Best Shotgun Build (Update 2.1)

Best Shotgun Build (Update 2.1) - Cyberpunk 2077

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This post covers the Best Shotgun Build for Cyberpunk 2077. These weapons are especially deadly at close range allowing them to blast targets to pieces with a unique Obliteration effect. The shotgun playstyle will revolve around running around like a speed demon and blasting foes without regret in your eyes

Shotgun Build - Blast Demon

Cyberpunk 2077, makes Shotguns both powerful and ridiculously fun weapons to use. Most of them have the highest effectiveness at the low to medium range, while some boast higher accuracy and can even be effective at the full medium range. This encourages you to get close to the enemy and fast.

To improve upon this playstyle, we will heavily rely on DashDash for maximum mobility. This will easily allow the build to reach enemies and release a blast of pellets to their faces. Of course, this will create many situations where you are in the open under heavy bullet fire, so we will try to mitigate this with Sandevistan, Cyberware, and Perks.

Regarding shotguns, there are many alternatives, especially with the Phantom Libery expansion release. It will make choosing a perfect shotgun easier. For example, you could go all in on power with extremely high recoil or an accurate weapon that rewards precise headshots. However, maybe you want just everyone to burn? Well, there is an option for that.

So if you are ready to jump into fast-paced shotgun combat, let's get into the nitty-gritty details.


First, let's go through attributes, they will decide the direction of the build and give access to different tiers of perks. The higher tier gives better actions and passives to further support the build. Let's take a look at what we need for the Shotgun Build.

Starting Game

Here are what attributes to take when starting the game in the creation screen.

Attribute Allocation Description
ico_bodyBody +3 Will give us bonus HP early in the game and is the main attribute of the build
ico_refReflexes +3 Gives a critical chance and will be used to obtain mobility perks.
ico_techTechnical Ability +1 Unlocks the first tier of perks.

End Game Attributes

Here is the goal of Shotgun Build that we should reach at level 50

Attribute Total Allocation Description
ico_refReflexes 20 Maximum Reflexes will ensure a higher critical chance and good mobility perks.
ico_bodyBody 20 Will unlock shotgun-related perks, and survivability options and give a huge boost to HP.
ico_techTechnical Ability 20 Will provide perks related to healing items and cyberware. Moreover, provides bonus armor for better protection against damage.
ico_coolCool 8 Gives a boost to critical damage, but overall we do not need it much.
ico_intIntelligence 3 We skip this attribute as we do not use anything related.

Leveling Progression

To improve the build understanding and give you some direction here is the recommended leveling progression. Use it more as a guideline to create your Shotgun build. Once you start "Feeling" your playstyle you can deviate and pick your perks to better suit your style!

Level Attribute Perk
1 +3 Body
+3 Reflexes
+1 Technical Ability
2 +1 Body 7 PainkillerPainkiller
3 +1 Body 8 SlipperySlippery
4 +1 Body 9 Die! Die! Die!Die! Die! Die!
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Let's go through the perks of the Shotgun Build. We will go through about 60~ perk points for the build, and the game awards about 80. So you will have perk points left to adjust the build to your needs.

Body Perks

The main attribute of the Shotgun build. It unlocks weapon-related perks, health regeneration, and huge protection boosts against damage.

shotgun build body perks cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks - HP regeneration

These perks will ensure that we have sufficient HP regeneration in various combat situations.

