Grunt Best build - Insanity ready

Grunt Best build - Insanity ready - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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In this post, I will go through all you need to know for a complete Grunt build in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. I will cover ability progression, the best equipment, and recommended tactics to be used with this companion.

Grunt is a Krogan that you will encounter in Mass Effect 2. He is genetically engineered meaning that his growth happened in a tank. He embodies the best traits of Krogan making him able to absorb large amounts of damage.

Grunt Krogan Warlord build

The build concentrates on making Grunt extremely sturdy and good at offense. With the abilities we pick he can set enemies on fire when their protections are down. Moreover, with Krogan Warlord passive ability, he can charge into an enemy group without easily dying

Squad point allocation

This section will cover what skills and when you should pick for the strongest Grunt at any point in the game.

Power name Evolution Level (Squad Points)
concussive shot mass effect 2Concussive Shot - 3 (6)
incendiary ammo mass effect 2Incendiary Ammo Inferno Ammo 4 (10)
krogan berserkerKrogan Berserker Krogan Pureblood 4 (10)
fortification mass effect 2Fortification - 2 (3)

Squad Points progression

Here is a detailed progression that I recommend for this Grunt build.

Order Skill Description
1 concussive shot mass effect 2Concussive Shot Lv 2 We take a Concussive Shot to unlock Incendiary Ammo. Moreover, it is a good early ability that allows one to knockout and staggers enemies. Last but not least is Incendiary Ammo which increases damage to the enemy's armor and health.
2 incendiary ammo mass effect 2Incendiary Ammo Lv 1
3 krogan berserkerKrogan Berserker Lv 3 Krogan Berserker is the mandatory ability that greatly boosts health regeneration, health, and weapon damage. 

Krogan Berserker

In the mid-game, you should be able to finish Grunt's loyalty mission. It will unlock a new skill - Fortification, which will make Grunt an unstoppable tank. I suggest saving 3 points for this skill

Order Skill Description
4 fortification mass effect 2Fortification Lv 2 This ability allows Grunt to instantly restore or reinforce his shields. Thanks to it he can take on large amounts of enemies.
5 krogan berserkerKrogan Berserker Lv 4 Take the Krogan Pureblood upgrade. This will further increase health and weapon damage, further improving Grunt build
6 incendiary ammo mass effect 2Incendiary Ammo Lv 4 Upgrade into Inferno Ammo. Of course, you can go for Squad Incendiary Ammo, if no other of your companions provide Squad ammo abilities. However, to maximize the damage output of Grunt, you should stay with the first upgrade.
7 concussive shot mass effect 2Concussive Shot Lv 3 The rest of the points go to this ability for more damage.


In this section, I will go through what equipment is best to have equipped on Grunt


Equipping a shotgun on Grunt will make him go close to the enemies. This is intentional on the build, to make sure that he draws their attention. This way Shepard and another companion will be free from damage.

Lore or role-playing wise you would go for X-300 Claymore. However, the problem with it is that it has only one shot in the clip. However, Grunt can utilize this well as he constantly would run to the enemies making that shot count.

However, I would rather recommend Geth Plasma Shotgun.

Weapon Name Effective against Description
geth plasma shotgun mass effect 2Geth Plasma Shotgun Shields
It is fairly effective at longer ranges and has a faster firing rate. This makes it perfect to be used by AI. Moreover, it has a higher Shield and Barrier multiplier. This helps Grunt to balance his effectiveness against Armors with Incendiary ammo.

Assault Rifles

For Grunt I suggest M-96 Mattock. It is the most well-optimized Assault Rifle. However, you will probably not equip this weapon on him, so in the end, it may not matter

However, I also recommend Geth Pulse Rifle if you are playing on Hard or Insanity difficulty

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-96 Mattock Heavy rifle mass effect 2M-96 Mattock Shields
Very effective Assault rifle against the most situation
geth pulse rifle mass effect 2Geth Pulse Rifle Armor
Has a very high fire rate.

Grunt Tactics

For this Grunt build, he will concentrate on drawing the enemy's attention and soaking as much damage as he can.

  • He is extremely effective with other Biotic users like Miranda. She can safely use her abilities while Grunt takes on the enemies.
  • This Grunt build makes him effective with other more fragile companions like Mordin, Jack, Thane, and Samara
  • Feel free to move Grunt with commands to the front line. This draws attention from you or other companions


Grunt is an extremely effective Tank companion that you will meet in Mass Effect 2. This post should help you to understand how to best use and build him.

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You have to have 2 levels of concussive shot bought before you can start buying incendiary ammo FYI

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