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Morinth build - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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In this post, I will cover the best Morinth build in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. She is an Ardat-Yakshi that you will meet in Omega. Morinth is a very powerful asari biotics user.

She is one of Samara's daughters that you will meet after you recruit Samara and do her loyalty mission. You will try to hunt Morinth down to stop her from killing people with which she mates. Of course, there are some choices that result in her joining Shepard. But I will leave that for you to find out

Morinth build - Ardat-Yakshi

The build will concentrate on using Morinth for her Biotic abilities. This means setting up Biotic explosions and throwing enemies around with the Pull + Throw combination.

Squad abilities

morinth build squad abilities me2

Power name Evolution Level (Squad Points)
Throw iconThrow Throw Field 4 (10)
Pull Pull Field 4 (10)
Ardat Yakshi iconArdat Yakshi Erdua Yakshi 4 (10)
dominate mass effect 2Dominate - 0

Important! If you play on Normal difficulty or lower Dominate is quite a decent ability. You can use it instantly and don't need to disable enemy protection. Take it instead of Throw.

Talent progression

You will probably obtain Morinth fairly late in the game. Due to this, the progression is fairly simple for her. Just allocate points in the order below:

Progression Order Ability Description
1 Throw iconThrow Lv 1
Pull Lv 1
This is the first combo that you can do with Morinth - Pull + Throw. It can kill some enemies instantly by throwing them off the edges or to the walls.
2 Ardat Yakshi iconArdat Yakshi Lv 4 Get the Erdua Yakshi upgrade. It will decrease the Biotic abilities cooldown.
3 Pull Lv 3 Making the ability to have a longer duration so that Biotic Explosion could be activated more often
4 Throw iconThrow Lv 2 Increases the strength of Throw.
5 Pull Lv 4 Upgrade to Pull Field. This will enable lifting a group of enemies or killing husks if they are unprotected.
6 Throw iconThrow Lv 4 Upgrade to Throw Field. This will allow you to take out a group of enemies and throw them around with Morinth.

If getting Dominate ability, switch it with Throw.


Morinth can use Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns. These are good mid-range weapon options that make her effective at ranged combat.

Assault Rifle

I think there are two best assault rifles that you can get for this Morinth build. They are both good, but I personally prefer M-96 Mattock

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-96 Mattock Heavy rifle mass effect 2M-96 Mattock Shields
Very effective Assault rifle in the most situation
geth pulse rifle mass effect 2Geth Pulse Rifle Armor
Has a very high fire rate and is effective against all protections.

Submachine Guns

Of course, there may be a case where you would like Morinth to use a Submachine Gun. here are two options that I recommend:

Weapon Name Effective against Description
m-9 tempest mass effect 2M-9 Tempest Shields
Effective against Shields and barriers. Due to its large clip, AI can shoot much longer with it.
m-12 locust smg mass effect 2M-12 Locust Armor
Is effective against all armor types, but the multipliers are very low. It has a decent fire rate but overall it will do less damage than M-9 Tempest with the whole clip

Tactics and Squad

Morinth is a very good Biotics user. Due to this, you need to plan your squad and tactics appropriately. Here are my gameplay tips:

  • Use her Biotic abilities on enemies without protection. This will allow to setup Biotic explosion combo together with Warp. You will need one of these members in the group: Miranda, Thane, Shepard Sentinel, or Shepard Adept
  • Morinth can also create combos herself. The main one is Pull + Throw. This can instantly kill an enemy by throwing it from ledges or hitting a wall for large damage.
  • I also recommend having a strong companion who can take a lot of hits: Zaeed, Jacob, Grunt, Shepard Soldier


Thank you for reading this post on the best Morinth Build in Mass Effect 2. I hope it helped you to understand how to best utilize her.

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