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Diadem of Arcane Synergy

Diadem of Arcane Synergy
Synergetic Moments: When you inflict a condition, gain Arcane Synergy for 2 rounds.
This circlet shimmers with a hundred otherworldly metals.

Diadem of Arcane Synergy - easy bonus damage

This is a very powerful headwear, with an Arcane Synergy effect. It is made specifically for gish classes that have a high spellcasting modifier and engage in physical combat (melee or range). For example, Paladins, Bladelock, etc.

It is easy to inflict a condition - for example Divine Smite, various debuffs from spells or attacks. However, be sure to have a higher Spellcasting ability of 12 or more. Otherwise, this does not bring any benefits.

Location - Diadem of Arcane Synergy

The Diadem is obtained late in Act 1 when you go through the Rosymorn Monastery trial and enter the temple. The Gith should not be aggressive unless you provoke them.

Find your way to the Captain's Quarters. I recommend going to it after you have explored all the other rooms and bought all the items from the merchant that you need.

captains quarters creche y'llek bg3Talk with the Captain, the dialogue can be resolved peacefully or aggressively, the outcome will not change much. What matters is that you get the crystal to open the door and proceed to the Inquisitor

githyanki inquisitor door creche yllek bg3

Proceed to the Inquisitor's room. There, no matter how you solve the dialogue (whether you go to the Astral plane) sooner or later you will have to fight him.

After you defeat him, be sure to look for the body of Ardent Jhe'rezath

diadem of arcane synergy bg3 location inquisitors quarters

Congratulations on obtaining this powerful item!