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Best Engineer Tech Build - Mass Effect: Andromeda (MEA)

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This post covers the Best Engineer Build in Mass Effect Andromeda. This is a profile that is unlocked via skill investments into the tech tree. Generally, an engineer is an expert at offensive and defensive tech powers. Moreover, they are capable of effectively controlling various constructs and drones.

Engineer Tech Build

This build took a lot of effort, reading, and testing to make. I wanted to do something that utilizes the constructs and relies on them for combat. That is a viable solution, however, Andromeda is a fast-paced game, and having two constructs makes you lose a lot of damage.

Fortunately, I was able to find a compromise and a very good at that. We spread Engineer capabilities to use - casting skills, constructs, and weapons to create a multi-purpose Engineer on the battlefield. The construct plays an important role by providing some aggro and priming combos.

engineer build combat mass effect andromeda

Your weapons are used to shred enemies while your tech skills are on cooldown. Once your skills are ready you can create combos yourself or together with your construct/party members to take out any type of protection easily

The build has been tested on Insanity difficulty

Skills allocation

This section covers how Squad points should be allocated for the end game on the Engineer Tech Build.

Check this post on how to reset Ryder skill points and start using this build

Tech Powers

Here are recommended tech power skills. The upgrade choices are optional and you can pick them based on your preference.

engineer build tech skills mass effect andromeda

The Remnant VI skill is unlocked via side mission Pebee: Secret Project, check your emails, once you discover planet Aya
Power name Upgrades Choices Description
energy drain mass effect andromedaEnergy Drain
  1. Recharge Speed
  2. Extend Duration
  3. Damage
A truly powerful ability that we will use to prime and detonate tech combos. Moreover, it restores shields giving a large boost to Engineer's survivability.
incinerate mass effect andromedaIncinerate
  1. Radius
  2. Anti-Armor
  3. Detonator
You will use this ability mainly against enemy armor. Moreover, once we take the Detonator upgrade, the ability can also detonate combos, which can be created by Remnant VI, Energy Drain, or companions. For the level 5 upgrade, I went with Anti-Armor, because I feel armored enemies are especially dangerous and you want them dead ASAP.
remnant vi mass effect andromedaRemnant VI
  1. Exploited Repairs
  2. Focus Module
  3. Electric Beam
The construct will play two major roles. First, it will provide some damage and draw the enemy's attention. Second, it will prime targets for Tech Combos. This will happen with the level 6 upgrade Electric Beam. With it, you will have 3 sources of combos - Ryder, companions, and construct
offensive tech mass effect andromedaOffensive Tech
  1. Any
  2. Detonators
  3. Elemental Tech
Improves offensive stats of Tech related skills - damage, recharge speed, detonator damage. The last upgrade Elemental Tech will give elemental defense debuff for more damage.
team suport mass effect andromedaTeam Support
  1. Support
  2. Team Recovery
  3. Life Support
The most important survivability skill. Although it gives good bonuses, the last upgrade Life Support, allows restoring Hp when a Tech skill has been used
auxiliary systems mass effect andromedaAuxiliary Systems
  1. Weapon Mass Reduction
  2. Impact Dilation
  3. Omni-Vents
Improves tech skills effects, like construct health, duration, radius, etc.

Combat Skills

Choose only one based on the weapon you use. Check recommended weapons in the Equipment section. You should pick either Assault Rifle or Shotgun in my opinion.

engineer build combat skills mass effect andromeda

Power name Upgrades Choices Description
assault rifles skill mass effect andromedaAssault Rifles
  1. Weight
  2. Clip Size
  3. Shattered Defenses
If you wish to use Assault Rifles I recommend this skill tree
shotguns skill icon mass effect andromedaShotguns
  1. Weight
  2. Clip Size
  3. Damage & Force
If you wish to use Shotguns I recommend this skill tree

Biotic Skills

I only recommend one skill from this tree. It will give a decent boost to Ryder's survivability.

engineer build biotic skills mass effect andromeda

Power name Upgrades Choices Description
barrier mass effect 3Barrier
  1. Any
  2. Biotic Alacrity
  3. Saving Barrier
Our goal is the level 6 upgrade - Saving Barrier. It gives instant shield restoration when health is low. On Insanity, this can mean life and death and it will definitely come in handy in almost every encounter


You will need to spend 232 skill points in Tech Tree for the level 6 Engineer profile and maximum bonuses
Profile Description
engineer profile mass effect andromedaEngineer The profile gives bonuses to combo damage and improves summoned construct stats. More importantly, it gives a unique effect - Combat Drone. It releases an EMP charge when enemies are nearby and provides bonus power recharge speed.

Ability Progression

This section covers detailed ability progression for Engineer Build. This is just a suggested progression, feel free to adjust it based on your needs.

