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Best Soldier Combat Build - Mass Effect: Andromeda (MEA)

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This post covers the Best Soldier Build in Mass Effect Andromeda

Soldier Combat Build

The idea that I wanted to achieve is to create a pure combat warrior, an N7 operative, that could be deadly in combat. Moreover, many of the builds on the internet mostly take Tech skills for Soldier build which is counterintuitive. In my opinion, this is Infiltrator.

So for pure Soldier experience, I concentrate only on Combat skills. This is still an extremely strong build, and you can shred enemies easily.

soldier build combat mass effect andromeda

Another important aspect is that this soldier build will be able to detonate any type of combo. So the more your companions use their skills the stronger the build is

Overall this is a great build if you enjoy ranged weapon combat, changing covers, and looking for enemy weak spots.

Skills allocation

This section covers how Squad points should be allocated for the end game on the Soldier Build. At levels 4-6 each skill can take one of two upgrades. I list the preferred ones. "Any" means that you can take the one that looks the most useful

Check this post on how to reset Ryder skill points and start using this build


Because we are going for pure Soldier experience it is obvious that this is our main skill tree

soldier build combat skill mass effect andromeda

Power name Upgrades Choices Description
concussive shot mass effect andromedaConcussive Shot
  1. Recharge Speed
  2. Damage & Force
  3. Any
This skill is primarily used to detonate combos that either your companions or you (via consumable ammo) apply. It is also a good choice to knock out enemies or finish them off in case you are out of ammo and need to reload. The last upgrade is your personal preference, I would go for additional shield damage.
barricade mass effect andromedaBarricade
  1. Duration
  2. Weapon Feedback
  3. Regeneration
With this ability soldier build will be able to get a cover anywhere on the battlefield. The good thing is that this will also increase weapon damage and stability.
turbocharge mass effect andromedaTurbocharge
  1. Duration
  2. Damage & Force
  3. Supercharge
A very powerful ability that increases gun damage, rate of fire, clip size, etc. A perfect skill for weapon combat. I take Supercharge upgrade as I mostly recommend weapons with large clips for this build
assault rifles skill mass effect andromedaAssault Rifles
  1. Weight
  2. Clip
  3. Shatter Defenses
Because Assualt Rifle is our main weapon, getting this passive skill will improve the damage and weight penalties. The last upgrade Shatter Defenses is very powerful once you have a weapon like Soned or Revenant
combat fitness mass effect andromedaCombat Fitness
  1. Regeneration
  2. Heavy Lifting
  3. In the Trenches
Provides general survivability stats. Moreover, reduces weight penalties from weapons. The last upgrade In the Trenches greatly reduces damage taken while with the Barricade. This is important as it lets you continuous shooting with Revenant
combat tools mass effect andromedaCombat Tools
  1. Hover
  2. Detonators
  3. Aerial Combat
As the build does not use melee attacks, we take upgrades related to Hovering and aerial combat. I personally enjoy this part of Andromeda as it allows one to hit enemies that are behind a cover, giving additional angles for shooting. Another important aspect is that some upgrades improve combat skill damage and detonations. This is perfect for Concussive Shot.

Biotic Skills

Power name Upgrades order Description
barrier mass effect 3Barrier
  1. Any
  2. Biotic Alacrity
  3. Saving Barrier
I love this ability and the bonuses it gives. Although we purely concentrate on combat skills, getting this late in the game will have no negative impact on the Soldier profile and give tons of shields.


You will need to spend 232 skill points in the combat skill tree to unlock the level 6 profile
Profile Description
soldier profile icon mass effect andromedaSoldier The profile gives everything that you need for better weapon handling - weapon damage, stability, accuracy, and clip size. It is a perfect choice for squeezing out everything from the Combat skill tree.

Ability Progression

This section covers detailed ability progression for Soldier Build. This is just a suggested progression, feel free to adjust it based on your needs.

Order Skill Description
1 barricade mass effect andromedaBarricade Lv 3 Our goal is to unlock the first active skill and get the next tier of abilities with invested 9 skill points
2 assault rifles skill mass effect andromedaAssault Rifles Lv 3
3 turbocharge mass effect andromedaTurbocharge Lv 3 Getting the main offensive abilities of the build. Concussive Shot will also allow to start detonating combos from companions or special ammo.
4 concussive shot mass effect andromedaConcussive Shot Lv 3
5 turbocharge mass effect andromedaTurbocharge Lv 6 Get these upgrades: Duration, Damage & Force, and Supercharge.
6 concussive shot mass effect andromedaConcussive Shot Lv 4 Getting the Recharge Speed upgrade allows doing combo detonations more often
7 combat fitness mass effect andromedaCombat Fitness Lv 3 Continue with the passives to improve general survivability and damage.
8 assault rifles skill mass effect andromedaAssault Rifles Lv 6
9 combat tools mass effect andromedaCombat Tools Lv 3
10 concussive shot mass effect andromedaConcussive Shot Lv 6 Finish off the build by maximizing the core combat skills
11 combat fitness mass effect andromedaCombat Fitness Lv 6
12 combat tools mass effect andromedaCombat Tools Lv 6

After this, you are free to take the additional abilities in Combat tree to level up Soldier profile


This section will cover playing the best Soldier build in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Concussive Shot to detonate combos

One of the most important aspects of the build (besides spraying bullets) is that you can easily detonate any kind of combo - cryo, fire, biotic, etc. This greatly improves short-burst DPS, knocks back enemies, and deals large areas of effect damage.

concussive shot combo detonation soldier mass effect andromeda

For this reason, its good to have companions that can apply these debilitating effects, or check the next section on how you can do this yourself

Use Consumable ammo for Combos

Compared to previous Mass Effect games, ammo works differently. Now you have to consume an item for it to be activated. I will not go into a discussion about whether that is bad or good. However, what I can tell - the best way to utilize it, is to use it. Moreover, it is also activated for three clips, so weapons with large magazines benefit the most.

consumable ammo soldier build mass effect andromeda

Just remember which ammo is effective against what:

  • Disruptor Ammo - shields and can stun any type of enemy. This makes it a good choice in any difficult encounter. Once detonated creates a large area of electricity
  • Cryo Ammo - health and armor. When detonated, slows or freezes nearby enemies (depending if they have any protection)
  • Incendiary Ammo - armor and health. Bruns unprotected enemies. When detonating sets the whole area on fire.

