Gunslinger Build - 70K damage per Shot (Patch 1.63)

Gunslinger Build - 70K damage per Shot (Patch 1.63) - Cyberpunk 2077

By zanuffas
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The Gunslinger Build for Cyberpunk 2077 is for those that are looking to make pure mayhem using their bullets. We dive deep into different weapon types - pistols, revolvers, and various rifle types to make them do the highest damage possible. The build is an extremely versatile gunzerker dream leading to damage of thousands per shot

Gunslinger Build - each shot kills

As I mentioned this build is for those that love all the guns in Cyberpunk and want to try them out. Probably, it will not be enough to have one playthrough to find the one that you like the most, but I am here to guide you. Thanks to Tabula Rasa you can easily access any weapons by respeccing your perks.

Now, why go for Gunslinger build? Let me show some numbers. Here is the damage with the Overwatch, and how it deals hundreds of thousands of damage

Gunslinger build headshot damage sniper

What about pistols? Well no problem, you can still one-shot enemies with Crash revolver while also having it silenced. This is enough to one-shot most of the enemies in the game. Of course, some tougher ones will have higher armor values.

Gunslinger build headshot damage pistol

Okay, but there is also a very well-liked rifle Widow Maker. It is Precision Rifle that can charge up its shot for increased damage and shoot through walls. This can make the game too easy even on Very Hard difficulty

Gunslinger build headshot damage precision rifle

So thanks to the perks, weapons, and cyberware we pick with the Gunslinger build we are able to deal this crazy amount of damage.If this caught your attention let's get into the details.


Picking attributes is one of the most important things for the build. It will decide what skills you can unlock and what perks you gain at each level as you improve the attribute level. I would like to lead through some recommendations on how to best optimize.

Starting the game

  • Reflexes +3. Improves gun damage early in the game.
  • Cool +2.
  • Technical Ability +1
  • Body +1. Gives some bonus HP for better early survival chances.


Level Reflex Body Tech Cool Int
10 10 6 6 6 3
30 15 11 14 8 3
50 20 12 20 16 3
  • Reflexes 20.
  • Body 12.
  • Technical Ability 20.
  • Cool 16.

The Gunslinger build does not rely on Intelligence (probably this is obvious). The main reason is that we will forgo Cyberdecks and only use Sandevistans as the operating system. This will allow you to slow down time and spray bullets at multiple enemies that you encounter before they can do anything.


This section will go into great detail about what perks you should pick with the Gunslinger build. I will try to cover what perk trees you should invest in based on the weapon of your choice. This is a great way to find what you need and don't waste any perk points on what you do not need

Handguns - Pistols and Revolvers

Handguns skill tree covers all revolvers and pistols.

Engineer build Handguns cyberpunk 2077

Reflexes Level Skill Description
1 Gunslinger x3 Reduces reload time for Pistols and Revolvers by 25%. 
1 High Noon x3 Increases Crit Chance with Pistols and Revolvers by 6%. 
5 Desperado x3 Increases damage with Pistols and Revolvers by 10%. 
5 Rio Bravo x3 Increases headshot damage multiplier with Pistols and Revolvers by 15%. 
7 Long Shot Drop Pop x2 Increases damage with Pistols and Revolvers to enemies 5+ meters away by 25%. 
9 Steady Hand  Reduces Pistol and Revolver recoil by 20%. 
9 O.K. Corral  Deal 50% more damage with Pistols and Revolvers to enemies whose Health is below 25%. 
9 Vanishing Point  Increases Mitigation Chance by 20% for 5 sec. after performing a dodge with a Pistol or Revolver equipped.
11 A Fistful of Eurodollars x2 Increases Crit Damage with Pistols and Revolvers by 30%.
11 From Head to Toe x2 Increases damage done to limbs with Pistols and Revolvers by 7/15%. 
12 Acrobat  You can now perform dodges while aiming a Pistol or Revolver. 
12 Grand Finale  The last round in a Pistol or Revolver clip deals double damage. 
14 Attritional Fire  Firing consecutive shots with a Pistol or Revolver at the same target increases damage by 10%. 
14 Wild West  Removes the damage penalty from Pistols and Revolvers when shooting from a distance. Now you can maximize your damage when fighting enemies from long distances with this Pistol build.
16 Snowball Effect  After defeating an enemy, the fire rate for Revolvers increases by 5% for 6 sec. Stacks up to 5 time(s). 
16 Westworld Increases Crit Chance for Pistols and Revolvers by 5% if fully modded. 
18 Lead Sponge  Enables you to shoot with Pistols and Revolvers while dodging. 
20 Brainpower  After a successful headshot with a Pistol or Revolver, Crit Chance increases by 7% for 5 sec. 
20+ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  After a successful Crit Hit with a Pistol or Revolver, damage and Armor increase by 30% for 5 seconds. +1% per Perk level. 

