Best Adept Biotic Build

Best Adept Biotic Build - Mass Effect 3 (ME3)

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This post covers the best Adept build in Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition. This class relies on Biotic powers which allow controlling physical things with the mind. They are experts at manipulating mass effect fields, which can be used for offense and defense.

Adept Build

The build concentrates on pure Biotic casting and very low power recharge times. This will allow the creation of constant Biotic explosions on the field. Even though Adept can single-handedly create combos, having correct companions will enable tearing enemies apart in a matter of seconds

Squad Point Allocation

This section covers how Squad points should be allocated for the end game on the Biotic Build

adept build squad abilities me3

Power name Upgrades Order Level (Points)
warp mass effect 3Warp
  1. Damage
  2. Lasting Damage
  3. Pierce
6 (21)
throw mass effect 3Throw
  1. Force
  2. Detonate
  3. Double Throw
6 (21)
shockwave me3Shockwave
  1. Radius
  2. Reach
  3. Recharge Speed
6 (21)
singularity mass effect 3Singularity - -
pull mass effect 3Pull
  1. Radius
  2. Expose
  3. Double Pull
6 (21)
cluster grenade me3Cluster Grenade
  1. Force & Damage
  2. Max Grenades
  3. Force & Damage
6 (21)
biotic mastery mass effect 3Biotic Mastery
  1. Damage & Force
  2. Any
  3. Any
6 (21)
fitness mass effect 3Fitness
  1. Durability
  2. Barrier Recharge
  3. Fitness Expert
6 (21)

However, if you want to push out a bit more from it I recommend these powers:

Power name Upgrades order Description
reave me3Reave
  1. Radius
  2. Recharge Speed
  3. Any
My favorite bonus ability for this build. It allows one to prime any enemy (even if they have protection). It also gives some damage reduction and staggers normal enemies.
lash me3Lash
  1. Damage
  2. Recharge Speed
  3. Shield Penetration
With the upgrades that we take this ability can also affect protected enemies. Unfortunately, it is not perfect for priming as the detonation window is small (while the enemy is in the air)
stasis mass effect 3Stasis
  1. Stasis Strength
  2. Recharge Speed
  3. Bubble
The ability works on normal protected enemies and primes them for the biotic explosion. With Bubble upgrade, two enemies can be disabled at the same time.
flare me3Flare
  1. Damage & Force
  2. Detonate
  3. Any
This is the most awesome-looking ability in the game. It also deals a crazy amount of damage to barriers and shields. However, it has a very long cooldown, so have that in mind when using it. Use it only as a biotic detonator.

Ability Progression

This section covers detailed ability progression for Adept Build. This is just a suggested progression, feel free to adjust it based on your needs.

Order Skill Description
1 throw mass effect 3Throw Lv 3 This will be your main detonator ability throughout the game. It has a very fast recharge speed and projectiles.
2 warp mass effect 3Warp Lv 3 This is a very versatile skill. It deals great damage against armor and barriers. Moreover, it can prime Biotic explosions and detonate any type of combo. We get a few levels to increase damage and recharge speed.
3 biotic mastery mass effect 3Biotic Mastery Lv 3 Adept passive class power provides various stat bonuses, mainly biotic force and power.
4 cluster grenade me3Cluster Grenade Lv 3 I suggest getting a few levels in this ability as grenades deal adequate damage and can help against some difficult enemies in the game. They also have no cooldown as long as you have ammo.
5 pull mass effect 3Pull Lv 3 This is the second priming ability, which lifts enemies. It has a very low cooldown and is perfect when fighting against unprotected enemies.
6 throw mass effect 3Throw Lv 6 Take Force, Detonate, and Double Throw upgrades. The ability now can create double combo explosions and throws enemies around the battlefield. It deals damage by itself due to the force component.
7 warp mass effect 3Warp Lv 6 We improve this ability to deal more damage against the enemy's armor. Take Damage, Lasting Damage, and Pierce upgrades. With the improved damage, this becomes the perfect ability to prime biotic explosions, that can easily be exploited by Throw.
8 biotic mastery mass effect 3Biotic Mastery Lv 6 The main upgrade that you need to pick is Damage & Force. The rest are based on your choices. For maximum damage with Shepard, I recommend taking Damage & Capacity and Power Mastery. However, if you want to push the limits of power recharge times, take Combo Mastery.

The build now covers the most important parts of Adept skills. This is also the perfect time to unlock and invest in bonus abilities

Order Skill Description
9 Bonus Ability I suggest investing all 6 levels at this stage into the bonus ability of your choice. It will open up some new combinations that should help with some difficult encounters later in the game.
10 pull mass effect 3Pull Lv 6 Take Radius, Expose and Double Pull upgrades. With these ready, the ability should be the main one that you use against unprotected enemies to prime Biotic Explosions. After that use a Double Throw for 2 combos
11 shockwave me3Shockwave Lv 6 This ability is hit or miss. I personally did not prefer it, but I see cases where it can be used. I suggest getting upgrades that increase radius and range because otherwise, it is very hard to hit with it. Get these improvements - Radius, Reach, and Recharge Speed
12 fitness mass effect 3Fitness Lv 6 Take only defensive upgrades, we will not use any melee attacks with Adept - Durability, Barrier Recharge and Fitness Expert
13 cluster grenade me3Cluster Grenade Lv 6 Take Force & Damage, Max Grenades, and Force & Damage upgrades. As I mentioned we want the grenades to hit hard, you will mostly use them on difficult encounters where there will be strong enemies like Banshees or Brutes.

Tactics and Squad

This section will cover how to best play Adept build in Mass Effect 3.

