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Archfey Warlock Build - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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In this post, we will go through Archfey Warlock Build for Baldur's Gate 3. The Fey Patron makes a pact with you and grants powers that not many mortals can reach. Turn enemies against themselves, make them do your bidding, or Charm them. The choice is in your hands!

Archfey Warlock Build

The build is perfect to play thematically. However, if you are min-maxing it is not the most effective or damage-dealing out of Warlock builds

With this build, we will target the theme of controlling enemies via magic and putting them to our bidding. This sounds, nice however, in reality, it may not be as easy to pull off. However, we can definitely try it.

misty escape combat archfey warlock build baldurs gate 3

The build will stay in the ranged positions as we don't want enemies to reach. The Fey patron will also grant us Misty Escape that allows becoming invisible in case we are hit. After that, the next turn allows casting Misty Step. Why do we want to stay away from enemies? Well, the obvious reason is survival, however, we also want to maintain concentration on our spells which will be making foes' lives difficult.

archfey warlock build combat baldurs gate 3

And your spell arsenal will be wide - hypnotize enemies, Charm them, make them do your bidding and fight alongside, turn the battlefield into an acid mist, and many more. So if you are interested in this build let's move

Starting the Game

Let's start with the early game. I would go into what are the best Races, Abilities, and Skills for Archfey. Some of these choices are very impactful as you cannot respec them.


Picking a race is a very important decision in the game. Not only it changes how people react to you but also gives you unique abilities. The Archfey Build has a wide array of options which I listed from best to worst in my opinion.

If you are having difficulties making a choice, pick whatever you prefer. "Picking the perfect race" is important if you are min-maxing or doing Tactician run.
Race Features Description
Half-Elf Baldur's Gate 3Drow Half-Elf
  • Civil Militia - You have weapon proficiency with Spears, Pikes, Halberds, and Glaives, and Armour Proficiency with Light Armour and Shield
  • Darkvision - Grant a creature the ability to see in the dark out to a range of 12m.
  • Fey Ancestry - You have Advantage on Saving Throws against being Charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
I think this is the most recommended option. Half-Elves come with one big advantage over others - Shield proficiency. This gives you +2 AC, which can make avoiding enemy hits much more manageable. Other benefits are Faerie Fire and Darkness as spells in later levels from the Drow part.
Drow Baldur's Gate 3Drow
  • Drow Weapon Training - you have proficiency with the Rapier, Shortsword, and Hand Crossbow.
  • Superior Drakvision - this creature can see in the dark within 24m.
  • Fey Ancestry - The Fey wild casts a veil over your mind. You have advantage on saving throws against being Charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
Drows get Superior Darkvision which saves you one Eldritch Invocation. Moreover, at level 5 they gain Darkness, saving you a warlock spell slot.
Tiefling Baldur's Gate 3Mephistopheles Tiefling
  • Darkvision - grants a creature the ability to see in the dark out to a range of 12m.
  • Hellish Resistance - your blood protects you from flame, abyssal or otherwise. You have resistance to Fire and take only half damage from it.
Mephistopheles Tieflings get good spells at levels 3 and 5 - Hellish Rebuke and Darkness. They can be cast once per long rest and will save some spell slots for Warlock.

I did not recommend Githyanki in this build. They are a good race that would give Medium armor proficiency. So this is the same as Shield proficiency more or less. However, their spells and actions are not as useful as we already get similar ones with Archfey patron


warlock Baldur's Gate 3Warlock
Bound by a pact to an all-powerful patron, warlocks trade their loyalty for supernatural abilities and unique magic.


The Warlock class has one of the most iconic and strongest cantrips in the game - Eldritch Blast. In addition, we can select a few more and use them based on the situation.

Cantrip Description
EldritchBlast Baldur's Gate 3Eldritch Blast Mandatory cantrip. At first, it may not seem super strong, but this will change at higher levels. It can increase its damage with Charisma and knockback enemies. From level 5 you can release two of them
Spell_Enchantment_Friends Baldur's Gate 3Friends If you are the main character and do most of the dialogues, this is also a good choice as it gives an advantage during rolls.
bone chill Baldur's Gate 3Bone Chill Can be useful in some encounters as you can disable enemy healing and greatly weaken undead enemies.


