How to Respec? Finding Withers

How to Respec? Finding Withers - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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As with all RPGs, the main question can you respecialize your character? Maybe, you want to try a different build, or you allocated ability points incorrectly on the first try. Well, the easy fix is to go talk to Withers, an undead who joins your camp.

There are two main ways - one entering the Crypt at the starting area. The second is just progressing through the game and entering the Goblin Camp. After this, when you get back to the camp Withers will appear and you can interact with him.

Withers in Camp bg3

The Dank Crypt - more XP

This is a vanilla way to find, and I recommend it if you want to maximize your XP and get additional Inspiration points. However, I suggest going inside once you are level 3, to make the combat encounters easier inside of it.

Here are the main ways to enter:

Dank crypt entrance locations bg3

My generally, preferred way is the third one. The charisma check is low and makes it easy to surprise the guard. Moreover, it doesn't attract more guards from other rooms, this way you can lay an ambush on them.

Another more advanced option could be to drop the stones, and then enter through number 3. This way you can attack the guards while they are investigating the broken ceiling.

Inside the Refectory

Once inside the Refectory, there will be a big group of bandits that you will encounter. I would suggest be prepared and level up to level 3. This will make the fight easier, especially if it's your first time.

You can use various tactics inside, like initiating combat, closing the doors, and forcing enemies to come to you. Or use exploding barrels to deal high damage. So I will leave the combat approach for you to decide.

The most important part is to get through the locked door. You can lockpick or open them with a secret button at the end of the room with Bandits:

secret button refectory bg3

This is where you will enter the Dank Crypt. Here go to the room on the right. It is trapped, but those traps will only activate if you don't disarm the sarcophagus. It's important as it holds the key that you can use to enter the main area.

In the main area I recommend exploring and picking all the weapons from the lying skeletons (this will help in a bit). There is also some other good stuff to find. Once you are ready, go to the 2nd point and there will be a hidden button. By clicking it, you will unlock the secret crypt.

dank crypt withers sarcophagus bg3

However, this is where the skeletons will rise and you will have to fight them. Being level 3 helps here. After you kill them, you can open the sarcophagus and acquire Withers. he will join you in the camp.

Skipping the Crypt and going for Goblin Camp

So there is an option (if you want to skip the Crypt for some reason) to make Withers appear automatically in your camp. For me, this happened when I reached and explored Goblin Camp. Once I got back, Withers was present in the party camp. After talking with him, I could respec the character.

Respeccing for 100 Gold

Once you have Withers in the camp, talk with him, he will have a few questions and explain some things. After that, you can use him to respec for just 100 gold. This can be done on any character, and you can make something like Astarion a Sorcerer or Gale a Barbarian.

Bonus Tip: You can also pickpocket Withers without any repercussions, so all the gold you use can be just taken back later.


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