Perk Description
Painkiller perk icon cyberpunk 2077Painkiller A very valuable perk that is recommended for any build. We also need it for the progression
Dorph-head perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dorph-head Blood Pump will be one of the main Cyberware that we use to drastically boost HP restoration
Comeback Kid perk icon cyberpunk 2077Comeback Kid Higher health regen, the closer to death you are? Count me in
Army of One perk icon cyberpunk 2077Army of One Shotgun wielders will often get close to the enemy both for precise shots and for quick melee attacks.
Speed Junkie perk icon cyberpunk 2077Speed Junkie Another awesome perk is as you will be sprinting with a shotgun around, this will give just a little bit more boost to HP regeneration

Level 9 Perks - first shotgun perks

Perk Description
Die! Die! Die! perk icon cyberpunk 2077Die! Die! Die! An awesome perk, that overcomes huge debuffs when stamina is low.
Like a Feather perk icon cyberpunk 2077Like a Feather  Makes it easier to wield some shotguns and move without any penalties
Don't Stop Me Now perk icon cyberpunk 2077Don't Stop Me Now  Gives more survivability with low stamina, as you can mitigate some of the incoming damage.
Bullet Ballet perk icon cyberpunk 2077Bullet Ballet  Makes it easier to land a precise shot with Shotguns while moving.

Level 15 Perks

The next set of Perks will give a huge survivability boost to the Shotgun build. Moreover, we get weapon perks, that will allow instantly finish the enemy off.

Perk Description
Adrenaline Rush perk icon cyberpunk 2077Adrenaline Rush Awesome perk, that gives a second layer of HP when using healing items. This will give so-needed survivability if you plan on using EdgerunnerEdgerunner and also play on Very Hard
Calm Mind perk icon cyberpunk 2077Calm Mind Delay before Adrenaline starts decaying, prolonging the second layer of HP.
Juggernaut perk icon cyberpunk 2077Juggernaut Encourages you to have Adrenaline activated most of the time, to get these sweet combat bonuses.
Unstoppable Force perk icon cyberpunk 2077Unstoppable Force Makes you immune to some knockout effects.
Spontaneous Obliteration perk icon cyberpunk 2077Spontaneous Obliteration Unlocks a finisher that, gives some additional buffs with the set of next perks.
Skullcracker perk icon cyberpunk 2077Skullcracker Get a huge quick melee attack damage boost, based on missing stamina. This can be used as a quick finisher not to waste ammo or skip waiting for reload.
Close-quarters Carnage perk icon cyberpunk 2077Close-quarters Carnage Encourages you to be close to enemies to activate Obliteration.
Dread perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dread Encourages to use of Shotguns for a decrease in target armor.
Rush of Blood perk icon cyberpunk 2077Rush of Blood Faster reload speed once you Obliterate an enemy.
Bloodlust perk icon cyberpunk 2077Bloodlust Now you can fuel Adrenaline with shotgun kills for even more survivability.

Level 20 Perks

Perk Description
Pain to Gain perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pain to Gain Together with Glutton for WarGlutton for War and Health FreakHealth Freak these perks will make it easy to have health restoration on hand.
Rip and Tear perk icon cyberpunk 2077Rip and Tear With the perk, you can deal huge damage by switching shots with quick melee. The melee attack is a good finisher when enemies are low on HP and can be used instead of waiting for a reload.

Reflexes Perks

These perks will give a huge edge to Shotgun Build in combat. From attribute level 9 onward, you can instantly reach any target and release a slug to the head, ending its short life.

shotgun build reflexes perks cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Slippery perk icon cyberpunk 2077Slippery Base perk, that we will need to progress to other levels
Parkour! perk icon cyberpunk 2077Parkour! Because we are melee focused build vaulting faster through obstacles can result in the enemy dead a second earlier. Moreover, it will be a lifesaver when you are running with low health.
Muscle Memory perk icon cyberpunk 2077Muscle Memory Allows to reload doing almost any action. This gives higher survivability and better mobility while in combat.
Multitasker perk icon cyberpunk 2077Multitasker Shooting has never been easier. Together with Kerenzikov, it will allow for some crazy combos.

