Reset, respec mutations and Potion of Restoration

Reset, respec mutations and Potion of Restoration - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Can you reset or respec mutations in Witcher 3?

Yes, it can be done by purchasing a special potion Potion of Restoration. It costs 1000 Gold, which is cheap late in the game. After drinking it, the skill points used for mutations will be returned. However, mutagens are not returned.

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Potion of Restoration is separate from Potion of Clearance which resets skills. This also requires Blood and Wine expansion

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Where to get Potion of Restoration

The potions can only be bought in the Toussaint area


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Beauclair - Herb Store

beuclair herbalist location witcher 3

Castel Ravello Vineyard

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Coronata Vineyard

You will need to free her from the cave north of Trading Post. After that, she will move to Coronata village.

herbalist coronata location witcher 3


I hope this helped you to understand how to reset mutations in Witcher 3 with Potion of Restoration. I suggest using this option a few times during your playthrough as it is a great way to try out one of many Witcher 3 builds


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