Best Battle Master Fighter Build

Best Battle Master Fighter Build - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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The post covers Battle Master Build for Baldur's Gate 3. It is one of three Fighter subclasses, that revolve around tactical actions on the battlefield. It is a perfect choice for those wishing to take the lead on the battlefield - inspire allies, drop enemy weapons, and instill fear into foes, thanks to Superiority Dies. Battle Master Fighter can easily change the tide of battle using these special mechanics.

Battle Master Build - Tactical Fighter Leader

The build is simple yet effective and plays the role of frontliner. The good thing is that this does not require any special handling and you go straight 12 levels into Fighter. At level 3 you pick Battle Master, which gives special actions called Manoeuvers.

These actions use Superiority Dies, and give you different actions to improve your combat capabilities, here are a few of them:

  • Disarming Attack - targets may drop the weapon, pick it up, and leave unarmed.
  • Precision Attack - add Superiority die to Attack Rolls, in case you need the attack to hit.
  • Pushing Attack - push the target away and deal damage, for those ledge kills.
  • Trip Attack - leave target prone, open for bonus hit chance.
  • and many more

Each one of them gives a status effect that can impair or disable the enemy in combat. Another good thing is that these Superiority Dice reset each short rest, allowing these to be used in almost every combat encounter. So if this got you interested let's jump into the build

Short overview

This is a short overview and progression of the build. Use it to get a glance if you want to pick the best options without going deep into the explanations. A more detailed description with texts, suggestions, and improvements can be found in the next sections.

Starting the Game

We start with the early game. I would go into what are the best Races, Abilities, and Skills for the build. Some of these choices are impactful as you cannot respec them.


Picking a race provides various benefits - abilities, dialogue options, looks, etc.

If you are having difficulties making a choice, pick whatever you prefer in terms of looks or roleplay. "The perfect race pick" is important if you are into extreme min-maxing.
Race Features Description
half orc bg3Half-Orc
  • Darkvision icon passive feature bg3Darkvision
  • Relentless Endurance icon passive feature bg3Relentless Endurance
  • Savage Attacks icon passive feature bg3Savage Attacks
A perfect Fighter race gains additional roll for critical hits, but most importantly, can stand up instead of being Downed.
githyanki bg3Githyanki
  • Martial Prodigy icon passive feature bg3Martial Prodigy
Very versatile race, that unlocks special items but also gets some spells like Misty Step and Enhance Leap.
dwarf bg3Duergar Dwarf
  • Dwarven Combat Training icon passive feature bg3Dwarven Combat Training
  • Superior Darkvision icon passive feature bg3Superior Darkvision
  • Dwarven Resilience icon passive feature bg3Dwarven Resilience
  • Duergar Resilience icon passive feature bg3Duergar Resilience
Very solid choice, especially as they can enlarge themselves and also become invisible.
Half-Elf Baldur's Gate 3Wood Half-Elf One of the more popular options, Wood Subrace gets bonuses to bonus mobility, which you will need a lot.
elf bg3Wood Elf
  • Elven Weapon Training icon passive feature bg3Elven Weapon Training
  • Darkvision icon passive feature bg3Darkvision
  • Fey AncestryFey Ancestry
  • Fleet of Foot - your movement speed is increased by 1.5m.
Similar to Wood Half-Elf, just longer ears.
Half-Elf Baldur's Gate 3High Half-Elf I recommend this option for the main character. You could take Friends cantrip for additional luck in the dialogues. Otherwise, nothing special, and opt out for other options.


The build is going into one class - Fighter. They give all weapon and armor proficiencies, making them extremely versatile front liners - two-handed weapons, swords, scimitars, dual-wielding, etc.

fighter bg3Fighter
second wind bg3 fighterSecond Wind You can use this to heal yourself in tight encounters, to get a little bit more of survivability.

Fighting Style

Fighters get a unique choice of different Fighting styles. They give decent bonuses to various stats, pick one based on your preference. With this build, I would recommend going with either a Sword and Shield or a Two-Handed Weapon. For Dual Wielding I would do a different setup and different attribute allocation.

Fighting Style Description
Defence icon passive feature bg3Defence This works for both Sword and Shield and Two-Handed Weapons. The +1 Armour Class is a solid choice, increasing the survivability of Battle Master.
Great Weapon Fighting icon passive feature bg3Great Weapon Fighting Take this to optimize damage output and ensure that low-damage rolls are re-rolled. Just remember, that this is a marginal damage improvement, and its not as impactful as it sounds.
Duelling icon passive feature bg3Duelling This is an option that is useful for sword and shield early in the game with +2 damage. However, 8+ levels I think this falls off and instead, you could take Defence icon passive feature bg3Defence.


