How to obtain or farm Elixir of Hill Giant Strength

How to obtain or farm Elixir of Hill Giant Strength - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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Elixir of Hill Giant Strength can be received very early in Act 1. It gives a huge boost to strength, and greatly improves any kind of Strength build early on. Another option is a bit later in Act 1 but provides a lower amount.

Before farming elixirs or potions

First, you should know how merchant inventories reset as we will be using these tricks to stock up on potions:

  1. You can level up - this can be done after a natural level up, or respeccing and each step doing a level up.
  2. You can Long Rest in camp. This also resets the inventory and there is no need to use camp supplies if your goal is just consumables.

So these are two main methods. You only need the first one as it is much faster. But in the future, it may get patched, so it's good to know about the second one.

Auntie Ethel in Druid's Grove

Now, the first method requires you to be early in Act 1, and not have angered Auntie Ethel in Druid's Grove. Moreover, you should not have yet reached the swamp, where you get a cutscene with her.

If you find her in the Druid's Grove at her tent then everything is perfect:

auntie ethel in camp druid's grove bg3

Here is her location on the map in Act 1:

auntie ethel merchant location bg3 act 1

So you can then easily buy the Elixir of Hill Giant Strength from her very level-up or long rest. Of course, you can also use pickpocketing which is much cheaper. But if you get caught she may run.

Now, what to do if she has already left the area? Well there is another option and in Acts 1-2

Derryth Bonecloak - Mycnoid Colony, Ebonlake Grotto

So this is the second place where you can farm Elixir of Hill Giant Strength. This is a bit later in the game, but still Act 1. Based on your decisions, this can also be done during Act 2.

So you will find a Mycnoid Colony in Ebonlake Grotto, Underdark. There you will meet Derryth Bonecloak and she has an inventory of various potions and ingredients. Good for us, as one of those potions is Elixir of Hill Giant Strength

derryth bonecloak underdark ebonlake grotto location bg3

And here is how she looks:

derryth bonecloak in mycnoid colony bg3

So you do the same things as before, either respec, and after each level-up purchase the potion or pickpocket it.

Sometimes she may also have Cloud Giant Finger. Be sure to purchase it if this happens as this allows crafting an even more potent potion with 27 Strength.

Personal thoughts on the Elixir

I would like to share my 2 cents on this potion. Overall it is a good investment on one side - you can gimp on Strength and invest it into other abilities for better initiative or a higher chance of Saving Throws.

On the other hand, This trivializes strength builds somewhat, and breaks immersion. Another thing that has a negative impact is that you have to farm these items, which in my opinion is counterintuitive to this game.

And the last thing is that using this Elixir will not allow using other ones. For example - Elixir of Bloodlust. This is a very powerful option, especially in Act 3, and having high strength may not be as important as having an additional attack, which can kill a foe.


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