Best Staves that can be acquired and when to use them - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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The best staves in Dragon Age Inquisition can be acquired via crafting. I will go through them as I complete the game and open new schematics.

To understand how to best craft equipment and how everything works check this guide

The explanations are not high-level, and specific builds should be checked. However, they will give you a general idea of how the item can be used the best

Wrath of Lovias

DAI wrath of Lovias

Obtained: the schematic can be bought in The Black Emporium for 12156 gold

Material Slots: Offense – 8 leather, offense – 6 leather, offense - 6 leather


  • Because of all leather offensive slots, you can stack high critical rates and critical damage.

  • Match high Critical rate with Flashpoint fire ability

  • Also can be used to increase critical damage in case you have it high from other equipment (Ring of Doubt – 100% critical hit on the first hit). Works well with Fire Mine.

Blade of Tidarion

dragon age inquisition blade of tidarion

Technically this is a greatsword, however, it is only usable by mage and is listed under staves.

Obtained: you need to do “Stop War Between Nevarra and Tevinter" war table operation

Material Slots: Damage – 24 Metal, Offense – 12 Leather, Offense 12 metal, Offense 12 Cloth, Masterwork – 1 Masterwork.


  • The weapon hits at melee range, so best used with Knight Enchanter ability – Fade shield. This will allow you to have a barrier and survive melee hits

  • The weapon can have different element rune, at the same type doing two types of damage. For example, Fire for main damage and Ice from rune.

  • If you use a different element rune, the Energy Barrage ability will create 24 projectiles (12 from the base weapon and 12 from rune). The spell has great synergy with:

    • Lightning cage + Static Cage upgrade dealing more damage for each projectile

    • Spirit blade to charge up much faster to 99

    • Hidden blades when having Fade-Touched skill to proc it randomly.




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