Level 9 Perks

Finally, we will be able to get the first mobility perk. It is useful both for exploration and combat

Perk Description
Dash perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dash Another new perk that gives a short dash to avoid or get close to the enemies.
Mad Dash perk icon cyberpunk 2077Mad Dash Doubles the distance if dashing directly to an enemy
Can't Touch This perk icon cyberpunk 2077Can't Touch This A 100% mitigation chance while dodging is very valuable. This will give you a higher chance of survival under heavy fire.
Steady Grip perk icon cyberpunk 2077Steady Grip Shooting while dashing for awesome kills.
Mean Streak perk icon cyberpunk 2077Mean Streak If you manage to neutralize the enemy while dashing it will restore stamina.

Level 15 Perks

Further improvements to Dashing

Perk Description
Air Dash perk icon cyberpunk 2077Air Dash Extremely cool and effective move that allows dashing in air.
Aerodynamic perk icon cyberpunk 2077Aerodynamic Gives bonus mitigation strength when jumping. I think it is useful in encounters where you are moving a lot, as then you will use Air Dash.
Aerial Acrobat perk icon cyberpunk 2077Aerial Acrobat Gives more control and precision while Air Dashing, making it easier to land a shot with a shotgun.

Level 20 Perks

And finally Legend tier perks

Perk Description
Tailwind perk icon cyberpunk 2077Tailwind Stamina restoration while Air Dashing.

Technical Ability Perks

The perks in this tree play an important role in general survivability, item usage, and cyberware. Overall, you will want to heavily invest in this tree throughout the mid and late game.

shotgun build technical ability perks cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Glutton for War perk icon cyberpunk 2077Glutton for War You will be taking out a lot of enemies, so why not faster healing item recharge?
First Aid perk icon cyberpunk 2077First Aid Faster healing item recharge speed.
Transfusion perk icon cyberpunk 2077Transfusion If you use the last charge, you are close to being overwhelmed or dead. So a 30% boost is awesome.

Level 9 Perks

Perk Description
Health Freak perk icon cyberpunk 2077Health Freak You now have 3 health recharge items, making combat a bit easier.
Borrowed Time perk icon cyberpunk 2077Borrowed Time Gives instant health item recharge when taking out an enemy when being close to death.
All Things Cyber perk icon cyberpunk 2077All Things Cyber Mandatory perk as we will need as much Cyberware as we can. Reduces its costs
Renaissance Punk perk icon cyberpunk 2077Renaissance Punk Gives some additional cyberware capacity. Feel free to switch it to Driver UpdateDriver Update or Chrome ConstitutionChrome Constitution once you have enough cyberware.

Level 15 Perks

Perk Description
License to Chrome perk icon cyberpunk 2077License to Chrome Improves Skeleton cyberware and unlocks a new slot for even more chrome
Extended Warranty perk icon cyberpunk 2077Extended Warranty The increased duration is useful for Sandevistan, Kerenzikov, and other cyberware.
Ambidextrous perk icon cyberpunk 2077Ambidextrous Gives an additional slot for hands cyberware, that you can use to increase accuracy or get unique effects.
Pyromania perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pyromania We mainly take this for progression, but it will be also useful for health item recharging and improvements to grenades. Moreover, it works with Ba Xing Chong and its explosive pellets

Level 20 Perks

Perk Description
Edgerunner perk icon cyberpunk 2077Edgerunner I think this perk could be optional. It is amazing as it gives 50 Cyberware capacity allowing to put in at least one iconic cyberware. Moreover, you have a chance to enter Fury State for a huge damage boost. However, this reduces your health, increasing your chances of dying.
Ticking Time Bomb perk icon cyberpunk 2077Ticking Time Bomb Aamzin perk, that not only releases EMP but also gives a brief period of damage reduction.

Perks - Relic

With the introduction of Phantom Liberty, you will be able to obtain new perks that give unique capabilities. Here is what I recommend for the Shotgun build:

shotgun build relic perks cyberpunk 2077

Priority Perk Description
1 Vulnerability Analytics perk icon cyberpunk 2077Vulnerability Analytics Shows enemy weak spots, which when hit, create an electricity explosion. It is especially useful against robots and stronger enemies.
2 Machine Learning perk icon cyberpunk 2077Machine Learning Improves Vulnerability AnalyticsVulnerability Analytics by making them appear faster and giving a higher critical damage boost

For more perks, you would need to use additional Arms cyberware. My recommendation would be the Projectile Launch system. If you will use it, be sure to pick JailbreakJailbreak, Launch Capacity OverrideLaunch Capacity Override and DoomlauncherDoomlauncher perks

Combat and Tips

Here I would like to share some suggestions on how to utilize the Shotgun build to the maximum.

