Best Engineer Build - Technical Master

Best Engineer Build - Technical Master - Mass Effect 3 (ME3)

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This post covers the best Engineer build in Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition. They rely on Tech powers to create various elemental effects. Moreover, they are able to command mechanical contraptions like drones that help in the battlefield.

Engineer Build - Technical Master

The build concentrates on using Tech abilities - blowing enemy weapons, incapacitating with electricity, and setting on fire. What also makes it special is that if you encounter synthetic enemies like geth, you can easily take control of them and turn enemies into allies.

But there may come a situation where Engineer becomes overwhelmed - allies die or there are just too many enemies... It can easily be overcome with drones at turrets at your disposal. They stun enemies, set them on fire, or are perfect for drawing attention.

Squad Point Allocation

This section covers how Squad points should be allocated for the end game on the Engineer Build

engineer build squad abilities mass effect 3

Power name Upgrades Order Level (Points)
incinerate mass effect 3Incinerate Any
Recharge Speed
Armor Damage
6 (21)
overload mass effect 3Overload Damage
Neural Shock
Chain Overload
6 (21)
cryo blast mass effect 3Cryo Blast - -
combat drone me3Combat Drone Detonate
Chain Lightning
6 (21)
sabotage me3Sabotage Backfire
Recharge Speed
Tech Vulnerability
6 (21)
sentry turret mass effect 3Sentry Turret Shield & Damage
Armor-Piercing Ammo
6 (21)
Tech mastery mass effect 3Tech Mastery Power Damage
Damage & Capacity
Power Mastery
6 (21)
fitness mass effect 3Fitness Durability
Shield Recharge
Fitness Expert
6 (21)

For bonus powers, there are some excellent choices for Engineer build. Be sure to read them as they significantly improve overall gameplay and weak points:

Power name Upgrades order Description
defense matrix mass effect 3Defense Matrix Durability
Power Synergy
Power Recharge
This would be the primary choice for the Engineer as it gives increased Tech Damage and protection. Of course, the power recharge speed is decreased.
lash me3Lash Detonate
Recharge Speed
Shield Penetration
I recommend having a biotic ability in case you will have group members that can prime Biotic Explosions as your abilities cannot detonate them
reave me3Reave Radius
Recharge Speed
Similar to the previous ability, you may want to have an ability that can detonate Biotic Explosions. Also, Reave activates instantly and can affect multiple enemies. Moreover, it enables dealing significant damage against barriers.

Ability Progression

This section covers detailed ability progression for Engineer Build. This is just a suggested progression, feel free to adjust it based on your needs.

Order Skill Description
1 incinerate mass effect 3Incinerate Lv 3 One of the main abilities that Engineers build uses. It does huge damage against armors and primes enemies for Fire Explosion. It can also detonate Tech Bursts, so mix it with the next skill
2 overload mass effect 3Overload Lv 3 Use it to tear down enemy shields, prime tech bursts, or detonate Tech and Fire Explosions. It also deals some damage to the enemy's health.
3 combat drone me3Combat Drone Lv 4 A perfect ability early in the game, that can save your life. Use it to draw the enemy's attention in case you are overwhelmed. It will give a few seconds for you to use your tech abilities to slowly tear down enemies. For 4th level get Detonate upgrade.
4 Tech mastery mass effect 3Tech Mastery Lv 3 ENgineer's class passive ability. Improves general stats and provides a power damage bonus.
5 sabotage me3Sabotage Lv 4 Get a Backfire upgrade. It will increase the damage of the backfire effect that happens about 1.5 seconds after the ability affects the enemy. Overall this skill is very powerful. Once the backfire activates the enemy is primed for a tech burst. Use any of the other engineer tech abilities to detonate it. it can also prime multiple enemies.
6 overload mass effect 3Overload Lv 5 My preferred choice is Damage and Neural Shock upgrades. The latter is extremely strong as it greatly improves damage against organic enemies. (as it hits them two times). I also prefer a general Damage increase as I use the ability after Sabotage to detonate Tech Burst.
7 incinerate mass effect 3Incinerate Lv 5 For 4th level upgrade any works. Radius allows to damage and prime multiple enemies. Damage is good against single enemy health and armor. For the 5th level take Recharge Speed
8 sabotage me3Sabotage Lv 6 The last upgrade is the most important for the ability and will allow Engineer to deal crazy amounts of damage. Take Tech Vulnerability upgrade. With it, tech abilities will deal 100% damage. So if you follow up with Overload and have Chain evolution you can hit multiple enemies with Tech Bursts.
9 Tech mastery mass effect 3Tech Mastery Lv 5 Take Damage & Capacity upgrades. It will boost power damage and decrease the penalty from weapons against power cooldowns.
10 overload mass effect 3Overload Lv 6 Take Chain Overload. It increases general damage and allows Overload to hit the second enemy. Use this together with Sabotage to detonate multiple Tech Bursts.
11 incinerate mass effect 3Incinerate Lv 6 Get an Armor Damage upgrade. It will ensure that you deal the maximum amount of damage against the enemy's armor. This will be extremely helpful against many boss-type enemies like Banshees, Atlases, or Brutes.