Backgrounds are mostly for role-playing and you can pick whatever you prefer. Fighter, mainly benefits from Strength related skills, if you want some optimization there are a few options:

Background Skills Description
Outlander Athletics
Gives a boost to Athletics greatly reducing the chances of Shove's success. Moreover, Survival will help with revealing hidden treasures, but it mostly utilizes the Wisdom ability
Soldier Athletics
Gives a better chance to resist shove, and increases the success of Intimidation dialogues.


Now let's take a look at the abilities of the Battle Master Fighter build. Correct allocation will allow us to maximize the early gameplay and get good modifier bonuses.

Ability Value Description
strengthproficient_ability Baldur's Gate 3Strength 17 (15+2) The main damage attribute, especially if going with two-handed weapons. High strength will also increase jumping distance and carry weight.
dexterityDexterity 14 Early in the game, I recommend going with 14 Dexterity. You can use some good medium armor like Half Plate Armour icon bg3Half Plate Armour from La'zael. Overall you can have 15-18 AC in the early game. Moreover, higher dexterity will allow you to start combat earlier.
constitution bg3Constitution 16 (15+1) Important stat for frontlines to ensure that you can survive more hits, but also have successful Constitution Saving Throws.
intelligenceIntelligence 8 Not an important stat for us
wisdomWisdom 10 We get 10, to not get any negative modifier for Wisdom Saving Throws, as there are many of them.
charismaCharisma 8 We gimp this ability as it is not relevant for Fighter Battle Master in combat. However, if you are the main character, you could put a few points here from Wisdom, to get better success in dialogues.

Skills and Expertise

Overall, the skills should be impacted by your roleplaying and background decisions. However, you would still want those that will give you the best benefits. My recommendations are one of these:

  • Athletics - if you did not get it from the background
  • Perception - always good to have
  • Acrobatics - as you have decent dexterity this will be effective.

However, you may want some other options, especially if you are the main character

  • Intimidation
  • Perception

Leveling Progression

Here is the detailed progression for the Battle Master to get you started. You can use it as a guideline because early games can be daunting and overwhelming. Later on, once you get the feel for the class you can start picking your options

Level 2

At the second level already fighter gains its most popular action:

Action Description
Skill_Fighter_ActionSurge Baldur's Gate 3Action Surge For each short rest, you can add additional action points for bonus attacks. As you progress and obtain Extra Attack icon passive feature bg3Extra Attack​ this will even give more than 1 additional attack.

Progressing with Elixir of Hill Giant Strength

Well, there is a trick early in Act 1, after you reach the first settlement - Druid's Grove. There you can stock up on some really powerful potions for Acts 1, 2 - Elixir of Hill Giant Strength.

What do they do? They increase the Strength to 21 until a Long rest. More or less this negates any need to have strength investment if you plan to use them till the late game. This is somewhat gimmicky, however, if you are interested here is a guide on how to farm Elixir of Hill Giant Strength.

This option is only useful until you use Elixir of Hill Giant Strength. However, as you will naturally stack up your Strength to 22 with some choices and bonuses, meaning that the potions will not be as useful, so remember to respec back to maximum Strength later on.

So here is the setup once you get these Elixirs and decide to use them. Remember to respec, to get the full utility:

Ability Value Description
strengthproficient_ability Baldur's Gate 3Strength 8 The potion will raise the strength to 21, meaning that we do not need this ability.
dexterityDexterity 16 (14+2) With the freed-up points from Strength, dexterity can be maximized for a +3 initiative bonus.
constitution bg3Constitution 16(15+1) Important stat for any build gives bonus HP and improves the success of Constitution Saving Throws, which ensures your Concentration spells don't break.
intelligenceIntelligence 8 Not an important stat for us
wisdomWisdom 14 This will provide +2 bonus for Wisdom Saving Throw and Perception checks.
charismaCharisma 12 As more abilities become free, you can increase this one.

Level 3

We reach the final level of the build and it will have a substantial impact on the offensive capabilities. We get to choose the Fighter subclass. The build will be going with Battlemaster.

battlemaster bg3Battle Master
superiority dice bg3Superiority Dice These dice give bonus 1d8 damage, can be used 4 times, and are reset each short and long rest. Easy damage increase and improved battlefield control.


These are unique actions of Battle Master, that will give you a unique edge in combat. The good thing is that they work together with a sneak attack, meaning you can empower your stealth attack even further. Here are my recommendations, you can choose only 3 of them.

I would recommend picking Menacing Attack and at least one other, as this way you can target different enemies with separate weaknesses.

Manoeuvres Description
disarming attack bg3Disarming Attack Makes the enemy waste their next turn picking up the weapon. This is not especially useful on mages, or beasts. Target the enemy's Strength
menacing attack bg3Menacing Attack Frightens your target, disabling movement and imposing a disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls. Targets enemy's Wisdom
pushing attack bg3Pushing Attack Gives you an option to push away enemies from ledges all while dealing bonus damage. Target the enemy's Strength
trip attack bg3Trip Attack Makes the enemy Prone, opening for Advantages to other group members if attacking from close range. Target the enemy's Strength
precision attack bg3Precision Attack Can be useful for when you need that attack would land, specifically when a boss or particular enemy is close to death. This way you can greatly improve your chance of success.

