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Best Rebecca Build - Cyberpunk 2077

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This post covers the Rebecca Build for Cyberpunk 2077. She is the adorable or rather scary character who is a gun maniac. Throughout the anime she uses weapons from pistols to heavy machine guns, shredding to pieces everyone she lays eyes on.

Rebecca Build

So the goal is to recreate Rebecca from the Edgerunners anime. As you remember she is a gun maniac who could use any weapon. This should be easy to recreate as plenty of attributes and perk points could be spread around all gun types.

Another aspect is her use of cyberware. Generally, I go very heavy on cyberware and technical ability trees. However, here, I will invest a bit less, to reflect that she was not like David Martinez who had almost everything in his body as cyberware.

So with these things in mind, it's not a surprise that this build will be efficient with any gun you find. Of course, as the game progresses you will pick your favorite ones that you use most of the time. Sadly, not everything could be replicated, but those are just minor details.

So if this sounds interesting, let's get into it

The build was created and tested on Very Hard difficulty.


First, let's go through attributes, they provide stat bonuses and unlock new perks. The more points you invest the better options you unlock to create the Rebecca build.

Starting Game

Here are the attributes you should take at the game's start. You can allocate a total of 7 points.

I recommend checking Cyberpunk 2077 beginner tips to avoid missing or misunderstanding important things early in the game.

Attribute Allocation Description
ico_refReflexes +1 I'm just taking one point to unlock the first perk tier.
ico_techTechnical Ability +1 Unlocks the first tier of perks
ico_coolCool +3 Rebecca used pistols early in the anime and this attribute choice is perfect for that.
ico_bodyBody +2 Unlock first-tier perks and increases HP.

End Game Attributes

Here is how the end-game setup would look with the build once you have all the attributes sorted out:

Attribute Allocation Description
ico_refReflexes 20 Rebecca can be seen in the anime using Assault Rifles and SMGs. Moreover, this tree will give access to mobility perks.
ico_bodyBody 20 Allows using Shotguns, LMGs, and HMGs effectively. Moreover, gives Adrenaline Rush perk icon cyberpunk 2077Adrenaline Rush​ perk.
ico_techTechnical Ability 15 Technical Ability is used to access some cyberware perks, but most importantly Ambidextrous perk icon cyberpunk 2077Ambidextrous​ which reflects Rebecca's use of various weapons with precision.
ico_coolCool 20 The main perk tree to effectively use pistols and precision rifles like SOR-22.
ico_intIntelligence 3 Not relevant for the build
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Let's go through the perks of the Rebecca Build. You will need about 65~ perk points for the build, and the base game awards about 80 with skills progression and perk shards. So some should be left to adjust the build to your needs.

The build is demanding perk points. So I will be limiting what I take. This reflects Rebecca perfectly as she is a gun nut using anything she has on her hands.

Cool Perks

Early in the anime, Rebecca uses pistols multiple times, so I think it is relevant that these are the first perks you should be investing in. Moreover, there are some good pistols in the early game that are too good to pass up.

rebecca build cool perks cyberpunk 2077

Level 9 perks

Perk Description
Focus perk icon cyberpunk 2077Focus Increases headshot damage and gives a 4-second duration without any stamina usage.
Head to Head perk icon cyberpunk 2077Head to Head Reset duration of Focus perk icon cyberpunk 2077Focus, but most importantly it gives access to the next perk.
Deep Breath perk icon cyberpunk 2077Deep Breath Slows down time, which allows for better targeting when activating Focus perk icon cyberpunk 2077Focus.
Rinse and Reload perk icon cyberpunk 2077Rinse and Reload Improves reload speed when you neutralize an enemy using aim.

