Sera Tempest Build - Complete guide

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Sera Tempest Build - Complete guide

In this post, I will go through the complete Sera build in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It will cover all you need to know about the best skills, tactics, and equipment.

Sera is an elven archer. She has an interesting personality that makes some players confused. The reason is her "Friends of the Red Jenny". She is exceptionally skilled in combat and provides great support to Inquisitor

Important! The companion build is compatible with Nightmare difficulty, however, to pull it off correctly, be sure to have a good Inquisitor build

Sera level 1-10

Early in the game, our main priority is to have Sera act as an effective archer. This is fairly difficult to achieve due to the limited number of skills points you have. However, here is what I would prioritize:

Order Skill Description
1 Stealth + Clinging Shadows Allows Sera to escape from enemies easily
2 Poisoned Weapons + Infected Wound Early ability to increase overall damage you do with skills and auto-attack
3 Long Shot Does 600% weapon damage if shot from more than 15 meters
4 First Blood Passive skill that will increase damage if enemy health is full
5 Death From Above We take it mainly for progression
6 Leaping Shot + Shot from the Shadows Fire spell is cheap and deals decent damage
7 Explosive Shot + Shockwave Effective knockback skill to take out a specific target.

Unfortunately, there are not many skills that will support AI. Due to this, the build may feel lackluster, but we will greatly improve in the mid-game

Sera Archer Build

With this build, we will concentrate on making Sera as effective as she can be. She will shoot as fast as a machine gun, tearing through enemies. Not only this but due to constant critical hits she will be able to spam skills to her heart's content:

Sera build stats

Remember that you will need to respecialize skills before making this build

Sera - abilities overview

This section shows a high-level overview of what skills to pick

Subterfuge Tree

Sera Subterfuge tree

Tempest Tree

Tempest tree sera

Archery Tree

Archery tree sera

Sabotage Tree

Sabotage tree sera

Sera - abilities detailed progression

With the Tempest specialization, we unlock great possibilities. Here is how you should start:

Order Skill Description
1 Flask of Fire + Unquenchable Flames Will allow Sera to use Long Shot and Explosive Shot without cooldowns
2 Fury of the Storm Gives a boost to damage when stamina is below 50%
3 Killer's Alchemy Gain bonus damage after using a Flask or potions
4 Flask of Lightning + Stormrage Slows time allowing to shoot Sera as fast as a machine gun. The upgrade gives a bonus duration allowing to deal more damage.
5 Stealth + Clinging Shadows It will be good to have bonus survival skills so that Sera could escape any difficult encounter
6 Long Shot + Archer's Lance Main active ability that AI Sera will use to deal damage. Will work great with Flask of Fire.
7 First Blood Increases damage that Sera deals to enemies when they have 80% or more HP.
8 Explosive Shot + upgrade An additional active skill that can deal AOE damage. I prefer Shockwave upgrade for better Crowd control capabilities on higher difficulties and if you have friendly fire on.
9 Pincushion Each hit from your bow to the same target will give an additional boost to damage
10 Caltrops We take this ability only for progression
11 Looked Like It Hurt Each critical hit will restore 10 stamina. Mandatory skill to have.
12 Cheap Shot As you will do many critical hits use this passive ability to lower enemy armors
13 Thousand Cuts This Focus ability will allow you to take dragons with a single-use. So save it for difficult encounters
14 Flask of Frost We mainly take this skill to unlock other abilities
15 Flaskmaster We mainly take this skill to unlock other abilities
16 Ride of the Storm It will make Sera elixirs last longer by 3 seconds. However, this activates only if they are used one after another, for this reason, we set them to preferred
17 Easy to Miss With this passive ability, Sera's threat generation will be greatly reduced.

Tactics and Behaviours

This section will cover how you should set up Sera's tactics and behaviors to maximize her efficiency as a companion.

This Sera build relies on auto attacks mostly. However, once Flask of Fire is activated she should use Explosive Shot and Long Shot constantly.

sera tactics

For tactics:

  • Set Flask of Fire and Flask of Lightning as preferred
  • Disable Caltrops
  • To maximize DPS disable Flask of Frost. Leave it active if you want Sera to easier survive enemy encounters
  • I preferred Thousand Cuts disabled
  • All other talents can be enabled.

In the behaviors window here are my suggestions:

  • Mana/Stamina reserve 0%
  • Targeting Behaviour: tank character.

Sera stats

Here is how I recommend prioritizing stats when deciding what equipment to wear:

  • Critical Chance - I recommend having at least 50%
  • Critical damage - once you have sufficient critical chance invest here
  • Cunning - boosts critical chance (until 50% critical chance)
  • Dexterity - boosts critical damage
  • Attack - overall boost to damage

Sera items and equipment

In this section, I will give some high-level recommendations on what to pick for Sera.


I recommend Hidden Blades. This is the extremely powerful passive that can be acquired by crafting equipment with: Fade-Touched Ring Velvet, Fade-Touched Velveteen, Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet.


Here is a list of some recommended items to use for this Sera build:

  • Malika's Guard - gives a boost to attack and dexterity. Extremely good for an archer. Can be found in Crestwood's locked house once the rift in Flooded caves is closed.
  • Cooldown Amulets - will allow Sera to use Flasks more often
  • Mask of the Grand Duchess - gives a large boost to critical chance and cunning. Received if you expose Florianne de Chalons during the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest.
  • Ambassador's Mask - boosts cunning and critical damage. Awarded if Celene is assassinated and you support Briala during the WIcked Eyes and WIcked hearts quest
  • Superior Prowler Armor (craftable) - gives good slots to craft critical boosting equipment
  • Bane of Red Crossing - decent early bow that you can acquire by collecting Astariums in the Storm Coast
  • Grunsmann's Bow - easily obtainable bow from Skyhold merchants


I hope it was interesting for you to read about this Sera build in Dragon Age Inquisition. It should cover all your needs to fully prepare her as a strong companion.

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