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Best Infiltrator Operative Build - Mass Effect: Andromeda (MEA)

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This post covers the Best Infiltrator Operative Build in Mass Effect Andromeda. This type of profile concentrates on using weapons for precise hits, and technical skills to control the battlefield.

Infiltrator Operative Build

This Operative build is extremely versatile. Although I use Sniper Rifle here, as this best replicates the feeling of hitting enemy weak spots and doing crazy amounts of damage. The build relies on Bio-Converter augmentation. It is a popular option as you can use weapons like Isharay without reloading. However, each shot costs you 5% of the total HP.

infiltrator build combat mass effect andromeda

We will take some precautions to stay alive. Of course, it will still depend on the user's skill not to die. But the key components in ensuring maximum survivability will be Cora after you finish her loyalty mission and Tech abilities

The build has been tested on Insanity difficulty

The operative is also able to use tech skills. First, an infiltrator can become invisible to avoid the enemy's attention but also almost double weapon damage. Second, using Overload Ryder can stun and disable the enemy for a few seconds. This opens up their weak spots for you to exploit them

So with all of this together we will create a very powerful Operative Infiltrator build that can also use Tech skills to help in combat

Skills allocation

This section covers how Squad points should be allocated for the end game on the Infiltrator Build

Check this post on how to reset Ryder skill points and start using this build


infiltrator combat skills mass effect andromeda

Power name Upgrades order Description
barricade mass effect andromedaBarricade
  1. Duration
  2. Weapon Feedback
  3. Regeneration
The skill plays an important role in providing you with a cover, increased weapon damage, and faster shield regen. The latter is especially important as you use HP as ammo. So you want to avoid getting hit directly as much as possible.
sniper rifles skill mass effect andromedaSniper Rifles
  1. Weight
  2. Clip Size
  3. Damage & Force
We take this passive to improve Sniper Rifle handling. The 5th level is the point of concern as you do not need reloading with this build. Moreover, a 25% bigger clip size also does not provide much. So taking any upgrade at level 5 will work.
combat fitness mass effect andromedaCombat Fitness
  1. Regeneration
  2. Heavy Lifting
  3. In the Trenches
This is a very important passive skill. It gives bonus HP regeneration so that we could Bio-Converter on Isharay. Moreover, In the Trenches will provide bonus damage protection and faster shield regen, to avoid losing HP.
combat tools mass effect andromedaCombat Tools
  1. Hover
  2. Any
  3. Aerial Combat
Ability provides general combat improvements, like hover time, and damage resistance. I prefer Hover and Airborne upgrades as I tend to use this combat capability very often. We also do not get much benefit from combat detonators, as we do not use any offensive combat abilities.


infiltrator tech skills mass effect andromeda

Power name Upgrades order Description
overload mass effect andromedaOverload
  1. Recharge Speed
  2. Anti-Shield
  3. EMP
This ability plays an important role:
  • It allows briefly stunning opponents
  • Dealing damage to shields and health
  • Detonating various Tech combos.
  • Activating Life Support for health regeneration
  • Activating bonus damage with Offensive Tech passive skill
tactical cloak mass effect andromedaTactical Cloak
  1. Damage Bonus
  2. Duration
  3. Combat Cloak
The ability boosts damage and allows disappear from the sight of the enemy. The last upgrade Combat Cloak extends invisibility by 2 seconds after the first action, giving a huge boost to damage. However, we do not get any HP or Shield regeneration, so Life Support will not benefit while using this skill
offensive tech mass effect andromedaOffensive Tech
  1. Anti-Shield
  2. Detonators
  3. Technical Rounds
This passive will improve your tech offensive capabilities - power damage, and recharge speed. Particularly we are interested in the last upgrade Technical Rounds, which improves weapon damage by 30% after using Overload or Tactical Cloak
team suport mass effect andromedaTeam Support
  1. Any
  2. Team Recovery
  3. Life Support
Although this skill mainly provides team bonuses it has an important upgrade - Life Support. With the level 6 skill, you can restore HP with the use of Tech skill (overload or Tactical Cloak). This will allow using Isharay for longer. However, the effect can only happen once every 8 seconds.
auxiliary systems mass effect andromedaAuxiliary Systems
  1. Weapon Mass Reduction
  2. Enduring Tech
  3. Omni-Vents
Improves tech powers. The last upgrade activates every 15 seconds and instantly restores 50% of cooldowns for skills

Biotic Skills

infiltrator biotic skills mass effect andromeda

Power name Upgrades order Description
barrier mass effect 3Barrier
  1. Recuperative Barrier
  2. Biotic Alacrity
  3. Saving Barrier
Although biotic ability, it provides large improvements to Barrier and health regeneration delay. This will greatly improve the Operative build survivability. Moreover, the Saving Barrier upgrade will instantly restore shields once you reach low HP.


You will need to spend 116 skill points in Tech and Combat trees each to unlock the Level 6 Infiltrator profile
Profile Description
infiltrator icon mass effect andromedaInfiltrator The profile is perfect for weapons like Snipers, it gives bonus weapon stability, increased headshot damage, and highlights enemies via scope. Moreover, it reduces tech skill cooldown so it also matches the Operative theme.

Ability Progression

This section covers detailed ability progression for Infiltrator Operative Build. This is just a suggested progression, feel free to adjust it based on your needs.