Level 4

Level 4 brings the first feat option. There are some options that you can pick so let me give recommendations


Feat Description
ico_features Baldur's Gate 3Ability Improvement Take +2 Strength. However, if you are using Elixir of Hill Giant Strength, look for the option below. Once you stop using them change the level 4 feat to +2 Strength, this way we can easily maximize it in Act 3.
Great Weapon Master: All In icon passive feature bg3Great Weapon Master: All In This is the strongest feat if you are using two-handed weapons. First, it gives a bonus attack using a bonus action if you kill an enemy or land a critical hit. Second, it gives a big 10 damage boost, that comes with a -5 penalty to attack rolls. This is problematic in the early game but can be overcome in various ways. I recommend checking my guide on Attack Roll Increase, to get ideas on how to mitigate it.

Level 5

This is a huge milestone for Battle Master Fighter.

Feature Description
Extra Attack icon passive feature bg3Extra Attack This allows attacking two times instead of one, theoretically doubling the Battle Master's damage output.

The next big milestone like this will be level 11.

Level 6

And we get another Feat choice


Feat Description
Great Weapon Master Pick this one if you did not take it. It gives additional attack with Great Weapon Master: Bonus Attack icon passive feature bg3Great Weapon Master: Bonus Attack​ and increased damage with Great Weapon Master: All In icon passive feature bg3Great Weapon Master: All In.
Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert This is another option if you are still using Elixir of Hill Giant Strength and have Great Weapon Master. It ensures you start most of the encounters first and cannot be surprised, making many fights easier

Level 7

The Battle Master gets substantial improvements to its subclass.

Feature Description
superiority dice bg3Superiority Dice: 1 An additional dice is unlocked, allowing even more maneuvers per short rest.


Overall, take any of the suggested options that you skipped on level 3, but one choice is very important, especially as you will have better gear:

Manoeuvres Description
riposte bg3Riposte Allows you to attack an enemy when they miss you. This is like an additional attack not on your turn, and it does not use a reaction.

Level 8

The build unlocks the next Feat:


Overall the goal is to ensure that you have Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert​ feat at this level. Moreover, you should already be covered with Ability Improvement and Great Weapon Master.

Feat Description
Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert This is the perfect time to take this feat if you did not do that before.
Ability Improvement If you have Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert​ and are using Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength, then pick +2 Dexterity, this will prove useful for Medium Armors, which can provide you a very high Armor Class boost if you decide to use Armour of Agility icon bg3Armour of Agility.

Level 9

Besides the boost in HP, a new class feature of fighter is unlocked:

Feature Description
Indomitable icon passive feature bg3Indomitable Greatly improves chances of succeeding in Saving Throws, minimizing the impact of crowd control actions.

Unfortunately, it is not as important for a fighter, compared to something like a Caster, which would be using a lot of Concentration spells.

Level 10

This is a major milestone for Battlemaster as one of its main features gets a big improvement

Feature Description
Improved Combat Superiority icon passive feature bg3Improved Combat Superiority Makes the Manoeuvres more potent as the additional dice roll now has a higher upper value.


By this time, pick anything that you prefer. More or less everything has been covered that is important for the build. I just suggest avoiding Sweeping Attack due to its low base roll. All other options do not bring much to the table, as they do not offer substantial crowd-control capabilities.

Level 11

This is big, very big. You gain a very important class feature from Fighter

Feature Description
Improved Extra Attack icon passive feature bg3Improved Extra Attack​​ Now a third attack can be used, tripling your base damage. Especially in the late game, where you have multiple sources of additional damage, this will stack up for easy kills against most foes.

Level 12

Now the final level of the Battlemaster build is reached? How do you feel? Well, this has been a big journey, and we finish off the build with the final Feat selection.


This is the final optimization for the build, make sure that you have picked all the previous feats, as this ensures, that you can attack with bonus action, have very high strength, and go first in most of the encounters.

Feat Description
Savage Attacker icon passive feature bg3Savage Attacker The final optimization of the build. This will roll damage dice two times, making it more likely that you will deal higher damage. Imagin this as and Advantage for damage rolls. This is very powerful if you have multiple sources of damage, not just base damage from the weapon.

