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As there will be players starting the game after the holiday's sales or coming back to replay it, I would like to share some tips. Hope they can help you and feel free to leave anything that I have missed important in the comments below

1. Use "F" to interact

A sill mistake which I made when playing on PC, I would interact with materials, chest, by clicking on them. Unfortunately, this wastes a lot of time.

But there is a solution button “F”, which will interact with the nearest selected object and you will not need to use a mouse.

Bonus: if on PC use quicker looting mode, to save a few hours through the whole game: https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/788

You will also skip the tedious animations

2. Remember to role play

Try role-playing a bit: does your character like mages? Do you think that religion is important in the game? Do you dislike particular characters? These opinions will really help you to get into your character and make the game much more fun.

3. See enemy weaknesses

see enemey weaknesses

While in Tactical mode ("T" keyboard button) you can hover on the enemy to see its vulnerabilities. Great way to know to what gear you should change when you struggle against an enemy. For example, fighting against Rebel Spellbinder frost spells and attack will be useless

4. Use valuables for research

DAI research table

Visit the Research table in Haven. It can be found in Josephine’s room. The benefit is that once you research an enemy, you get additional bonuses to damage, defense, etc.

Moreover, by doing this you will get additional XP, and inquisition XP, which you can use to obtain Inquisition Perks.

5. Upgrades are removable

DAI removable weapon upgrades

You can remove upgrades from weapons that you find. Why is this useful? You can then put those upgrades to other weapons. For example, my crafted staff has no upgrades I can take the unique's staff (which is clearly worse in DPS) upgrades and put them to my weapon.

However, you cannot remove the runes

6. You can respec for free

You can respec for free at the blacksmith in Haven. You will need to buy The Tactician's Renewal amulet and equip it. So don’t worry if you think that you chose incorrect skills. However, the next respect will cost 345 gold, which I still is quite a low amount of gold.

DAI respec amuletYou can find the shop at the blacksmith at this place:

DAI respec vendor



7. Don't be mislead by ring bonuses


There will be rings that start with the “Enhanced” word. They buff a specific skill which is included in the ring name. So do not get hyped by 30% increase in damage, as this will only affect the specific ability

DAI misleading ring names

8. Talk with companions more often

Talk with your companions at base more frequently. Unfortunately, you cannot do this while in a field. They share interesting stories, you can get their opinions or improve their standing with you. Sometimes they will also give quests.

Moreover, there are some important dialogues that you should not miss in Haven. Read about what should be done in Haven in the first act here: https://www.gamestegy.com/post/dragon-age-inquisition/397/things-to-do-before-%22in-your-heart-shall-burn%22-quest

9. Always establish camps in the field

If you see that you can establish a camp close by please do that. You will probably have to go back to that place and fast-travel is a life savior. It is much better than an awkward horse running, which is slow and clunky. Moreover, you will not need to fight hordes of enemies, which on higher difficulties are just sponges.

10. Unlocking chests and doors

For playing the first time, definitely get Deft Hands, Fine tools perk from Inquisition perks. You will miss on quite a lot of loot otherwise. The same tip also includes having a rogue in the party to utilize these perks. As this is the only class that can open locked doors

11. Fast control buttons

There are fast control buttons for your party at the bottom. Use them to concentrate attacks on the single enemy or disengage. This is particularly useful when you accidentally attack a ram, and your whole party starts to chase it. Or you want to take a particular enemy ASAP.

DAI fast control buttons

12. Use Behaviours screen to improve tactics

Unfortunately, you do not have the luxury as in Dragon Age: Origins to decide on every detail of party handling. However, you still have some minor decisions over this. I would recommend adjusting your companion's targeting behavior.


Also, decrease the Mana/Stamina reserve, this will make initial combat much more satisfying as companions unleash their skills. You will also probably kill one or two enemies in the first few seconds with this.


For example, if you have a mage that deals a lot of damage and attracts a lot of attention, make your tank and warrior, defend him. This will make the fights much more manageable than with default settings

DAI behavious screen

13. Use Dispel before rift fight

You can prevent spawning of Rift demons. This is done by casting Dispel on the spawn location. So the brighter the spot the stronger will be the enemy which will appear. So be smart about what you dispel.

DAI dispel

14. Gather materials

For me, this is the most hated mechanic. However, it is the most important. You will use the materials to upgrade your potions, gear, or craft items from schematics.

The important part is that you can get Fade touched materials, which when used grant unique bonuses to the equipment

15. Don't stay in Hinterlands for too long

The last tip. Do not stay in Hinterlands for long. After you start getting tired of it visit other areas. It is intended that you come back to it later. Some enemies will be difficult for you and you may have a hard time keeping your level up.

DAI map

Hope these tips help you, and please leave your opinions or things that I missed in the comments below!


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