The core of the build is ready and should be able to use the main rotations and feel good using the build. Here are the next steps that you can take to further improve Engineer.

Order Skill Description
12 Bonus Ability This is the perfect time to take the ability. I previously mentioned some recommendations, so take them based on your choice - more tech damage or unlocked biotic abilities.
13 Tech mastery mass effect 3Tech Mastery Lv 6 My only recommendation is Power Mastery for the last upgrade. With it you can deal the maximum amount of damage with an Engineer. The other upgrade improves drones. Sadly, it is not as helpful as one would think after multiple testing.
14 combat drone me3Combat Drone Lv 6 To further improve the Shock and Chain Lightning. These upgrades ensure that the drone creates as much confusion as it can - by stunning enemies.
15 sentry turret mass effect 3Sentry Turret Lv 6 By itself the ability is nothing special, however, we can make some use of it. Take Shields & Damage, Armor-Piercing Ammo, and Flamethrower upgrades. Once the turret starts hitting with fire, enemies will get primed for Fire Explosion. Use Overload or Incinerate to detonate it.
16 fitness mass effect 3Fitness Lv 6 The last ability to get. It increases shields and their recharge delay. Nothing fancy, just late-game improvements. Pick Durability, Shield Recharge, and Durability.

Tactics and Squad

This section will cover how to best play Engineer build in Mass Effect 3.

Sabotage as a primer

The Sabotage skill works extremely well with the Engineer build. This comes true with the level 6 upgrade - Tech Vulnerability. After you use the ability on the enemy all tech skills will deal 100% more damage for 10 seconds.

engineer sabotage overload combo mass effect 3

So follow up with Incinerate and Overload after the Backfire effect (the organic enemy gets shocked and they stutter). This will cause a Tech Burst with double damage on top. In the example above enemy engineer, turret, and nearby assault Tropper gets annihilated, while on trooper gets AOE damage from the combo.

Of course, Sabotage can also take over Synthetic enemies. In this case, they are not primed for Tech Burst. But it is perfect in some encounters where you can take over Atlas or Geth Prime. They then help you to fight other enemies for a few seconds.

Using Drones and Turrets

Having drones early in the game will allow them to draw the enemy's attention. This is perfect as you can coordinate your attacks and have some breather from constant bullets.

combat drone draw attention stun mass effect 3

As you can the summon stuns enemies and then enemies start attacking it. This is especially useful in case your companions die and you are being overrun from multiple sides.

The turret is also very useful once you get the Flamethrower effect. Its attacks then prime enemies for Fire Explosions. Follow up with Incinerate or Overload to cause an explosion. Unfortunately, it is not as good at drawing enemy attention.

