Best Miranda Build - Complete guide

Best Miranda Build - Complete guide - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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This post will cover the best way to build Miranda Lawson on Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. She will be one of the first companions who will join your group. Miranda is able to use biotic, and tech abilities and has passives that boost party members’ stats. These important aspects make her the most versatile companion who can be helpful for any type of squad composition

Miranda Build - The Human Prodigy

Squad Points allocation

In this section, I will go through how you should invest points into Miranda's powers.

Miranda powers mass effect 2

Power name Evolution Level (Squad Points)
Overload iconOverload Heavy Overload 4 (10)
warp mass effect 2Warp Unstable Warp 4 (10)
cerberus officerCerberus Officer Cerberus Leader 4 (10)
slam mass effect 2Slam - 1 (1)

This is how Miranda's build should look close to the end of the game when you have acquired most of her abilities.

Squad Points progression

Order Skill Description
1 Overload iconOverload Lv 2 One of the main offensive abilities, we will use to take down enemy shields is very effective against synthetic enemies.
2 warp mass effect 2Warp Lv 3 The most important ability for Miranda to start using Biotic Explosions. It is also very effective against Barriers and Armor
3 cerberus officerCerberus Officer Lv 2 This is probably the most powerful passive skill from companions that you can get. It provides bonus health and weapon damage to all the group members.
4 warp mass effect 2Warp Lv 4 It is important that you get Unstable Warp. For spamming detonations, a lower recharge time of 3 seconds will help get Miranda a higher DPS.

Order Skill Description
5 Overload iconOverload Lv 4 At level 3 Overload also overheats enemy weapons. This makes it effective almost against any enemy even if they do not have Shields. Upgrade to Heavy Overload. At Insanity, I wanted to make sure that enemies like YMIR Mechs could die as soon as possible. You can also go for Area Overload, which would be effective against a group of synthetic and shielded enemies.
6 cerberus officerCerberus Officer Lv 4 Upgrade to Cerberus Leader. This way the ability will provide the most benefits to the whole group.

Mass Effect 2 Heavy overload

Leave Slam at one point. I do not suggest investing in this ability.  For that have a squad member that can activate biotic explosions. However, with one point you can still use it in situations when you want to disable an enemy for a short period of time.


In Mass Effect 2, your squadmates do not have as much customization as in Mass Effect 1. This makes deciding what gear to use much easier for many players. In this section, I will go through weapons that I think are a good match for Miranda

Heavy Pistol

Here are my recommendations for Heavy pistols:

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-5 phalanx mass effect 2M-5 Phalanx Armors Phalanx is a very effective pistol, that has extremely high accuracy. Due to this, I recommend equipping it to Miranda. It also has the highest effectiveness against armor.

Submachine Gun

In Mass Effect 2 there are two good submachine guns: M-9 Tempest and M-12 Locust. I recommend M-9 tempest for these reasons:

Weapon Name Effective against Description
m-9 tempest mass effect 2M-9 Tempest Shields
Effective against Shields and Barriers. Also, AI companions have good accuracy with it which results in many landed shots and a fast fire rate.
m-12 locust smg mass effect 2M-12 Locust Armor
Is effective against all armor types, but the multipliers are very low. It has a decent fire rate but overall it will do less damage than M-9 Tempest with the whole clip

Tactics and Squad

In this section, I will go on how you should best utilize Miranda in your group and what type of Squad members best support her.


Miranda is extremely versatile. Due to this here are my recommendations:

  • Use Overload on enemies with a shield or synthetics like mechs or Geth. On Insanity, it is especially important, where enemies like Mechs are very powerful.
  • Warp should be used together with other biotic abilities like Pull or Singularity. This will result in a biotic explosion/detonation. It will deal a massive amount of damage, killing many enemies instantly.

Other than that try to keep her safe as she does not have enough survival stats compared to other companions.


For Miranda to be effective I recommend having a biotics user in the Squad. These companions work perfectly:

You will want to capitalize on biotic explosions and warp.

Moreover, I also suggest having a strong companion like Grunt in the squad. You can pick him if you take Adept or Vanguard Shepard for combos. Krogans can soak large amounts of damage and prolongs the time Miranda can stay alive.


Thank you for reading this build guide. I hope it helped you to understand how best to use Miranda in Mass Effect 2. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below


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