Samara Best build - Biotic Justicar - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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Samara Best build - Biotic Justicar

In this post, I will go through how to best build Samara in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. This will include squad points allocation, tactics, and equipment to best utilize her.

Samara is Asari Justicar who follows an ancient code to deliver justice. After Shepard meets her and starts working closely with her, you will learn about her mission. At a certain point in the game, she may turn to another character Morinth, which I will not spoil too much. But this is an alternative version of Samra with one different skill.

So let's go through the build

Samara Justicar Build

This Samara build will concentrate on setting up Biotic Explosions with Warp and using Reave to tear down enemy shields

Squad points allocation

This build will concentrate on using Samara's two main abilities: Reave and Pull.

Samara skills

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Throw - 3
Pull - 6
Asari Justicar Sapiens Justicar 10
Reave Area Reave 10

Unfortunately, I think Samara becomes a great group member after she gets Reave. Before that, there are better companions like Jack that do the same things.

Samara level 1-10, early game

Sadly, there is nothing much to say here you will probably not have her by this time as she is only accessible in the mid-game. However, your first 10-13 squad points should be spent like this:

Number of points Skill Description
3 Throw iconThrow We take Throw mainly to unlock Pull. Of course, you can still use Throw against enemies stripped of their defenses. But that is not the priority
1 Pull We take Pull so that Samara could set up Warp explosions. Unfortunately, she cannot create them by herself so you will need a companion with Warp ability.
10 Asari Justicar Take Sapiens Justicar upgrade. With this passive ability, Samara will have 25% shorter cooldowns making her an extremely strong biotics user.

Samara level 11-20, mid-game

At this point in time, you should be able to finish her loyalty mission. Otherwise, I suggest saving any Squad points as you will want to spend them on Reave.

Number of points Skill Description
10 Reave This is an extremely strong ability that works on any type of defense. Moreover, it does double damage to barriers and armors. Take Area Reave upgrade. With it, you will affect groups of enemies making it easier to deal with

Samara Level 21-30, late game

At this point in time, Samra will not get large improvements to the overall setup.

Number of points Skill Description
5 Pull We further upgrade Pull to give some breathing room to make Biotic Explosions if the companion's Warp is under cooldown. Unfortunately, it does not have a large impact as Samara will use it against protected enemies.

Of course, if you do not prefer using Pull you can invest 3 points to Throw. This will allow you to take down enemies from the ledges. However, I prefer a higher chance of creating biotic explosions.


In this section, I will go through the best equipment that Samara can use to keep her damage to the maximum. She can equip Assault Rifle and Submachine Gun

Submachine Guns

I personally recommend the M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun. It looks like AI is fairly good at using it as they can spray a lot of shots. For me, it is better than the Locust

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-9 Tempest Moderate x1.0/x1.5/x1.5 14 50 925 RPM

It allows AI to have large clips allowing them to prolong the reloads.

You will acquire it during Tali's recruitment mission.

Assault Rifles

For Samara, I suggest M-96 Mattock. It is the most well-optimized Assault Rifle.

M-96 mattock heavy rifle

However, I also recommend Geth Assault Rifle if you are playing on Hard or Insanity difficulty

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-96 Mattock High x1.3/x1.2/x1.2 50.4 16 750 RPM
Geth Pulse Rifle Moderate x1.15/x1.35/x1.35 10.8 40 1000 RPM

Geth Pulse Rifle fast fire rate and is effective against shields and Barriers. Have in mind Samara can easily deal with armors using Reave with its double damage bonus.


It is important to understand how to best use Samara. Here are my tips:

  • If you are maximizing your party damage, I suggest taking Samara only when she has Reave ability.
  • Samara cannot set up Biotic Explosions by herself. Due to this, I suggest taking a companion like Miranda, Thane, or Shepard that can use Warp
  • In my opinion, she may be a bit weaker than Jack if you mostly use Biotic explosions.
  • As with all groups if you play on Insanity I suggest taking a character with high health like Soldier Shepard, Grunt, or Jacob.
  • However, you can also take someone as Jack with Pull Field to lift all enemies after Samara users the Area Reave.


I hope this build post helped you understand how to best prepare Samara for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition.

Feel free to leave any feedback below.


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