Best Monowire build (Patch 1.63)

Best Monowire build (Patch 1.63) - Cyberpunk 2077

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In this post, I will cover the best Monowire build in Cyberpunk 2077. What is a Monowire you may ask and what makes this build special?

It is a melee weapon that is implanted into the wearers' Arms. What makes it special is that this wire can take out enemies in a large area and also damage them from a distance. That is not all, the Monowire counts as a melee weapon.

Monowire Build

This build opens up a very interesting gameplay mechanic where you can successfully take out multiple enemies from stealth in a single hit.

Monowire build damage Cyberpunk 2077

Moreover, you can easily hide from enemies or run away as you do not need to be as close as other weapons like knives, katanas, or Gorilla Arms.


In this section, I will go through recommended attributes and how you should progress with them. Picking the correct ones will ensure that you have sufficient stats to kill enemies.

Starting the game

  • Reflexes +3
  • Cool +2
  • Body +2


It is important to progress through the game in an optimal way. The problem is if you will spend points on incorrect attributes you may be too weak to fight against enemies.

Here is my recommendation on how to spend attribute points as your progress through the game

  • Reflexes +2
  • Cool +2 
  • Body +2

I left out Intelligence and on purpose. I think you should spend points on it late in the game when you are about level 30+. The Monowire Build needs it for Cyberware to increase the critical chance

At the maximum level of 50 here is what you should have:

Monowire build attributes Cyberpunk 2077

  • Reflexes - 20. This attribute will be of most value to increase the base Monowire damage.
  • Body - 19. We invest in Body attribute to increase melee weapon damage. Moreover, it provides bonus health points and stamina for greater survivability.
  • Cool - 20. This attribute will boost Monowire build stealth capabilities. Moreover, Cold blood will increase the stats for each enemy that you kill
  • Intelligence - 9. The stat is mainly taken to get Cyberware for a critical chance increase. I think it is better than 20 Body


In this section, I will go through recommended perks for the Monowire build in Cyberpunk 2077

Blades Tree

Since the 1.5 update Blades tree is the main one that affects Monowire. Adds increased damage, higher attack speed, etc.

Monowire build blades tree Cyberpunk 2077

Reflex Level Skill Description
1 Sting Like a Bee x3 Increases attack speed with Monowire by 30%
1 Roaring Waters x3 Strong Attacks deal 30% more damage. As you should use them often with Monowire this perk is mandatory
4 Slow and Steady x2 Armor is increased by 30% while moving
4 Crimson Dance x2 Monowire now has a 30% chance to apply bleeding with combos
6 Flight of the Sparrow x2 Reduces the cost of stamina attacks. This allows avoiding any fatigue
8 Shifting Sands Recover 15% stamina when dodging attacks
10 Blessed Blade Increases Crit Chance of Monowire by 10%
12 Bloodlust x2 Recovers HP when attacking an enemy that is under the effect of Bleeding
12 Float Like A Butterfly x1 Increases damage by 25% after dodging. This persists for 5 seconds.
15 Judge, Jury and Executioner x3 The first hit with Monowire will now deal 100% more damage. This makes it an extremely powerful weapon, especially for stealth
18 Deathbolt After defeating an enemy you will restore 20% health and gain 30% movement speed for 5 seconds.
15 Fiery Blast x3 The less HP enemy has the more damage you will deal.
20 Dragon Strike A very powerful perk that gives 40% increase to critical damage when wearing Monowire

Athletics Tree

Monowire build athletics tree Cyberpunk 2077

Body Level Skill Description
1 pack mule perk icon cyberpunk 2077Pack Mule Increases carrying weight. Very effective ability early in the game
1 regeneration perk icon cyberpunk 2077Regeneration Allows to regenerate health during combat
5 True Grit We take one level of this ability to have a bit more stamina. It is easily drained especially early in the game.
7 Epimorphosis x2 Increases how much Health can regenerate. Very good ability as the Monowire build will be ready for the next encounter with a larger HP pool
7 Wolverine x2 Increases the speed of health regeneration
9 Steel and Chrome x2 Melee damage is increased by 20%.
11 Like a Butterfly You can now dodge without draining any stamina.
12 Invincible Increases Maximum health.
12 Tenacious V Health regeneration now works even when V takes damage
16 Cardio Cure x2 You will have faster Health regeneration while moving.
18 Steel Shell Armor is increased by 10%. The Monowire build will take less damage