Level 15 Perks

Perk Description
Deadeye perk icon cyberpunk 2077Deadeye Improved headshot damage and unlocks special shots that further enhance damage.
High Noon perk icon cyberpunk 2077High Noon Improved reload speed and slows down time during it. This is great as you can use that to better evaluate your combat situation.
California Reaper perk icon cyberpunk 2077California Reaper Restored stamina helps maintain weapon damage and accuracy.
Long Shot perk icon cyberpunk 2077Long Shot​​ Ensures that you can deal full damage even when in a long rage.
Quick Draw perk icon cyberpunk 2077Quick Draw Faster weapon swap speed, perfectly reflects how Rebecca was able to quickly switch to different weapons when out of ammo.
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Level 20 Perks

Perk Description
Run 'N' Gun perk icon cyberpunk 2077Run 'N' Gun I think this perk perfectly reflects Rebecca's effectiveness with weapons and she can use Pistols without any downsides even when hip-firing.

Body Perks

The Body tree represents survivability but also gives access to the Shotgun, LMG, and HMG weapon perks.

body perks rebecca build cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

These perks will ensure that you have sufficient HP regeneration in various combat situations.

Perk Description
Painkiller perk icon cyberpunk 2077Painkiller A very valuable perk that is recommended for any build. We also need it for the progression
Dorph-head perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dorph-head Blood Pump will be one of the main Cyberware that we use to drastically boost HP restoration

Level 9 Perks

I did skip on the blocking-related perks. They are great early in the game, but as you improve your cooldown times and can sustain Sandevistan longer they become not important.

Perk Description
Die! Die! Die! perk icon cyberpunk 2077Die! Die! Die! Improved weapon handling with low stamina, will be useful with shotguns.
Like a Feather perk icon cyberpunk 2077Like a Feather Better agility when using body tree-related weapons - LMGs, Shotguns.
Don't Stop Me Now perk icon cyberpunk 2077Don't Stop Me Now Better mitigation bonuses when stamina is low. This will play well with other cyberware like Neofiber and Spring Joints.
Bullet Ballet perk icon cyberpunk 2077Bullet Ballet Better accuracy with Body tree weapons while moving.

Level 15 Perks

The next set of Perks will give a huge survivability boost and unlock new actions.

Perk Description
Adrenaline Rush perk icon cyberpunk 2077Adrenaline Rush Awesome perk gives a second layer of HP when using healing items. This will give so-needed survivability if you plan on using EdgerunnerEdgerunner and also play on Very Hard
Calm Mind perk icon cyberpunk 2077Calm Mind Delay before Adrenaline starts decaying, prolonging the second layer of HP.
Juggernaut perk icon cyberpunk 2077Juggernaut Encourages you to have Adrenaline activated most of the time, to get these sweet combat bonuses.
Spontaneous Obliteration perk icon cyberpunk 2077Spontaneous Obliteration
Unlocks obliterate mechanics that can instantly kill a foe.
Rush of Blood perk icon cyberpunk 2077Rush of Blood Greatly improves reload speed after you Obliterate an enemy.
Close-quarters Carnage perk icon cyberpunk 2077Close-quarters Carnage Increases Obliteration chance while in close range.
Dread perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dread Reduced enemy armor, making it easier to kill strong enemies. Only works with ranged attacks from Body tree weapons.
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Level 20 Perks

I can say these perks are optional. So take them if you have perk points to spare. They do provide great bonuses.

Perk Description
Pain to Gain perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pain to Gain A big boost to health item recharge rate. Taking this saves some perks from the Technical Ability tree in my opinion.
Onslaught perk icon cyberpunk 2077Onslaught If you are using Light Machine Guns, this perk is mandatory as it will allow you to sustain continuous fire before reloading.

Reflexes Perks

The Reflexes perk tree serves two purposes. The first one is access to SMG and Assault Rifle perks. Second, you will get, mobility perks that improve weapon handling and allow you to Dash perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dash.

reflexes cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Slippery perk icon cyberpunk 2077Slippery Base perk, that we will need to progress to other levels
Muscle Memory perk icon cyberpunk 2077Muscle Memory Improves combat prowess by allowing you to reload while sprinting, giving so-needed agility during short combat moments.
Multitasker perk icon cyberpunk 2077Multitasker Can shoot while sprinting, making you more agile with ranged weapons during combat.

