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Legion build - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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In this post, I will go through the complete Legion build in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. This includes, what skills to select, weapons, and how to use Legion the best.

Legion is a Geth that you will encounter during the middle/late part of the game. You will be able to take him on board and activate him. It will then join Shepard's crew on the mission. I definitely suggest trying out this companion as it quite unique compared to other party members.

The unfortunate part is that Legion will be available only at the end of the game, so try to use him as much as possible

Let's go through the build

Legion - Dead Eye build

This Legion build's main purpose is to deal the largest amount of damage possible. You will equip Legion with the strongest sniper rifle and take all skills that boost damage.

Squad point allocation

In this section, I will go through how the squad points should be allocated for the Legion build.

Legion build skills

Power name Evolution Level (Squad Points)
AI hacking iconAI Hacking - 2 (3)
Combat drone iconCombat Drone - 3 (6)
Drell assassin iconGeth Infiltrator Geth Assassin 4 (10)
Geth shield boost iconGeth Shield Boost Improved Geth Shield Boost 4 (10)

Skill acquisition priority

Important! You will most probably obtain Legion mid to late game when Shepard will be level 15+. So I will list skills by which priority you should get them. All of them are listed in priority top - get the first one, bottom - get the last one.

Number of points Skill Description
10 Drell assassin iconGeth Infiltrator Upgrade to Geth Assassin. Legion has an extremely good passive ability. It shortens cooldowns and increases damage by 25%
10 Geth shield boost iconGeth Shield Boost Get an Improved Geth Shield Boost upgrade. This ability will give a huge bonus to shields, allowing Legion to tank enemies. Moreover, the upgrade will increase its damage by 10%. Moreover, this has 12 seconds cooldown without Geth Infiltrator.
3 AI hacking iconAI Hacking I am not a fan of this skill as it only works against synthetic enemies. However, we take it to unlock Combat Drone
6 Combat drone iconCombat Drone This skill is a double-edged sword, but I suggest using it on Insanity difficulty. It summons a drone that can damage enemies, but its main point would be to distract them, giving some room to breathe for Shepard's party. The drawback is that it has a 30-second cooldown, so only use it after Legion activates Geth Shield Boost.

I think now the main point is to cover what equipment to use and how to best play Legion.

Tactics and Squad

In this section, I will go through what tactics you should use for Legion:

  • Start the fight with Geth Shield Boost to greatly boost Legion's defensive capabilities and survival when there is constant fire from enemies.
  • Combat Drone should be activated on rare occasions when you need enemies to be distracted. It has very long cooldowns
  • Have a companion who has Squad ammo upgrades. For example, Squad Warp Ammo of Jack is extremely useful in raising Legion's damage on every shot.
  • Miranda is another good companion to have as she boosts party members' weapon damage.
  • This build can also tank enemies as the Geth Shield Boost will raise Legion's shield to high levels.


In this section, I will go through what equipment Legion can use. It has two main weapons to choose from Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles.

Sniper Rifles

As the build's main idea is to deal as much damage as possible we will equip Legion with the strongest Sniper Rifle. There are a few options. What is special is that Legion can equip the iconic M-98 Widow anti-material rifle

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-29 Incisor sniper rifle mass effect 2M-29 Incisor Shields
However, there is one BUT. Due to a bug in the game Incisor is much stronger. Here are some Incisor damage calculations. So you are better off using it than M-98 Widow
M-98 widow anti material rifle mass effect 2M-98 Widow Armor You can acquire it in Collector Ship Mission or once you recruit Legion. Talk to it, and it will unlock a special research option. I loved how Legion would one-shot some weaker enemies with it.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles for Legion are optional. I suggest M-96 Mattock. It is the most well-optimized Assault Rifle.

However, I also recommend Geth Pulse Rifle if you are playing on Hard or Insanity difficulty

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-96 Mattock Heavy rifle mass effect 2M-96 Mattock Shields
Very effective Assault rifle against the most situation
geth pulse rifle mass effect 2Geth Pulse Rifle Armor
Has a very high fire rate and is effective against all protections.


Thank you for reading this post and I hope it will make you better at building Legion on Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. Although this companion joins the crew, close to the ending it is still an interesting addition that you can take on the last mission.

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