Warlocks can pick their subclass at level 1. This is much earlier compared to some other classes which get it at level 3. Each subclass differs in the features they provide that resulting in unique effects. Moreover, although the spell pool is similar each Subclass has its unique additions.

warlock_archfey Baldur's Gate 3The Archfey
Action_FeyPresence Baldur's Gate 3Fey Presence Charm or Frighten nearby foes with the fey wild beguiling, disturbing magics.


The Warlock Class also comes with spells and some of them are specific to The ARchfey subclass. Unfortunately, at first, we will only have 1 spell slot, which can be used once per short rest. The situation will get a bit better in the later levels.

Spell Description
Spell_HellishRebuke Baldur's Gate 3Hellish Rebuke This spell would deal the most damage from the current arsenal. However, it requires that somebody would attack you and you could react to it.
Spell_Enchantment_Sleep Baldur's Gate 3Sleep The spell is good early on, enemies still have low hp and you may be able to affect a few of them. Once you get to level 3, it starts losings its use and you can switch it out.


Now let's take a look at the abilities of the Archfey Warlock build. Correct allocation will allow us to maximize the early gameplay and get good modifier bonuses. It is important to maximize (put 16-17 points) the characters' main ability that is marked by a star. It determines their damage and many other aspects

Ability Value Description
strengthStrength 8 Strength is not as important for our build as we neither use it for damage or other aspects. Of course, we will be very weak against Strength Saving Throws.
dexterityDexterity 14 It will help us with Dexterity Saving Throws, increase initiative and provide bonus Armor Class. This is also perfect if you decide to take Githyanki with Medium Armor proficiency.
constitution bg3Constitution 16 (15 + 1) Increases the amount of HP we have and improves spell concentration success. This means there will be a smaller chance to cancel spells if hit.
intelligenceIntelligence 8 Unfortunately, we lower this so that Constitution's ability could be improved. Gladly there are not many Intelligence Saving Throws.
wisdomWisdom 10 Not important for us, just enough to not get a penalty from Wisdom Saving Throws.
charismaproficient_ability Baldur's Gate 3Charisma 17 (15 + 2) The main ability of Warlock. It will determine how much damage we do and will empower Eldritch Blast cantrip at level 2.

Skills and Expertise

Overall, the skills should be impacted by your roleplaying and background decisions. However, you would still probably want those that will give you the best benefits. Overall I would recommend those that fall under these categories - Charisma and Dexterity. So with this in mind, you could pick:

Dexterity based:

  • Acrobatics - to resist being shoved

Charisma based:

  • Deception - Lie and manipulate the truth
  • Intimidation- use of threats in speech, forcing others to break under your will.
  • Performance -  the ability to act, play instruments, and otherwise entertain audiences of all sizes.
  • Persuasion - the art of convincing others to do your bidding and securing favors.

With Warlock due to high Charisma, you will have no problems talking your way out of various situations or persuading someone to do your bidding. It is a perfect class to see what the game dialogues have to offer

Detailed Leveling Progression

Here is the detailed progression for the build to get you started. You can use it as a guideline because early games can be daunting and overwhelming. Later on, once you get the feel for the class you can start picking your own options

Level 2

The first level up! This is great as we get a second spell slot. Sadly we will have to live with it till level 11.


Spell Description
Hex Baldur's Gate 3Hex Another spell that can be good early on. Use it to weaken an enemy and increase the damage that you do. I recommend using this especially if you are fighting from range.

Eldritch Invocations

And now we get to the sweet stuff of level 2 and generally warlocks. You can choose your first two Eldritch Invocations. Here are my recommendations:

Invocation Description
agonizing blast Baldur's Gate 3Agonizing Blast Improves Eldritch Blast damage by including your Charisma ability modifier in the damage calculation
devil sight Baldur's Gate 3Devil's Sight (optional) Only take this one if your race doesn't have Darksight. Get it as early as you can. Otherwise, skip it
repelling blast Baldur's Gate 3Repelling Blast Eldritch Blast now knocks back. This is very powerful as you can throw enemies from ledges.