Illithid Powers

This is a special mechanic in Baldur's Gate 3, that allows you to consume tadpoles and unlock special Illithid Powers. These range from somewhat useful, to extremely deadly. I would like to leave a few recommendations:

Base Illithid Powers

Order Illithid Power Description
1 favourable beginnings bg3Favourable Beginnings Very useful power to take as it does not have any costs, and provides only benefits on the first hits.
2 luck of the far realms bg3Luck of the Far Realms Guarantees a critical hit, a very powerful action to have.
3 concentrated blast bg3Concentrated Blast Mainly need this one for progression.
4 cull the weak bg3Cull the Weak It allows you to deal additional psychic damage around the target you kill. Moreover, it can provide an insta-kill if the enemy is very low on HP.

Potions, Elixirs and Consumables

Let's take a look at what consumables we can use to further empower the build.


These are general consumables, and most of them are activated for a few turns. Potions are separate from Elixirs and can be active together.

Consumable Description
potion of speed bg3Potion of Speed In case you or your other casters have a Concentration spell slot taken and cannot cast Haste, use this potion. It acts similarly, but the effect is just for 3 turns.
potion of animal speaking bg3Potion of Animal Speaking A good potion to drink for role-playing and additional dialogue options with animals.
potion of invisibility bg3Potion of Invisibility Can be used to get a perfect position before the encounter starts.
potion of flying bg3Potion of Flying Gives bonus mobility for the encounters.


Unfortunately, only one Elixir can be active at a time. However, the good thing is that they last until a long rest, making them very useful and economical.

Be sure to activate them before combat as otherwise, you will need to use Bonus Action.

Consumable Description
elixir of bloodlust bg3Elixir of Bloodlust As you will be able to easily kill at least the weakest foe, this ensures additional attacks per turn. Moreover, in the late game, with a high critical chance and good gear, this is the optimal choice.
elixir of hill giant strength bg3Elixir of Hill Giant Strength Sets strength value to 21 until the Long Rest. With this option, you can easily gimp on strength in the early game. You can put those points in Dexterity or Strength. Here is a farming guide for Elixir of Hill Giant Strength
elixir of hill giant strength bg3Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength An upgraded version that is available mostly in Act 3 via crafting. Sets strength to 27, the highest value possible.

General Tips

Now I would like to cover some general tips on how to play Battlemaster build.

Using Manoeuvers

This is the main selling point and feature of the Battle Master Subclass. The good thing is that you can use them without reservations as you reset Superiority Dice each Short Rest.

For example, use Trip Attack to make the enemy prone on the first attack. This then leaves them lying on the ground, guaranteeing constant advantage. Follow up with attacks from yourself and your allies.

battle master maneouvres saving throw target bg3

However, you should not use them blindly. Always evaluate what Saving Throw the action targets, and whether the enemy will succeed against it or not. This way you can impose significant crowd control and damage on the foes.

Multiple respecs

The Battlemaster can be respecced multiple times throughout your playthrough, this all depends on the itemization. For example Act 1:

  • Elixir of Hill Giant Strength - makes you not need strength investment, and get higher Constitution or Dexterity for better combat.
  • Gloves of Dexterity icon bg3Gloves of Dexterity - you can gimp on Dexterity while wearing this, respeccing and leaving it at 8 points.

As you progress you will also get other items in Act 3:

  • Gauntlets of Frost Giant Strength icon bg3Gauntlets of Frost Giant Strength - makes Strength 23, allowing to gimp on strength
  • Amulet of Greater Health icon bg3Amulet of Greater Health - maximizes Constitution to 23, allowing to skip any investment into this ability.
  • Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength - the improved version of the previous elixir that sets Strength to 27.

So as you can see, based on the gear you equip you can then put ability points elsewhere. I would keep this priority:

  1. Strength
  2. Constitution
  3. Dexterity
  4. Wisdom
  5. Charisma
  6. Intelligence

This way you will know where to best allocate points while wearing or using one of the listed items. However, for the late game, I think it's best to minimize the use of these items, as you can get other options that directly improve your damage.

Two-handed vs. One-handed with Shield

One decision you will have to make is what weapons you use. Overall, in early and mid-game, I would say Two-Handed choices are much more powerful. However, in Act 3. Some items are truly powerful like - Nyrulna icon bg3Nyrulna (can be used as one-handed or two-handed), Belm icon bg3Belm, etc. These can deal a decent amount of damage.

Another thing is that shields have an edge on Armour Class, making you feel very safe in the frontlines, standing in the enemy's face. Overall, pick what is cooler for you.

Bonus Ability points through Playthrough

During your playthrough you will have two major points in the game, where you can increase the ability points in this case - Charisma:

  1. Act 1 - Auntie Ethel Hair, by sparing her life and getting her hair. This can be used to increase Strength by 1. This is the reason why we leave it at 17 so that in Act 1 we could have it at 18 (or 20 with Ability Improvement Feat)
  2. Potion of Everlasting Vigour - obtained in Act 2, in Moonrise towers, after offering Astarion's blood to the researcher. This gives +2 Strength.
  3. Mirror of Loss. This also provides bonus ability points based on your decisions. It gives +2 to Strength.

