Easy way to kill any Dragon in the game

Easy way to kill any Dragon in the game - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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I would like to share some builds/strategies on how to easily take down almost any dragon in Dragon Age Inquisition.

In my opinion, this can be done with two characters (including The Inquisitor): Varric and Sera.

General Preparation

I recommend having this checklist covered:

  • Have Mighty Offensive tonic unlocked

  • Upgrade the Mighty Offensive Tonic with increased critical damage

  • Use the tonic just before lashing out damage

  • Have Focus bar filled. The bigger the Focus level you have, the easier it will be. Level 3 will provide a longer duration and a larger number of attacks

  • Have high critical rate - at least 50%

  • Poisoned Weapons ability also helps for larger damage

How to do it with Sera

The main idea is to use:

  • Flask of Fire + Throwing Blades.

  • Have the relevant upgrades on Throwing Blades

  • Get Pincushion

This results in huge single target damage.

Also, use Thousand Cuts. It will make you deal a tremendous amount of damage after the Flask of Fire wears off

In this video with level 16 Sera, I take on Vinsomer - level 19 dragon. As you can see the dragon only has a chance to land one attack before it is dead:

How to do it with Varric

Varric is another character that makes taking out dragons easy. You will use a bow as you need access to Leaping Shot.

Also, invest in Hail of Arrows to multiply your damage.

Check the video below on how I use Varric to take down two dragons in Emprise Du Lion on Nightmare difficulty with Even Ground trials:

I am using this Artificer build in the video above.


As you can see with the correct ability investment and appropriate equipment, the game can easily become your playground. I do not personally recommend using these tactics if you are playing for the first time.


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