Level 3

Level 3 of Warlock gives a unique boon that can drastically change how you play. In addition, new spells are added to the list selection. Let's check how we can improve the ARchfey build

Spells and Replace Spell

Now you get level two spells which greatly improves your combat prowess. I recommend choosing one of those. Remember if you will not use them, you can always respec. Take one spell to fill the slot, and another one as a replacement. I replaced Sleep as it started losing its potential

darkness hide in combat baldurs gate 3

As you can see Darkness is very powerful. If enemies don't have Darkvision you can just safely kite them with Eldritch Blast. However, if they have dark vision this will not work as well

Spell Description
Darkness Baldur's Gate 3Darkness With it, you can cover an area and use it as a defensive ground to attack enemies who can barely see you. Only take this if your race or party members cannot cast it. It's best to save casting spell slots during combat
Spell_Enchantment_HoldPerson Baldur's Gate 3Hold Person This is a good concentration spell that can remove a single target from the equation. Try to target enemies with low Wisdom. Then follow up with rogue or fighter to deal critical hits from 3 meters.
CloudOfDaggers Baldur's Gate 3Cloud of Daggers The spell allows you to summon daggers that damage multiple enemies in a medium area. This is perfect to cover a choke point or force enemies to take damage in order to reach you. They take damage two times - when it's cast and when their turn starts.

Pact Boon

A gift from your patron that will give unique actions and effects to Archfey build. Below are the choices which I recommend for this setup. I personally would take Pact of the Chain, as the familiar does not take a concentration slot and can add an "additional" attack per turn

Pact Boon Description
warlock pact of chain Baldur's Gate 3Pact of the Chain Gain a familiar that can be summoned every short rest. They have unique effects that can damage and debilitate enemies. Moreover, they can tank a few hits and scout areas.
PassiveFeature_PactOfTheTome Baldur's Gate 3Pact of the Tome This option gives additional cantrips, which may not be useful at first. However, once you reach level 5 you gain Deepened Pact feature. It allows casting three additional spells without spell slot usage.

Level 4 - new Feat, Cantrip, and Spell

Spells and Replace Spell

In terms of spells, I would recommend only one. It deals a decent amount of damage and requires no concentration.

Spell Description
Spell_Evocation_Shatter Baldur's Gate 3Shatter Deals 3d8 thunder damage and creatures made of stone get additional disadvantage. This is a decent non-concentration spell

Regarding spell replacement, you could take out the ones you do not use. I personally remove Hex as I would not be able to keep it as a concentration spell in my spell list


Finally, we reach our first Feat. There are multiple choices that you can take. However, I first recommend getting your ability score pumped up to gain bonus modifiers for higher damage and Saving Throws

Feat Description
ico_features Baldur's Gate 3Ability Improvement Take +2 Charisma. This will net you 19. If you take the decision to get Auntie Ethel's Hair you can also have 20 quite early in the game.

Level 5

Level 5 will unlock some good things. First, you get the additional spell. Next, you unlock level 3 spell slots, so all your spells will now be upcast. And last but not least you unlock another Eldritch Invocation. Oh and I almost forgot the biggest thing - Deepened Pact

Feature Description
Deepened pact Baldur's Gate 3Deepened Pact The familiar summoned with the Pact of Chains can do a second attack.