Using quick melee with a Shotgun

Once you add perks SkullcrackerSkullcracker, and Rip and TearRip and Tear using a melee hit after a shotgun shots is a good strategy. When fighting normal enemies the first shot will either totally delete the foe or leave them with a few HP. Using a quick melee will finish them off.

Now with Rip and TearRip and Tear, you boost your next shot with 100% and can kill most of the elites with a single precise headshot. Of course, evaluate if it is faster to pull the trigger again or hit with a melee attack, as animation can take a while while the next shot can be instant.

Staying mobile

Being constantly on the move ensures that you avoid enemy bullets once you get the SlipperySlippery perk. This is encouraged because shotguns have the maximum effectiveness when in close range as most of the pellets can hit. Of course, there are options like Headsman, that are also effective and medium to long range, particularly if you can land a headshot.


This section will cover what gear I recommend using with the Shotgun build. Always try to obtain the highest tier equipment as it provides the best stats and most modification slots.


There are plenty of weapon options to choose from. I would like to list a few of my favorites. I prefer strong shotguns that can take out a foe with one shot. They are usually slow, and you do not want to miss a shot with them.

Moreover, all of them are amazing weapons, and I do not have a specific priority recommendation. Just try them out and decide what fits your playstyle. For me, it was Guts followed by Sovereign.

Item Description
guts cyberpunk 2077Guts The iconic weapon from Edgerunners anime is used by Rebecca. It has crazy recoil but deals tons of damage, and has a decent clip size.
dezerter cyberpunk 2077Dezerter Even more powerful than Guts, but reloads every shot. Moreover, will activate PyromaniaPyromania with each shot.
headsman cyberpunk 2077The Headsman The most precise shotgun? Has a 200% headshot multiplier, is very accurate, and has low recoil. Perfect for sniping those mid-range targets.
redbone cyberpunk 2077Redbone Perfect shotgun to go all in with the "Speed Demon" theme. Utilize sprinting, and dashing for bonus damage.
sovereign cyberpunk 2077Sovereign Extremely fun shotgun to use that deals the most damage at very close range. Torso shots will also increase reload and movement speed. Synergizes well with Microgenerator due to constant reloading.
order cyberpunk 2077Order The only Tech Shotgun on the list. I found tech weapons do not synergize well with Sandevistan. but overall, deadly weapon that removes anything in its path when fully charged
ba xing chong cyberpunk 2077Ba Xing Chong Iconic Smart Shotgun, that releases small rockets. Obliterates almost all enemies with a single shot. However, obtained fairly late in the game.


Cyberware is a unique mechanic that allows us to fill the build with implants. Our main goal is first to get offensive ones. Early games can be quite difficult as you will have limited capacity. However, as you progress and drop more Capacity Shards, you will be able to equip even multiple iconic ones.

Cyberware - Frontal Cortex

Slot Item Description
1 newton module cyberpunk 2077Axolotl This is crazy powerful cyberware for Sandevistan. Each kill reduces cooldown by at least 10%. However, it takes a lot of cyberware capacity, so you can switch it with Newton Module as a cheaper alternative.
1 newton module cyberpunk 2077Newton Module
Gives a cyberware cooldown reduction after taking out an enemy. It is not much, however, with multiple kills, the effect adds up.
2 mechatronic core cyberpunk 2077Mechatronic Core Increases damage against drones, mechs, and robots. Optional cyberware
3 kerenzikov boost system cyberpunk 2077Kerenzikov Boost System As the build utilizes Kerenzikov the bonus time slow and no stamina cost is a good boost. However, I would first prioritize getting Axolotl


Slot Item Description
1 projectil launch system cyberpunk 2077Projectile Launch Thermal System If you plan on getting any Arms cyberware, I recommend this one. It replaces grenades but allows for more precise explosions.

