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Risky Ring

Risky Ring
Risky Attack: You gain Advantage on Attack Rolls and receive Disadvantage on Saving Throws.
Life is just a series of risks taken while blindfolded.

Risky Ring - ring in high demand

This is one of the most useful rings for classes that rely on large number of attack rolls, these include:

The big downside is that Saving Throws have a Disadvantage, that could leave you prone to various debilitating effects. For this reason, evaluate if the character that wields it can sustain effects like Fear, Charm, etc.

Location - Risky Ring

Even though the ring takes many of the builds to the next level it is very easy to obtain. It is found in Act 2 - Moonrise Towers. Be sure to to infiltrate the tower first, and not attack the Absolute forces.

Araj Oblodra location moonrise towers act 2 bg3

Look for a Drow trader named Araj Oblodra. She is the one selling it. You can find her in one of the rooms on the left as you enter the fortress.