Spells and Replace Spell

So the first level 3 spells are here, and they are powerful. You can get better Crowd Control and more damage. There are multiple good spells, but I would recommend first taking Hunger of Hadar

Spell Description
hunger of hadar Baldur's Gate 3Hunger of Hadar The scariest spell you can use at this time. Use it to cover enemies and force them to move out of the fog. This will damage them, and you can wait for them outside to hit with melee weapons or use Eldritch Blast to bash them while they are blind.
Spell_Abjuration_Counterspell Baldur's Gate 3Counterspell Another powerful spell that can counter almost any spell that foe casts. Even if you don't use it often, it is good to have it as it will notify you of what enemies are casting and let you decide the next steps. Also, it can replace Hellish Rebuke, as usually disabling something that incapacitates a party member or two is worse than dealing bonus damage.
Spell_Illusion_HypnoticPattern Baldur's Gate 3Hypnotic Pattern Very deadly against low Wisdom enemies. The spell has a huge area of effect. The only downside would be that it only works for two turns, but this should be enough to take out a few foes. I would also use it as a replacement for either Hold Person or Hellish Rebuke

Eldritch Invocations

We unlock another Eldritch Invocation. Moreover, a few new ones appear. Here are my picks:

Invocation Description
repelling blast Baldur's Gate 3Repelling Blast If you did not take this before, it's a good time to take it. it will knock back enemies if Eldritch Blast hits the enemy (no Saving Throw roll)
Spell_Necromancy_FalseLife Baldur's Gate 3Fiendish Vigour Get additional temporary hit points. The spell can be cast without using spell slots.

Level 6 - new spells

Spells and Replace Spell

Another spell can be taken to increase the number. However, we already have most of the spells covered that we need for the build at this stage. So if you did not take Counterspell now is a good chance. Also, there is one optional choice that you can try as a replacement may be:

Spell Description
Spell_Transmutation_PlantGrowth Baldur's Gate 3Plant Growth This spell is optional, but it may have its uses. First, the good thing is that it can be cast from stealth without engaging in combat. Second, it will slow down enemies and may force them to expand actions or bonus actions. Third, it does not use Concentration, so you are free to cast another spell like Hypnotic Pattern or Hold Person

Level 7 - level 4 spells unlocked

A new spell level is introduced and there are a lot of options that we can pick.

Spells and Replace Spell

Here are my recommendations for Archfey build spells. You can pick one, and later you can replace the other at Replace Spell screen if you wish

Spell Description
Spell_Enchantment_DominateBeast Baldur's Gate 3Dominate Beast Archfey subclass spell, that makes a beast enemy fight alongside you. This can be very deadly, especially if you get someone with multiple attacks. They can break enemy formations and help immensely in battle. Just make sure that it will be hard for enemies to hit the Warlock as concentration may break
Spell_Necromancy_Blight Baldur's Gate 3Blight A very strong single-target spell, it has 8d8 rolls and can one-shot most medium enemies.

Eldritch Invocations

Because we are concentrating on being a caster I think there is only one and the most obvious/best choice - Book of Ancient Secrets

Invocation Description
PassiveFeature_BookOfAncientSecrets Baldur's Gate 3Book of Ancient Secrets Gives 3 spells to the Warlock arsenal that can be cast once per Long Rest. They do not use any spell slots. However, they are either level 1 or level 2 so do not expect them to be very strong
Spell_Necromancy_FalseLife Baldur's Gate 3Fiendish Vigour Get additional temporary hit points. The spell can be cast without using spell slots.

Level 8

We get another choice to add a spell to our spellbook and a new Feat choice.

Spells and Replace Spell

We do not get a new tier of spells, so feel free to check what you think is valuable for you. Any spell works, as I think we already have the most important ones. For Replace Spell you can definitely skip it. I picked Banishment as it targets enemy Charisma, and not many spells do that:

Spell Description
Spell_Abjuration_Banishment Baldur's Gate 3Banishment Remove the target from the battlefield. This can be perfect for making the encounter easier and even disabling enemy buffs temporarily - like auras. Another important consideration is that to resist it enemies need to pass Charisma Saving Throw. So it is perfect against those with low ability value.
Spell_Illusion_GreaterInvisibility Baldur's Gate 3Greater Invisibility Okay, this one can be confusing. The idea is that once you are invisible each action you take goes through Stealth Check. If you pass it, you can keep the invisibility, otherwise, it breaks. Sounds cool? Well, it only works with Rogue characters as they have stealth proficiency. Moreover, it takes over the concentration slot, so you cannot cast other concentration spells. However, it could be useful before combat when the rogue could land a few hits or stealthily interact with stuff.


