Mordin build - complete guide - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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Mordin build - complete guide

In this post, I will go through Mordin build that utilizes Fire and Ice against enemies in Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition.

Mordin Solus is Salarian Scientist. You will meet him in Omega trying to help civilians under the effects of the plague. He concentrates on using Tech-related skills to deal with the enemies

Mordin - Squad Point allocation

This section will go in great detail, how you should allocate squad points and at what level interval.

Mordin skills

Power name Evolution Squad Points
Incinerate iconIncinerate Incineration Blast 10
cryo blast iconCryo Blast Full Cryo Blast 10
Salarian scientist iconSalarian Scientist Salarian Savant 6
Neural shock iconNeural Shock - 0

Note: I decided not to take Neural Shock. The reason being is that it only works on Organics and has longer cooldown compared to full Cryo Blast.

Mordin level 1-10, early game

In the early game we want to have Mordin an effective companion as soon as possible. This means having offensive abilities to take down and crowd control enemies.

Number of points Skill Description
3 Incinerate iconIncineration Your main ability will take down enemy armor and deal damage to them. Will be useful against Vorcha enemies early in the game.
10 cryo blast iconCryo Blast Get Full Cryo Blast upgrade. This ability has the lowest recharge time out of all active skills in the game. Although it only works on enemies with the health bar it also increases the damage that they take. Moreover, it can freeze any enemy type. So it has a wide array of applications

Mordin level 11-20, mid-game

At this point, we will try to strengthen Mordin's Incineration. This will be his signature ability for dealing large amounts of damage.

Number of points Skill Description
7 Incinerate iconIncineration Upgrade to Incineration Blast. I prefer this to the single fire upgrade. With this in mind, you should try using Incineration against a group of enemies to take down their armors. After their armors are gone, you can use Cryo Blast to freeze them in place if they will not be dead
3 Salarian scientist iconSalarian Scientist This is Mordin's main passive ability. It will boost his weapon damage, health and shields

Mordin level 21-30, late game

In the late game, Mordin will already have all the skills he needs. So just concentrate on maximizing his passive skill

I also recommend Respecializing at Shadow Broker's base at this point in time.

Number of points Skill Description
7 Salarian scientist iconSalarian Scientist We maximize Mordin's passive ability and take the Salarian Savant upgrade. I see no point in taking another upgrade as Mordin already has low HP and should be supported with a good tank like Grunt, Jacob, or Shepard.

With all these skills the build will be finished. Let us move to the equipment.


This section will cover what weapons you should equip for Mordin to maximize his damage. He can equip two types of guns: Submachine gun and heavy pistol

Sub-machine Gun

I personally recommend the M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun. It looks like AI is fairly good at using it as they can spray a lot of shots. For me, it is better than the Locust

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-9 Tempest Moderate x1.0/x1.5/x1.5 14 50 925 RPM

It allows AI to have large clips allowing them to prolong the reloads.

You will acquire it during Tali's recruitment mission.

Heavy Pistols

I am not a fan of AI using Heavy Pistols. Because they can easily miss shots, it is better for them to have high fire rate guns.

However, if you still want to equip one here is what I suggest:

Weapon name Accuracy Damage multiplier (armor/shields/barriers) Base damage Ammo per clip Fire Rate
M-3 Predator Moderate x1.5/x1.0/x1.0 37.2 12 300 RPM

It has a fast fire rate and a decent clip.

M-5 Phalanx is also a good option. However, I think it is too slow for AI to use correctly.


In this section, I will go through a few tips on when to use Mordin and how.

  • Mordin should be supported by a high HP or defense character like Grunt, Jacob, or Shepard.
  • Your priority ability should be Fire Blast as it is effective against armors and health bars
  • Ice Blast has the lowest cooldown in the game of 4.5 seconds. So feel free to use it every time you see a group of enemies with a health bar (for example Husks).
  • Avoid Moving Mordin without a cover, he will easily die as he has quite low shields and HP.


Mordin is one of the early companions that will join you. He is an interesting Squad member that can tear down enemy armors and set them on fire. Moreover, with this build, you will be able to freeze enemies at any time.

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