Grunt Best build - Insanity ready - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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Grunt Best build - Insanity ready

In this post I will go through all you need to know for complete Grunt build in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. I will cover the skills, tactics, and equipment that is best used for Krogan.

Grunt is a Krogan that you will encounter in Mass Effect 2. He is genetically engineered that was bred in a tank. He embodies the best traits of Krogan making him able to absorb large amounts of damage.

Grunt Squad point allocation

This section will cover what skills and when you should pick for the strongest Grunt during any point in the game.

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Concussive Shot - 6
Incendiary Ammo Inferno Ammo 10
Krogan Berserker Krogan Warlord 10
Fortification - 3

Grunt Level 1 - 10, early game

Here is how you should allocate squad points early in the game:

  • Concussive Shot - level 2
  • Krogan Warlord - level 3
  • Inferno Ammo - Level 2

Here is why you are taking these abilities early in the game:

  • Concussive Shot - will unlock Inferno Ammo, but also will give an option to knockdown enemies with health bars
  • Krogan Berserker - This passive will boost health regeneration per second to 40. Moreover, it increases Grunt health and weapon damage.
  • Incendiary Ammo - this skill will increase damage to Armors, but also will set enemies on fire.

Krogan Berserker

Grunt level 11-20, mid-game

In the mid-game, you should be able to finish Grunt's loyalty mission. It will unlock a new skill - Fortification, which will make Grunt an unstoppable tank. I suggest saving 3 points for this skill


  • Get Fortification to level 2 - this should be enough through most of the game for Grunt to take on any group of enemies and survive until you can take them down.
  • Get Krogan Berserker to level 4 and select Krogan Warlord. This will further increase Grunt's health and weapon damage, making him the best tank in the game.
  • Invest one more level in Incendiary Ammo to reach level 3.

Grunt Level 21 - 30, late game

At this point in the game with good companions builds you should have no problems taking any enemies even Scions. Grunt should be able to handle them all.

  • Get Incendiary ammo to level 4 and upgrade into Inferno Ammo. Of course, you can go for Squad Incendiary Ammo, if no other of your companions provide Squad ammo abilities. However, to maximize the damage output of Grunt, you should stay with the first upgrade.
  • Concussive shot to level 3 - an optional upgrade that does not bring much to the table. It just increases a bit of damage that you can deal to enemy barriers
  • (Optional) if you find that Grunt dies too often, you can skip Concussive Shot 3 and take Fortification level 3

These are all the squad skills that you will need for this build


In this section, I will go through what equipment is best to have equipped on Grunt


Tactics wise shotguns will make Grunt go close to the enemies. This will ensure that he tanks enemies and does not let them attack Shepard or other companions.

Lore or role-playing wise you would go for X-300 Claymore. However, the problem with it is that it has only one shot in the clip. However, Grunt can utilize this well as he constantly would run to the enemies making that shot count.

However, I would rather recommend Geth Plasma Shotgun. It is fairly effective at longer ranges, has a faster firing rate. This makes it perfect to be used by AI

Moreover, it has a higher Shield and Barrier multiplier. This helps Grunt to balance his effectiveness against Armors with Incendiary ammo.

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
Geth Plasma Shotgun Moderate x1.0/x1.5/x1.5 Instant shot - 156.5, Fully Charged - 347.77 5 174 RPM

Assault Rifles

For Grunt I suggest M-96 Mattock. It is the most well-optimized Assault Rifle. However, you will probably not equip this weapon on him, so in the end, it may not matter

M-96 mattock heavy rifle

However, I also recommend Geth Assault Rifle if you are playing on Hard or Insanity difficulty

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-96 Mattock High x1.3/x1.2/x1.2 50.4 16 750 RPM
Geth Pulse Rifle Moderate x1.15/x1.35/x1.35 10.8 40 1000 RPM

Grunt Tactics

Grunt should mainly be used as a tank. Due to this here are my recommendations:

  • He is extremely effective with other Biotic users like Miranda. She can safely use her abilities while Grunt takes on the enemies.
  • Feel free to move Grunt with commands to the front line. This draws attention from you or other companion to the Krogan


Grunt is an extremely effective Tank companion that you will meet in Mass Effect 2. This post should help you to understand how to best use and build him.

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