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Isabela Best build - Dragon Age 2 (DA2)

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In this post, I will cover Isabela best build for Dragon Age 2. She is a captain of a pirate ship. She specializes in being a rogue and using dual daggers

Unfortunately, in Dragon Age 2 it is quite hard to use melee characters, especially on Nightmare difficulty. However, with some abilities, I was able to find a way to maximize her potential.

So let's get started

Isabela Disorient build

This build relies on Isabela constantly changing position, throwing flasks, and teleporting behind enemies. For all of this to work, it is best not to have a warrior companion with AOE abilities, otherwise, she will get killed.


As with all rogues here is my suggestion for attribute point allocation:

First, get Cunning to 30 during Act 1 (before the Deep Roads expedition). This will ensure that you can see all the traps and open all the chests that you encounter

Isabela build attributes dragon age 2

Then you can allocate points like this:

  • +2 Dexterity
  • +1 Constitution/Willpower changing the points at every level. I suggest stopping leveling willpower at 17 and the constitution at 20

In Act 2 get Cunning to 40 to be ready for any upcoming chests in Act 3

With this point allocation, Isabela should be able to handle herself quite well. Of course, you still need to look after her as she may die easily


Now we get to the most important part. How to allocate the ability points. I think for Isabella this is the most important part as it enables her to not die instantly from enemies when she is left in the hands of AI

Isabela build abilities dragon age 2

I suggest using the build form level 10 as Isabela will have access to most of the ability upgrades. here is how I suggest allocating her points:

Order Skill Description
1 Backstab A good initial ability that allows her to get behind enemies
2 Evade This is a decent ability that will allow Isabela to get away from melee attackers
3 Rush Rush will help Isabela to move through a group of enemies
4 Chameleon's Breath This flask will apply obscure on allies making them take less damage from enemies
5 Charge Upgrade to Rush. Isabela will now knock down enemies when using the ability.
6 Blindside Increases Isabela's damage against enemies that are attacking allies.
7 Miasmic Flask We mainly take this for progression
8 Fatiguing Fog This will be an extremely strong ability. It will decrease enemy movement and attack speed by 50%
9 Chameleon's Cloud Upgrade that powers up Chameleon's Breath.
10 Unforgiving Chain Increases critical chance as Isabela hits with normal hits.
11 Impenetrable Fog When using Fatiguing Fog it will apply Obscure for allies that enter it
12 Tactical Withdrawal When using Evade, enemies will now get stunned
13 Overpowering Fog Applies DISORIENT on enemies in the Fatiguing Fog.
14 Savvy We mainly take it for progression
15 Across the Bow We mainly take it for progression
16 All Hands on Deck This is an AOE ability that can hit multiple enemies and also lands critical hits
17 Shore Leave Provides a 100% stun chance against normal enemies
18 Back-To-Back Isabela can now teleport to an ally instantly
19 Follow-Through Increases stamina regeneration for each normal hit
20 Experienced Hand Increases Attack and Critical Damage by 20%
21 Sea Legs Increases Defense and Critical Chance
22 Subtlety Reduces threat generation for Isabela

With these abilities, Isabela will constantly change her position to get in and get away from enemies. This will allow getting to survive most of the encounters.

Unfortunately, she is still quite weak against bosses, so be sure to take control of her at that time.


With the abilities covered, we will now try to maximize what Isabela can do during combat. I suggest starting with one of the presets, otherwise "Ally: Surrounded by at least three enemies" will not be available for the Back-to-Back skill"

Isabela tactics dragon age 2

As you can see my main focus is to use all the flasks that she can have. Moreover, we create ways for her to get away from enemies.

However, for this build to work here is what I recommend having in a group:

  • Aveline or Tank Warrior Hawke
  • Anders
  • Merril
  • Varric

If you play on Nightmare avoid any AOE attacks that could do friendly fire damage.


In this section, I will go through some recommended gear that you can equip on Isabela.


Isabela can only use dual wielding type weapons, this includes axes and daggers.

Priority Item Description
1 finesse icon da2Finesse Avery powerful dagger that you obtain in Act 3. It gives critical chance and critical damage boost. Moreover, it gives an additional nature damage bonus
2 The Maker's Kiss icon da2The Maker's Kiss You can carry this dagger as an alternative against enemies that are weak to spirit damage.
3 shard of the fallen icon da2Shard of the Fallen I like this dagger as it allows Isabela to regenerate her health with her fast attacks.
4 bard's honor icon da2Bard's Honor Although this is not a dagger it can still be worn by Isabela. It deals spirit damage.
5 stitch-maker icon da2Stitch-Maker A decent Act 2 dagger with a rune slot


Priority Item Description
1 Four-Fingered Eddie's Lucky Talisman da2Four-Fingered Eddie's Lucky Talisman This amulet provides all the main stats that Isabela needs: cunning, dexterity, critical chance.
2 The Pearl icon da2The Pearl
A very good amulet that you can obtain early in the game. It also improves as Isabela levels up.
3 sacred heart icon da2The Sacred Heart Provides bonus attack, critical chance, and physical damage.
4 Pewter Pendant of Wolves Howling at the Moon icon da2Pewter Pendant of Wolves Howling at the Moon This amulet increases critical chance by 2% and improves attack value.


Priority Item Description
1 the belt of promise da2The Belt of Promise This belt provides bonuses to damage and magic resistance making Isabela sturdier. Moreover, it provides +3 to cunning and dexterity.
2 Master Wyvern Hunter's Belt da2Master Wyvern Hunter's Belt A purely offensive belt that increases attack speed and provides an increase in critical chance.
3 seven deadly cinch iconSeven Deadly Cinch The belt provides +9% critical damage making it a very powerful option to maximize damage.
4 the antivan garrote da2The Antivan Garrote This belt provides +2 critical chance and +4 critical damage.
5 Enchanted Silverite Chain Belt da2Enchanted Silverite Chain Belt The belt provides +1 to all attributes making it a very effective option for Isabela early in the game.


Priority Item Description
1 Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox da2Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox The ring is obtained in Act 2. It gives +2 to dexterity and cunning and provides a +9% critical chance.
2 the graven circle da2The Graven Circle The increases critical damage, very good option late in the game when Isabela has a high critical chance.
3 Lady's Choice da2Lady's Choice This ring is specific to Isabela and provides increased damage resistance. Moreover, it provides an offensive boost like attack speed. It improves with Isabela's level
4 carved ring of the vhenadahl da2Carved Ring of the Vhenadahl The ring gives a +2% critical chance.
5 ring of the archmage da2Ring of the Archmage The ring is obtainable early in the game, it gives a boost to physical damage and critical damage.


Thank you for reading this post about the best Isabela build in Dragon Age 2. This should cover all the information that you need to best utilize her in your group.

Feel free to leave feedback or join or Discord group



I am really enjoying these builds. I noticed that the first tactic you give Isabella is to activate Speed but Speed is not on the list of abilities to give her. Other than that a great job with the builds.

as I do not have the game installed now, at what level you would recommend getting Speed? Would like to hear your experience.

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