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Sebastian Best Builds - Dragon Age 2 (DA2)

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In this post, I will cover the best builds for Sebastian in Dragon Age 2. His full name is Sebastian Vael and he is a chantry brother. Moreover, he is one of the heirs to the title of Prince of Starkhaven

He uses a bow as his weapon. Sebastian’s main specialization is Royal Archer, unfortunately, it does not combo well with the companion’s AI. But thanks to good base Rogue abilities he can make into a strong party member

Let’s start

Sebastian Disorienting build

As you can guess this build concentrates on applying DISORIENT status effect on enemies. Not only will that but he will also use Flasks to obscure allies from the enemies.

Although Sebastian has a strong Royal Archer tree it has its own problems. Mainly it requires advanced logic to work effectively. Sadly, companions cannot execute flanking or count the number of shots they did. Due to this, we will concentrate on maximizing Sebastian's utility in other ways.


It is important to follow the attribute allocation correctly as it will enable the Sebastian build to shine. Here are the main things to have in mind.

Sebastian build attributes dragon age 2

Get Cunning to 40. It will allow Sebastian to detect all traps and open any chest in the game Moreover, it will greatly increase his Critical damage.

After that here is what I recommend after each level up:

  • +2 Dexterity – to increase the critical chance. Moreover, it increases damage and attack values
  • +1 Constitution/Willpower. I would stop putting points to Constitution after 20 points and Willpower after 17.

With this Sebastian should have enough survivability and also deal decent damage.


This section is extremely important and covers the most important part of any build – skills. I suggest following this build from level 10 (that should not be a problem as you get Sebastian later in the game)

Sebastian build abilities dragon age 2

Here is my recommended progression on what abilities should be unlocked and when:

Order Skill Description
1 Speed This is the most important ability as it will allow Sebastian to attack faster.
2 Precision We mainly take this for progression
3 Power We mainly take this for progression
4 Miasmic Flask This ability is quite good early in the game. However, it does Friendly Fire, meaning your companions will get affected by it. I suggest using it manually
5 Evade Allows Sebastian to quickly escape enemies
6 Chameleon's Breath + Chameleon's Cloud This is an extremely powerful ability. It allows obscuring allies. This results in enemies having a harder time hitting you. Moreover, with the upgrade, the radius is 8 meters, and the duration is extended to 15 seconds
7 Harmony Buffs your Specialist tree abilities. Will boost Speed sustained buff
8 Lightning Speed + Energizing Speed This upgrade gives bonus attack speed and decreased cooldowns when Speed is active. Making Sebastian able to use abilities more often
9 Rush + Blitz Although we take it as progression it is a good ability for Sebastian to do small amounts of damage and change positions when he is under melee attacks
10 Fatiguing Fog + Impenetrable Fog + Overpowering Fog This is a very powerful and important ability. It applies DISORIENT status effect on enemies, obscures allies, and decreases enemy movement with attack speed by 50%
11 Blindside Buffs Sebastian damage by 120% if he attacks enemies that engage other allies
12 Righteous Chain Increases Critical chance for each consecutive hit to a single enemy
13 Pinning Shot Pins enemies to the ground and deals damage
14 Bursting Arrow We mainly take it for progression
15 Rapid Pinning Shot + Disorienting Shot This will enable Pinning Shot to be used more often. Not only that, but now it will also apply DISORIENT with a 100% chance
16 Back-to-back This is taken for progression, but also can be used by Sebastian build in tight situations
17 Follow-Through Provides bonus stamina regeneration for each attack
18 Tactical Withdrawal Upgrades Evade and now stuns enemies when using the ability
19 Wounding Arrow Deals decent damage, but more importantly decreases enemy damage resistance. Should be used on Elite enemies.

Here is how I would allocate ability points. It allows Sebastian to support the party early in the game. He will not deal big damage

However, he will apply DISORIENT on enemies, meaning that your party members, especially mages can exploit this.


For companions to be effective here are my Tactics suggestions.

Sebastian tactics dragon age 2

As you can see from the tactics, Sebastian has three distinct roles to play:

  1. DISORIENT enemies with Pinning Shot and Fatiguing Fog
  2. Support allies with Chameleon's Breath and Fatiguing Fog
  3. Confuse enemies and get away from them with Back-to-Back, Rush, and Evade

Wounding Arrow is a nice addition to this build but it does not change its main idea.

For good party composition here is what I suggest:

  • Anders - can utilize DISORIENT with Spirit Bolt and Stonefist
  • Merril - same as Anders, she is effective at doing DISORIENT combos
  • Mage Hawk - as mentioned before, good for doing Combos.
  • Fenris - you can try to take him as a tank because Sebastian can then apply Obscure to maximize his survival capabilities


In this section, I will go through recommended gear for Sebastian


Priority Item Description
1 Jackal's longbow da2Jackal's Longbow A beast of the bow that deals fire damage. Very effective in Act 3
2 Hood's message to the king bow da2Hood's Message to the King A decent bow that deals fire damage, is effective against demons (that you will encounter many in Act 2). This can surpass Jackal's Longbow if equipped with Primeval Lyrium Rune
3 absolution da2Absolution Alternative to bows above. A good option to have if enemies are resistant to fire
4 The Heaven's Answer da2The Heaven's Answer Quite a costly bow. However, provides a large boost to critical chance and critical damage. Moreover, can stun enemies


Priority Item Description
1 Four-Fingered Eddie's Lucky Talisman da2Four-Fingered Eddie's Lucky Talisman A very powerful ring that gives all the stats that Sebastian needs to increase his damage.
2 The Light that Pierces icon da2The Light that Pierces This amulet is a good option if you need some defensive capabilities for Sebastian's build. It provides +2 to all attributes.
3 sacred heart icon da2The Sacred Heart The amulet increases physical damage and critical chance.
4 Gift of Epicurean icon da2Gift of Epicurean Provides bonus critical chance and critical damage. Moreover, increases defense.


Priority Item Description
1 The Adherent's Belt da2The Adherent's Belt Best belt to have equipped on Sebastian. It provides dexterity, critical chance, critical damage, and attack speed. Moreover, it scales with the level.
2 the belt of promise da2The Belt of Promise The belt provides +3 to cunning and dexterity, a good option, however, quite expensive.
3 Master Wyvern Hunter's Belt da2Master Wyvern Hunter's Belt The belt is purely offensive and provides increased attack speed and critical chance.
4 seven deadly cinch iconSeven Deadly Cinch The belt is really good, but I felt that it pales to the ones mentioned above. However, you will not miss anything by wearing it.
5 Ties That Bind belt da2Ties That Bind The belt gives +2 to dexterity for increased critical chance and bonus attack speed


Priority Item Description
1 Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox da2Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox The best ring for a Sebastian that provides the largest offensive bonuses. Unfortunately, it is quite costly.
2 the graven circle da2The Graven Circle Provides a large boost to critical damage. Should work very well late in the game when Sebastian has a high critical chance.
3 Ring of the Emerald Knights da2Ring of the Emerald Knights The ring provides bonus physical and critical damage.
4 ring of the archmage da2Ring of the Archmage The ring can be obtained in act 1 and provides a good boost to offensive stats.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope it covers all that you need to make the best Sebastian Build in Dragon Age 2.

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