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Monster Bone M - How to Get and Usage

Monster Bone M

monster bone m icon
Type Material
Rarity 4
Sell Price 200z
Buy Price -
Carry 99
Monster Great Baggi (Low Rank)
Kulu-Ya-Ku (Low Rank)
Great Wroggi (Low Rank)
Aknosom (Low Rank)
Barroth (Low Rank)
Khezu (Low Rank)
Locations Frost Islands
Shrine Ruins
Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns
Flooded Forest


Monster Bone M is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. Materials can be received from quests, hunting monsters, carving, gathering, etc. This page covers how Monster Bone M can be obtained and what uses it has.

Monster Bone M - How to obtain

This section contains explanations of different ways that the material can be obtained.

Monster hunt rewards and locations

Table with details on where to find the monsters that can reward you with the material. You can check this guide for an explanation of different reward sources

Monster Material source Location
Great Baggi iconGreat Baggi
Low Rank
Target 14%
Capture 18%
Frost Islands (Low Rank)
kulu ya ku iconKulu-Ya-Ku
Low Rank
Target 14% Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
Lava Caverns (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
Great Wroggi iconGreat Wroggi
Low Rank
Target 13%
Capture 18%
Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Lava Caverns (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
aknosom iconAknosom
Low Rank
Target 12% Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Frost Islands (Low Rank)
Barroth iconBarroth
Low Rank
Target 10% Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
Khezu iconKhezu
Low Rank
Target 10% Frost Islands (Low Rank)
Lava Caverns (Low Rank)
rhenoplos iconRhenoplos Carve Body 20% (Low Rank)
Carve Body 10% (High Rank)
Lava Caverns
Sandy Plains
slagtoth iconSlagtoth Carve Body 5%% Lava Caverns
Flooded Forest

Monster Bone M - Usage

This section covers different use cases for the material, like crafting, forging, and upgrading.

Weapon crafting

  • Aerial Glaive (×2) 
  • Azure Crest I (×1) 
  • Baggi Bow I (×1) 
  • Blazeblades I (×2) 
  • Bone Gun II (×1) 
  • Bone Kukri II (×1) 
  • Bone Shooter II (×2) 
  • Cross Bowgun II (×1) 
  • Daidalos Axe (×2) 
  • Drowning Shaft I (×3) 
  • Desperado I (×1) 
  • Hard Bone Hammer (×1) 
  • Hard Bone Strongarm (×2) 
  • Hortadent I (×3) 
  • Izuchi Blade II (×2) 
  • Jawblade I (×3) 
  • Khezu Horn I (×3) 
  • Kulu Mosso I (×3) 
  • Kulu Spear I (×2) 
  • Poisonous Veil I (×2) 
  • Secta Nulo Red I (×1) 
  • Serrated Maw (×3) 
  • Spongia Bow I (×2) 
  • Wild Hatchets (×2) 
  • Wyvern Bone Gunlance (×2) 

Armor crafting

  • Aknosom Mail (x1)
  • Gargwa Mask (x2)
  • Rhenoplos Mail (x1)
  • Rhenoplos Greaves (x1)
  • Rhenoplos Mail S (x2)
  • Khezu Helm (x1)
  • Khezu Vambraces (x2)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Helm (x1)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Braces (x1)
  • Rhenoplos Greaves S (x2)
  • Barroth Helm (x1)
  • Barroth Vambraces (x1)
  • Chaoshroom (x1)
  • Death Stench Bowels (x2)
  • Wroggi Vambraces (x1)

Decoration Crafting


Other item Crafting