With all of these in Act 3, you will reach 24, the maximum value of Strength, gaining a +7 Proficiency bonus to many of the rolls.

Have an ally with Phalar Aluve icon bg3Phalar Aluve equipped

Currently, this sword provides one of the most powerful buffs in the game. Although it is fixed on Honour Mode, it is still very powerful for classes that do multiple hits. As you can guess I am talking about Phalar Aluve: Shriek.

This decreases enemy Saving Throw rolls of Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom. But more importantly, each hit that you or your ally does adds a bonus 1d4 Thunder damage. So multiple attacks that you do, will stack up quite neatly against enemies.

Managing Great Weapon Master

One of the more important feats of the build is Great Weapon Master: All In icon passive feature bg3Great Weapon Master: All In. It gives a flat damage boost at the cost of decreased attack rolls. Generally, it is best to take this later in the game at level 8+, when you have higher attack bonuses and better gear.

However, if you can effectively use it at level 4, you will be able to easily kill most of the enemies you encounter, especially as it is easy to die in Act 1. So if you are up for putting in additional effort the benefits are immense. Here are the main ways to increase your attack rolls:

  • Bless icon action bg3Bless​ from Cleric or Paladin, for a 1d4 bonus.
  • Spells like Faerie Fire icon action bg3Faerie Fire, and Blindness icon action bg3Blindness​ give an advantage to attackers.
  • Oil of Accuracy or Diluted Oil of Sharpness, for 1 and 2 attack roll bonus.
  • Gloves of the Growling Underdog icon bg3Gloves of the Growling Underdog - can be obtained in Goblin Camp, and gives an advantage for attack rolls.
  • Svartlebee's Woundseeker icon bg3Svartlebee's Woundseeker - early game greatsword that you can get before engaging in any of the major battles of Act 1.

Now, if you want more in-depth information, I have a guide covering how to increase attack rolls, which lists a lot of options and combinations. You can then pick the bonuses based on your party setup.

Equipment Recommendations

Now I would like to go through some gear recommendations to maximize the Battlemaster build effectiveness. Items are especially important as they take the build to the next level thanks to their unique effects.

Act 1

The early game can be hard, as you do not know where to find items. You also should make a decision, about what kind of setup you are going with - Two-Handed or One-Handed.

Slot Item Description
melee slot bg3Melee (One - Handed) Blood of Lathander icon bg3Blood of Lathander The best one-handed weapon option in Acts 1 and 2. Gives +3 Enchantment and very powerful Sunbeam action.
Larethian's Wrath icon bg3Larethian's Wrath This weapon is also a contender for best one-handed weapon in Act 1, as it has a unique Razor Gale effect, allowing it to hit multiple targets.
Phalar Aluve icon bg3Phalar Aluve A perfect one-handed option. Its special Shriek ability will also give a huge boost to other party members. However, I would better use this with Cleric as the activation costs an action and the result is two lost attacks.
Sword of Screams icon bg3Sword of Screams A solid weapon, that gives a bonus 1d4 psychic damage each hit.
melee slot bg3Melee (Two-Handed) Soulbreaker Greatsword icon bg3Soulbreaker Greatsword This weapon is mostly useful if you are playing as Githyanki as they gain additional 1d4 psychic damage. Of course, the weapon is good by itself as it gives Soulbreaker action and higher initiative.
Unseen Menace icon bg3Unseen Menace Solid choice as it increases the critical chance and provides an advantage on attack rolls.