Level 9 Perks

Finally, you will be able to get the first mobility perk. It is useful both for exploration and combat

Perk Description
Dash perk icon cyberpunk 2077Dash Another new perk that gives a short dash to avoid or get close to the enemies.
Can't Touch This perk icon cyberpunk 2077Can't Touch This A 100% mitigation chance while dodging is very valuable. This will give you a higher chance of reaching an enemy if you are under heavy fire.
Ready, Rested, Reloaded perk icon cyberpunk 2077Ready, Rested, Reloaded Better stamina management with Assault Rifles and SMGs
Tunnel Vision perk icon cyberpunk 2077Tunnel Vision Improved accuracy for better landing those headshots.
Spice of Life perk icon cyberpunk 2077Spice of Life Relevant perk, to reflect Rebecca's constant weapon changing.
Mind Over Matter perk icon cyberpunk 2077Mind Over Matter Better aim and recoil management.

Level 15 Perks

Perk Description
Sharpshooter perk icon cyberpunk 2077Sharpshooter Unlocks special stacking mechanic that improves handling and with a few upgrades damage output.
Practice Makes Perfect perk icon cyberpunk 2077Practice Makes Perfect Increased crit chance and crit damage for higher damage with Sharpshooter perk icon cyberpunk 2077Sharpshooter
Shoot to Chill perk icon cyberpunk 2077Shoot to Chill Better armor penetration for more damage with Sharpshooter perk icon cyberpunk 2077Sharpshooter
Spray and Pray perk icon cyberpunk 2077Spray and Pray​ (Optional) Take it only if you use hip firing, otherwise, skip it.

Level 20 Perks

Perk Description
Salt in the Wound perk icon cyberpunk 2077Salt in the Wound Unfortunately, Assault Rifle damage is kind of on the weak side. For this reason, this perk is mandatory if you plan on using these weapons.
Submachine Fun perk icon cyberpunk 2077Submachine Fun
Instant clip reloads by switching weapons with SMGs.

Technical Ability Perks

Rebecca did use some cyberware, however, not as much as David. I will try to reflect this with perk picks. However, one thing that I would add, is that she was effective with any type of weapons so I will pick Ambidextrous perk icon cyberpunk 2077Ambidextrous​ for this.

technical ability rebecca build cyberpunk 2077

Level 4 Perks

Perk Description
Glutton for War perk icon cyberpunk 2077Glutton for War You will be taking out a lot of enemies, so why not faster healing item recharge?

Level 9 Perks

Perk Description
All Things Cyber perk icon cyberpunk 2077All Things Cyber Mandatory perk as we will need as much Cyberware as we can. Reduces its costs
Health Freak perk icon cyberpunk 2077Health Freak Additional health item charge.
Borrowed Time perk icon cyberpunk 2077Borrowed Time This is an amazing perk, that you can combo with Reflex Tuner cyberware to ensure you survive close to death experience.
Renaissance Punk perk icon cyberpunk 2077Renaissance Punk Improves Cyberware Capacity which will allow for a bit more cyberware options.
Chrome Constitution perk icon cyberpunk 2077Chrome Constitution Reduced damage is a great improvement to survivability. Although for late-game levels, I would say it is optional.

