Best Storm Sorcerer Build

Best Storm Sorcerer Build - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

By zanuffas
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In this post, I will go through the Storm Sorcerer Build for Baldur's Gate 3. It is a lightning incarnate which is a master of Lightning. Draw some Icicles and look at your double Lightning damage. Moreover, Storm Sorcerer can empower the spells using metamagic to cast even triple spells per turn

Storm Sorcerer Build

The build concentrates on making a Sorcerer that primarily casts Lightning spells. We take the Storm Sorcerer subclass which is perfect for this. It also gives a huge mobility boost by allowing you to Fly via bonus action after a spell is cast. The goal is to reach level 5 as soon as possible to unlock Lightning Bolt, hitting multiple enemies in a straight line.

Being a sorcerer is also a good choice for the main character. As you will participate in dialogues, there will be many options to roll Persuasion, Performance, etc. checks. You can easily be the face of the party as you have high Charisma, and cantrips like Friends and Thaumaturgy allowing you to easily pass these checks.

With this build I will go 12 levels into Sorcerer, however, there are some Multiclass choices if you are interested.

Multiclass Option

However, there is one optimization that makes it a one-turn wonder - multiclass to Tempest Cleric. Why? Destructive Wrath icon passive feature bg3Destructive Wrath​ allows you to maximize lightning/thunder spell damage. So you can deal the maximum possible damage by using the Channel Divinity Charge. This will require more short and long rests, to reset the expended Charges. So if you do not care about that, multiclassing is a good choice for you.

stomr sorcerer combat lightning bolt water surface baldurs gate 3

The biggest problem is that your ability proficiencies get messed up due to how multiclassing works. Spells from external sources like Scrolls and items like Markoheshkir icon bg3Markoheshkir use the last class. So if you are using the Chain Lightning spell from the staff, and your last class was Cleric, you will use Wisdom. Being a Sorcerer this is problematic as it decreases your spell effectiveness.

Here are some progression options with pros and cons.

Setup Pros Cons
5 Lv Sorcerer -> Respec -> 1 Lv Cleric/5 Lv Sorcerer -> 1 Lv Cleric -> 5 Lv Sorcerer You enjoy level 3 spells at level 5. After the respec to 1 Lv Cleric (first) and 5 Lv Sorcerer. You also get correct ability modifiers for your spells, attack rolls, and saving throws. This way you can effectively use spells from Scrolls and weapons like Markoheshkir icon bg3Markoheshkir. The build also works as intended. The biggest downside is that you lose Constitution Saving Throw proficiency. It also requires some respeccing throughout the game.
5 Lv Sorcerer -> 2 Lv Cleric -> 5 Lv Sorcerer Straightforward progression and you enjoy the full potential of Sorcerer at level 5. Your proficiencies get messed up, moreover, spells from scrolls and items don't get your attribute proficiency bonuses. If you are happy with the selections you get through leveling, then this is not a problem, but spells from items deteriorate.
1 Lv Cleric -> 5 Lv Sorcerer -> 1 Lv Cleric -> 5 Lv Sorcerer You start with Cleric, which gives very good survivability from armor and shield proficiencies. You also get correct ability proficiency bonuses. You lose Constitution Saving Throw proficiency that would help with spell concentration
I would go with the third option, even though spells get delayed, this is not a big problem.

Short overview

This is a short overview and progression of the build. Use it to get a glance if you want to pick the best options without going deep into the explanations. A more detailed description with texts, suggestions, and improvements can be found in the next sections.