Cyberware - Skeleton

Slot Item Description
1 epimorphic skeletonc cyberpunk 2077Epimorphic Skeleton This cyberware greatly boosts overall health. This will be very useful to provide some bonus survivability.
2 bionic joints cyberpunk 2077Bionic Joints Gives bonus armor and scales with Technical Ability
2 spring joints cyberpunk 2077Spring Joints
Increases Migitagion Strength. We have many sources to activate mitigation like Kerenzikov or PyromaniaPyromania 
3 rara avis cyberpunk 2077Rara Avis Gives a huge boost to armor, but comes with a steep cyberware capacity cost.
3 rara avis cyberpunk 2077Para Bellum Gives 12% armor for better protection.

Cyberware - Nervous System

Slot Item Description
1 kerenzikov cyberpunk 2077Kerenzikov Together with some other cyberware like Defenzikov and Kerenzikov Boost System, you can constantly slow time, get huge bonuses, and take total control of the battlefield.
2 neofiber cyberpunk 2077Neofiber Gives higher mitigation chance and strength and scales with Reflexes for bonus critical chance.
3 revolsor cyberpunk 2077Revulsor Iconic version of Reflex Tuner. Movement speed for you is not slowed which makes it very powerful, for this type of build, scales with Cool.
3 adrenaline converter cyberpunk 2077Adrenaline Converter Gives a decent movement speed increase when entering combat. Moreover, has low cyberware costs, before you can afford the above one.

Cyberware - Integumentary System

Slot Item Description
1 pain editor cyberpunk 2077Pain Editor As the build will rely on close combat, having higher damage reduction is good.
1 subdermal armor cyberpunk 2077Subdermal Armor Provides flat armor increase. Has a low cyberware capacity cost.
2 chitin cyberpunk 2077Chitin Has a high cyberware capacity cost, but provides a high armor bonus and health regeneration.
2 nano plating cyberpunk 2077Nano-Plating A lower cyberware capacity cyberware that negates projectile damage after using Dash.
3 defenzikov cyberpunk 2077Defenzikov Gives a huge boost to Mitigation chance after activating Kerenzikov.

Cyberware - Operating System

For the endgame, my recommendations would be these two operating systems. Unfortunately, other ones fall off in comparison

Item Description
militech apogee sandevistan cyberpunk 2077Militech "Apogee" Sandevistan The most powerful Sandevistan. Each kill increases the duration by 20% and Stamina. Moreover, it gives a decent boost to critical chance and damage.
militech falcon sandevistan cyberpunk 2077Militech "Falcon" Sandevistan A junior version of Apogee. Has a smaller Cyberware capacity, but, the bonuses are smaller also.
dynalar sandevistan cyberpunk 2077Dynalar Sandevistan The cheapest option. Generally, it has lower cyberware capacity and gives good critical damage and chance bonuses. If you pair it with Axolotl, this can be a solution for limited capacity until you can increase it

Cyberware - Ocular System

Slot Item Description
1 kiroshi cockatrice optics cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi "Cockatrice" Optics
The recommended option, however, has a very high cyberware cost. Boosts critical hit chance considerably.
1 kiroshi doomsayer optics cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi "Doomsayer" Optics We are mainly interested in critical chance boost based on the Reflexes attributes

Cyberware - Hands

The second slot is accessible once you obtain the AmbidextrousAmbidextrous perk.