Level 15 Perks

Perk Description
License to Chrome perk icon cyberpunk 2077License to Chrome Improves Skeleton cyberware and unlocks a new slot for even more chrome
Ambidextrous perk icon cyberpunk 2077Ambidextrous Mainly used to unlock the full potential of the Cyborg perk icon cyberpunk 2077Cyborg​ perk. There are not many handles that are useful for this build.
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Perks - Relic

These perks are available with Phantom Liberty DLC. They will give further improvements to some of the game mechanics.

relic perks rebecca build cyberpunk 2077

Priority Perk Description
1 Vulnerability Analytics perk icon cyberpunk 2077Vulnerability Analytics Shows enemy weak spots, which when hit, create an electricity explosion. It is especially useful against robots and stronger enemies which are hard to chip away with just melee weapon attacks.
2 Machine Learning perk icon cyberpunk 2077Machine Learning Improves Vulnerability AnalyticsVulnerability Analytics by making them appear faster and giving a higher critical damage boost

Overall, as the build is mostly about running and shooting, I don't think any of the perks in this tree are relevant.


This section will cover what gear I recommend using with the Rebecca build. Always try to obtain the highest tier equipment as it provides the best stats and most modification slots.

For weapons, I will recommend those that Rebecca has used and some iconic variants.


Here are my recommendations for the best Katanas that you should be on the lookout for

Item Description
order cyberpunk 2077Order Very strong Tech shotgun that will most likely one-shot any enemy. The main downside is that it reloads after each shot.
db 2 satara cyberpunk 2077DB-2 Satara The most satisfying shotgun to use, thanks to its sound effects.
crusher cyberpunk 2077Crusher One of the shotguns that Rebecca has used. Offers a good headshot multiplier and a decent fire rate.

Here are some weapon mods that could be useful to improve weapons if you drop a good non-iconic one. There are two combos that I suggest with shotguns:

Modification Description
kneel cyberpunk 2077Kneel Use this together with Firecracker to create exploding puddles that dismember targets. This is the ultimate destroyer that will make enemies die instantly.
firecracker cyberpunk 2077Firecracker

For Tech shotgun:

Modification Description
wallpuncher cyberpunk 2077Wallpuncher The perfect modification for DB-2 Satara for even more damage.


These are the pistols that Rebecca has used or had equipped in the anime. I also include iconic versions of some of them as they are just too good to pass up.

Item Description
lizzie cyberpunk 2077Lizzie
One of the best pistols in the game, due to powerful charge shots.
omaha cyberpunk 2077Omaha Tech pistol, with okay damage, you will obtain its iconic version Lizzie which is much more powerful.
unity cyberpunk 2077Unity A solid weapon, used a few times by Rebecca.

Here are some weapon mods that could be useful to improve weapons if you drop a good non-iconic one.

Modification Description
wallpuncher cyberpunk 2077Wallpuncher Improves tech weapon charge damage.
pinpoint cyberpunk 2077Pinpoint Reduces bullet spread after you land a headshot
zenith cyberpunk 2077Zenith Improve weapon handling and crit chance, but require you to draw a weapon for this effect to initiate.
better half cyberpunk 2077Better Half Improves crit chance with the second half of the magazine.
equalizer cyberpunk 2077Equalizer Improved damage against elite enemies

Precision Rifles

Item Description
sor 22 cyberpunk 2077SOR-22 Very satisfying rifle to use. Was used in one of the last episodes of Edgerunners.

Submachine Guns

Item Description
prototype shingen mark v cyberpunk 2077Prototype: Shingen Mark V Iconic submachine gun that also shoots explosive rounds. Can target 3 enemies at the same time, making it effective against multiple enemies at the same time.
tik 20 shingen cyberpunk 2077TKI-20 Shingen The base version of the smart submachine gun offers up to two modification slots.

Assault Rifles

Item Description
prejudice cyberpunk 2077Prejudice Very strong assault rifle with good iconic effects. The only downside is that is available just before finishing the game or after it.
psalm 11 6 cyberpunk 2077Psalm 11:6 Explosive rounds and burn chance, are the perfect effects for burning your targets.
masamune cyberpunk 2077Masamune Has a good headshot damage multiplier.
d5 copperhead cyberpunk 2077D5 Copperhead One of the weapons used by Rebecca.


