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Aveline Best build - Dragon Age 2 (DA2)

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In this post, I will cover Aveline best build in Dragon Age 2. She is the first companion that joins the Champion party. As you can expect she plays an important role throughout the game

There is a high chance that she will be your main tank, this build will revolve around that.

So let's start

Aveline Tank build

This build tries to mix tanking and crowd control warrior abilities. Why is that? Dragon Age 2 rewards better if your tank relies more on CC than threat generation.


Generally, I try to allocate points like this at every level:

  • Strength +2 points
  • Willpower/Constitution - +1 point

At level 26 here is the result:

Aveline attributes dragon age 2

  • 30 Constitution - for large HP pool, to soak enemy damage
  • 25 Willpower - high stamina pool for better ability usage
  • 61 Strength - decent damage and high Fortitude to resist various effects


This is an important aspect as it will make sure that Aveline can handle enemies and make sure that party members survive. I recommend starting to follow this build at about level 10 and drinking Maker's Sigh

Aveline tank abilities da2

Here is how I recommend progressing the ability points:

Order Skill Description
1 Shield Defense Aveline loses some damage but she has now a larger threat generation and bigger damage resistance.
2 Shield Bash A decent ability that can knock down enemies. Have in mind that on Nightmare difficulty it can also affect allies
3 Taunt Enemies will concentrate on Aveline
4 Pommel Strike + Pommel Blow Stuns enemies, good cheap ability. Moreover, with the upgrade, you apply STAGGER for nice combos.
5 Bellow Increases the radius of Taunt, drawing enemy attention from further away.
6 Assault An offensive ability that can knock back enemies.
7 Pummel Decreases cooldown of Shield Bash and also applies STAGGER. Use this to create combos
9 Perception Makes Aveline immune to flanking, reducing the damage that she takes.
10 Battery Improves Assault ability giving, bonus physical damage against DISORIENTED enemies, and reducing the ability cooldown.
11 Stonewall + Bulwark Makes Aveline almost invincible, soaking most of the damage that she receives.
12 Immovable + Unstoppable This ability makes Aveline build extremely powerful. It increases damage resistance per hit while also reducing her movement and attack speed. The upgrade reduces the penalty she receives.
13 Thick Skin Increases overall damage resistance for Aveline by 15%
14 Indomitable The necessary ability for Aveline tank build. Provides 100% Knockdown and Stun resistance.
15 Bolster Aveline will use this ability to instantly restore stamina under a certain threshold. This way she can always use most of the abilities
16 Second Wind Instantly restores all of the stamina
17 Deep Reserves Provides bonus stamina regeneration
18 Deep Breath Reduces Second Wind cooldown by 15 seconds
19 Rally Gives bonus stamina regeneration to companions
20 Battle Synergy + Fearless Synergy + Hero's Synergy Provides bonus damage reduction, defense. Moreover, transfers damage and threat from Companions to Aveline as long as they are in range.
21 Unite Upgrades Rally to further boost stamina regeneration

Once you have these abilities covered feel free to invest where it is the most useful.


For Aveline to be effective here are some tactics that I suggest using with her. You can start by selecting Defender preset.

Aveline tank build tactics dragon age 2

As you can see it is important to have party members who can utilize the STAGGER status effect. Moreover, you will need a rogue who can apply DISORIENT for additional damage with Assault ability.


Aveline will concentrate on equipment that provides her bonus defensive stats and also gives her a way to deal more damage


Priority Item Description
1 Blade of a Thousand Battles da2Blade of a Thousand Battles This blade provides the largest physical damage with runes.
2 Aurvar's Prize da2Aurvar's Prize The mace provides bonus threat generation and armor.
3 Baron Arlange's Sword da2Baron Arlange's Sword The sword provides bonus threat generation which is very important for Aveline tank build.
4 fade's fury da2Fade's Fury A decent longsword that also deals AOE spirit damage
5 Palvo's Cocksure Cleaver icon da2Palvo's Cocksure Cleaver A great axe that you can obtain early in the game. It provides bonus threat generation, which makes Aveline a better tank


Priority Item Description
1 mage's friend da2Mage's Friend This is a very good shield that gives 3 rune slots.
2 Baron Arlange's Shield da2Baron Arlange's Shield This is a very strong shield that has high armor rating. Unfortunately, it does not have any rune slots.
3 Courage da2Courage This shield improves with level, provides bonus health and damage resistance. Can be worn without any attribute requirements.
4 Shield of the Knight Herself icon da2Shield of the Knight Herself You will want to get Aveline specific version of the shield. It greatly boosts her offensive stats.
5 shield da2Winter-Weight A decent shield in Act 1, will greatly increase defensive capabilities.


Priority Item Description
1 eye of the bearded dragon icon da2Dull Brass Amulet This is a very strong amulet as it gives +1 to all attributes. Moreover, it makes the wearer immune to flanking attacks
2 Chain of the Penitent icon da2Chain of the Penitent This amulet provides bonus threat generation which is very important for the Aveline tank build
3 Brass Nug Charm icon da2Brass Nug Charm This amulet provides bonus health, health regeneration, and stamina.
4 Meraas icon da2Meraas This amulet provides bonus armor and fortitude that is needed to resist physical effects like knockbacks


Priority Item Description
1 Karasten's Belt icon da2Karasten's Belt Probably the best end-game belt for Aveline. All the bonuses increase her defensive capabilities
2 Chevalier's Banded Pride da2Chevalier's Banded Pride The belt provides high magic resistance, defense, and health. Perfect for Aveline Tank build
3 Enchanted Silverite Chain Belt da2Enchanted Silverite Chain Belt Provides defensive stats and gives +1 to all attributes
4 The Irons da2The Irons This belt gives bonus health and elemental resistance.


Priority Item Description
1 Etched Ring of the Twins da2Etched Ring of the Twins Probably the most powerful ring that Aveline can wear. It makes her immune to knockback and increases her overall damage.
2 The Guardian's Weighted Backhander da2The Guardian's Weighted Backhander This ring is restricted to Aveline and provides immunity to critical hits, damage resistance, and a few more bonus stats
3 The Seal of Kirkwall da2The Seal of Kirkwall The ring provides bonus defense and armor. Moreover, it gives 2 health regeneration.
4 Ring of Resilience da2Ring of Resilience Provides powerful stats if you Signature Edition of the game
5 Gentleman's Puzzle Ring da2Gentleman's Puzzle Ring A decent ring that gives bonus defense and fortitude


Thank you for reading this post on Aveline's best build in Dragon Age 2. She is a great tank character who has good abilities for this role. However, for all of this to work you need a good party who can deal large amounts of damage.

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These guides are great, can't wait for the other characters

Haha, will plan working on a few guides this weekend. I am creating a discord channel: https://discord.gg/u2WRdeqQkJ

Feel free to join it and tell what next character build you would like to see


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