Sword of Justice icon bg3Sword of Justice A very good choice, has +1 Enchantment but most importantly it can use a spell that gives +2 Armour Class. Fighters don't use the Concentration slot for anything else, so the Tyr's Protection is the perfect choice.
Everburn Blade icon bg3Everburn Blade This sword is worth it until you reach Druid's Grove, there it is much better to buy items with +1 Enchantment like Greataxe +1 icon bg3Greataxe +1 or Greatsword +1 icon bg3Greatsword +1 as they give a better chance of landing attacks and minimal damage decrease.
ranged slot bg3Ranged Titanstring Bow icon bg3Titanstring Bow The best option in terms of damage. It is relevant to most of the game for Battlemaster. However, I would not rely heavily on this as you are the most powerful while using Melee weapons.
bow of awareness bg3Bow of Awareness The higher initiative bonus will allow you to start your turn earlier.
Hand Crossbow +1 icon bg3Hand Crossbow +1 Equipping two of these will allow you to attack with off-hand. This is important as you may not have use for Bonus Action. However, for dedicated ranged weapons check the options above. And it becomes useless once you get Great Weapon Master.
offhand slot bg3Shield Adamantine Shield icon bg3Adamantine Shield It provides a substantial defensive boost by reducing critical hit damage.
Safeguard Shield icon bg3Safeguard Shield Gives a bonus to saving throws, easily accessible early in the game.
helmet slot bg3Head Grymskull Helm icon bg3Grymskull Helm Gives resistance to critical hits and allows the use of Hunter's Mark, for additional single-target damage.
Holy Lance Helm icon bg3Holy Lance Helm Great helmet, that can deal bonus damage to attacking targets. Be sure to have a high Armour Class to avoid enemy hits
Haste Helm icon bg3Haste Helm Provides increased speed at the start of the combat.
cloak slot bg3Cloak The Deathstalker Mantle icon bg3The Deathstalker Mantle The only option in Act 1 that is okay, by providing once-per-turn invisibility.
armor slot bg3Armor Adamantine Scale Mail icon bg3Adamantine Scale Mail Very powerful armor in Act 1, that is perfect for frontliner and if you have 12 Dexterity or lower.
Adamantine Splint Armour icon bg3Adamantine Splint Armour Another powerful armour from Grymforge, that is best worn with 14 Dexterity, to get Bonus Armour Class, making it equal to Heavy Armour.
Githyanki Half Plate icon bg3Githyanki Half Plate This can be equipped when starting the game by taking it from Lae'zel. Very solid option with a high Armour Class.
gloves slot bg3Gloves Gloves of Dexterity icon bg3Gloves of Dexterity These gloves set your Dexterity to 18, allowing you to respec and dump it to 8. You can then maximize Constitution and other abilities like Wisdom, and Charisma to work better against spells.
Gloves of the Growling Underdog icon bg3Gloves of the Growling Underdog Truly the best option in Act 1, as this will guarantee that your attacks land.
boots slot bg3Boots Disintegrating Night Walkers icon bg3Disintegrating Night Walkers Avoids slipping on various terrains and most importantly unlocks Misty Step each short rest.
Boots of Striding icon bg3Boots of Striding Gives additional protection against being Prone.
amulet slot bg3Amulet Broodmother's Revenge icon bg3Broodmother's Revenge This is a very powerful amulet, that will lead you through most of the game, the 1d6 bonus damage is very good.
ring slot bg3Rings Caustic Band icon bg3Caustic Band Provides 2 damage increase on each weapon hit, making it a good choice in the Act 1.
Ring of Protection icon bg3Ring of Protection Gives defensive bonuses to Armour Class and Saving Throws.
Ring of Absolute Force icon bg3Ring of Absolute Force Bonus thunder damage to thunder spells.

