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Bone Gunlance II

Bone Gunlance II

bone gunlance II image mhr
Type Gunlance
Rarity 1
Attack 110
Shelling Type Long
Shelling level Level 1
Sharpness bone gunlance ii sharpness mhr
Element -
Affinity 0%
Defense Bonus 0
Slots -
Rampage Slots 1
Rampage Skills Attack Boost II
Affinity Boost I
Defense Boost I

Bone Gunlance II is a weapon type called Gunlance that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon acts as a lance and a gun at the same time. It releases explosions with shells. It can also provide a strong defense with the shield that it comes.

Bone Gunlance II - Details

General information

  • Great early game gunlance that is easily obtainable.

Crafting materials

Bone Gunlance II - Upgrade path

Weapon Name Required Materials
Bone Gunlance I image mhrBone Gunlance I Monster Bone S ×3 
bone gunlance II image mhrBone Gunlance II Combustuna ×1
Jumbo Bone ×1
Dragonhusk Shard ×2
Wyvern Bone Gunlance image mhrWyvern Bone Gunlance Flamefin ×2
Monster Bone M ×2
Eroded Skeleton ×3
Golem Gunlance I image mhrGolem Gunlance I Flame Sac ×2
Monster Bone+ ×2
Sturdy Bone ×2
Bone Material ×10 pts
golem gunlance II image mhrGolem Gunlance II Scatterfish ×5
Twisted Rockbone ×4
Stoutbone ×3
Behemoth Gunlance image mhrBehemoth Gunlance Dragonbone Relic ×1
Monster Keenbone ×4
Eroded Husk ×4