Assault - Assault, Sniper, SMG and Precision Rifles

Going for the Assault tree ensures that you are most effective while using Rifle type weapons and SMGs.

Assault rifle build assault cyberpunk 2077

Reflexes Level Skill Description
1 Bulletjock x3 Increases damage with Rifles by 10%. 
1 Eagle Eye x3 Reduces time to aim down sight with Rifles by 50%. 
5 Covering Killshot x2 Increases Crit Chance with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 8% when firing from behind cover. 
7 Bullseye Increases Rifle damage while aiming by 10%. 
7 Executioner Deal 25% more damage with Rifles and Submachine Guns to enemies whose Health is above 50%. 
9 Duck Hunter x2 Increases Rifle and Submachine Gun damage to moving enemies by 10/20%. 
9 Shoot, Reload, Repeat x2 Defeating an enemy with a Rifle or Submachine Gun reduces reload time by 20/40% for 5 sec. 
11 Feel the Flow x2 Defeating an enemy with a Rifle or Submachine Gun reduces reload time by 20/40% for 5 sec. 
11 Nerves of Steel x2 Increases headshot damage with Sniper Rifles and Precision Rifles by 10/15%. The Assault rifle build can still use precision rifles.
12 Hunter's Hands x2 Reduces recoil with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 5/10% when firing from behind cover. 
12 Trench Warfare x2 Rifle and Submachine Gun damage increases by 5/10% when firing from behind cover. 
14 Named Bullets Increases Crit Damage with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 20%. 
14 Skull Skipper Each headshot reduces recoil with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 4% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 5 time(s). 
16 Bunker Increases Armor and Resistances by 15% while aiming with Rifles and Submachine Guns from behind cover. 
16 Recoil Wrangler Reduces recoil with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 5%. 
18 In Perspective Bullets fired from Power Rifles and Power Submachine Guns ricochet an additional 1 time(s). 
18 Long Shot Rifle and Submachine Gun damage increase the farther you are located from enemies. 
20 Savage Stoic Increases damage with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 35% when standing still. 
20+ Punisher After defeating an enemy with a Rifle or Submachine Gun, weapon sway is nullified and weapon spread does not increase for 10 sec. +0.2 sec. per Perk level. 

Engineering - Tech Weapons

Pistol build tech pistol Engineering cyberpunk 2077

Tech Level Skill Description
9 Up to 11 Allows you to charge Tech weapons up to 100% capacity. 
12 Tesla x3 Increases the charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 55%. 
14 Ubercharge Fully charged Tech weapons deal 30% more damage. 
14 Gun Whisperer Fully charged Tech weapons do not shoot automatically. Does not apply to revolvers. 
16 F*** All Walls Reduces the charge amount needed for Tech weapons to penetrate walls by 30%. 
18 Lickety Split x2 Tech weapon charge time is reduced by 20%. 
20 Superconductor Tech weapons ignore Armor.
20 Revamp  Increases damage from Tech weapons by 25%. Increases charge damage from Tech weapons by 10%. +1% charge damage per Perk level. 

Engineering - Smart Weapons

If you are using Smart Weapons, I recommend taking this skill from the engineering tree. It is the only one we need for now.

Pistol build smart pistol Engineering cyberpunk 2077

Tech Level Skill Description
9 Lock and Load x2 Increases Smart weapon reload speed by 10%. 

Engineering - Power Pistols

Pistol build power pistol Engineering cyberpunk 2077

Tech Level Skill Description
5 Draw the Line Preview bullets' ricochet trajectory when aiming with Power Weapons if Ballistic Coprocessor cyberware is installed. 
12 Play the Angles x3 Ricochets deal an additional 50% damage. 


gunslinger build athletics cyberpunk 2077

Body Level Skill Description
1 Regeneration Health slowly regenerates during combat. 
7 Epimorphosis Increases Health regen threshold from 60% to 65% in combat and to 100% out of combat. 
11 Multitasker Allows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting. 
11 Divided Attention Allows you to reload weapons while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting. 


gunslinger build ninjutsu cyberpunk 2077

Cool Level Skill Description
1 Silent and Deadly Increases damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% while sneaking. This is very useful as Assault Rifles can have a silencer on.
  Strike From the Shadows  
7 Assassin Deal 15% more damage to human enemies. 
9 Sniper x2 Increases headshot damage outside combat by 20%. 
12 From the Shadows x2 Upon entering combat, Crit Chance increases by 20% for 7 sec. 