Storm Sorcerer Leveling Overview Expand
Level Category Choice
1 Abilities Str 8, Dex 16 (15+1), Con 14, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 17 (15+2)
  Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 1
  Cantrips Spell_Enchantment_Friends Baldur's Gate 3Friends, Spell_Illusion_MinorIllusion Baldur's Gate 3Minor Illusion, Spell_Evocation_FireBolt Baldur's Gate 3Fire bolt, Spell_Evocation_RayOfFrost Baldur's Gate 3Ray of Frost
  Spells Spell_Evocation_MagicMissile Baldur's Gate 3Magic Missile, Spell_Abjuration_MageArmor Baldur's Gate 3Mage Armour
  Subclass storm sorcery bg3Storm Sorcery
  Skills Athletics, Acrobatics, Intimidation, Persuasion, Performance
2 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 2
  Spells Spell_Evocation_Thunderwave Baldur's Gate 3Thunderwave
  Class Passives Skill_Sorcerer_Passive_Metamagic_TwinnedSpell Baldur's Gate 3Metamagic: Twinned Spell, Skill_Sorcerer_Passive_Metamagic_DistantSpell Baldur's Gate 3Metamagic: Distant Spell
3 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 3
  Spells Spell_Evocation_Shatter Baldur's Gate 3Shatter
  Class Passives Skill_Sorcerer_Passive_Metamagic_QuickenedSpell Baldur's Gate 3Metamagic: Quickened Spell
4 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 4
  Cantrips Spell_Evocation_ShockingGrasp Baldur's Gate 3Shocking Grasp
  Spells Spell_Shield Baldur's Gate 3Shield
  Feat ico_features Baldur's Gate 3Ability Improvement - Charisma +2
5 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 5
  Spells Spell_Evocation_LightningBolt Baldur's Gate 3Lightning Bolt
  Replace Spell Spell_Abjuration_MageArmor Baldur's Gate 3Mage Armour -> Spell_Transmutation_Haste Baldur's Gate 3Haste
6 Class cleric Baldur's Gate 3Cleric 1
  Cantrips Spell_Transmutation_Thaumaturgy Baldur's Gate 3Thaumaturgy, Spell_Conjuration_ProduceFlame_Light Baldur's Gate 3Produce Flame, Spell_Divination_Guidance Baldur's Gate 3Guidance
  Subclass cleric_tempest Baldur's Gate 3Tempest Domain
7 Class cleric Baldur's Gate 3Cleric 2
8 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 6
  Spells Spell_Abjuration_Counterspell Baldur's Gate 3Counterspell
9 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 7
10 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 8
  Spells Spell_Abjuration_Banishment Baldur's Gate 3Banishment
  Feat PassiveFeature_SpellSniper_Snipe Baldur's Gate 3Spell Sniper
11 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 9
  Spell Spell_Transmutation_Telekinesis Baldur's Gate 3Telekinesis
12 Class sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer 10
  Cantrips Spell_Abjuration_BladeWard Baldur's Gate 3Blade Ward
  Spells Spell_Enchantment_HoldMonster Baldur's Gate 3Hold Monster
  Class Passives Skill_Sorcerer_Passive_Metamagic_HeightenedSpell Baldur's Gate 3Metamagic: Heightened Spell

Starting the Game

We start with the early game. I would go into what are the best Races, Abilities, and Skills for Storm Sorcerer. Some of these choices are impactful as you cannot respec them.


Picking a race provides various benefits - abilities, dialogue options, looks, etc. Overall you would want to get Shield Proficiency or some bonuses to the damage you would do with spells.

If you are having difficulties choosing, pick whatever you prefer regarding looks or roleplay. "The perfect race pick" is important if you are eager to min-max.
Race Features Description
bg3 halflingSttrongheart Halfling
  • Halfling Luck icon passive feature bg3Halfling Luck
  • Brave icon passive feature bg3Brave
  • Strongheart Resilience icon passive feature bg3Strongheart Resilience​​
Due to their Halfling Luck icon passive feature bg3Halfling Luck, the race is very potent in sustaining concentration on spells, attack rolls, and ability checks. This is not game-changing but still gives a little edge compared to other options.
Half-Elf Baldur's Gate 3High Half-Elf
  • Civil Militia icon passive feature bg3Civil Militia
  • Darkvision icon passive feature bg3Darkvision
  • Fey Ancestry icon passive feature bg3Fey Ancestry
I think this is the "optimal" choice. High Half-Elfs get a cantrip, Darkvision, and also shield proficiency. More or less everything that you need for a good Sorcerer
Human Baldur's Gate 3Human
  • Civil Militia icon passive feature bg3Civil Militia
  • Human Versatility icon passive feature bg3Human Versatility
This is one of the rare occasions where I would recommend going with a human. You can get Shield proficiency that will be valuable throughout the game for various bonuses and increased Armour class.


As this is Storm Sorcerer build the first choice is obvious and it gives you all you need for the build - access to mobility, sorcery points, constitution saving throws, etc.

However, if you would like a little more survivability, you could take 1st level as a Cleric and multiclass into Sorcerer. This way you would get heavy armor proficiency, giving a decent amount of protection and shield proficiency. Then at level 5, you could respec back to full Sorcerer. For the build simplicity, we will start with Storm Sorcerer.

sorcerer Baldur's Gate 3Sorcerer
ico_mini_spellSlot Baldur's Gate 3Spell Slots These can be used to cast spells and are restored each long rest.


