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Thane Best build - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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In this post, I will go through a complete Thane build in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 legendary Edition. I will cover, how you should allocate squad points, what weapons should be equipped and how to best utilize Thane.

Thane build - Drell Assassin

Thane Krios is Drell Assassin. He is one of the best in the world. He uses Submachine Guns and Sniper Rifles to deal with enemies. Not only that he is a capable Biotics user, able to create Biotic Explosions.

Squad point allocation

This post will go through what Squad points you should pick and when to maximize your companion's support to the group.

Power name Evolution Level (Squad Points)
Throw iconThrow Throw Field 4 (10)
warp mass effect 2Warp Unstable Warp 4 (10)
Drell assassin iconDrell Assassin Drell Marksman 4 (10)
Shredder Armor iconShredder Ammo - 0

Unfortunately, we do not take Shredder Ammo. Although it sounds like a good ability it has a big problem. When you reach enemy HP they are already easily incapticated by Thane biotic abilities. The hard part is reaching HP and Shredder Ammo does not help with that.

Level 1-10, early game

In the early game, you want to build Thane so that he would be able to contribute to the party as much as possible. For this here is the skill selection:

Level Ability Description
5 Throw iconThrow Lv 2
warp mass effect 2Warp Lv 3
We take 2 levels of Throw to unlock Warp. Not only that Throw will be useful for taking enemies out that have some amount of hp. Of course, you can also use it to set up Biotic Explosions. Warp is the main ability that Thane will use to execute Biotic Explosions
6 -  
7 -  
8 -  
9 warp mass effect 2Warp Lv 4 I personally prefer Unstable Warp as it has a lower recharge rate than another alternative. Moreover, The explosion damage should be enough to take out simple enemies.
10 -  

Level 11-20, mid-game

During the mid-game, our priority is to increase Thane's weapon damage.

Level Ability Description
11 Drell assassin iconDrell Assassin Lv 1 Improves Thane's Health and Weapon Damage
12 -  
13 Drell assassin iconDrell Assassin Lv 2 Further, improve Thane's Health and damage
14 -  
15 Drell assassin iconDrell Assassin Lv 3 Further, improve Thane's Health and damage
16 -  
17 -  
18 -  
19 Drell assassin iconDrell Assassin Lv 4 Once you maximize the passive ability, take the Drell Marksman upgrade. It will give an extremely high 50% damage boost. Thane will now deal large amounts of damage and can use multiple biotic abilities.
20 -  

Level 21-30, late game

At this point in time, I suggest respeccing at Shadow Broker's Base. Then take all the previous skills and the rest should go:

Level Ability Description
21 -  
22 -  
23 -  
24 -  
25 Throw iconThrow Lv 3 Further improves the force of the ability
26 -  
27 -  
28 -  
29 -  
30 Throw iconThrow Lv 4 Take Throw Field upgrade. It will be very effective against a group of enemies if they are unprotected. Moreover, Thane can use it to detonate Biotic explosions

With this, all your 30 squad points will be used up and the Thane build is complete.


Thane mainly uses two weapon types: Sniper Rifles and Submachine Guns. They both can be extremely powerful options, so here is which weapons I suggest

Sniper Rifles

For Sniper Rifles Thane should use M-29 Incisor. It is a very powerful weapon due to some bugs that have not been fixed. More or less it has 100% accuracy and a three-round burst fire.

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-29 Incisor sniper rifle mass effect 2M-29 Incisor Shields
This is an extremely strong rifle. On Insanity this rifle also does not have its damage lowered.

Another important aspect is that Incisor has a well-rounded multiplier against shields, barriers, and armors of 1.25%. So it works against all enemies equally well

Submachine Guns

I personally recommend the M-9 Tempest with this Thane Build. It looks like AI is fairly good at using it as they can spray a lot of shots

Weapon Name Effective against Description
m-9 tempest mass effect 2M-9 Tempest Shields
AI is quite effective at using this weapon and doing numerous spray shots.

It allows AI to have large clips allowing them to prolong the reloads.

Thane Tactics

In this section I will cover a few tactics tips for Thane:

  • Thane is weak on defense so he should be paired with companions like Grunt, Jacob, or Soldier Shepard
  • Unfortunately, Thane does not have anything against Shields. For this reason, it is good to take someone who has Overload ability, like Miranda, Garrus, or Tali.
  • In my opinion, the best way to use Thane is to have his Unstable Warp in quickbar and pair it with biotic abilities to have constant Biotic Explosions.
  • Thane can be used to set up and execute Biotic explosions, so the perfect squadmate for him is obviously Miranda


Thank you for reading this post and I hope it will help you to make the best Thane build in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition.

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