Best Garrus Build - God Deadeye

Best Garrus Build - God Deadeye - Mass Effect 3 (ME3)

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This post covers the best Garrus build in Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition.

Garrus Build - Deadeye

This build is all about Garrus being the top damage dealer in the group. Although it sounds strange it is extremely strong and can shred any enemy in the game in seconds. Here is what you can expect against one of the strongest enemies in the game - Banshee.

garrus overpowered build mass effect 3

This is my run on Insanity difficulty. Garrus Build will be able to take on the strongest enemies in the game single-handedly. Imagine what he can do against simple grunts. Of course, this may be a bit overpowered, but there are more "to the ground" options that you can pick.

If you think this is for you, follow the build below

Squad Point Allocation

This section covers how Squad points should be allocated for the end game on the Garrus Build

garrus build squad abilities mass effect 3

Power name Upgrades Order Level (Points)
concussive shot mass effect 3Concussive Shot Force & Damage
Recharge Speed
6 (21)
overload mass effect 3Overload Damage
Neural Shock
Shield Damage
6 (21)
armor-piercing ammo mass effect 3Armor-Piercing Ammo Damage
6 (21)
proximity mine mass effect 3Proximity Mine - 3 (6)
turian rebel mass effect 3Turian Rebel Weapon Damage
Assault Rifles
Squad Bonus/Sniper Rifles
6 (21)

Ability Progression

This section covers detailed ability progression for Garrus Build. This is just a suggested progression, feel free to adjust it based on your needs.

Order Skill Description
1 concussive shot mass effect 3Concussive Shot Lv 3 This ability is fairly good early in the game. It can knock out enemies without protection and stagger all others. It also deals a tremendous amount of damage to enemy barriers. It can also detonate and Fire, Cryo, or Tech Explosions. Giving plenty of options for the early game.
2 overload mass effect 3Overload Lv 3 This ability will allow Garrus to easily tear down enemy shields and barriers. Moreover, it is extremely effective against synthetic enemies. It can also detonate Tech, Fire, and Cryo explosions.
3 turian rebel mass effect 3Turian Rebel 3 With a few invested points we are able to increase Garrus weapon damage by 60%. This will stack up with other improvements throughout the game that allows him to become extremely strong with Assault Rifles.
4 armor-piercing ammo mass effect 3Armor-Piercing Ammo 3 This is a very important ability for Garrus's build. It will boost his weapon damage against armor and enemy health. We take a few points to start getting ability benefits early in the game.
5 proximity mine mass effect 3Proximity Mine Lv 2 Although not a mandatory ability, it is good to have as one of the options when you need some explosive damage.
6 turian rebel mass effect 3Turian Rebel 5 Take Weapon Damage and Assault Rifles upgrade. This is what makes this Garrus build overpowered. The latter upgrade provides 50% bonus damage for Assault rifles.
7 armor-piercing ammo mass effect 3Armor-Piercing Ammo 6 Finally, we allocate points for this ability. Get Damage, Headshots, and Damage upgrades. Now you will only need a good assault rifle with relevant upgrade parts and Garrus will be able to shred all enemies that he starts shooting.

I think with this the core of the Garrus build is done. We mainly care about weapon damage. Of course, this still leaves plenty of squad points to be allocated. So as you progress further here is what you should take. Have in mind this will not have any major impact on the build.

Order Skill Description
8 overload mass effect 3Overload Lv 6 Take Damage, Neural Shock, and Shield Damage upgrades. This will maximize Overload ability damage to barriers and shields. We want to be able to instantly remove as much protection from enemies as possible in a single ability use
9 turian rebel mass effect 3Turian Rebel Lv 6 If you plan to give Garrus a Sniper Rifle go for a Sniper Rifles upgrade. Otherwise, pick Squad Bonus. This is not a game-changer upgrade.
10 concussive shot mass effect 3Concussive Shot Lv 6 Take Force & Damage, Recharge Speed, and Amplification. The latter will allow Concussive Shot to deal 400% damage against enemy armor from the Armor-Piercing Ammo ability. However, you will need to use this ability manually on armors.
11 proximity mine mass effect 3Proximity Mine Lv 3 Lastly, we upgrade Proximity Mine's ability to further increase its damage

Tactics and Squad

To be honest, there is nothing much to cover regarding this Garrus build. It is very simple as it can shoot down enemies with just the weapon attacks. Of course, you still have some abilities that I think can be useful:

  • Concussive Shot - perfect for knocking out or staggering protected enemies. What is more important you can also use it to detonate Fire, Tech, and Cryo Explosions.
  • Overload - very powerful ability that can instantly destroy enemy barriers and shields. It can prime Tech Burst. Moreover, it can detonate Fire, Cryo, and Tech explosions. This is one of the most essential abilities in the game.


This Garrus build can take out any enemy with just his Rifle. However, if you wish to maximize the group effectiveness, here is what I recommend taking:

You will constantly want to combo Garrus with other Tech abilities:

  • Incendiary Ammo - Soldier or James
  • Incinerate, Overload - EDI, Sentinel
  • Inferno Grenade, Disruptor Ammo - Ashley
  • Energy Drain - Tali

Garrus can use Concussive Shot and Overload to detonate all of these combos for maximum damage.


This section will cover what equipment you should be using with Garrus Build.

Assault Rifles

The idea here is to have the fastest-firing rifles. This way James can proc Explosive Burst with incendiary ammo for insane Damage per second.

Name Upgrades Description
N7 typhoon mass effect 3N7 Typhoon Magazine
Extend Barrel
This is a crazy weapon, that can pierce through covers. It is beneficial for companions and has a very high fire rate.
m7 lancer mass effect 3M-7 Lancer Magazine
Extend Barrel
A more balanced weapon option. This will make Garrus a bit more realistic in terms of damage compared to the N7 Typhoon
M-76 revenant mass effect 3M-76 Revenant Magazine
Extend Barrel
Another great option. It has a very high fire rate and a large magazine.

Sniper Rifles

We take two important upgrades - one that increases the weapon damage, another that allows to Pierce protections. Squad AI usually misses attacks because they hit enemies behind the cover. With these upgrades, their shots will be able to go through and deal damage.

Name Upgrades Description
black widow mass effect 3Black Widow Piercing Mod
Extend Barrel
This weapon has innate 25 cm cover penetration. So it is effective against shielded enemies. Moreover, it has 3 ammo clips.
Krysae sniper rifle mass effect 3Krysae Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod
Extend Barrel
Deals explosive damage. It is very effective against multiple enemies.


In mass Effect 3 different companion armors provide some different stat boosts. So it is a good idea to see what you pick. Here is what I recommend for Garrus build:

Name Effects
garrus armor bonus weapon damage mass effect 3 + 25% Weapon Damage


Thank you for reading this post on the best Garrus build in Mass Effect 3. I covered recommended abilities and their progression, best equipment, and tactics.

Feel free to leave a comment below!


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