Order Skill Description
1 energy drain mass effect andromedaEnergy Drain Lv 3 Getting the core offensive abilities that will improve damage and allow combos with just Engineer
2 incinerate mass effect andromedaIncinerate Lv 3
3 offensive tech mass effect andromedaOffensive Tech Lv 3
4 overload mass effect andromedaOverload Lv 3 I do not list this skill but I recommend it in progression, strange? The reason is that it may take some time before obtaining Remnant VI, so having one unusable skill slot is a big waste
5 energy drain mass effect andromedaEnergy Drain Lv 5 Get Duration upgrade for Tech priming capabilities.
6 team suport mass effect andromedaTeam Support Lv 2 Improvements to shields for survivability
7 incinerate mass effect andromedaIncinerate Lv 6 Get the Detonator upgrade to have another ability that can prime and detonate skills
8 remnant vi mass effect andromedaRemnant VI Lv 4 Get this ability and switch it with Overload. By this time you should have access to it after Aya planet and finishing Pebee: Secret Project
9 offensive tech mass effect andromedaOffensive Tech Lv 6 Maximize tech skills damage
10 remnant vi mass effect andromedaRemnant VI Lv 6 Get the upgrades for increased beam damage and Electric Beam, this will play an essential role in allowing the construct to prime enemies. You can then exploit this by using Incinerate/Energy Drain to detonate them
11 energy drain mass effect andromedaEnergy Drain Lv 6 Get the last Damage upgrade
12 team suport mass effect andromedaTeam Support Lv 6 Passives to improve survivability and tech skill effectiveness
13 auxiliary systems mass effect andromedaAuxiliary Systems Lv 6
14 Preferred Weapon skill Lv 6 I enjoy using either Assault Rifles or Shotguns, you can also pick Pistols
15 barrier mass effect 3Barrier Lv 6 Provides another layer of survivability, the last upgrade gives instant shield restore at low HP.

After this, you are free to take the additional abilities that I recommend, based on your preferences


This section will cover playing the best Engineer build in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Fully utilizing Construct

For this build, we will be using Remnant VI (there is also Assault Drone). What makes it good is that it follows Ryder and provides some support in combat. However, with the last upgrade Electrical Beam, it starts playing a major role in your combat tactics.

engineer build remnant vi electric beam combo mass effect andromeda

The key is to use your own tech ability like Incinerate or Energy Drain once you see the Remnant's Beam hitting an enemy. This is a small period where enemies are primed for Tech Combo and you can create combos.

However, I would do a bit different approach, I would still engage in combat on my own terms, and if I see that the drone is hitting an enemy nearby that I can detonate, I do that. Otherwise, I leave the construct to do everything by itself.

Mix in weapon combat

This is an important aspect of the ENgineer build that should not be neglected. Although we heavily invest in Tech skills, weapon still plays a large role. Check weapon recommendations in the equipment section. Overall, this will greatly improve your offensive capabilities as your abilities will be often under cooldown while you do not have good augmentations and large skill investment

Combat Rotation and approaches

Generally, I would start combat by summoning Remnant VI as it can help throughout the whole encounter. Once that is done, check what enemy you will be attacking. If it has:

  • Shields - start with Energy Drain
  • Armor - start with Incinerate

After this follow up with an ability that is not on a cooldown to create a combo detonation. Now, your abilities will probably be on cooldown, and I would release a volley of shots with your weapon.

Once the first tech skill becomes available, check what your construct is doing. If it is hitting a nearby enemy with Electrical Beam, detonate it with the skill that is ready. Otherwise, you can start again by setting up your combos. This is a general flow I use with Engineer

Rinse and Repeat


Here are the companions that I recommend for Engineer in Mass Effect Andromeda. Overall, this build works with almost any companion. By yourself, you already have good capabilities to prime and detonate combos. Check the squad builds recommendations

Of course, having someone like Drack or Peebee is useful for combos, but it will not be a gamechanger, as the build is sufficient by itself to handle almost any combat situation


This section will cover what equipment you should be using with Engineer Tech Build.


Choosing a good weapon is extremely important for the best Engineer build. You will rely on it a lot as abilities will be on a cooldown quite often.

Name Mods Augmentations
N7 Valkyrie mass effect andromedaN7 Valkyrie
  • AR Light Stock
  • AR Heavy Magazine
  • AR Barrel
  • AR Scope
n7 piranha mass effect andromedaN7 Piranha
  • Shotgun Barrel
  • Shotgun Receiver

Melee Weapons

Having a good melee weapon is important for the Engineer build. The main reason is that the augmentations that you choose apply all the time. So go for the one that has the most slots (these are Ultra Rare)

Name Augmentations Description
asari sword mass effect andromedaAsari Sword Has 4 augmentation slots, the most out of all melee weapons. However, it also has a unique effect that makes the wielder invulnerable during its use


Here are what Armor pieces I recommend for the Engineer. Overall, the best choice is Heleus Icon set. It comes with two pieces, and armor counts as chest, legs, and arm

Armor piece Stats Augmentation options
heleus icon helmet mass effect andromedaHeleus Helmet +7%-25% Power Damage
+2%-8% Weapon Damage
angaran armor mass effect andromedaAngaran Chest +4%-13% Tech Power Damage
+4%-13% Tech Effect Duration
+4%-15% Max Shields
+10%-25% Tech Construct Damage 
angaran legs mass effect andromedaAngaran Legs +3%-12% Tech Power Damage
+3%-12% Tech Effect Duration
+3%-12% Max Shields 
angaran arms mass effect andromedaAngaran Arms +3%-12% Tech Power Damage
+3%-12% Tech Effect Duration
+3%-12% Max Shields 

Fusion Mods

Name Description
fusion mod of rapid deployment mass effect andromedaFusion Mod of Rapid Deployment I do not think this mod is necessary, however, you should try it. This mod gives 50% power recharge speed and decreases weapon damage by 30%. So if you were relying on weapon damage, this could impact negatively your build


Thank you for reading this post on the best Engineer build in Mass Effect Andromeda. I covered recommended abilities and their progression, best equipment, and tactics.

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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- Zanuffas
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