Utilize Barricades and Protection

The build takes passive abilities that greatly improve damage resistance while undercover. You would also think that this way the Soldier build becomes less mobile. However, that is not true.

barricade skill in use mass effect andromeda

By using Barricade skills, we can create protection anywhere on the battlefield. Moreover, it also improves shield restoration and weapon damage. So do not be afraid to change position and find the best shooting angle constantly

General combat Rotation

As the build has both defensive and offensive skills I recommend finding a good spot that will make it easy to hit enemies. Just run to it even if under fire. Then release a Barricade to have protection and increase weapon damage.

If you have lost shields, wait for them to recharge and then use Turbocharge. This is a perfect moment as you get bonus protection behind the cover and can constantly spray bullets. Once you deal with the bulk of enemy forces, I recommend using Hover to get the last ones that are hidden

During all of this, if you spot an enemy that is affected by fire, biotic, or disruptor, do not wait and use Concussive Shot.


Here are the companions that I recommend for Soldier in Mass Effect Andromeda. The best ones in my opinion are those that can apply various status effects, like fire, biotic, etc. Check the squad build recommendations


peebee skills mass effect andromeda

She is an effective biotics user and has two skills to lift enemies. Pull is especially good as you can clearly see when an enemy is affected. Moreover, it is active for a long time, so you can wait till the Concussive shot reloads


drack skills mass effect andromeda

The Krogan warrior has Incinerate ability that is effective against armored enemies. Moreover, you can exploit burning enemies by using Concussive Shot and detonate it for Fire Combo.

Another good aspect of Drack is that he is extremely sturdy and can take the enemy's attention well.


This section will cover what equipment you should be using with Soldier Build.


Here are recommended Assault Rifle options. N7 Valkyrie is probably the most powerful weapon and shreds the enemies

Name Mods Augmentations
N7 Valkyrie mass effect andromedaN7 Valkyrie
  • AR Light Stock
  • AR Heavy Magazine
  • AR Barrel
  • AR Scope
revenant mass effect andormedaRevenant
  • AR Light Stock
  • AR Heavy Magazine
  • AR Barrel
  • AR Scope

If you wish to go guns blazing, this is the choice. It is something like a machine gun, that lacks in accuracy but shoots extremely fast. I do not recommend using Battlefield Assist Module with this one, as most of the time you will be hit before you get a chance to release a first bullet

Name Mods Augmentations
soned mass effect andromedaSoned
  • AR Light Stock
  • AR Heavy Magazine
  • AR Barrel
  • AR Scope

Melee Weapons

Even if you do not use melee weapons, the augmentation bonuses still apply always in combat. So it is good to fill them with your preferred bonuses.

Name Augmentations Description
asari sword mass effect andromedaAsari Sword Even though you may not use melee weapons, their bonuses from augmentations always apply. Due to this, we want to maximize weapon damage


Here are what Armor pieces I recommend for the Soldier. Generally, our goal is to have high weapons and combat power damage.

Armor piece Stats Augmentation options
kett helmet mass effect andromedaKett Helmet +3%-12% Combat Power Damage
+1%-10% Weapon Damage
maverick armor mass effect andromedaMaverick Chest +3%-12% Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus
+3%-15% Weapon Spare Ammo
+5%-20% Weapon Damage 
kett legs mass effect andromedaKett Legs +3%-12% Combat Power Damage
+1%-10% Weapon Damage 
kett arms mass effect andromedaKett Arms +3%-12% Combat Power Damage
+1%-10% Weapon Damage 

Fusion Mods

Name Description
fusion mod of adrenaline mass effect andromedaFusion Mod of Adrenaline You can try out this fusion mod, which provides instant skill recharge after killing an enemy. However, it decreases power recharge times, so you can try this out and see how you like it. Generally, it should be very easy to take out normal enemies


Thank you for reading this post on the best Soldier build in Mass Effect Andromeda. I covered recommended abilities and their progression, best equipment, and tactics.

Feel free to leave a comment below!



Hi, thank you so much for your builds, your Soldier build for ME:LE was amazing and got me through Insanity (my first playthrough) without any major problems.
I wanted to continue with this Soldier build in ME:A at first but before I started you had finished OP Insanity AR Build and I decided to try that one because there was no need for Power Cells nor Consumables.
But in the middle of the game I've changed my mind and wanted to be faithful and returned to Soldier build and I like this one too. It's a little harder, can't be so agressive and so often out of cover but it is more similar to Soldier builds in ME:LE.
By the way, you mention recommended additional abilities in the build and I remember seeing them (Shotguns and Pistols) here but I can't see them anymore. Do you edit this build for Insanity?
Thank you for your great job making these builds and I am looking forward to trying Adept builds for my 2nd ME:LE and ME:A playthrough and Engineer builds for my 3rd plathrough.

Hey! Yes I might have updated it. But generally the idea is to put more skills into combat tree to level up Soldier Profile for additional bonuses (weapon damage, etc.)


Amazing! Been waiting for this one. Thank you!

Cheers! I hope you will enjoy it

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