Cold Blood

gunslinger build Cold blood cyberpunk 2077

Cool Level Skill Description
1 Cold Blood x3 After defeating an enemy, gain Cold Blood for 7 sec. and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1/2/3 time(s). The duration of each additional stack is 1 sec. shorter. 
7 Easy Out x2 While Cold Blood is active, increases ranged weapon damage by 20% to enemies within an area of 5m. 
11 Coolagulant Stacks of Cold Blood are removed one by one, not all at once. 
11 Frozen Precision Increases headshot damage by 5% per stack of Cold Blood. 
16 Critical Condition x2 Increases duration of Cold Blood by 50%. 
16 Coldest Blood x2 Increases max stack amount for Cold Blood by 2. 

Build tactics

Okay so to be honest there are not many tactics and tips that I can suggest with this build. Generally, you have to be good and accurate with the guns you have equipped. However, I can still share some general guidelines:

  • Tech weapons are excellent for shooting enemies through walls. For example, Widow Maker can make any encounter very easy as you hide behind cover.
  • Although you would think pistols are weak, they are very strong, especially once you do headshots.
  • I do recommend Sandevistan as Operating System. It boosts damage, critical chance, and critical damage. Of course, you will need legendary versions for that. Moreover, it slows time allowing you to land precise headshots.
  • Because this build concentrates on maximizing damage, you should shoot while sneaking/crouching. Some of the perks only activate in this state

Cyberpunk 2077 silencer

  • Using a silencer will lower your overall damage. However, it will increase it greatly while shooting from stealth. So use it based on your approach.

Equipment recommendations

This section will cover the best equipment that you can use on Gunslinger Build in Cyberpunk 2077

Pistols and Revolvers

Item Description
chao cyberpunk 2077Chao A smart pistol that is very effective against single targets.
crash cyberpunk 2077Crash An iconic revolver that has high base damage. It is a simple weapon that has no gimmicks and relies on wearers' accuracy.
comrades hammer cyberpunk 2077Comrade's Hammer A hand cannon. It has single shot in a clip, but can be charged and the bullet explodes
lizzie cyberpunk 2077Lizzie A very powerful tech pistol. It shoots multiple projectiles from a single shot. Can hit enemies through walls.
malorian arms cyberpunk 2077Malorian Arms 3516 Although it may not be the most powerful it is definitely cool. This is Johhny's iconic pistol.

Assault Rifles

Item Description
psalm 116 cyberpunk 2077Psalm 11:6 Deals additional thermal damage and can burn enemies. I think it is very effective against most human enemies throughout the game
moron labe cyberpunk 2077Moron Labe A very powerful assault rifle that I think is mandatory to try on Gunslinger build. Has a very high fire rate.
cyberpunk 2077 divided we standDivided We Stand This is an amazing Smart Assault Rifle. It can target multiple enemies, and with some practice, you can get guaranteed headshots.

Sniper Rifles and Precision Rifles

Item Description
overwatch cyberpunk 2077Overwatch It is a unique variation of SPT32 Grad and comes with a silencer. Its drawback is that it requires 10 Body to properly utilize it.
widow maker cyberpunk 2077Widow Maker Although not Assault Rifle it can come in very handy in many fights as this precision rifle can shoot through walls.
Spt32 grad cyberpunk 2077SPT32 Grad Although not a Tech Sniper rifle, this one can shoot through walls and ricochet. Although it has a very slow fire rate.
nekomata cyberpunk 2077Nekomata This tech sniper rifle is readily available throughout the game. It can shoot through walls. You can also try getting the iconic version of it called Breakthrough
ashura cyberpunk 2077Ashura Smart Sniper rifle, usually guarantees a kill without making the most accurate shots. However, has only 1 round per clip.

Weapon Mods

Item Description
xc 10 alecto cyberpunk 2077XC-10 Alecto The best Muzzle allows for silent weapon shooting. Unfortunately, when using silencer ricochet bullets are disabled and damage is decreased.
countermass cyberpunk 2077Countermass
Eliminates horizontal recoil while aiming. This will make shooting with Assault Rifle a breeze
crunch cyberpunk 2077Crunch Increases damage. This is a base mod that I recommend for Assault Rifle build.
neon arrow cyberpunk 2077Neon Arrow Reduces weapon reload time by 5%.
vendetta cyberpunk 2077Vendetta Increases headshot damage by 10%.
penetrator cyberpunk 2077Penetrator Increases Crit Chance
pacifier cyberpunk 2077Pacifier Increases Crit Damage

Cyberware - Frontal Cortex

Slot Item Description
1 Heal-on-kill cyberpunk 2077Heal-On-Kill This item provides a certain percentage of health after each enemy that you kill. The effectiveness increases with the cyberware rarity
2 mechatronic core cyberpunk 2077Mechatronic Core I recommend this one because it will greatly boost damage against mechs. On higher difficulties, this helps a lot in certain encounters.

