the build that uses Cool perks for these weapons.


Hi! I'm looking forward to the full build, but currently im curious. Could you make like "patch notes"? What have you changed in the guide? What was added and deleted from the guide?

Or it will cause you a trouble and extra work?

Cuz for us, readers, it would be convenient to find updated data.

Thanks and good luck!

Hey, Yeah finishing the build takes some time, but the core of Netrunner is already done. Most of the perks that you need you get by level 35. After that its just improvements. I also covered recommended Cyberdecks and quickhack combos (which are the most important in my opinion)

Regarding patch notes I was thinking of adding them, but with whole changes and rewrites constantlyafter this huge update it would be too much work.


Hi guy, did you see that in your Intell Build there is 2 Power Surge, Lvl 23 and Lvl 28 ??

Good Work, Hope you'll continu this buil i enjoy it !

Thank you! Fixed it


Good stuff! Thank you for this! 🙂👍

Later today, I plan releasing updated version of the build. It will be much more powerful and will exploit new quickhack combo mechanics. Stay tuned!


will you be updating all the previous builds over time or just a few of the popular ones?

I plan to update them over time, just don't know how long it will take :)


Any idea which your going to update next?

Still working on the Netrunner, after that Sandevistan, followed by Samurai/Katana build :)


The endgame goal attributes add up to 57 so there's a lot of missing points? And the guide tells you to put two points into body but to have four body points total in the endgame? I'm guessing you meant tech and not body for the starter points

Yeah, there are some mismatches, I will be trying to polish the build during the night. Have you already tried netrunner? What was your experience?


I'm only a few hours in but I'm enjoying myself! Mostly just overheat/short circuiting enemies so far and checking out the smart weapons. Thanks for asking!


I was wondering why you didnt put the legendary "Raven Microcyber Mk.4" on the cyberware operating systems list. It has 10 ram, 8 buffer, 6 slots, 6 ram recovery, 60% quickhack spread distance, double the time it takes enemy netrunners to hack you. It is basically a NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5, with more ICE and a 33% lower ram recovery (mitigated by all skills we take to recover ram after kills).

I am still using your build and will probably get the Tetronic Rippler for the ultimate hacks, but personally i would use the Raven over the NetWatch if the Tetronic Rippler was not available.


I just checked the Raven Microcyber Mk.4 and compared to NetWatch it only has increased time of enemy netrunner hacking (I think this is not worth it as enemy netrunners don't do much, at least not until the new expansion). While NetWatch Netdriver has ability to upload offensive quickhacks to 3 targets in 6 meter radius and bigger RAM size. Other stats are the same.

I don't know if I am missing something but NetWatch looks much stronger and better for offense


HI, I didn't see the quickhack spread on the NetWatch, and I have had trouble with enemy netrunners since I, despite doing the sneaky netrunner build this time, often go viking mode and jump in to fights guns blazing, sword/kanabo swinging, heads bashing, and their netrunners target/hack me after they run/teleport around corners.

I will try to go more sneak mode, but its my third or eight playthrough, 3 complete and 5 halfway done, and all other plays have been me being berzerker or assault specialist, lmg and shotgun build or other equally agressive builds, and trying to calm down enough to be a sneaky person takes some getting used to.

You have a GREAT build, even though I am going for a sneaky body gorilla instead of shotgun or techrifle/monowire.

Let's wait for the new expansion as probably it will drasticaly change how enemy netrunners act. Moreover, all of the builds will have to be rewritten :D


Hi, you have suggestions for Cyberware - Nervous System for "Reflex" build, but what are your recommendations to choose for "body" built?

Hey, just go for common or uncommon rarity of the cyberware. Unfortunately, all of them need Reflexes to equip Rare, Epic and Legendary, so that is no go for Body based build.


Hi, thank you very much for the amazing build. I was wondering, however, since you mentioned:

"We do not pick the second level of many perks. At level 20 you unlock the Buffer Optimization perk that doubles the duration of daemon effects." for which should we pick the second level of a perk? I found myself having many perk points available but not being able to use them since I needed more attribute points in certain skills.

Hey, I updated the section description a bit. The idea is that having 3 mins vs 6 of daemon effects does not change much and that point could be spent elsewhere. However, if you have free perks, you are welcome to put them in these skills :)


Thank you for the suggestion, I am having a lot of fun with this build. :D


How many perk and attribute points do u need total 2 max the monowire netrunner build?

For attributes its always level 50, check the attributes section, and reflex concentrated option.

Regarding perk points thats a lot of calculations :D but I think you can do that yourself


Hi may I ask, this build has a monowire right, but i dont see blade perks? Are the blade perks not needed for this build for the monowire to ne effective?thanks

Hey! Yes, blade perks are needed for the monowire. Check the "Weapon perks" section. There you will find the table with Blade perks, and specifically for Monowire


What cyberware and perks should I focus if going for Monowire build?


