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Knife of the Undermountain King

Knife of the Undermountain King
Very Rare
1d6+2 Piercing
Organ Rearranger: Reduce the number you need to roll a Critical Hit while attacking by 1. This effect can stack. When you roll 2 damage or less, reroll the dice, taking the highest result.
Shadow Blade: You have Advantage on Attack Rolls against Lightly or Heavily Obscured targets when using this blade.

Weapon Enchantment +2

Proficiency with this weapon type unlocks:
Snatched from the realm of the mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak, this knife became a prized keepsake of a duergar king.
Shortswords Light Finesse

Knife of the Undermountain King - first critical-range weapon

This is a very useful weapon that is a contender for many of the builds till late in the game. It mostly improves those that rely on critical hits

The most attractive effect is its critical range decrease by 1 point which also stacks. In addition, it optimizes damage as low rolls are re-rolled. The good thing is that these bonuses work even if you are not attacking with the weapon. This makes it a very good contender both for melee and ranged builds.

Location - How to obtain Knife of the Undermountain King

Purchased in Creche Y'llek, at the end of Act 1. You will need to go to Rosymorn Monastery Trail and reach the Creche through there. You need to enter the Creche peacefully and avoid any combat. Otherwise, the trader that you need will become aggressive.

creche yllek location baldurs gate 3

The sword is sold by the Githyanki Vendor - A'jak'nir Jeera. She will be found in the Warehouse part of the Monastery. The weapon is expensive, but worth the investment, no matter the group composition.

ajaknir jeera githyanki vendor in creche y'llek bg3