How to obtain - Auntie Ethel's Hair? (+1 Any Ability)

How to obtain - Auntie Ethel's Hair? (+1 Any Ability) - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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In this post, I would like to guide you through steps on how to obtain Auntie Ethel's Hair for +1 to any ability score. This can be done in Act 1 only.

Meeting Auntie Ethel

During Act 1, you will encounter Auntie Ethel in Druid's Grove. At first, she is a nice lady who will sell some very good potions that you can stock up for the rest of the game. More or less there are no major decisions that you should worry about here.

However, there is a breaking point where the story and Ethel's shop will not be accessible anymore. Once you reach the area below, the quest related to her will progress and you will enter the next step:

auntie ethel swamp entrance bg3

After this, progress as normal into the Teahouse.

Progressing to the fight

So once you reach the teahouse here is a sequence of steps that will happen:

  1. Meet Auntie with Mayrina
  2. Engage in combat with Ethel
  3. She disappears
  4. Enter the cellar of the Riverside Teahouse
  5. Talk with the door and persuade it to let you through.
  6. Inside the next area either kill the minions or let them live. Saving them will make them appear in the next fight with Ethel, but she will waste an action point for that. So I leave this up to you.
  7. Progress through the traps into the deeper area of the dungeon.
  8. Once you see a large area called Ancient Abode with a chasm in the center this is where the fight will start.

Ancient Abode auntie ethel lair bg3

The Fight to obtain Auntie Ethel's hair

Okay so here are the main things to keep in mind - you will want to engage in combat with Ethel.

It's good to become invisible and save Mayrina before initiating the fight (by touching the lever). Ethel will be also invisible

auntie ethel control orb save mayrina bg3

Let's go through some steps:

  1. If you did not kill the masks they will appear to help Ethel once the fight starts. This is a good way to avoid her duplicates as she will use up her action to summon allies. However, for Honour Mode she can still use her Legendary Action which still creates duplicates.
  2. Once you engage in combat be sure not to kill her on the first turn.
  3. Fight her and once she reaches about 20% of HP or 30 HP, stop and wait for her turn. She will then engage in dialogue with you.
  4. You can agree with her to get her Hair.
  5. Pick your preferred ability that you will want to increase.

ethel hag hair ability increase bg3

Overall this is easy on Tactician, and on Honour Mode, the encounter is a bit more difficult due to Legendary Actions.

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