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Best Liara Build - Mass Effect 3 (ME3)

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This post covers the best Liara build in Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition. She is back again on the third entry to the game and now can join Shepard in almost all of the missions.

She is a very strong biotics user who can set up and detonate her own combos. Moreover, she has one of the lowest cooldown rates of all the companions.

Liara Build - Biotic Matriarch

This build will concentrate on using Singularity to always have a combo ready for Shepard or a companion to be detonated.

Of course, not only that but she will be able to disable enemies with Stasis and detonate combos if needed by herself thanks to Warp.

Squad Point Allocation

This section covers how Squad points should be allocated for the end game on the Liara Build

Liara build squad points mass effect 3

Power name Upgrades Order Level (Points)
singularity mass effect 3Singularity Radius
Recharge Speed
6 (21)
stasis mass effect 3Stasis Stasis Strength
Recharge Speed
6 (21)
warp ammo mass effect 3Warp Ammo - 3 (6)
warp mass effect 3Warp Damage
Lasting Damage
Recharge Speed
6 (21)
pure biotic mass effect 3Pure Biotic Recharge Speed
Duration & Force
Singularity Recharge
6 (21)

As you can see I take all upgrades that increase the recharge rate. The idea here is that you want to have Liara ready for any situation that is thrown at you:

  • Multiple protected enemies - use Bubble
  • Unprotected enemy - use Singularity
  • Single strong enemy - use Warp

Ability Progression

This section covers detailed ability progression for Liara Build. This is just a suggested progression, feel free to adjust it based on your needs.

Order Skill Description
1 singularity mass effect 3Singularity Lv 3 This is one of the most important abilities that Liara can use. It allows the creation of a biotic vortex that interrupts enemies and inflicts damage. Moreover, if the enemy is without protection the field lifts the enemy making it incapacitated. This is important as it can be followed up by other abilities like Warp or Throw for Biotic Explosion combo.
2 stasis mass effect 3Stasis Lv 3 This is an iconic ability for Liara. It allows disabling an enemy for a short period of time. This does not work on some boos like enemies, but it is perfect on normal ones. It works even on protected enemies. Once Stasis is active it can also be followed up by Warp or Throw for Biotic Explosion combo.
3 warp mass effect 3Warp Lv 3 You could say this ability makes Liara's build complete. It plays two roles: detonates biotic fields created with other abilities and damages enemy armor and barriers. Another important aspect is that if it is used on Tech abilities like Incinerate and Cryo Blast it will also detonate a Tech combo.
4 pure biotic mass effect 3Pure Biotic Lv 3 This is a very important class passive ability. It increases Liara's health and shields (which she needs desperately) and decreases power recharge time for all abilities.
5 singularity mass effect 3Singularity Lv 5 I recommend taking Radius and Recharge Speed upgrades. The last one is very important as you want Liara to be able to use this ability whenever the enemy loses their armor.
6 pure biotic mass effect 3Pure Biotic Lv 6 Take Recharge Speed, Duration & Force, and Singularity Recharge upgrades. With these Liara will maximize her Biotic capabilities - lower cooldowns, increased duration, and higher force. We also take Singularity Recharge, which allows it to be cast on par as Shepard.
7 stasis mass effect 3Stasis Lv 6 Now we maximize Stasis and get these upgrades: Stasis Strength, Recharge Speed, and Bubble. The last one is essential. It makes Stasis a trap that up to two enemies can enter at the same time. This also works on protected enemies, making this ability even more powerful.
8 warp mass effect 3Warp Lv 6 Get Damage, Lasting Damage, and Recharge Speed upgrades. This ensures that Liara can deal significant damage to enemy armor and barriers. Unfortunately, I do not recommend using it often as cooldown time is very high for it.
9 singularity mass effect 3Singularity Lv 6 Now we maximize Singularity by taking Expand upgrade. It will now be able to affect enemies in a bit wider radius. However, I do not think this upgrade has any major impact on the Liara build.
10 warp ammo mass effect 3Warp Ammo Lv 3 We take Warp Ammo only as a finishing touch. It does not have any meaningful impact on the build and adds some additional damage for Liara.

