Best Jacob builds - all you need to know - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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Best Jacob builds - all you need to know

In this post, I will go through the best build for Jacob Taylor in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition.

Jacob is Cerberus Operative. He is the first companion that will join you. He uses biotic powers together with Ammo upgrades.

Biotic Support Build

This build is perfect when you want Jacob to provide more of a support role for Incendiary damage and biotic explosion.

Talents and Skills

This section will cover what skills you should obtain.

Jacob biotic build mass effect 2

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Pull Pull Field 10
Incendiary Ammo Squad Incendiary Ammo 10
Cerberus Officer Cerberus Specialist 10
Barrier - 1

Here is how you should progress your abilities:

  • Incendiary Ammo – maximize it as soon as possible to unlock Squad Incendiary Ammo. With this, all your group members will have fire ammo. This will be easy to tear down through enemy armors and health bars. With this upgrade, your other group members can forgo Incendiary Ammo upgrade and invest their points into more offensive abilities
  • Pull – you will start with 1 point and this will be enough until you maximize Incendiary Ammo. My suggestion is to get a Pull field after you invest 10 squad points. The Heavy Pull is not worth it because not many enemies will stay alive for that long once they have only a health bar. Moreover, you can also prepare for biotic detonations which is extremely useful with companions that have Warp

mass effect 2 pull field

  • Cerberus Operative – this is the last ability that you should invest in. I suggest getting Cerberus Specialist. Because you will not send Jacob to the front lines, having him deal additional damage with each shoot will be better


  • Use Pull, on enemies with Barriers or Armor. This way they can be detonated with Warp.
  • Try to keep Jacob further away from the front lines. You will not have a high-level Barrier and you should avoid using it as your priority is Pull.

Squad members

I personally think this build shines with these companions:

  • Thane Krios – you can use him to activate Biotic detonations with Warp.
  • Miranda Lawson – I think she is the best combo for Jacob. They can constantly cast Pull + Warp and spam detonations. Moreover, Miranda will take out enemy shields with Overload opening offensive possibilities for Jacob
  • Adept Shepard – due to multiple biotic abilities they match together well for combos
  • Grunt – with this build Jacob is not as strong for taking bullets. Due to this Grunt can tank enemies better and use a Concussion Shot in between Jacob cooldowns.

Cerberus Soldier build

This build concentrates on making Jacob play more of a Soldier role rather than concentrating on disabling enemies.

Talents and skills

Jacob soldier build mass effect 2

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Pull - 1
Incendiary Ammo Inferno Ammo/Squad Incendiary Ammo 10
Cerberus Operative Cerberus Veteran 10
Barrier Heavy Barrier 10

Here are my recommendations on how you should level your skills:

  • Cerberus Operative – this is the first tree that you should maximize. You want to maximize your weapon damage and health as soon as possible. I suggest taking Cerberus Veteran upgrade to squeeze some more health. You will need to position Jacob constantly near the enemy fire.
  • Barrier – if you do not have it unlocked after Cerberus Operative, save your points. You will want to get this ability as soon as you finish Jacob loyalty mission. This is a powerful ability allowing to soak up large amounts of damage. My recommendation is to get Heavy Barrier. It will give you a larger boost to shields and a recharge time of 12 seconds will be enough to constantly have this ability active.

Mass Effect 2 heavy Barrier

  • Incendiary Ammo – this is the last ability that you need to get to finish the build. It will give you more damage to enemy armors and health bars. Both upgrades work, however, if your squad members do not have Incendiary Ammo active, then pick Squad upgrade.


In this section, I will cover how you should play Cerberus Soldier Jacob's build. Jacob can play a similar role as Grunt by tanking enemies and soaking a lot of damage. This is thanks to the Barrier ability. So here are my suggestions:

  • Jacob should constantly have Shotgun equipped
  • Order Jacob to move to the front lines. This will distract enemies and even allow him to flank them. He can even stand against Scions by constantly activating his barrier.
  • It is best to activate Barrier manually so that Jacob would not activate other abilities like Pull when not necessary
  • Even though you did not invest in Pull, Jacob still has one point in it. It can be used in critical moments or when Barrier has been up but Jacob did not get damaged in 12 seconds.


I think the best companions for this type of Jacob are:

  • Kasumi – she has Flashbang and Shadow Strike. The first skill disables enemies for a short period of time, perfect for this Jacob build. Shadow Strike is an extremely Strong offensive ability exclusive to Kasumi.
  • Tali – she mostly is useful against synthetic and mech enemies. However, her combat drone can support Jacob and distract the enemy’s attention.
  • Any companions with Biotic abilities. It is important due to low investment in Pull your party may be weak without any disabling abilities or detonations.


In Mass Effect 2 your squadmates do not have as much customization as on Mass Effect 1. This makes deciding what gear to use much easier for many players. In this section, I will go through weapons that I think are a good match for Miranda

Heavy Pistol

The highest damage dealing Heavy Pistol is M-5 Phalanx. It deals 109.8 base damage. However, it is extremely effective against armor.

To obtain M-5 Phalanx:

m-5 phalanx

  • Mass Effect 2 – you with Firepower Pack DLC
  • Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition – obtain it from Ratch’s Wares, who can be found on Tuchanka.


I suggest a few options regarding Shotguns:

geth plasma shotgun

  • Geth Plasma Shotgun – this shotgun is moderately accurate from longer distances. Moreover, it deals large amounts of damage to enemy shields. So it covers the main weakness of Jacob – low damage against shields.
  • Eviscerator Shotgun – one of the strongest shotguns in the game. Good shotgun for the second build – Cerberus Soldier. However, you have to constantly move Jacob close to the enemies, which is risky.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope it helps you to better understand how you should build Jacob and use it in Mass Effect 2. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback below

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