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Multiclass Guide - create amazing builds! - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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This post will go in-depth on Multicalssing in Baldur's Gate 3. It is a great mechanic that may be daunting for a newcomer to use. However, don't be discouraged as it can make some of the classes shine and allow overcoming their weaknesses. For example, increased spell slots, more attacks, better armour, etc. So if you felt that something was missing for your build, follow along!

What is multiclassing?

So multiclassing is an option that allows you to have multiple classes on the same character. This allows the creation of some unique combinations of characters and access to the benefits that another class has to offer.

multiclass inventory bg3

You can create some crazy combinations and it is not limited to any class. For example, as a Wizard, you can go for bard, warlock, fighter, etc. You can even take different classes at every level. This greatly opens up what you can do with your build, and you may be able to get a Heavy Armor on a mage or use Wizard spells on a Paladin

level up screen multiclasses bg3

However, you are limited by other things, mainly that your main class maximum level is decreased. So for example, if I am a Rogue that wants to take Fighter for 6 levels, at level 12 my classes will be:

  • Rogue - level 6
  • Fighter - level 6

As you can see this creates a dilemma. You lose the benefits of Rogue later levels and additional Feats. Of course, you will gain Feats from Fighter, but that is still 1 total Feat lost. So is it worth it? It's up to you to decide, but let's go further, and in one of the later sections I will cover some general guidelines and benefits of specific multiclass

How to access multiclassing?

Multiclass can first be accessed at level 2 from the level-up screen. Click the right-corner button with the Add Class icon. It will open a new menu (similar to character creation) where you pick it

multiclass button level up screen bg3

Now on your next level up you can choose whether to level one of your present classes or go and take another multiclass. So it's pretty simple. However, the hard part is deciding what classes to pick and why. Let's move to the next section where I go into general guidelines and benefits

What are the benefits?

To correctly multiclass you should do some planning ahead, and decide what you want to reach. Mainly, I recommend to have already played through some games, so that you would know what weakness you are trying to address or where you want to be overpowered. So let's go through some benefits

Access to Extra Attack

This is the most popular choice for weapon users, and you can multiclass many classes to get these:

  • Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, and Ranger get this class feature at level 5.
  • Fighters can also get it at level 2 with the Action Surge action which restores 1 action. so you would get 4 more additional attacks with them for each action every short rest.
  • Ranger Gloom Stalker subclass gains Dread Ambusher action that can be used at the start of the combat for additional attack and bonus 1d8 roll
  • Warlock gets it at level 5 also if you took Pact Weapon at level 2.
  • Swords and Valour Bard get these at level 6.

So generally if you want to improve your weapon damage these are subclasses that I recommend taking a look at.

Increased Spell slots

Another aspect is that some classes like Warlock have only two spell slots for most of the game. However, with multiclassing, they can utilize something like a sorcerer or wizard and use their spell slots to cast some of the spells

multiclass warlock sorcerer spell slots baldurs gate 3

Now you can cast the spells that you need with high damage using Warlock spells, and some others using Sorcerer's creating unique combat options when multiclassing

Can get more equipment proficiencies

Another aspect is that you gain proficiencies in new equipment. You can be a rogue with Heavy or Medium armour. Wizard with heavy armour, etc. Here is the list of proficiencies that multiclassing gets you

Multiclass gives fewer proficiencies compared to what you get when you take a class at 1st level.
Multiclass Weapon and Armour Proficiencies
Barbarian Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Shields
Bard Light Armor
Cleric Morningstars, Light Armour, Medium Armour, Shields, Heavy Armour (Life, Nature, Tempest and War domains)
Druid Light Armour, Medium Armour, Shields
Fighter Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Light Armour, Medium Armour, Shields
Monk Simple Weapons, Shortswords
Paladin Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Light Armour, Medium Armour, Shields
Ranger Simple Weapons, Light Armour, Medium Armour, Heavy Armour (Favoured Enemy - Ranger Knight), Shields
Rogue Light Armour
Sorcerer -
Warlock Simple Weapons, Light Armour
Wizard -

