Ferelden Frostback - first Dragon fight tactics

Ferelden Frostback - first Dragon fight tactics - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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This should be your first Dragon fight in Dragon Age Inquisition. I used this setup to defeat him on Nightmare difficulty at level 12


  • Equip your tank with decent armor and give health upgrades.

  • Have two mages for this fight, especially good if they both use Frost spells (use Tactician’s renewal amulet to respect if needed).

  • You can also use a lightning tree, which deals decent damage, the most important spell would be: Energy Barrage upgraded, which will synergy well with your frost staff.

  • Equip mages with Frost staves. If you don’t have them use crafting. Use materials that increase the critical chance.

DAI frost staff

  • Upgrade staves with blades and hilts to increase Magic. If you have runes, equip them

The fight

  • General things to do in fight, keep your party fairly close to the dragon and position them around.

  • Even though you will be hit, by his tail, arm or leg attack, only one of the members would be impacted.

  • Another important aspect is his wing attack, which if you do not stand close deals tremendous damage. Surrounding him will allow all party members to get close to Ferelden Frostback. So be careful when the wind circle appears

Fereldner Frostback Wind attack

  • Your mages should be the main damage dealers with frost staves. Use tactics mode to reposition in case the dragon moves

75% dragon Hp - just hide

He will lift off. Move under one of the ledges, with water under them:

Ferelden Frostback ledges

  • This will help you avoid its fire as it cannot reach those places

  • The dragon will land on one of the hills. In the meantime use mages to attack Frostback with frost spells.

  • Once he lands on the ground continue as before.

50% dragon hp - new mechanics

  • Once he flies to the skies again, as before move under the ledges

  • This is probably the hardest change in the fight. Numerous dragonlings will spawn. They will be level 10 so that makes it a bit easier. Use a concentrated attack of all party members to deal with them fast.

  • You should not be intimidated by this change, due to your frost damage. The dragonlings are weak to it.

  • In the meantime, you can also use your mages to hit the dragon on the hill while waiting.

  • Once dragonlings are killed the dragon will land on the ground

25% hp - victory is close

  • Move under the ledges, wait for fire attack. After that move to the large hill.

  • Ferelden Frostback will fly up to main hill, and the last fight will take place there:

Ferelden Frostback last phase

  • You can ignore the dragonlings and deal with the dragon (you should have enough dps to do that). If they reach you, do not worry as they should come one by one, making easy to kill them.

Congratulations if you managed to kill him. Do not forget to loot everything in the area.


Please leave a comment if I have missed anything!

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