The sorcerer can choose 4 cantrips. This is a lot, allowing us to make some good choices. There are some other choices but I leave those for later levels.

Cantrips Description
Spell_Enchantment_Friends Baldur's Gate 3Friends If you are the main character and do most of the dialogues, this is also a good choice as it gives an advantage during rolls.
Spell_Evocation_FireBolt Baldur's Gate 3Fire Bolt Use this cantrip to deal moderate damage or light up barrels with oil. Perfect if you want to save spell slots
Spell_Evocation_RayOfFrost Baldur's Gate 3Ray of Frost Opposite to Fire Bolt, you can deal ice damage if enemies are resistant to fire damage.
Spell_Illusion_MinorIllusion Baldur's Gate 3Minor Illusion Lure enemies together from stealth with the cantrip. Then use Shatter, Thudnerwave, or any other area of effect spell, to deal huge damage.

minor illussion attract enemies baldurs gate 3


Sorcerers cannot prepare spells. This means that what they choose during the level-up screen - is what they can use. This can easily cause decision paralysis especially if you are new to the game. Here are my recommendations for what to pick early:

Spells Description
Spell_Evocation_MagicMissile Baldur's Gate 3Magic Missile I recommend this spell. It can hit multiple enemies and does not miss. You can easily finish off a straggler with a few HP and damage the second foe.
Spell_Abjuration_MageArmor Baldur's Gate 3Mage Armour Until we reach level 6 and get heavy armor proficiency, this spell will give us 13 Armour Class. Pair this with a dexterity bonus and we have 16 Armour Class at the start of the game. The same as a heavy armor user
chromatic orb bg3Chromatic Orb Another option that is useful due to the multiple elements it can select for damage. So you can choose the one that the enemy is vulnerable to.
A Shield spell is a very powerful option. However, as the Sorcerer spellslots are limited early game, I will recommend taking it later on.


storm sorcery bg3Storm Sorcery
Tempestuous Magic icon passive feature bg3Tempestuous Magic After you cast a Level 1 spell or higher you can Fly as a bonus action until the end of your turn without receiving Opportunity Attacks.


Now let's take a look at the abilities of the Storm Sorcerer build. Correct allocation will allow us to maximize the early gameplay and get good modifier bonuses.

Ability Value Description
strengthStrength 8 We do not need strength as we will not be in close range often.
dexterityDexterity 16 (15+1) High dexterity will give a good bonus to initiative. Moreover, it will give a bonus Armour Class based on the ability modifier. Later on, if you pick Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert, this could be lowered to increase other stats.
constitution bg3Constitution 14 The constitution will give us bonus HP and increase the success of Constitution Saving Throws
intelligenceIntelligence 8 Not an important stat for the build.
wisdomWisdom 10 We get 10, to not get any negative modifier for Wisdom Saving Throws, as there are many of them.
charismaproficient_ability Baldur's Gate 3Charisma 17 (15+2) The main ability of Sorcerer build. It determines our spell success, and spell difficulty. Moreover, it is used for many dialogue checks, ensuring that you can trick or persuade NPCs. This assumes, that you will be using Auntie Ethel's Hair for +1 Charisma.

Skills and Expertise

Overall, the skills should be impacted by your roleplaying and background decisions. However, you would still want those that will give you the best benefits. My recommendations are to pick those at which you have a high ability modifier:

  • Acrobatics
  • Persuasion
  • Deception
  • Performance
  • Intimidation

Detailed Leveling Progression

Here is the detailed progression for the build to get you started. You can use it as a guideline because early games can be daunting and overwhelming. Later on, once you get the feel for the class you can start picking your options

Level 2

Instantly at level 2, we get some sweet stuff. First, you get an additional level 1 spell slot. Second, 2 sorcery points are added, they can be used for creating spell slots, additional spellcasting, etc. Last, we unlock special metamagic mechanic.

Actions Description
Skill_Sorcerer_CreateSorceryPoints_1 Baldur's Gate 3Create Sorcery Points Spend Spell Slots to gain Sorcery Points. Once you get some more metamagic options, you could sacrifice spell slots, to cast two spells in one turn or increase your range
Skill_Sorcerer_CreateSpellSlot_1 Baldur's Gate 3Create Spell Slot Spend Sorcery Points to unlock a Spell Slot. You could create a higher tier spell slot, to increase the damage over what you can at the current level


Spells Description
Spell_Evocation_Thunderwave Baldur's Gate 3Thunderwave Do you see an enemy close to the ledge? Or they are close to you? Use Thunderwave to knock them back and deal thunder damage. It can instantly kill foes that are thrown from the ledge.
chromatic orb bg3Chromatic Orb If you did not take it previously, now it is also a good choice.