Tactics and Squad

This section will cover the best tactical tips and recommended squad members to take with Liara in Mass Effect 3

Use Liara to set up Combos

I think Lara's main role is to set up Biotic Combos. Singularity is an extremely good ability that has a very low cooldown. It can also stagger protected enemies. Once their protection is down they are lifted and vulnerable to detonator ability. If you or another companion cannot detonate it, Liara can do this by herself using Warp ability.

Liara can also use Stasis. Although at first glance it only paralyzes enemies it is able to prime biotic combos. So follow up with Warp or Throw and you will detonate a biotic explosion.

Being very Fragile

Liara is probably the most fragile companion out of all. Due to this, I suggest always placing her position manually in the back. This way she will not be taken out easily. To do that you can use manual commands, just place her behind cover that is further from the combat area.

Take Sniper Rifle

This one is not mandatory but I still recommend trying it out. When Liara uses Stasis she freezes enemies in place. This makes it very easy to do headshots for maximum damage. Have in mind Stasis does not work on all enemies so you may need to change weapons mid-combat.

Utilize Liara's fast cooldown rate

This Liara build allows her to have an extremely high cooldown rate. Singularity is an even bigger exception as we decrease it two times.

With this in mind, she is capable to release biotic abilities at a similar speed as Shepard. Be sure to utilize this as you can constantly interrupt enemies or lift them with her biotic abilities.


What makes Liara unique is that she can be used in almost any group combination. She can play both support and standalone role, due to her low cooldown rate and ability to make her own Biotic Explosions.

However, if you plan on maximizing group effectiveness here is what I recommend:

  • Sentinel Shepard - taking this class will allow making constant biotic explosions. Liara can set them up, while Sentinel detonates them.
  • Garrus, EDI, Vega, Kaidan - all of them have abilities that allow setting up Tech combos: Incinerate, Carnage, and Overload. Liara can easily detonate them thanks to Warp. Then it can be followed up by other Biotic abilities for the Biotic Explosion combo.
  • Having Soldier or Vanguard Shepard will also make it overall easier as Liara will not be drawing as much attention and her survivability improves.


This section will cover what equipment you should be using with Liara Build. Generally what weapon you pick will not change much. Liara mainly relies on her abilities to either damage or support the group.

It is also important to understand that companions have no weight effect as Shepard does. So you should go for the most powerful and highest fire rate weapons with Liara.

Submachine Guns

Name Upgrades Description
n7 hurricane mass effect 3N7 Hurricane High-Caliber Barrel
Power Magnifier
This SMG has the highest fire rate and one of the best damage output. It is a top-of-the-line weapon.
Blood pack punisher mass effect 3Blood Pack Punisher High-Caliber Barrel
Power Magnifier
A cheaper option that has the highest damage out of all SMGs in the game.

Heavy Pistol

These weapons are very good, as they can have a Power Magnifier upgrade. It increases Biotic power damage, for example, Warp.

Name Upgrades Description
m77 paladin mass effect 3M-77 Paladin Power Magnifier
Piercing Mod
A good all-around weapon, that comes with high damage. It does not have any special effects.
acolyte mass effect 3Acolyte Power Magnifier
Piercing Mod
This pistol can be charged by companions and deals much more damage to shields and barriers.
executioner mass effect 3Executioner Pistol Power Magnifier
Piercing Mod
The strongest heavy pistol in the game. Perfect to be used by companions due to their almost perfect accuracy.


In Mass Effect 3 different companion armors provide some different stat boosts. So it is a good idea to see what you pick. Here is what I recommend for Liara build:

Name Effects
Liara armor mass effect 3 Power Recharge Speed +25%


Thank you for reading this post on the best Liara build in Mass Effect 3. I covered recommended abilities and their progression, best equipment, and tactics.

Feel free to leave a comment below!


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