Ninjutsu Tree

Monowire build ninjutsu tree Cyberpunk 2077

Cold Level Skill Description
1 Crouching Tiger With this build, you should be using stealth. For that, we take this perk that increases crunching speed.
7 Assassin Allows dealing 15% more damage to human enemies. Easy choice as most of the enemies in the game are humans.
7 Strike from the Shadows The Monowire builds get 7% Critical chance increase when attacking from stealth
12 From the Shadows x2 Increases critical chance by 20% when entering combat
12 Ghost x2 Increases the detection time when in stealth by 40%
16 Hasty Retreat Once you are detected you receive a 50% movement speed increase. Thanks to this you can move fast from one enemy to another and shred them with Monowire.
18 Cheat Death Damage is decreased by 50% for 10 seconds when V hp teachers 50%. Very good ability to provide a small chance of survivability.
20 Jeepers Creepers A very powerful ability that doubles the damage and guarantees a Critical hit when attacking from stealth. Thanks to this you can take out many enemies with a single hit.

Cool Blood

Monowire build cold blood tree Cyberpunk 2077

Cold Level Skill Description
1 Cold Blood x3 One of the main abilities that I suggest taking. It provides buffs to various stats for each enemy that you kill.
12 Predator x2 (optional) From testing, I can see that the ability does not provide increased attack speed, but that could change in future patches
7 Critical Condition x2 Increases Cold Blood duration
12 Blood Brawl Damage is increased with melee weapons by 10%
11 Coldest Blood x2 Increases the number of Cold Blood Stacks that Monowire build can have. It will further boost damage, armor, and other stats.
14 Cold and Calculating Gives a 50% chance to add Cold Blood on a critical hit.
16 Coolagulant Cold Blood stacks are removed one by one instead of instantly.
18 Pain is an Illusion Reduces incoming damage by 5% when Cold Blood is active.
20 Immunity Makes you immune to various status effects like Poison, Burn, etc.
20 Bloodswell Once you are close to death instead of dying, Cold Blood buff is consumed and health is restored. This can happen every 15 seconds.

Build tactics

  • The build has a small advantage against other melee builds. Monowire can attack enemies from a short distance. This allows you to take out enemy snipers if they are on small ledges or stealthily kill enemies a few meters before you reach them.
  • Monowire can damage multiple enemies. Due to its wide attack radius, you can easily take out a group of enemies.
  • The Monowire hitbox can be confusing. It may even miss if the enemy is standing in front of you. Due to this try to practice how each attack will hit an enemy
  • The more you attack with Monowire the weaker it becomes. Due to this, it is good to pause the offense after a few hits. Run behind a cover and wait a little bit for the weapon to recharge.
  • Since patch 1.5 Monowire uses the Blade tree as the main tree for base damage and perks.
  • Using charge attacks will ensure that Monowire deals the maximum amount of damage. Use together with stealth for almost one-hit KOs

Equipment recommendations

In this section, I will cover how to best optimize Monowire build gear. I will go through the main mods and cyberwar options that I recommend

Monowire build equipment Cyberpunk 2077

Armor Mods

Mod name Description
Fortuna cyberpunk 2077Fortuna Increases Crit Chance by 4%
bully cyberpunk 2077Bully Gives an 8% Crit Damage bonus
armadillo cyberpunk 2077Armadillo Provides bonus armor. Good for increased survival
zero drag cyberpunk 2077Zero Drag Increases speed, especially good for stealth as you will move faster.

Cyberware - Frontal Cortex

Slot Item Description
1 Heal-on-kill cyberpunk 2077Heal-On-Kill This item provides a certain percentage of health after each enemy that you kill. The effectiveness increases with the cyberware rarity
2 limbic system enhancement cyberpunk 2077Limbic System Enhancement
Once you have 9 Intelligence, you can increase your critical chance by 4%

Cyberware - Ocular System

Slot Item Description
1 kiroshi optics mk3 image cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi Optics Mk.3
Enables to have additional upgrades for the ocular system. Try to get the highest rarity which is Epic. It provides 3 upgrade slots.


Mod name Description
trajectory analysis cyberpunk 2077Trajectory Analysis Increases headshot bonus damage by 25%. use this mod to increase damage with Throwing Knives
weakspot detection cyberpunk 2077Weakspot Detection Increases Crit Chance by 2%.