Act 2 - mid-game

This is the mid-game, where most of the areas will be covered by dark. Radiant equipment will shine here and having Darkvision icon passive feature bg3Darkvision​ is recommended. We also can get some great items, albeit some will stay the same from Act 1.

Slot Item Description
melee slot bg3Melee (One - Handed) Blood of Lathander icon bg3Blood of Lathander This still plays a major role in Act 2, even more so as its light effect helps with combat in the Darkness.
Myrkulite Scourge icon bg3Myrkulite Scourge Deals bonus necrotic damage.
melee slot bg3Melee (Two-Handed) Shar's Spear of Evening icon bg3Shar's Spear of Evening A late Act 2 weapon, that deals a lot of damage, and has a unique Darkness effect. It also deals 1d6 bonus damage to obscured targets.
Moonlight Glaive icon bg3Moonlight Glaive Has a passive light effect, making it effective with Callous Glow Ring icon bg3Callous Glow Ring. Moreover, it gets bonus radiant damage and unique attack actions.
Halberd of Vigilance icon bg3Halberd of Vigilance A good choice for Act 2 and can be used till Act 3. Besides its unique benefits, it comes with bonus 1d4 force damage and not many enemies can resist it.
Drakethroat Glaive icon bg3Drakethroat Glaive You can imbue a weapon with any element 1d4 damage and gain a +1 to attack rolls. You can get the bonus elemental damage on any weapon. For example, drop another weapon on the ground, cast the spell with this glaive, and equip the said weapon. This is a very powerful combo, although it may be a bug.
ranged slot bg3Ranged Titanstring Bow icon bg3Titanstring Bow The best option in terms of damage, is through most of the game for Battlemaster. However, I would not rely heavily on this as you are the most powerful while using Melee weapons.
bow of awareness bg3Bow of Awareness The higher initiative bonus will allow you to start your turn earlier.
offhand slot bg3Shield Sentinel Shield icon bg3Sentinel Shield The shield provides a bonus initiative that is good for starting the turns earlier.
Adamantine Shield icon bg3Adamantine Shield The shield is still relevant especially as it gives resistance to Critical hits.
helmet slot bg3Head Dark Justiciar Helmet icon bg3Dark Justiciar Helmet It increases the critical chance by 5%, and it only requires you to be obscured. Moreover, gives some resistance against spells by providing bonus Saving Throws.
Covert Cowl icon bg3Covert Cowl Provides bonus critical chance while obscured.
cloak slot bg3Cloak Cloak of Protection icon bg3Cloak of Protection Improves survivability and Saving Throw success.
Fleshmelter Cloak icon bg3Fleshmelter Cloak Reflect 1d4 acid damage if somebody hits you in melee range.
armor slot bg3Armor Yuan-ti Scale Mail icon bg3Yuan-ti Scale Mail This armor is strange and very useful for the build. With it, you are not limited to a +2 Armour Class bonus from Dexterity. So while using it, I recommend respeccing, so that you would have 16 Dexterity. You can lower Constitution to 14 for this as you do not need it for spell concentration. Another benefit is its initiative bonus, allowing you to go earlier in combat.
Adamantine Splint Armour icon bg3Adamantine Splint Armour The armor is still potent in Act 2, but be on the lookout for others with 19 Armour Class like Splint Armour +2 icon bg3Splint Armour +2.
Adamantine Scale Mail icon bg3Adamantine Scale Mail Still plays a good role in Act 2, as its 16 Armour Class is plenty.
gloves slot bg3Gloves Gloves of the Automaton icon bg3Gloves of the Automaton Similar to the option below, these provide an Advantage on attacks but require Bonus Action to activate the effect.
Gloves of the Growling Underdog icon bg3Gloves of the Growling Underdog These gloves are mandatory at least until you get Risky Ring  icon bg3Risky Ring or if you do not use Great Weapon Master feat yet.
Flawed Helldusk Gloves icon bg3Flawed Helldusk Gloves Provides bonus fire damage, however, only use it once you get Risky Ring  icon bg3Risky Ring.
Dark Justiciar Gauntlets icon bg3Dark Justiciar Gauntlets A solid option as it gives a bonus 1d4 necrotic damage. But only use it after you get Risky Ring  icon bg3Risky Ring.
boots slot bg3Boots Evasive Shoes icon bg3Evasive Shoes Bonus armour class for higher survivability.
Disintegrating Night Walkers icon bg3Disintegrating Night Walkers The boots are still a good option in Act 2.
amulet slot bg3Amulet Broodmother's Revenge icon bg3Broodmother's Revenge Still the best amulet as it provides a substantial damage boost if healed - a cleric can do this easily.
ring slot bg3Rings Killer's Sweetheart icon bg3Killer's Sweetheart Allows dealing guaranteed critical hit per long rest. After this, you can just unequip it. Moreover, it can change an attack that misses and turns it into critical.
Risky Ring  icon bg3Risky Ring Provides an Advantage on attack rolls. This is a mandatory ring as it will both guarantee more hits and a higher chance of critical hits.
Callous Glow Ring icon bg3Callous Glow Ring Easily get bonus damage if creatures are illuminated, this can be done by casting Light on yourself by an ally.
Ring of Free Action icon bg3Ring of Free Action Makes you immune to difficult terrain, and you cannot be paralyzed otherwise.
Eversight Ring  icon bg3Eversight Ring Makes you immune to being blinded, which can be detrimental in some encounters.

Act 3 - Final Build setup

This is the last act of the game, where you will get access to the most powerful items. To get them as early as possible you will need some planning, but overall, it should not be a problem.

Act 3 gives so many different items, that the build can be changed multiple times as you explore it. For example you could go with Nyrulna icon bg3Nyrulna + Bhaalist Armour icon bg3Bhaalist Armour for very strong damage, but sacrificing armour class.

On the other hand, you can pick Balduran's Giantslayer icon bg3Balduran's Giantslayer and take armor like Helldusk Armour icon bg3Helldusk Armour or Armour of Persistence icon bg3Armour of Persistence to play a more survivability role. So definitely try out different combinations to find the sweet spot for your playstyle.