Order Skill Description
1 barricade mass effect andromedaBarricade Lv 3 The main progression to unlock all main abilities of the build
2 overload mass effect andromedaOverload Lv 4
3 tactical cloak mass effect andromedaTactical Cloak Lv 4
4 sniper rifles skill mass effect andromedaSniper Rifles Lv 3 Passives to improve weapon handling and party survivability
5 team suport mass effect andromedaTeam Support Lv 2
6 offensive tech mass effect andromedaOffensive Tech Lv 3 Gives bonus damage and recharge speed for tech skills
7 tactical cloak mass effect andromedaTactical Cloak Lv 6 With these two abilities fully upgraded, it is a great time to start using Isharay with Bio-Converter
8 team suport mass effect andromedaTeam Support Lv 6
9 barricade mass effect andromedaBarricade Lv 6 By getting Duration and Weapon Feedback we improve offensive capabilities
10 overload mass effect andromedaOverload Lv 6 Maximize ability for more damage
11 sniper rifles skill mass effect andromedaSniper Rifles Lv 6 Get the last bonuses to Sniper Rifles.
12 combat fitness mass effect andromedaCombat Fitness Lv 6 The skill increases health, shields, health regeneration threshold, and damage resistance when under the cover. The last bonus is only available with the Lv 6 upgrade In The Trenches
13 offensive tech mass effect andromedaOffensive Tech Lv 6 These are the last passives that you need to get the benefits related to the Operative build.
14 barrier mass effect 3Barrier Lv 6
15 auxiliary systems mass effect andromedaAuxiliary Systems Lv 6
16 combat tools mass effect andromedaCombat Tools Lv 6

After this you still need to maximize the Infiltrator profile, this will require some additional investments to combat and tech trees. Pick any skills


This section will cover how to play the best Operative build in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Constantly use Tech Abilities

This is important to effectively use builds with Bio-Converter. Team Support, with level 6 upgrade Life Support will allow you to restore HP by using Overload or Tactical Cloak. However, this can only happen once every 8 seconds.

The good thing is that this activates when you are not in combat, so between encounters just using Overload will make sure that you are ready for the next fight in top shape.

Check your HP

Until you unlock Cora's level 6 Shield boost, you should be diligent with HP management. You can go through HP quite fast once you start shooting and reaching 0% HP is easy.

sniper build restore hp bio converter mass effect

If that happens, either hide behind a Barricade or use a Tactical Cloak to be safe. Moreover, you can switch to a secondary weapon like a pistol until the HP reaches a higher threshold. Remember, each shot with Isharay drains 5% of HP


Although I mainly talked about how this ability is helpful to restore HP via Life support, it is also effective in detonating Tech Combos. For this reason, if you have companions that use Tech abilities (Liam, Drack, etc.) be sure to exploit this when enemies are on fire.

Another thing is that Overload can be charged up for additional damage. This also makes it transfer to another target. Moreover, each of the enemies hit will stand up, and appear from any cover if they were hidden. Now you can easily take them out.

Using Tactical Cloak

This is a very important skill for two reasons - survivability and damage. In case you get overrun or want to position yourself for an encounter, you can become invisible with this skill.

However, another aspect is that the first shot with Tactical Cloak gets bonus damage. What I like to do - if I see that an enemy is shielded I would activate Tactical Cloak just before the shot to get bonus weapon damage and ensure a kill.


Here are the companions that I recommend for Sniper in Mass Effect Andromeda. Generally, the build can detonate any type of combo with Overload, so having anyone who can prime for Biotic, Tech, Fire or Cryo is perfect. Check the squad builds recommendations. However, one companion stands out the most:


cora skills mass effect andromeda

Core has a Shield Boost skill that restores shields and HP. Moreover, she also has freezing bullets once you maximize Asari Commando, they make the combat much easier. You can exploit the frozen enemies with Overload.


This section will cover what equipment you should be using with Operative Infiltrator Build.


Name Augmentations Description
isharay mass effect andromedaIsharay SR Barrel
SR Receiver
SR Tactical Scope
With these augmentations, this sniper rifle becomes extremely powerful, as long as Ryder can restore HP (Team Support skill, Cora Shield Boost skill, etc.)
black widow mass effect andromedaBlack Widow SR Barrel
SR Receiver
SR Tactical Scope


Here is what Armor pieces I recommend for Infiltrator. My preferred option is a Maverick chest with Kett armor pieces. This gives the most weapon damage and I mostly use Sniper Rifle.

Armor piece Stats Augmentation options
heleus icon helmet mass effect andromedaHeleus Helmet +7%-25% Power Damage
+2%-8% Weapon Damage
maverick armor mass effect andromedaMaverick Chest +3%-12% Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus
+3%-15% Weapon Spare Ammo
+5%-20% Weapon Damage 
kett legs mass effect andromedaKett Legs +3%-12% Combat Power Damage
+1%-10% Weapon Damage 
kett arms mass effect andromedaKett Arms +3%-12% Combat Power Damage
+1%-10% Weapon Damage 


Thank you for reading this post on the best Infiltrator Operative build in Mass Effect Andromeda. I covered recommended abilities and their progression, best equipment, and tactics.

Feel free to leave a comment below!


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