Main combos

The build's main strength comes from the ability to easily create and detonate Biotic explosions. You will probably not use any ammo, outside of some rare occasions. Here are a few combinations that I recommend that you can use:

  • Singularity (from Liara) + Throw - read about it in the next section where I talk about the blue companion. This is a very fast and satisfying combo against unprotected enemies
  • Warp + Throw - the best combo that Adept can do by itself against Armored enemies.
  • Reave + Throw - extremely good combo that can create multiple explosions.

These are very simple and easy-to-remember combinations. Of course, you can greatly expand them with the help of Companions.

Learn to curve Biotic Abilities

The great thing about Biotic abilities is that they can hit enemies behind the cover if they are curved correctly. This requires some practice, but once you get a hang of it any enemy will be easy to deal with

biotic power curving adept mass effect 3

The trick is to have the enemy target (red marker appears around them) and then just before releasing the power lift the view a bit up. The more you lift it the steeper the curve.

This way you will not care if the enemy is behind a cover or some other obstacle as you can always hit them.

Take Liara with you

I think she is the best companion to have for Adept Build in Mass Effect 3. This is the reason why I give her a separate paragraph. What makes her special is two things: Singularity and a fast cooldown rate.

adept build with liara mass effect 3

What makes this amazing is that Liara's Singularity is instant and I can follow up the same second with Throw. This makes it a very effective spellcaster combo against normal enemies.

Of course, this is not all. Liara has Stasis - the ability that immobilizes protected enemies. It is also a perfect primer that you can exploit with Throw.

Moreover, she has Warp and can help you with creating combos. For example, you can use Lash or Reave which can then be detonated with her Warp. This still leaves Biotic detonation primer that you can exploit with Shepard.

All of this makes Liara an extremely good companion in most of the situations in the game for Adept Build


Here are some companions that I recommend for maximum effectiveness with Adept:

  • Liara - already talked about her, I cannot recommend her enough.
  • Kaidan - he is an excellent companion to have. Although his cooldowns are not as good as other biotic users, he can use biotic and tech abilities. Reave can prime any target (even protected) and Overload can easily remove shields. This is the perfect combo for Adept.
  • Javik - is another great companion that has Dark Channel ability. Use it to apply Biotic Explosions on any enemy. Moreover, it moves from target to target.
  • Garrus - he has a special place. He can easily strip shields with Overload. Moreover, he is very strong with Assault Rifle and greatly improves the squad's combat capabilities. This covers Adept's greatest weakness - poor weapon usage.


This section will cover what equipment you should be using with Adept Build. To be honest the only weapon that Adept should need is a submachine gun due to its modifications - increased power damage.

Assault Rifles

In case you would like to carry something packing more firepower. There are some occasions where assault rifles can help. However, you should mainly prioritize Submachine Guns

Name Upgrades Description
m96 mattock mass effect 3M-96 Mattock Extend Barrel
Magazine Upgrade
A light Assault rifle that is accurate and packs a decent punch.
m7 lancer mass effect 3M-7 Lancer Extend Barrel
Magazine Upgrade
Has unlimited ammo and is very light. Perfect Adept due to minimal cooldown impact.

Submachine Guns

Take the lightest weapons that you can get. Here are a few recommendations:

Name Upgrades Description
geth plasma smg me3Geth Plasma SMG Magazine
Power Magnifier
Light Submachine gun with a very fast fire rate.
m9 tempest me3M-9 Tempest Recoil System
Power Magnifier
This SMG has a high fire rate and decent clip capacity. However, it requires some practice due to its large recoil. It is also a very light option

Heavy Pistol

Listing a few options, that can help in dealing heavy damage if you prefer these to SMGs

Name Upgrades Description
m77 paladin mass effect 3M-77 Paladin Power Magnifier
Magazine Upgrade
A high-tier weapon that deals high damage. It is also lightweight and has a low impact on power cooldown.
m 5 phalanx mass effect 3M-5 Phalanx High Caliber Barrel
Power Magnifier
Does moderate damage and is very accurate.


Here are the stats that I recommend prioritizing for the Adept build in Mass Effect 3:

Name Effects
inferno armor mass effect 3Inferno Armor +30% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
blood dragon armor mass effect 3Blood Dragon Armor +10% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
+20% Shields
cerberus spirit armor mass effect 3Cerberus Spirit Armor +30% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
+10% Shield Regen Speed
+10% Shields

If you wish to use separate armor parts here are the options:

Type Armor Description
Helmet archon visor mass effect 3Archon Visor Increases power recharge speed by 10% 
Helmet umbra visor mass effect 3Umbra Visor Increases power damage by 10% 
Helmet mnemonic visor mass effect 3Mnemonic Visor  Increase power recharge speed by 5%
Increase power damage by 5%
Chest serrice council armor mass effect 3Serrice Council  Increase power damage by 10% 
Chest rosenkov materials amor mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials  Increase power recharge speed by 10% 
Shoulders serrice council shoulders mass effect 3Serrice Council Increase power damage by 10% 
Shoulders rosenkov materials shoulders mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials Increase power recharge speed by 10% 
Arms serrice council arms mass effect 3Serrice Council Increase power damage by 10%
Arms rosenkov materials arms mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials Increase power recharge speed by 10%
Legs serrice council legs mass effect 3Serrice Council Increase power damage by 10%
Legs rosenkov materials legs mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials Increase power recharge speed by 10%


Thank you for reading this post on the best Adept build in Mass Effect 3. I covered recommended abilities and their progression, best equipment, and tactics.

Feel free to leave a comment below!


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