Cyberware is a unique mechanic that allows us to fill the build with implants. Early games can be quite difficult as you will have limited capacity. However, as you progress and drop more Capacity Shards, you will be able to equip more.

I cover cyberware with different priorities. This gives a way to progress from the early game with the most important options that are available as you level up. By the late game, you can access all the recommended cyberware and get your character fully chromed.

First Priority Cyberware

This is what is essential to make the build work. I would even recommend dropping everything else to equip these if cyberware capacity doesn't allow it. These cyberware selections make the core of the build.

first priority cyberware rebecca build cyberpunk 2077

Slot Cyberware Description
Skeleton 1 spring joints cyberpunk 2077Spring Joints Improves mitigation strength, complementing other cyberware like Countershell and Neofiber.
Skeleton 2 epimorphic skeleton cyberpunk 2077Epimorphic Skeleton Improves armor and health for greater survivability.
Nervous System 1 neofiber cyberpunk 2077Neofiber Improves mitigation chance and strength. This synergizes well with Countershell + Spring Joints.
Integumentary System 1 countershell cyberpunk 2077Countershell One of my favorite cyberware. With this, in case you are under heavy fire it will activate to give a huge boost to mitigation chance. Thanks to other cyberware you will have 70-90% damage reduction for 4 seconds.
Integumentary System 2 shock n awe cyberpunk 2077Shock-N-Awe A very powerful cyberware that I recommend if you plan on using melee weapons or shotguns. The proximity will trigger shock explosions staggering nearby foes.
Operating System 1 chrome compressor cyberpunk 2077Chrome Compressor As Rebecca did not use any kind of operating system, this pick fits the build right.
Face 1 kiroshi cockatrice optics cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi "Cockatrice" Optics The best eye cyberware for the Katana build. However, the cost is very steep, so I would leave this for the end game.
kiroshi doomsayer optics cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi "Doomsayer" Optics A lightly improved version that also gives bonus critical chance based on the Reflexes attribute.
basic kiroshi optics cyberpunk 2077Basic Kiroshi Optics Simple eye cyberware, that I think does the job for this build as you get bonus headshot damage.
Hands 1 microgenerator cyberpunk 2077Microgenerator Excellent choice if you plan on using Shotguns more, their small clips will make this effect activate more often.
shock absorber cyberpunk 2077Shock Absorber Reduces recoil and gives a headshot damage bonus from Cool attunement.
Circulatory System 1 biomonitor cyberpunk 2077Biomonitor Automatically heals, makes the combat somewhat easier, as you do not have to worry how long it takes to use a healing item.
Circulatory System 2 second heart cyberpunk 2077Second Heart This is an alternative if you are okay with less healing amount, but want to revive if you die. This is very powerful as Axolotl will constantly reduce its cooldown time
blood pump cyberpunk 2077Blood Pump The most powerful healing item in the game, if calculating the total healing amount.
Legs reinforced tendons cyberpunk 2077Reinforced Tendons My personal favorite makes traversing much easier.
fortified ankles cyberpunk 2077Fortified Ankles Gives the highest jumps and high boost to armor compared to cyberware capacity cost. But you need to hold the jump button.

Second Priority Cyberware

This is what you should be getting once you have the core cyberware, or you have free capacity.

secon priority cyberware rebecca build cyberpunk 2077

Slot Cyberware Description
Frontal Cortex 1 kerenzikov boost system cyberpunk 2077Kerenzikov Boost System Together with Kerenzikov, this will ensure you get better benefits of time slow and eliminate stamina costs.
Skeleton 3 rara avis cyberpunk 2077Rara Avis The ultimate protection cyberware if you have the capacity. However, I would leave this for the late game, once you have all of the slots covered.
para bellum cyberpunk 2077Para Bellum Gives a substantial boost to armor values.
kinetic frame cyberpunk 2077Kinetic Frame Improves mitigation chance, however, this requires high sustained stamina. For this reason, I am not recommending it as the best option.
bionic joints cyberpunk 2077Bionic Joints A cheap cyberware to get bonus armor.
Nervous System 2 kerenzikov cyberpunk 2077Kerenzikov Ultimate cyberware for ranged weapon builds. Together with Defenzikov, gives a huge increase to mitigation chance allowing them to survive most difficult encounters.
Integumentary System 3 defenzikov cyberpunk 2077Defenzikov When used with Kerenzikov, it ensures you get a big mitigation chance boost for improved survival.
Hands 2 immovable force cyberpunk 2077Immovable Force This Iconic cyberware gives almost perfect control of the weapon.