Slot Item Description
melee slot bg3Melee (One - Handed) Nyrulna icon bg3Nyrulna
Although this would technically be a weapon used for Throwing builds, it is perfect as a melee choice. You can still throw it for AOE lightning damage as Extra Attack icon passive feature bg3Extra Attack​ still works. It is also ridiculously powerful if you equip Bhaalist Armour icon bg3Bhaalist Armour for constant vulnerability.
Belm icon bg3Belm What makes this one special is that it has a unique Whirlwind attack, that can target all nearby enemies with separate attack rolls. Moreover, it can do additional attacks using bonus action. However, it is a shortsword so its base damage is just 1d6.
Duellist's Prerogative icon bg3Duellist's Prerogative Although the weapon is aimed at single-wielding without a shield, it is still useful as it allows additional attack using bonus action.
Devotee's Mace icon bg3Devotee's Mace Deals 1d8 bonus radiant damage and has +3 enchantment to damage and attack rolls.
melee slot bg3Melee (Two-Handed) Balduran's Giantslayer icon bg3Balduran's Giantslayer
The best two-handed sword in the game. Gives huge damage bonuses from high strength and is a perfect large monster killer.
Nyrulna icon bg3Nyrulna This weapon can also be used as two-handed, albeit its base damage is not as high. It can be best in slot weapon if you use Bhaalist Armour icon bg3Bhaalist Armour for constant vulnerability. Otherwise, go for the above one.
Silver Sword of the Astral Plane icon bg3Silver Sword of the Astral Plane A good choice, specifically for Githyanki due to bonus damage and resistance. Otherwise, it falls short of other options.
Shar's Spear of Evening icon bg3Shar's Spear of Evening A strong contender for Act 3. The unique Darkness effects make it an easy way to get an advantage and make enemies blind. Enemy attacks will also have problems reaching you. You can double its damage with Bhaalist Armour icon bg3Bhaalist Armour.
Hellbeard Halberd icon bg3Hellbeard Halberd This gives a bonus of 6 poison damage per hit, which is very high.
ranged slot bg3Ranged The Dead Shot icon bg3The Dead Shot
The best bow for crit fishing builds as it increases the critical chance.
offhand slot bg3Shield Viconia's Walking Fortress icon bg3Viconia's Walking Fortress
The strongest shield in the game. Has a special shield bash reaction that deals force damage. Moreover, gives good resistance to spells.
Swires' Sledboard icon bg3Swires' Sledboard Provides Force Conduit each turn, decreasing the damage that the wielder receives.
helmet slot bg3Head Helm of Balduran icon bg3Helm of Balduran Optimal choice to ensure high survivability. Gives various bonuses and makes you immune to stuns and criticals.
Mask of Soul Perception icon bg3Mask of Soul Perception
The best helmet to increase attack chance success when using Great Weapon Master: All In icon passive feature bg3Great Weapon Master: All In.
Horns of the Berserker icon bg3Horns of the Berserker Increases attack rolls and provides a bit more damage with weapons. just be sure to not have your HP at maximum, make an ally hit you before the combat.
cloak slot bg3Cloak Cloak of Displacement icon bg3Cloak of Displacement
Improves the chances of attacks missing the wearer until getting hit for that turn.
armor slot bg3Armor Helldusk Armour icon bg3Helldusk Armour
This armor has the highest Armour Class in the game. Moreover, it grants flying and burns enemies in flames when they attack you.
Bhaalist Armour icon bg3Bhaalist Armour This is light armor, so you should be maximizing your Dexterity and have it at least at 16, to get a high Armour Class. Together with Nyrulna icon bg3Nyrulna you can deal frightening amounts of damage due to the Aura Of Murder icon passive feature bg3Aura Of Murder​ effect. However, this requires some special in-game decisions to obtain this armor.
Armour of Persistence icon bg3Armour of Persistence A solid defensive choice, that comes with damage reduction cantrip effects.
Armour of Agility icon bg3Armour of Agility The armor does not limit the Dexterity bonus to AC. So you can again make sure via respec that it is 16, to get +3 to AC.
gloves slot bg3Gloves Helldusk Gloves icon bg3Helldusk Gloves
Gives a solid bonus of 1d6 fire damage on hit, and provides a fire spell with Strength as a casting ability!
Legacy of the Masters icon bg3Legacy of the Masters + 2 bonuses to damage and attack rolls. Which is perfect when using Great Weapon Master: All In icon passive feature bg3Great Weapon Master: All In.
Gauntlets of the Warmaster icon bg3Gauntlets of the Warmaster Battle Master-specific gloves, that give an enemy disadvantage against your Maneouvres.
boots slot bg3Boots Helldusk Boots icon bg3Helldusk Boots
Allows avaoiding failed Saving Throws, and uses reaction to change the outcome. Moreover, provides bonus actions for mobility and damage.
Boots of Persistence icon bg3Boots of Persistence Gives a huge boost to mobility and avoids difficult terrain.
amulet slot bg3Amulet Broodmother's Revenge icon bg3Broodmother's Revenge
The amulet still pulls strong even in the late game.
Amulet of Greater Health icon bg3Amulet of Greater Health Makes any kind of Constitution ability investment redundant as it maximizes it to 23 points. However, this means that you also sacrifice an amulet slot for something that could be more offensive.
ring slot bg3Rings Risky Ring  icon bg3Risky Ring
Provides an Advantage on attack rolls. This is a mandatory ring as it will both guarantee more hits and a higher chance of critical hits.
Killer's Sweetheart icon bg3Killer's Sweetheart Guarantees a critical hit once per Long rest. Moreover, it can change an attack that misses and turns it into critical.


Thank you for reading the Battle Master Fighter build for Baldur's Gate 3. This is a very solid frontliner build that represents a commander on the battlefield. The special actions called Manoeuvres, give an edge in battle either by support or Crowd Control. Moreover, Battle Master is an effective combatant with good itemization that I cover in deep detail.



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