Engineer class - is a caster

The first question would be what that means. Similar to adepts, the engineer is best suited for constantly using Tech abilities rather than concentrating on using the gun. The main reason is that they do not get any bonuses for any of the weapon types. You can still use weapons but they are not as effective as with some other classes like Soldier


Here are the companions that I recommend for Engineer in Mass Effect 3:

  • EDI - she has multiple tech abilities and gets a huge boost to power damage. She is the most powerful tech companion. You can use her to set up or detonate combos. She can also easily strip enemies of shields
  • Garrus - the most powerful companion with assault rifles. Of course, that is not all and he comes with Overload (for stripping enemy shields) and Concussive Shot that can detonate all tech-related combos.
  • James - he synergizes well with Engineer due Incendiary Ammo skill. It primes enemies for Fire Explosion that the engineer can easily detonate for large damage
  • Liara - she is the only biotic user that I recommend with Engineer. What makes her special is Warp. It can detonate any type of combo in the game. However, if she uses Biotic ability and primes Biotic explosion Engineer cannot exploit that. Due to this, you should pick Biotic-related bonus power like Lash or Reave if you take her with you.


This section will cover what equipment you should be using with Engineer Build.

Assault Rifles

I do not think assault rifles are necessary for this build but here are some options in case you prefer shooting.

Name Upgrades Description
m96 mattock mass effect 3M-96 Mattock Extend Barrel
Magazine Upgrade
A very light Assault rifle that is accurate and packs a decent punch.
m7 lancer mass effect 3M-7 Lancer Extend Barrel
Magazine Upgrade
The lightest assault rifle in the game. It also has unlimited ammo, perfect for some longer encounters.

Submachine Guns

The perfect weapon for heavy tech power usage.

Name Upgrades Description
geth plasma smg me3Geth Plasma SMG Magazine
Power Magnifier
By default I recommend this one, it has the highest fire rate and good accuracy. A perfect weapon for priming combos with ammo abilities.
m9 tempest me3M-9 Tempest Recoil System
Power Magnifier
This SMG has a high fire rate and decent clip capacity. However, it requires some practice due to its large recoil. It is also a very light option

Heavy Pistol

These weapons can come in handy once you use Sabotage on the organic enemy. The backfire effect will stun them, allowing you to have a few seconds to land the precise shot.

Name Upgrades Description
executioner mass effect 3Executioner Pistol Power Magnifier
Ultralight Materials
The strongest heavy pistol in the game. Perfect to be used by Engineers once the enemy is staggered.
m77 paladin mass effect 3M-77 Paladin Power Magnifier
Ultralight Materials
A good all-around weapon, that comes with high damage. It does not have any special effects.


Here are the stats that I recommend prioritizing for the Engineer build in Mass Effect 3:

Name Effects
inferno armor mass effect 3Inferno Armor +30% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
cerberus spirit armor mass effect 3Cerberus Spirit Armor +30% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
+10% Shield Regen Speed
+10% Shields
blood dragon armor mass effect 3Blood Dragon Armor +10% Power Recharge Speed
+30% Power Damage
+20% Shields

If you wish to use separate armor parts here are the options:

Type Armor Description
Helmet archon visor mass effect 3Archon Visor Increases power recharge speed by 10% 
Helmet umbra visor mass effect 3Umbra Visor Increases power damage by 10% 
Helmet mnemonic visor mass effect 3Mnemonic Visor  Increase power recharge speed by 5%
Increase power damage by 5%
Chest serrice council armor mass effect 3Serrice Council  Increase power damage by 10% 
Chest rosenkov materials amor mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials  Increase power recharge speed by 10% 
Shoulders serrice council shoulders mass effect 3Serrice Council Increase power damage by 10% 
Shoulders rosenkov materials shoulders mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials Increase power recharge speed by 10% 
Arms serrice council arms mass effect 3Serrice Council Increase power damage by 10%
Arms rosenkov materials arms mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials Increase power recharge speed by 10%
Legs serrice council legs mass effect 3Serrice Council Increase power damage by 10%
Legs rosenkov materials legs mass effect 3Rosenkov Materials Increase power recharge speed by 10%

As you can see we go all in on power usage to decrease power cooldowns and get the largest power bonuses. This will affect all tech skills.


Thank you for reading this post on the best Engineer build in Mass Effect 3. I covered recommended abilities and their progression, best equipment, and tactics.

Feel free to leave a comment below!


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