Final Cyberware setup

The last tier of cyberware options. Here is how the build should look in the end.

final cyberware rebecca build cyberpunk 2077

Slot Cyberware Description
Frontal Cortex 3 mechatronic core cyberpunk 2077Mechatronic Core Just an alternative cyberware to fill the slot. It is also okay, for some bonus damage against mechs.
Arms 1 gorilla arms cyberpunk 2077Gorilla Arms This was the main arms cyberware she used, for better weapon handling. However, this is more of a role-playing flavor as Gorilla Arms doesn't bring much benefit to the build.
Nervous System 3 revulsor cyberpunk 2077Revulsor Improved version of Reflex Tuner, which works similarly to Sandevistan and does not slow you down.
reflex tuner cyberpunk 2077Reflex Tuner Excellent cyberware that kicks in when your health drops below 25%. This has a good synergy with Borrowed Time perk icon cyberpunk 2077Borrowed Time, which gives a chance to gain a health item when on Low HP.
Circulatory System 3 clutch padding cyberpunk 2077Clutch Padding This cyberware is good enough to limit stamina drain with your ranged weapons.
heal on kill cyberpunk 2077Heal-On-Kill I would say this is the safest option, it gives an additional layer of HP restoration.
threatevac cyberware cyberpunk 2077Threatevac Low-cost alternative to fill the slot

How to Use the Build

Here I would like to share some general tips that I would like to recommend for the best approach with this build.

Core Mechanics

Let's go through what I think are the core mechanics of the build to maximize its effectiveness. To be honest, the build does not rely on some major mechanics. It is mostly - running and shooting anything that stands in your way. However, there is one thing to be aware of:


This is the main mechanic that in my opinion Rebecca's build can use and gives a time dilation effect. The important addition is also Defenzikov, which ensures you can have a 100% mitigation chance for 4 seconds.

Another addition i the Kerenzikov Boost System which gives you an edge on the time-slow effect compared to enemies and eliminates stamina costs for shooting, giving you pinpoint accuracy. So with these in mind, you should be using Kerenzikov as much as possible.

Early Game Combat

Okay, let's go through some early-game combat approaches. I recommend checking Cyberpunk 2077 beginner tips for additional information on the early game combat.

At level 10 get the improved operating system

From level 10 be sure to visit ripperdocs and get access to the Tier 2 Operating Systems. Before you get a Chrome Compressor, using Sandevistan is a great way to get an edge in combat.

Use Grenades

Consumables like grenades are another great choice to give some crowd control for free. Just throw them on the enemy that you want to stagger. This is perfect when there is a group of foes, that could easily overwhelm you.

Late Game Combat

As I mentioned the build is pretty straightforward. You just run in and shoot everything and anything that moves. Most of your effectiveness relies on how well you can land headshots and manage the character's stamina.

Besides that, Kerenzikov usage will ensure that you would have time to land the perfect shot and improve survivability. But I think this perfectly resembles Rebecca in the Edgerunners anime, with her straightforward combat approach.


Thank you for reading this post on the Rebecca build in Cyberpunk 2077. Although the build is simple it perfectly reflects the character from the anime. I recommend this build for those who are looking for a simple combat approach, without worrying too much about quickhacks, managing sandevistan cooldowns, and other advanced things.

Feel free to leave a comment below!


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