Kasumi build - Best Thief in the Galaxy

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Kasumi build - Best Thief in the Galaxy

In this post, I will go through how to best build Kasumi. This will cover squad points allocation when to pick them, what gear to equip and what tactics to use.

Kasumi Goto is a Master Thief that joins Shepard's crew on Normandy. She is extremely skillful in subterfuge allowing her to hit enemies from behind, blinding them, and dealing large amounts of damage.

So let's start

Kasumi Squad points allocation

In this section, I will go through how the squad points should be allocated and at what level intervals. This way you ensure optimal damage and party support for Kasumi.

kasumi skills

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Shadow strike iconShadow Strike Deadly Shadow Strike 10
Overload iconOverload - 0
Drell assassin iconMaster Thief Master Infiltrator 10
Flashbang grenade iconFlashbang Grenade Improved Flashbang Grenade 10

Important! You should take Overload for Kasumi loyalty mission: Stealing Memory and respec Kasumi after it. However, if Shepard has Overload by himself then you can skip Overload.

Master Thief is bugged on the base Mass Effect 2 game by not giving the correct cooldown times so kip it. However, it is fixed on Legendary Edition.

Level 1-10, early game

Here is how you allocate skill points early in the game for Kasumi:

Number of points Skill Description
10 Shadow strike iconShadow Strike Upgrade to Deadly Shadow Strike. This is a unique ability to Kasumi. It is extremely strong allowing hit enemies from behind. With Shadow Strike, Kasumi will also become invulnerable when the ability is cast and distracts enemies. Another important point is that it deals double damage to defenses: barriers, shields, and armors. This can ensure that you incapacitate most normal enemies in the game
3 Drell assassin iconMaster Thief This passive ability will increase Kasumi's health, weapon damage, and most importantly cooldowns. With this, she can reuse her skills faster

Early, you will stay with only one ability, however, as I mentioned it is extremely powerful.

Level 11-20, mid-game

By this time you should have done Kasumi's loyalty mission to unlock her additional ability.

Number of points Skill Description
3 Flashbang grenade iconFlashbang Grenade This ability is very useful. For protected enemies, it fazes them and overheats their weapons, omni-tools, etc. However, if the enemy is unprotected it also incapacitates them. So use it to your heart's content
7 Drell assassin iconMaster Thief Fully invest in this passive and get Master Infiltrator upgrade. With it, Kasumi will have a -25% cooldown reduction.

Level 21-30, late-game

Number of points Skill Description
7 Flashbang grenade iconFlashbang Grenade Fully invest in Flashbang Grenade and get Improved Flashbang Grenade upgrade. This will increase the impact radius to 9 meters, making it much more effective.

With these skills, the build is fully finished. Be sure to read through the tactics section to understand all the details.


This section will cover what weapons you should equip for Kasumi. She can equip two types of guns: a submachine gun and a heavy pistol

Sub-machine Gun

I personally recommend the M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun. It looks like AI is fairly good at using it as they can spray a lot of shots and AI doesn't suffer from recoil. For me, it is better than the Locust

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-9 Tempest Moderate x1.0/x1.5/x1.5 14 50 925 RPM

It allows AI to have large clips allowing them to prolong the reloads.

You will acquire it during Tali's recruitment mission.

Heavy Pistols

I am not a fan of AI using Heavy Pistols, however, if you choose to have one here are some options.

M-3 Predator is the weakest however, it has a high firing rate.

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-3 Predator Moderate x1.5/x1.0/x1.0 37.2 12 300 RPM

M-5 Phalanx is also a good option. However, I think it is too slow for AI to use correctly.

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-5 Phalanx High x1.5/x1.0/x1.0 109.8 6 80 RPM


In this section, I will give some recommendations on how to best use Kasumi:

  • Using Flashbang is extremely effective. It works on almost all enemies. If they have defenses then it staggers them but still overheats their weapons.
  • Shadow Strike can be bugged, however, while it is in use, Kasumi is invincible (you can use it to save her from death). Use it on some ranged enemy that is hidden far away and let Kasumi take care of it.
  • Shadow Strike does not work on enemies that Shepard cannot reach (like balconies).
  • You can take Overload for her loyalty mission, otherwise, skip it or respec once you have finished Laik of the Shadow Broker.


Thank you for reading the post. I hope it helps you to understand how to best build Kasumi in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition.

Feel free to leave a comment below.