Slot Item Description
1 microgenerator cyberpunk 2077Microgenerator Amazing cyberware that gives additional electric damage. I recommend using this cyberware with shotguns that reload a full clip - The Headsman, Redbone, Dezerter, etc. It will not work with something like Mox or Guts.
1 shock absorber cyberpunk 2077Shock Absorber
Reduces recoil by 20%. With some testing, it's hard to say whether the effect is impactful.
2 smart link cyberpunk 2077Smart Link Equip this one if you plan on using Smart Weapons like DB-4 Palica, L-69 Zhuo, or Ba Xing Chong
2 immovable force cyberpunk 2077Immovable Force Greatly reduces recoil and bullet spread. Is quite costly in terms of Cyberawre Capacity.

Cyberware - Circulatory System

Slot Item Description
1 biomonitor cyberpunk 2077Biomonitor Automatically restores health by using healing items. I started loving this one, as you do not need to waste time and concentrate just on the combat.
2 bloodpump cyberpunk 2077Blood Pump
The best health regeneration item and cyberware. It will also activate Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush for us.
3 second heart cyberpunk 2077Second Heart Provides instant resurrection if you die. However, has a long cooldown.
3 heal on kill cyberpunk 2077Heal-On-Kill Costs 10 Cyberware Capacity and restores health on each kill.

Cyberware - Legs

Slot Item Description
1 reinforced tendons cyberpunk 2077Reinforced Tendons My personal favorite makes traversing much easier.
1 leeroy ligament system cyberpunk 2077Leeroy Ligament System
Iconic leg cyberware, providing faster movement speed, however, does not give any jumping benefits
1 fortified ankles cyberpunk 2077Fortified Ankles
Gives the highest jumps and high boost to armor compared to cyberware capacity cost.


Thank you for reading this post on the best Shotgun build in Cyberpunk 2077. This is an awesome close-range combat build that relies on being in the enemy's face for maximum damage and instant obliteration. The build should be easy to pull off with perk and attribute recommendations.

Feel free to leave a comment below!



Thinking in a combo of this shotgun with the gorilla arms only for fun :D

Thx a lot for the builds!


I highly recommend using guts for this build, especially early-game


I think this fits rebecca in yhe anime hehe

I plan on making specific build for Rebecca. Of course, just putting Guts shotgun already makes it very very similar


Does recoil on shotguns matter? Or is it about spread?

I do not think you can impact spread. However, with cyberware and skills you can reduce the recoil


Yeah but how useful is reducing recoil on a shotgun?

Depends on how recoil affects your gameplay. I do not think it is as impactful on smart shotguns. However, something like Headsman or Sovereign definitely benefit from it. Also firing from hip will always have a bit more recoil

But the big thing is your gameplay style. If you will run close to the enemy's face, the recoil is not as important in my opinion.


I think those points in reflexes are better placed in intelligence. It's pretty close but by taking the common limbic system and uncommon visual cortex support you get 2% crit chance and 12%crit damage whereas you only get 1.25%crit chance from those 5 points in reflexes.

Reflexes gives you a tiny bit more defense with3.75%mitigation chance, and the ability to equip the common heal-on-kill and reflex tuner but the bonuses are so small I'd be inclined to just take the offense.

Hey, in this build's context this definitely makes sense. Thanks!


Sorry for my English, I'm French ;). Thank you very much for this build that I follow with pleasure. I looked at many builds indicated on the web and I find yours particularly well explained, clear, coherent, relevant, interesting. Hats off to the quality of your articles. Thanks again.

Thank you!

Are the attribute values different for each difficulty level? I ask because I was short a point from what the starting suggestion above stated.

Hey! My mistake, there are 7 starting attribute points. I mixed up and some builds started with 8. Fixed it now



Taking "True Craftsman" is a waste. There are several junk items that are worth a lot of eddies, and this perk turns them into a few low end resources.

Hey, I think you are talking about "Scrapper" perk. From 1.5 patch this no longer happens. Although this is undocumented patch change.



Yeah, you're correct. I was referring to the Scrapper perk (it's mislabeled in the Annihilator build above). And, thanks for letting me know about the change in 1.5! That's good news.

Thanks, fixed it!

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