What you may see is that Cleric is the only class that is proficient in Heavy Armor when you are multiclassing. Moreover, if you are interested in Medium armor you can go with the Paladin, Ranger, and Fighter

Some caveats and pitfalls

As good as it sounds, Multiclassing comes with its pitfalls, which probably you are already aware of after reading the post

You lose main class levels

This is the most obvious. For example, if you are going with a Rogue who will multiclass to a Fighter level 5, you lose multiple class and subclass features - Reliable Talent, Infiltration Expertise, etc. However, this may not be a problem for you especially if it fits your roleplaying (or you are not roleplaying at all).

Generally, I recommend evaluating what you gain and lose by multiclassing, so it's good to spend some time preparing a plan.

Multiclassing starts shining in mid-game

Probably the biggest downside is that multiclassing early games will not bring many benefits. Your classes do not have subclasses and something like Extra Attack is accessed minimum at level 5. So if you want to go for some kind of mix between warlock and Fighter, at level 6 going to level 3 Warlock and level 3 Fighter will not give the most benefits if instead you just went to level 5 Fighter or level 5 Warlock at the beginning.

Well it gets complicated but I hope you get the idea, feel free to leave a comment with your examples

No access to higher-level spells

For something like a Bard or Sorcerer, using multiclass will leave you without access to the highest-tier spells. You may intend to do this if you are following a particular build, but it's good to prepare before doing this.

Generally in this case, people like to Multiclass into Wizard, but this creates a new problem where the item (scrolls and gear) spellcasting modifier changes to the last class you picked.

You do not gain Saving Throw proficiency

In case you want to take a Fighter class with your Warlock and gain Saving Throw proficiency for Constitution (you want those Concentration spells to be active for longer) this does not work. Unfortunately, only your base class ones stay with you

You can always Respec

The good thing is that Baldur's Gate 3 offers a way to easily respect the camp with Withers.

Withers respec baldurs gate 3

So don't be afraid to experiment. Each respec costs 100 gold, and if you are pickpocketing, this is small money for you

Build Suggestions

And now cover the meaty part of the post. What kind of builds you can do while multiclassing? Here are a few of them

Gloomstalker Assassin build

With Gloomstalker Assassin build, we take Rogue with the Assassin subclass for 7 levels and then 5 levels of Ranger with the Gloom Stalker subclass. If you wish to min max your damage you could also go 5 levels for Rogue and 2 levels for Fighter. This would give Action Surge for a few more attacks.

assassin stalker combat build advantage baldurs gate 3

Dual Hand Crossbow build

Another of the builds that I recently worked on. Dual Hand Crossbow build utilizes Fighter, Ranger, and Rogue with Thief subclass to release multiple shots with dual crossbows. Without coming close to enemies you can just remove them from the battlefield.

thief sharpshooter single round kill baldurs gate 3

Melee Warlock - Bladelock

Take the Fighter Class, and add Warlock on top - the result is Melee Warlock Build - Bladelock. With all of this together you can hit enemies multiple times per turn using your weapon. Enhance your physical attacks with Pact of the Blade. On top of that control the battlefield using spells provided to you by your Patron

melee warlock build multiple hits one turn baldurs gate 3

Lockadin - Paladin and Warlock

Another good combination is Lockadin - Paladin and Warlock build. The latter comes with good benefits - allows using Charisma as the main damage modifier, special spell slots that reset after short rest and Eldritch Blast, the most powerful cantrip in the game. Of course, there are some other goodies, that greatly help with the Lockadin build

lockadin paladin warlock multiclass combat bladurs gate 3


Thank you for reading the multiclassing guide for Baldur's Gate 3. We covered the main benefits and weaknesses when using this mechanic. When correctly prepared it will work wonders and allow overcoming class weaknesses like low number of attacks, limited armour options, etc.




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