Best Class for Inquisitor

Best Class for Inquisitor - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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In this post, I will cover what I think is the best class for the Inquisitor in Dragon Age Inquisition.

This series comes with various options for the main character - The Inquisitor. The game has three main classes: warrior, rogue, and mage. However, another important and relevant aspect is a specialization which can change how the class plays.

So let's start

Best Class overall for Inquisitor

My suggestion is a mage with Knight-Enchanter specialization with Blade of Tidarion. Why is that?

This is a mage class that does not act like a mage. You play more like an agile tank that can also cast spells. Here is what I mean:

  1. Knight Enchanters have abilities that allow them to do melee attacks - Spirit Blade
  2. They have the ability to generate barrier per hit, allowing them to sustain a lot of damage
  3. Blade of Tidarion allows releasing a double amount of particles using Energy Barrage
  4. Knight Enchanter can also use Fade Cloak to stand up instantly after knockdowns making close combat an easy option.
  5. They can engage in close combat, maximizing the utility of the Fire Mine + Fire Array spell for the largest possible damage in the game.
  6. You can top this off with Ring of Doubt. That allows the mage to enter stealth

This is not the only aspect. Also, mages play a central role in the first part of the game. So decisions you make will more be relatable to you.

Other classes

Here are some other options I think that you can pick if you have a second playthrough or you do not want Knight Enchanter specialization

Warrior Reaver

Reaver is a complicated specialization and may deter many players. However, it is extremely interesting and requires a perfect balance of HP management, party composition, and play skills.

I definitely suggest trying it on the second playthrough. Here are my thoughts:

  1. By no means you should think of this as a tank class.
  2. Reavers have to constantly have 40-60% HP to maximize their damage output.
  3. Having good equipment that generates Guard or a barrier will allow feeling safe when surrounded by enemies.
  4. Combat Roll ability is essential that allows to escape knockdowns and also deal significant damage when repositioning.

Rogue Artificer with a bow

This is an extremely powerful class, thanks to its Focus and specialization ability. Feel free to check out this Artificer Build

So what makes it special?

Artificers can decrease their cooldowns with each critical hit that their party makes (including themselves). This allows having a second or two cooldowns on most of the abilities.

Not only that but they have extremely strong Focus ability - Hail of Arrows. It allows to take down the strongest monsters in the game in mere seconds.

So here are the key points:

  1. Leaping Shot - is one of the strongest archer abilities that lands multiple hits, this can multiply with passive abilities for large damage.
  2. Evade + Shadow Step - allows the Rogue artificer to constantly change position, to not be damaged by the enemies
  3. They can also set traps, to launch enemies in the air and knock them out.
  4. The Focus ability allows for abilities to be tripled, meaning that something like Leaping Shot deals an enormous amount of damage. This makes dragons and bosses a walk in the park
  5. This class can also have stealth, meaning that you can reposition yourself at will or escape enemies easily.


Thank you for reading this post. Hope it helped you to decide on the best Inquisitor class for Dragon Age Inquisition.

Feel free to leave any comments below.


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- Zanuffas
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Hello, I really like your guides and builds. I wanted to know if you will be doing more similar material for DAI, also why there is no information about the Qunari Inquisitor in the builds and whether there will be a guide for collecting the party.

Very often met with information that Cassandra, Varric, and Solas / Vivienne are the best party in terms of effectiveness for the inquisitor.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I do not plan to make new DAI content at the moment.

Regarding Qunari, I was playing as a Human so I mostly forgot about them. I will update the builds in the coming week or two,

I think you need one character of each class and that should be enough. Of course, if you have Trials enabled, this would require some more preparations

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