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Jack Builds - All you need to know

In this post, I will go through the complete guide on how to best build Jack for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 legendary Edition. This will cover what abilities you should pick, how to use them, and what gear to equip.

Jack is called Subject Zero by Cerberus. She is an extremely strong Biotics user that would be prisoned in a Cryogenic chamber. With commotion in the prison she escapes and after that joins Shepard's crew.

So let's start

Jack Biotic monster build

As it sounds this build is all about using Biotic powers. Imagine using only biotic powers to stagger, lift and tear enemy groups. Not only that, you use Warp Ammo to increase Squad weapon damage. This is what this Jack build does.

Of course, it has some caveats which I will cover below.

Squad points allocation

This section will cover where you should allocate your squad points to maximize the build potential for Jack.

jack squad abilities

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Shockwave iconShockwave - 3
Pull Pull Field 10
Subject Zero - 6
Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo Squad Warp Ammo 10

Important! Please read carefully through the build. It takes certain conditions to pull it off. However, it should be really satisfying to use it

Level 1 - 10, early game

At this point in the game, we will want to make Jack effective as soon as possible. So here are my recommendations:

Number of points Skill Description
3 Throw iconShockwave This ability is extremely good. It can stagger enemies with their defenses: shields, barriers, armors. Also, it can affect large groups of enemies as it activates multiple times in line. Moreover, the second level will unlock Pull.
1 Pull Pull will allow lifting enemies without any defenses. However, its most important role, for now, is to set up Biotic Explosions for Warp. At this point in the game, I suggest having a companion with Warp ability.
3 Subject Zero Jack has good passives. They reduce the cooldowns of biotic abilities allowing to cast them more often. The third level will make cooldowns 12% shorter.

With these investments, Jack should be able to deal with the earliest game situations. Remember to have a companion like Miranda or Garrus who can easily tear enemy barriers, shields, and armors

Important! Save Squad points until you unlock Warp Ammo

Level 11-20, mid-game

Use Pull to set up Biotic explosions or Lift enemies without defenses. However, the most important part is to get Warp Ammo to level 4 as soon as possible

Number of points Skill Description
10 Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo This ability will allow all group members to deal additional damage to armors, health, and barriers (the only ability that can do that). Moreover, once the enemies are under the effect on biotic abilities (Pull) they will deal more additional damage
5 Pull Further upgrade Pull until we can reach its 4th level at higher levels.

Level 21-30, late game

Unfortunately, it takes a while to pull off this build. However, now everything pays off.

For this part, to work there are some caveats that you need to cover: companions that can tear defenses in AOE. Samara is the best with Area Reave (or Shepard with advanced training and Reave). 

Number of points Skill Description
4 Pull Get Pull Field upgrade. Use it after Samara or other companions tears enemy defenses to lift the whole group of enemies. The Warp Ammo will also increase damage against them
3 Subject Zero Get the third level of the ability to further reduce the cooldowns.

With all of this, the build is complete.


For the mentioned Jack build to work you will have to put some effort. However, here are my main tips:

  • Have a companion that can strip enemy defenses in AOE. Miranda or Garrus with Overload, Mordin for Flame Blast, or the best Samara with Area Reave. Then you can use Pull Field on those enemies.
  • Warp Ammo is extremely strong that works on everything except Shields. Moreover, it deals additional damage to enemies under biotic effects.
  • Jack has low health and shields and should be protected or not left out in the open
  • Use Shockwave to stagger a group of enemies if they have their defenses. It works through the obstacles.

Jack Biotic support Build

This build is quite similar to the previous one. However, now you would use Jack only as a character to set up Biotic explosions. So leveling priorities change.

Jack build biotic explosion skills

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Shockwave iconShockwave - 3
Pull Heavy Pull 10
Subject Zero Primal Adept 10
Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo - 6

Level 1 - 10, early game

At this point in the game, we will want to make Jack effective as soon as possible. So here are my recommendations:

Number of points Skill Description
3 Throw iconShockwave It is a good ability at the beginning of the game, but we mainly take it to unlock Pull
3 Pull This is the main skill that you will use with Jack to create Biotic Explosions. Of course do not forget to have a character that can use Warp like Miranda, Adept or Sentinel Shepard
6 Subject Zero Will reduce cooldown times by 18% for biotic abilities

Level 11-20, mid-game

Here are squad points allocation in the mid game of Mass Effect 2

Number of points Skill Description
4 Subject Zero After you get the 4th level pick Primal Adept upgrade. With it, Jack will have 25% shorter cooldowns
7 Pull Get the last level of Pull and pick Heavy Pull upgrade. With it, you will have the longest period of time to set up a Biotic explosion: 12 seconds. So this is useful if your companions Warp is under cooldown

Generally, at this point, your build is finished. You can still do some things to maximize the damage output of Jack, but it will be eligible. I will cover it in the next section

Level 21-30, late game

As I mentioned this is optional, but you can get this ability to maximize Jack's damage.

Number of points Skill Description
6 Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo With this skill, Jack will deal additional damage to Barriers and armor. Moreover, she will do more damage to enemies affected by biotics.


To make this build work it is quite simple. Here are the things that you should have in mind:

  • Try to spam Pull with Jack whenever the skill is not under cooldown. Then follow up with a Warp to create a Biotic explosion.
  • The best companions for this to work are Sentinel and Adept Shepard, Miranda, Thane. They all have Warp skill
  • You can also get another companion with Pull. This way if Shepard has short cooldowns with Warp you can constantly spam explosions.
  • This build is much simpler than the first one that I shared. However, it can get boring quite fast.

Jack Equipment

In this section, I will cover the best equipment that you can use for Jack.


Jack is not built for using Shotgun, unfortunately. She has low health, which makes her an easy target. Moreover, she will not survive in close range.

In this situation, the best shotgun you can equip is Geth Plasma Shotgun. It is fairly effective at longer ranges, has a faster firing rate. This makes it perfect to be used by AI

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
Geth Plasma Shotgun Moderate x1.0/x1.5/x1.5 Instant shot - 156.5, Fully Charged - 347.77 5 174 RPM

Heavy Pistols

Unfortunately, heavy pistols are not as good as submachine guns. However, the best one that she can equip is M-3 Predator:

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-3 Predator Moderate x1.5/x1.0/x1.0 37.2 12 300 RPM

You can also go for M-5 Phalanx. But I think AI is better suited to use faster-shooting weapons.


I hope this post helped you to better understand how to build Jack in Mass Effect 2. I offered two builds, which may look similar but play different roles in the group.

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