Potion of Everlasting Vigour - +2 Permanent Strength

Potion of Everlasting Vigour - +2 Permanent Strength - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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For those making Strength-centered builds, you will want to maximize the ability score. One of the steps in reaching that is the Act 2 decision in Moonrise Towers. There you can obtain Potion of Everlasting Vigour.

Obtaining Potion of Everlasting Vigour

This can be done in Moonrise Towers by talking with Araj Oboldra. She is a drow that offers you the trade

araj oboldra location moonrise towers act 2 bg3

As I mentioned there is a trade. You will have to do it. Araj will request that Astarion bite her. In return, you will get the potion with a +2 Strength increase.

This comes with consequences. Astarion's opinion of you will decrease and it could end any romance you are planning with him. Just something to have in mind before making the decision.

Who should use this potion?

I would recommend this potion for strength-centric builds that use the ability as the main damage modifier. These builds include:


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