Thanks man, appreciate it


Haha, I meant to write "fairly new to the game"... obviously not "fairy" :D


I was just wondering why you chose to take the Breach Protocol perk "Turret Tamer" over "Turret Shutdown"? I'm fairy new to the game (I'm 97 hours into my first play through) and wanted to try this build on a new save; the Tech Shotgun Netrunner approach.

Well, turret tamer will make turret friendly and help you take out enemies. Of course, once the effect wears off you will be the target.

If you shut them down turrets do not provide any support.

This is just my personal preference :)


I feel like i'm going to get bored easily without any combat but i really don't like tech weapons at all. I wonder if smart weapons are also viable. What do you guys think about smart shotguns or Ashura sniper?

Definitely works, just do not forget to take correct cyberware and perks for Smart weapons :)


Thanks, you rock man!


This build is so glass cannon. It can't even fight interdimensional teleporting cops/maxtax behind you as they simply kill you in one hit. Furthermore teleporting cops are unhackable. Always measure a good build by fighting teleporting cops/maxtac as they are the strongest enemy in the game, they are far beyond Adam Smasher whom you can kill Adam Smasher in just one hit if fully maxed out.

If somehow CDPR changes teleporting cops into chasing cops in the future, don't see this build can fight unhackable chasing cops with high damage weapon per shot.

Modding fixed unhackable cops/maxtac though.

Thanks for this info. Yeah this is definitely a problem, of course, with Tech Weapons you can still take out a few of them as you can shoot through walls if you are hidden.

But I agree with your premise and quikchack problem on MaxTac

Bro you have put a lot of work on this guide congrats, all of your builds are very balanced and optimized 👍👌

Thank you!


This guide is so useful! Thanks!


Okay, I updated the post a bit. Going for 18 Body does is not worthwhile. This does not bring any major benefits. I also put two points from Technical Ability to Cool for some Cold Blood improvements

The build now concentrates on any Tech weapons (I still love Shotguns :D).



What's the point? Playing netrunner is not fun anymore. It feels more like a work- boring and uninspiring. CPR managed to kill game finally. Not only netrunner, now even stealth\crit builds are total garbage/ Game is unplayable anymore.

As a netrunner you you are not locked outside of weapons you can indeed use them learn to mix your build, a full on netrunner is a bit boring but if you go with a hybrid build is more fun


You say boring because you could clean the field just by using quickhacks?

That is true, the game can become boring very easily with Netrunner. However, I found that relying more on your weapon while quickhacks are being uploaded during combat, makes the game much more entertaining


also crafting is a bad choice, you can't craft legendary smart shotguns, other than ba xing. which when you get is pointless, did this build on the hardest difficulty, doesn't start to pop off until 30 street cred and around lv20

You can craft DB 2 Satara, L-69 Zhou and Palica. However, you can still buy their legendary versions.

After some more digging, that Technical Ability can be skipped altogether as you can obtain Legendary Shotguns by purchasing them (except Ba Xing Chong). I will think a bit if the build should be totally revamped


recommend moving 2 points from tech to body, because many cyberware require 18 body, where as you don't get as much benefit going from 18 to 20 tech

Hey! Thanks, this is a good point. Of course you will lose 5% damage benefit for crafted items with Cutting Edge. But Legendary cyberware can provide more benefits.

The Satara; you sure Straight Shooters has the legendary version? All I've found was the epic and other resources say the only place you can get the legendary version is All Foods under specific circumstances.

Yes, you are right, I left a mistake. So to get the Legendary version you need to unlock secret Maelstrom vendor. This can be done if you do not speak with militech agent and pay $10 000 from your own pocket for flathead. This results in peaceful resolution. After this you can return to the factory through the same entrance and the merchant will be there


This build doesn't work with a few of the cyberware mods you've mentioned: Heal-on-Kill, Pain Editor, and Heat Converter, as they require minimum 8 Reflexes, 16 Cool, and 14 Cool respectively. I'd recommend legendary Limbic System Enhancement, legendary Visual Cortex Support, and legendary Mechatronic Core for Frontal Cortex mods; the Inductor and either Metabolic Editor or epic Cataresist for Immune System mods; and Fireproof Coating instead of Heat Converter for Integumentary System mods (along with legendary Subdermal Armor and epic Optical Camo).

Hey! Thanks for the comment. Working on updating the builds as I copy pasted the templates.

I removed Heal on Kill, Pain Editor and Heat Converter. I have added Ex-Disk, Memory Boost and Limbic System Enhancement to Frontal Cortex.

I also updated the other Cyberware


Preem! And that's fair, I can understand when you have multiple builds to work on and update, as well as having potential deadlines to get work submitted. All good choom! 👍

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