Respec, Reset Skills and Potion of Clearance

Respec, Reset Skills and Potion of Clearance - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Can you Respec in Witcher 3?

Yes, the game allows you to respec your skills easily. You can do that by buying Potion of Clearance for 1000 Gold. Early in the game, this may be much, however, later on, it is very easy to obtain.

potion of clearance description witcher 3

Once you get the potion just drink it and all your skills points will be returned. This is a good way to try out various Witcher 3 Builds and find your perfect playstyle

Note: you can check this guide if you are looking to reset mutations with Potion of Restoration

Where to find Potion of Clearance?

Alchemists and merchants sell the potion throughout the various major areas, here is their list:


The first major area you will enter after talking with the Emperor

Keira Metz

She can be found in her hut close to Midscope. You will meet her as you progress through the main story quest

keira metz location witcher 3


Second Major area that you enter after Velen. It contains the largest city of the Witcher 3 game


You can find him in Novigrad. He has a shop close to St. Gregory's Bridge

gildorf merchant location witcher 3

Skellige Isles

Accessed through Novigrad by renting a boat, it covers the latter part of the main story quest.


The shop becomes available once you finish Gremist's quest Practicum in Advanced Alchemy. This will require you to do three tasks to obtain his trust.

alchemist Gedyneith location witcher 3


yolar gedyneith location witcher 3


Blood and Wine expansion map.


perfumery alchemist location witcher 3


You will need to free her from the cave north of Trading Post. After that she will move to Coronata village.

herbalist coronata location witcher 3

Beauclair - Herb Store

beuclair herbalist location witcher 3

Castel Ravello Vineyard

herbalist castel ravello location witcher 3


I hope this helped you to understand how to reset skills in Witcher 3 with Potion of Clearance. I suggest using this option a few times during your playthrough as it is a great way to try out one of many Witcher 3 builds


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