Cyberware - Ocular System

Slot Item Description
1 kiroshi optics mk3 image cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi Optics Mk.3 Enables to have additional upgrades for the ocular system. Try to get the highest rarity which is Epic. It provides 3 upgrade slots.


Mod name Description
trajectory analysis cyberpunk 2077Trajectory Analysis Increases headshot bonus damage by 25%.
weakspot detection cyberpunk 2077Weakspot Detection Increases Crit Chance by 2%.

Cyberware - Circulatory System

Slot Item Description
1 biomonitor image cyberpunk 2077Biomonitor Instantly restores a large portion of health when it drops below a certain threshold.
2 bioconductor image cyberpunk 2077Bioconductor Greatly reduces cooldown duration of other cyberware. Cannot be equipped if you do not have at least 12 Body.
2 microgenerator icon cyberpunk 2077Microgenerator Releases Electroshock when health drops below 15%.
3 cyberpunk 2077 feedback circuitFeedback Circuit Instantly restores health if shooting a fully charged tech weapon

Cyberware - Immune System

Slot Item Description
1 shock n awe cyberpunk 2077Shock-n-Awe Release electroshock when being hit. Has a certain activation chance.
2 pain editor image cyberpunk 2077Pain Editor Reduces all the damage that you receive by 10%.

Cyberware - Nervous System

You can wear 2 pieces of cyberware for the Nervous System. Try to get the highest Rarity of the mentioned item

Slot Item Description
1 kerenzikov image cyberpunk 2077Kerenzikov You can now slow time when dodging or sliding.
2 reflex tuner imageReflex Tuner I like this Cyberware as it gives you some time when you are in a critical situation and slows down time.

Cyberware - Integumentary System

Slot Item Description
1 subdermal armor image cyberpunk 2077Subdermal Armor
Provides flat armor increase. Try to obtain the highest rarity for the highest value.
2 optical camo image cyberpunk 2077Optical Camo This is a bad boy. You will become invisible for a few seconds which you can use to take out enemies. Really neat cyberware for a stealth build
3 heat converter image cyberpunk 2077Heat Converter Increases damage if you are burning

Cyberware - Operating System

I recommend using the Sandevistan operating system for this Gunslinger build. It will allow you to stop time and take out enemies without them reacting to your shots.

Priority Item Description
1 Militech Falcon Sandevistan Mk.5 cyberpunk 2077Militech "Falcon" Sandevistan Mk.5 Provides 20 Crit Chance and 35% Crit Damage while Sandevistan is active. The effect lasts 18 seconds. Enough for most of the encounters.
2 QianT Sandevistan Mk.4 cyberpunk 2077QianT Sandevistan Mk.4  Gives a 15% critical chance and a 15% damage dealt increase while Sandevistan is active.
3 dynalar sandevistan mk 4 cyberpunk 2077Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.4  Increases damage and Crit Chance by 15%. Has a 30-second cooldown.
4 dynalar sandevistan mk 3 cyberpunk 2077Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.3  I recommend getting the Epic version early as possible as it will greatly improve your gameplay.

Operating system mods

Mod name Description
Sandevistan heatsink cyberpunk 2077Heatsink Reduces Sandevistan cooldown. The best versions can only be crafted, but they drastically reduce Sandevistan reuse rate.
Sandevistan prototype chip cyberpunk 2077Prototype Chip While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Chance by 5%.
Sandevistan neurotransmitters cyberpunk 2077Neurotransmitters While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Damage by 15%.
Sandevistan overclocked processor cyberpunk 2077Overclocked Processor Increases duration of Sandevistan

Cyberware - Skeleton

Slot Item Description
1 bionic joints cyberpunk 2077Bionic Joints Reduces recoil of Ranged Weapons.
2 Synaptic signal optimizer imageSynaptic Signal Optimizer Increases Health. Greatly improves the survivability of Assault Rifle Build in the late game.

Cyberware - Hands

Slot Item Description
1 cyberpunk 2077 smart linkSmart Link
Take this one if you will use Smart weapons. It ensures they work correctly and are easy to use
1 ballistic coprocessor cyberpunk 2077Ballistic Coprocessor Use this cyberware if you plan to take Power rifles. The legendary version gives +50% ricochet damage.

Cyberware - Legs

Slot Item Description
1 reinforced tendons image cyberpunk 2077Reinforced Tendons My personal favorite makes traversing much easier.


Thank you for reading the post on Gunslinger build in Cyberpunk 2077. I hope you enjoyed the build and found your favorite style with various guns in the game. Be sure to try them using Tabula Rasa respeccing as each of them offers different flavor and feel

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