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Raw Meat - Where to Get and Use

Raw Meat

raw meat icon
Meat carved from a monster. You might catch a certain Flooded Forest fish with it
Type Food and Medicine
Rarity 1
Sell Price 5
Buy Price -
Carry 10
Monster Bombadgy
Locations Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Sandy Plains
Flooded Forest
Lava Caverns


Raw Meat is an item that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. Check here where to find Raw Meat and what it can be used for.

Raw Meat - How to obtain

This section contains explanations of different ways that the material can be obtained.

Monster hunt rewards and locations

Table with details on where to find the monsters that can reward you with the material. You can check this guide for an explanation of different reward sources

Monster Material source Location
Bombadgy iconBombadgy Carve Body 70% Shrine Ruins
Gargwa iconGargwa Carve Body 60% Shrine Ruins
Popo iconPopo Carve Body 41% Frost Islands
Anteka iconAnteka Carve Body 32% Frost Islands
Rhenoplos iconRhenoplos Carve Body 25% Lava Caverns
Sandy Plains
Slagtoth iconSlagtoth Carve Body 15% Lava Caverns
Flooded Forest
Kelbi iconKelbi Carve Body 10% Sandy Plains
Shrine Ruins
Flooded Forest

Raw Meat - Usage

This section covers different use cases for the item, like crafting.

Item Crafting

  • Poisoned Meat
  • Tinged Meat
  • Drugged Meat
  • Well-done Steak - on BBQ Spit orMotley Mix in the Kamura village canteen