Finally, we obtain the second feat for Warlock. There are a few good choices that you can do, however, I would personally recommend increasing your spell-critical chance and trying to get the Mortal Reminder to activate as often as possible

Feat Description
ico_features Baldur's Gate 3Ability Improvement Now you can maximize your Charisma value to 20 (without any bonuses). Another point can be used for Constitution
PassiveFeature_Resilient Baldur's Gate 3 Resilient: Constitution Another option is picking this one and getting Saving Throw proficiency for Constitution. You also get a bonus point for Constitution ability. This will help better maintain spells

Level 9

We finally unlock Level 5 spell slots and can take one spell and another one via Replacement. Moreover, another option for Eldritch Invocations is added. Let's go through them


I think all of these spells are a good option, however, my personal favorite would be Dominate :

Spell Description
Spell_Enchantment_DominatePerson Baldur's Gate 3Dominate Person Makes an enemy fight for you which is neat. I personally did not use it much.

Replace Spell

You can take any of the spells from the list above and remove the ones you do not use. I did not take any, because I already have Wisdom Saving Throw spells.

Spell Description
Spell_Enchantment_HoldMonster Baldur's Gate 3Hold Monster Similar to Hold Person, allows putting monsters in place. Add a nearby melee attacker and exploit the foe with critical hits.

Eldritch Invocations

For Eldritch Invocations I don't think there is anything very powerful just some quality-of-life options. I recommend taking those that don't require warlock spell slot usage. So pick one:

Invocation Description
Spell_Transmutation_LongJump Baldur's Gate 3Otherworldly Leap You can cast the Enhance Leap spell. Can be useful for exploration, but at this stage in the game you probably have another source for this spell.
Spell_Necromancy_SpeakWithDead Baldur's Gate 3Whispers of the Grave You can cast Speak with Dead without expending a Spell Slot.
PassiveFeature_Charm Baldur's Gate 3Beguiling Influence You invoke your patron's bewitching charm. You gain proficiency in Deception and Persuasion Skills.
Spell_Necromancy_FalseLife Baldur's Gate 3Fiendish Vigour Get additional temporary hit points. The spell can be cast without using spell slots. If you have not taken this one yet

Level 10

Level 10 does not bring much to the table. Mainly we get a new cantrip slot (very late compared to other subclasses) and spell slot. We also get a bonus subclass feature

Features Description
PassiveFeature_BeguilingDefenses Baldur's Gate 3Beguiling Defences You have built stoic barriers in your heart and mind, and cannot be charmed.


We can pick the fourth Cantrip for Warlock. Here are my recommendations which you can pick:

Cantrip Description
Spell_Enchantment_Friends Baldur's Gate 3Friends If you are the main character and do most of the dialogues, this is also a good choice as it gives an advantage during rolls.
bone chill Baldur's Gate 3Bone Chill Can be useful in some encounters as you can disable enemy healing and greatly weaken undead enemies.
Spell_Conjuration_MageHand Baldur's Gate 3Mage Hand Can be used to solve some puzzles and shove enemies from the ledges. However, I only recommend it if it's summoned before combat.

Spells and Replace Spell

We gain another slot for a spell. Pick whatever you want to try out or test. You can take any of the spells from levels 1 to 5 and remember, they are upcast to level 5. So if you miss something to cover your playstyle now is the perfect chance. The same for Replace Spell.

Level 11

And we reach a huge milestone for Warlock. We finally unlock the third spell slot! Although it's late you will be even more powerful in combat. Another thing, we get Mystic Arcanum. A level 6 spell! You will start to enjoy your warlock even more from now on.