Cyberware - Circulatory System

Slot Item Description
1 biomonitor image cyberpunk 2077Biomonitor Automatically restores HP once it reaches a certain threshold.
2 bioconductor image cyberpunk 2077Bioconductor
A decent Cyberware that decreases cooldowns of other Cyberware: Sandevistan, Biomonitor, Second Heart.
3 second heart cyberpunk 2077Second Heart Instantly resurrects when you die. Very good cyberware especially for a melee build. The cooldowns are quite lengthy

Cyberware - Immune System

Slot Item Description
1 shock n awe cyberpunk 2077Shock-n-Awe Provides a chance to release electroshock when V is damaged.
2 pain editor image cyberpunk 2077Pain Editor All incoming damage is reduced. Very powerful Cyberware increasing overall survivability.

Cyberware - Nervous System

You can wear 2 pieces of cyberwar for the Nervous System. Try to get the highest Rarity of the mentioned item

Slot Item Description
1 kerenzikov image cyberpunk 2077Kerenzikov Thanks to Kerenzikov you can slow time for a few seconds. This helps to better plan your encounter or decide what next steps to take.
2 nanorelays cyberpunk 2077Nanorelays Increases Sandevistan and Kerenzikov duration
2 reflex tuner imageReflex Tuner
Slows time when your Health drops to 25%

Cyberware - Integumentary System

Slot Item Description
1 subdermal armor image cyberpunk 2077Subdermal Armor
Provides flat armor increase. Try to obtain the highest rarity for the highest value.
2 optical camo image cyberpunk 2077Optical Camo This is a bad boy. You will become invisible for a few seconds which you can use to take out enemies. Really neat cyberware for a stealth build
3 heat converter image cyberpunk 2077Heat Converter Increases damage if you are burning

Cyberware - Operating System

Priority Item Description
1 Militech Falcon Sandevistan Mk.5 cyberpunk 2077Militech "Falcon" Sandevistan Mk.5 Very strong Sandevistan option, but has a fairly long cooldown
2 QianT Sandevistan Mk.4 cyberpunk 2077QianT Sandevistan Mk.4  This one has 12 seconds cooldown. Moreover, it provides decent time slowly, so this is my preferred option
3 dynalar sandevistan mk 4 cyberpunk 2077Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.4  Another good option which provides a longer Sandevistan duration of 16 seconds
4 dynalar sandevistan mk 3 cyberpunk 2077Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.3  Slows time by 50% for 16 seconds. A very good option and get as early as possible. It is of Epic rarity

Operating system mods

Mod name Description
Sandevistan heatsink cyberpunk 2077Heatsink Reduces Sandevistan cooldown
Sandevistan prototype chip cyberpunk 2077Prototype Chip While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Chance by 5%.
Sandevistan neurotransmitters cyberpunk 2077Neurotransmitters While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Damage by 15%.
Sandevistan overclocked processor cyberpunk 2077Overclocked Processor Increases duration of Sandevistan

Cyberware - Skeleton

Slot Item Description
1 dense marrow image cyberpunk 2077Dense Marrow Although it increases the Stamina cost of melee attacks it will greatly boost melee damage
2 microvibrator generator image cyberpunk 2077Microvibration Generator
Increases damage with melee weapons

A good option is Microrotos cyberware. Unfortunately, after testing I did not see that it would improve the attack speed.

Cyberware - Arms

Because you will not use any conventional weapons, Monowire is equipped through ripperdocs

Slot Item Description
1 Monowire image cyberpunk 2077Monowire This will be your main weapon. Try to go for the highest rarity that you can get.

Mods for Monowire:

Slot Item Description
1 Monowire - Physical Damage cyberpunk 2077Monowire - Physical damage Perfect for single target damage. You will want to take out enemies with a single hit when in stealth
1 monowire - electrical damage cyberpunk 2077Monowire - Electrical Damage
Equip this modification when fighting drones, mechs, and other robot-like enemies
2 Monowire Battery, High-Capacity cyberpunk 2077Monowire Battery, High-Capacity Increases the charge damage, however, it is reported that this mod may be broken.
3 sensory amplifier crit chance cyberpunk 2077Sensory Amplifier (Crit Chance)
Increases Crit Chance by 2%. Very good, when you have low Crit Chance.
3 sensory amplifier crit damage cyberpunk 2077Sensory Amplifier (Crit Damage)
Increases Crit Damage by 20%. Once you have a high Crit Chance, these stats will provide a larger DPS increase

Cyberware - Legs

Slot Item Description
1 reinforced tendons image cyberpunk 2077Reinforced Tendons My personal favorite makes traversing much easier.

You can also go for Lynx Paws for better stealth approaches.


Thank you for reading this post on Best Monowire build in Cyberpunk 2077. We went through recommended perks, attribute progression, and best gear. All of this should help you understand how to make the most out of this unique weapon.

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