Best Class Tier List

Best Class Tier List - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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Here is a Tier List that roughly covers how classes are ranked. This is subjective and based on my criteria:

  • Only looking at the class benefits, and avoiding thinking of the subclasses
  • The general usefulness of the class, but a major contributor is combat prowess.
S Sorcerersorcerer bg3Bardbard bg3Fighterfighter bg3
A Monkmonk bg3Clericcleric bg3Paladinpaladin bg3Warlockwarlock bg3
B Barbarianbarbarian bg3Wizardwizard bg3Rangerranger bg3Druid
C Roguerogue bg3

Some of these choices are lower than what I expected. However, there are huge boosts that come from subclass making some various shuffles. So be sure to look at those.

Now let's go through the reasoning behind my choices.



The class is a game-changer if you have it in your group. It starts slowly and picks up from level 5. This is when you get access to level 3 spells, which are bread and butter for most of the game - Haste icon action bg3Haste​, Fireball icon action bg3Fireball​, Lightning Bolt icon action bg3Lightning Bolt, etc.

What makes sorcerers special is metamagic like Metamagic: Quickened Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Quickened Spell​, and Metamagic: Twinned Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Twinned Spell​ which can double damage output and capabilities per turn. Imagine releasing the most powerful spells in the game two times per turn...


This class is the ultimate Jack of All Trades. It can be a spellcaster, frontliner or just a good supporter in the group. However, what makes it special is that it gets access to Song of Rest icon action bg3Song of Rest, a third short rest, and Magical Secrets. The latter allows learning two spells from any other class, giving it a unique edge in possible combinations.

Another aspect is Bardic Inspiration icon action bg3Bardic Inspiration, which can help with ability rolls and give unique boosts based on subclass choice.


You could say this is the simplest class, but it is very solid with the options it provides without any subclass stuff. The main highlights - are 4 Feats and Action Surge icon action bg3Action Surge, which is the bread and butter of some builds.

However, the main highlight if you are ready to commit is Improved Extra Attack icon passive feature bg3Improved Extra Attack, giving the third attack and allowing for some huge damage output in the late game without any gimmicks.



Starting off from one of the melee martials. What makes it special is that it has access to very effective use of its bonus action and capabilities to stun-lock enemies with their normal attacks.

The main thing that is problematic is that they are multi-ability dependant to sustain high damage and survivability. So you will have to sacrifice one or another.


By itself cleric is nothing special, they have a few undead-related actions, and that's it. However, their main highlight comes from their spell list. Spells like Spirit Guardians icon action bg3Spirit Guardians​, Mass Healing Word icon action bg3Mass Healing Word​, and Glyph of Warding icon action bg3Glyph of Warding​ make it a good offensive and support class. This is more emphasized with correct gear choices.


This is probably the most popular class in the game. The righteous knight, that saves the weak or protects the world order. Their main highlight is Divine Smite icon action bg3Divine Smite​ allowing for strong nova damage rounds as long as you have spell slots.

Paladins also have an Aura of Protection icon action bg3Aura of Protection​ that gives a solid boost to Saving Throws, to maintain concentration and avoid status effects.

Still, they come with a few downsides, they need a high spellcasting modifier in addition to their martial ability - strength or dexterity. Moreover, the limited spell slots, make them shine fully only when multiclassing.


This is also an extremely versatile and very popular class, you can be a full caster, melee martial, or something in between. What makes it unique is its spell slots that always upcast spells and restore on short rest.

They are also popular due to their unique Eldritch Blast icon action bg3Eldritch Blast​ cantrip that is empowered using Eldritch Invocations - Agonising Blast icon passive feature bg3Agonising Blast​ and Repelling Blast icon passive feature bg3Repelling Blast. This makes it a solid choice for simple attacks and sustains some battlefield control via knockbacks.

Warlocks are also a charisma-based class, making them excellent main characters for dialogue dice rolls. Moreover, they get plenty of unique dialogue choices giving them much-needed advantages.



Barbarian is usually a good class to use for multiclassing, but that still mainly comes from its subclasses. They are also mainly good till level 5 once you get Extra Attack icon passive feature bg3Extra Attack. After that, you also get some features, but they are more like small improvements and not big game-changers.


I wanted this one to be higher. It can learn a lot of spells making it extremely versatile both in combat and world exploration. However, compared to Sorcerer and some other spellcasters there are just not enough features, to make it as good when you learn the game and can do good party setups.


Just by themselves, Ranger is somewhat lacking, they get some features, but they are just small improvements. The good thing is that you also get access to some spells giving some crowd control in the early game. Still, their main power-ups come from subclass choices.



I think I might be too strict with this positioning for Rogue. However, the class is mainly used as a stepping stone in multiclass. Moreover, its power-ups come from subclasses, which are amazing.

Sneak Attack (Melee) icon action bg3Sneak Attack (Melee)​ is a good action, but it's only limited to once per turn, and for more attacks, you need some gimmicks, which is problematic in my opinion.

Other rogue features are accessible fairly late like Reliable Talent icon passive feature bg3Reliable Talent​, which would be game changers in mid game.


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