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Wynne the Healer build - Dragon Age: Origins (DAO)

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Wynne is a righteous mage that you will be meeting in the Circle of Magi. As the story progresses there will be some decisions where your roads may separate. However, if you plan on keeping her in your party you will have a dedicated healer to support you from the back ranks.

So let's start with the build

Wynne Attributes

dragon age origins wynne build attributes

This part is a bit of a mixed bag. While logically, you would want to put points to willpower, magic contributes to the strength of healing and success of other spells. So I would personally go for 3 magic and 1 willpower every two levels

Moreover, you will get tons of willpower from equipment


Dragon Age origins Wynne skills

  • Tactics: Max

  • Combat training: Max

If you will have any points left, you can invest them into survival.


Wynne specializations

Sadly, here, there is nothing much to choose from. You should be going for Blood Mage (however, if you are roleplaying I would go for Shapeshifter, for additional armor and constitution). The idea is that you would be able to use your hp for healing your party in case you are out of mp. Moreover, with Blood Mage you get additional spellpower.

Talents and spells

Wynne build healer talents

  • Get all mage tree, it will give a big boost to spellpower with Arcane Mastery

  • For Spirit Healer I would not recommend investing more than Revival. The two other skills are MP intensive and do not bring huge benefits to the table.

  • The primal tree is excellent for some crowd control. I am not a fan of Earthquake but Petrify and Stone Fist have good synergy. You are able to shatter enemies under petrification.

  • Creation is your main tree. Your priority is getting Haste, which will boost the attack speed of the whole party.

  • Get Glyph of Repulsion and Glyph of Paralysis. You can combo them together to create a paralysis explosion which is better than Mass paralysis. However, be careful of Friendly Fire with this combo. I think this is one of the best combos in the game that is easy to pull off, available early in the game, and is easy to cast. However, if you are lazy and do not wish to switch to Wynne often, you can skip these spells.

  • Obtain Stinging Swarm for additional damage.

Here is how I would do a progression with Wynne ability points:

Order Skill Description
1 Revival Mandatory ability to have on the party. Allows reviving of the party members
2 Stonefist With this spell, Wynne can knock out enemies. Later on, with Petrify, Wynne can shatter enemies
3 Glyph of Paralysis (optional) Only take this if you plan to do a Paralysis Explosion combo
4 Glyph of Warding (optional) We take this mainly to unlock the next spell
5 Glyph of Repulsion (optional) Only take this if you plan to do a Paralysis Explosion combo
6 Spell Wisp Will boost Wynne's spellpower allowing for more effective spells and stronger heals
7 Regeneration Will boost health regeneration for an ally
8 Heroic Defense We mainly take this for progression
9 Haste One of the best spells in the game. Allows all party members to attack faster
10 Earthquake We mainly take this for progression
11 Petrify Will allow petrifying an enemy, making him immobile. If you use Stonefist while the effect is in place the enemy will be shattered
12 Grease Mainly take this for progression
13 Spellbloom Increase mana regeneration. Wynne can use it to allow her to support party members for a longer period
14 Stinging Swarm A great offensive ability that jumps from one enemy to another. Deals nature damage
14 Arcane Shield We mainly take this for progression
16 Staff Focus We mainly take this for progression
17 Arcane Mastery Provides bonus spellpower increasing the effectiveness of spells.


In this section, I will go through what is the recommended equipment for Wyne to use.


Item Details
Staff of the Magister lord iconStaff of the Magister Lord One of the best staff in the game. Provides strong overall stats but can be expensive
Final Reason It will decrease your mana pool but give Wynne more spellpower making her heal spells stronger
heaven's wrath iconHeaven’s Wrath Similar to Magister's Staff, if you were not able to obtain it and do not have one of the stronger staves listed above
magister's staff iconMagister's Staff A good staff before you are able to get the best ones in the game. Gives bonus mana regeneration and spellpower for stronger spells
Corrupted magisters staff iconCorrupted Magister's Staff Similar to Magister's Staff boosts spellpower but gives no mana regeneration


Item Details
The libertarian's Cowl iconThe Libertarian's Cowl Gives additional mana regeneration. Allowing to sustain support spells for longer
Reinforced magus cowl iconReinforced Magus Cowl Boosts willpower by 2 points, increasing the mana pool


Your main priority is to get gloves that provide bonus nature damage for Stinging Swarm and Stone Fist spells.

Item Details
Lend of the Lion iconSilk Weave Gloves Provides +20% nature damage
Lend of the Lion iconLend of the Lion Provides +10% nature damage


Fortunately, Wynne has plentiful options to select armors from:

Item Details
Vestments of the Seer iconVestments of the Seer +6 magic boost, outmatches any other robe in general usage
Tevinter Mage RobesTevinter Mage Robes Gives +5 spellpower and also boosts mana regeneration
First enchanter robesFirst Enchanter Robes A decent robe that provides a bonus to willpower and magic
Senior Enchanter's Robes iconSenior Enchanter's Robes Wynne comes with this robe by default. It provides good stats early in the game


Not many options to choose that would directly impact magic related attributes or stats

Item Details
Fade striders iconFade Striders  Best boots for a mage provides +1 magic
Bard's dancing shoes iconBard’s Dancing Shoes Increases defense, giving a larger chance to avoid enemy attacks
Dalish Boots iconDalish Boots A cheap option to get +3 defense. Can be bought in Dalish Camp


Item Details

Andruil's blessing iconAndruil’s Blessing

The best belt in the game provides a large boost to all stats

Sash of forbidden secrets iconSash of Forbidden Secrets Only accessible if you finish The Golems of Amgarrak DLC. It is a bit overpowered, but you should use it if there is an option.
destructionist's belt icon Destructionist's Belt Provides bonus mana regeneration and spellpower
belt of magister lordsBelt of Magister Lords Provides bonus spellpower, making it much better than the options listed below
Cinch of skillful maneuvering iconCinch of Skillful Maneuvering Gives +1 to all attributes
Silver Aron iconSilver Aron Gives +2 magic, by default comes with Wynne after you recruit her


Item Details
The spellward iconThe Spellward I recommend this amulet as it increases willpower greatly. This will increase Wynne's mana pool.
lifedrinker iconLifedrinker Gives +4 to spellpower. Will greatly boost the effectiveness of Wynne spells.
Pearl of the Anointed Provides +1 to all attributes


Item Details
Key to the city iconKey to the City Provides +2 to all attributes, found in Orzammar.
wicked oath iconThe Wicked Oath
Will give +1 mana regeneration
ring of selection iconRing of Selection This ring will boost nature damage, affecting the Stonefist and Stinging Swarm damage.
the lucky stone iconThe Lucky Stone

Gives +1 to all attributes

ring of study iconRing of Study A great ring at the beginning of the game that you can obtain if you chose Magi origin

Rings: Key to the City, Lifgiver, Wicked Oath, Blood Ring based on what you have at the time


Wynne healer tactics

  • At the start of the fight throw Repulsion + Paralysis glyphs to a group of enemies (you should do this manually). Be careful not to do this combo too close to your companions as they will get paralyzed.

  • Turn off haste if it is a major encounter with a boss. You may need that mp for healing

  • And leave the healing/rejuvenation with her default “Healer” tactics, which are fairly good.


Thank you for reading the post. It should cover all that you need to know when making the best Wynne build in Dragon Age Origins.


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