Mystic Arcanum

You get a single level 6 spell that can be cast without expending a spell slot. It can be used once per long rest, so evaluate what you want. I would recommend saving and doing some testing on which spell you would like to go with. Also, if later on you don't like it - just respec. Also, you will already have tons of Concentration spells, so picking Circle of Death is the best choice in my opinion

Spell Description
Spell_CircleOfDeath Baldur's Gate 3Circle of Death A very powerful AOE spell that deals necrotic damage. The big caveat is that it also hits allies, so its best used early in combat, while no one has mixed in between
Spell_Abjuration_ArcaneGate Baldur's Gate 3Arcane Gate This spell is useful in some circumstances where there are special mechanics. So if you are content with your damage output, you can get this one and be ready to use it when you see a need (and there will be a need for it in the story)

Spells and Replace Spell

Here you can pick any spell that you want to try, or think will help Archfey build. For replacing I skipped it, as there was nothing else of interest.

Level 12 - the last hurrah!

And we reach the final level. There are some bad and good things. First, you get new Eldritch Invocation, Spell, and Feat slots. This is great. However, there is a problem with the Invocation:

Eldritch Invocation

You gain additional slots. However, only one new invocation appears - Lifedrinker. Although it is good, we do not deal any melee damage so it is redundant. Due to this, feel free to pick any choice that you think is useful for your play style.


And here is our third and final Feat for the Warlock. So if you took Resilien on level 8, take Ability Improvement. If you took Ability Improvement, take Resilient:

Feat Description
ico_features Baldur's Gate 3Ability Improvement Now you can maximize your Charisma value to 20 (without any bonuses). Another point can be used for Constitution
PassiveFeature_Resilient Baldur's Gate 3 Resilient: Constitution Another option is picking this one and getting Saving Throw proficiency for Constitution. You also get a bonus point for Constitution ability. This will help better maintain spells

Spells and Replace Spell

Here you can pick any spell that you want to try, or think will help Archfey build. For replacing I skipped it, as there was nothing else of interest.

General Tips

Now I would like to cover some general tips on how to play The Archfey Warlock build.

Taking Concentration Spells

The build and particularly Warlocks can get tons of Concentration spells. However, I suggest thinking clearly about which ones you take. Try to have different ones against different Saving Throws. For example:

  • Hypnotic Pattern - good against low Wisdom enemies
  • Hunger of Hadar - perfect for Dexterity-weak enemies
  • Darkness - good choice against enemies without darkvision.

With these in mind, you will not take any overlapping spells and can deal with any enemy type you encounter.

Eldritch Blast - as normal Warlock attack

Just wanted to emphasize how important Eldritch Blast is. It is one of the most powerful cantrips in the game:

  • Via Eldritch Invocations you get a boost to damage based on the Charisma modifier
  • Via Eldritch Invocations you can knock back enemies.
  • At level 5 you gain two shots

edlritch blast description bg3

So you should always be using it as a normal attack with Warlock unless you are doing a melee build

Area of Effect Concentration spells

You have a few main areas of effect concentration spells. They can prove useful in different types of encounters. For example, the Hunger of Hadar makes enemies blind, deals damage, and slows them down.

Hypnotic Pattern - is perfect when fighting low Wisdom enemies. You can then take them out one by one

hypnotic pattern bladurs gate 3

Darkness - shroud yourself and make it impossible for ranged attacks to hit you. On the other hand, you will have Dark Vision allowing you to use this to your advantage.


And so on, so be sure to evaluate how you want to affect the battlefield.

Take at least one non-concentration spell from each spell level

The Archfey subclass has a small problem - it has a ton of concentration spells. And the problem with these is that you can cast only one. To counter this, I would recommend taking a few damage spells like Shatter, Blight, etc. They will deal more damage than Eldritch Blast and also apply status effects.

Wearing a Shield

This is a mandatory thing to equip (if your proficiencies allow). By default, it gives +2 Armor Class, and wearing it has no downsides. More or less it's free 2 AC.

adamantine shield bg3

They can also come with unique effects, for example, the above Adamantine Shield can do a reaction and shield bass a melee opponent


Thank you for reading The Archfey Warlock build for Baldur's Gate 3. I hope you enjoyed it and found all the information that is needed. You should have no problems picking the correct spells and invocations to maximize what your Warlock can do


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