Class Passives

Sorcerers get access to unique actions - metamagic. They allow to consumption of sorcery points to enhance spellcasting. New metamagic options will be unlocked as we level up as you have more and more Sorcery Points. Choose two:

Passives Description
Metamagic: Twinned Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Twinned Spell Spells that only target 1 creature can target an additional creature. I would say this one is mandatory.
Metamagic: Distant Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Distant Spell Increase the range of spells by 50%. You can easily now avoid the penalty for the lack of range if this situation happens when spellcasting
Metamagic: Extended Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Extended Spell Increases the duration of your spells. Excellent choice for crowd control casting.

Level 3

We unlock the level 2 spell slots and spells. We also gain another option for metamagic, this time much better

Spells and Replace Spell

Level 2 spells are okay, nothing that is groundbreaking. Here are a few recommendations of what you can take. You also can replace spells, but I do not recommend doing that yet at this stage.

Spells Description
Spell_Conjuration_CloudOfDaggers Baldur's Gate 3Cloud of Daggers This can be used to target multiple enemies and is very good in passages or choke points. The spell deals damage when it's cast and when the enemy's turn begins. This means you do 2x damage by default.
blindness bg3Blindness Amazing spell that does not take up a concentration slot and still provides a decent amount of crowd control against foes.

Class Passives

We are getting another metamagic selection. The good thing is that two new options are introduced. Here is my recommendation:

Passives Description
Metamagic: Quickened Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Quickened Spell By consuming 3 Sorcery points a spell can be cast using bonus action instead of action points. You can cast two damage spells one after another. Or later, you could use Haste and then two spells at the same turn. This unlocks tactical possibilities.

Level 4

We get our first Feat selection that will greatly improve both offense and defense. The Sorcerer also unlocks another level 2 spell slot and can select an additional spell.


We can choose another cantrip. Here is my recommendation:

Cantrips Description
mage hand bg3Mage Hand Amazing cantrip that summons a spectral hand. It can throw items, shove enemies, and be a distraction. It is also invisible.
light bg3Light This will be useful in Act 2 or if you don't have Darkvision icon passive feature bg3Darkvision. But take it if you do not see the use for Mage Hand.


Spells Description
Spell_Shield Baldur's Gate 3Shield I cannot stress enough how powerful this spell is. You can use the level 1 spell slot, to increase your armour class by 5. The result is that you can avoid most of the attacks during the turn.


For the first Feat, there is nothing much to recommend. You only want to improve your ability score for a higher spell success chance and more damage

Feat Description
ico_features Baldur's Gate 3Ability Improvement Allocate 2 ability points to Charisma. This will increase the modifier by 1 resulting in higher spell success.

Level 5

And we finally reach level 3 spells. Moreover, we get 2 level 3 spell slots for upcasting.


There are a lot of good spells at this tier, so it's hard to choose what to pick. But as we are a Storm Sorcerer, there is only one true contender:

Spells Description
Spell_Evocation_LightningBolt Baldur's Gate 3Lightning Bolt A lightning spell that hits all enemies in a direct line. Try to get the best position possible to hit as many foes as you can. Moreover, try to wet enemies with party members for double damage.

Replace Spell

We also need to do some spell replacement. I would suggest removing Thunderwave as you will have Lightning Bolt for Area of Effect damage. Moreover, the next level will bring back Thunderwave.

Spells Description
Spell_Transmutation_Haste Baldur's Gate 3Haste A very powerful spell that gives an additional action point. In a sense, you can cast two spells. Add Metamagic: Quickened Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Quickened Spell, and you can cast 3 spells per turn! It can also be activated on two targets with Metamagic: Twinned Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Twinned Spell

Level 6

This level is a big step for Storm Sorcerer. You get a swath of new spells, actions and reactions:

Features Description
Heart of the Storm icon passive feature bg3Heart of the Storm When you cast a Spell of level 1 or higher that deals Lightning or Thunder damage, you cause a small, local storm. All enemies within 6m take additional Lightning or Thunder damage equal to half your Sorcerer level.
Heart of the Storm: Resistance icon passive feature bg3Heart of the Storm: Resistance You are resistant to Lightning and Thunder damage.

And you gain multiple spells related to your subclass for free:

Spells Description
Spell_Conjuration_CallLightning Baldur's Gate 3Call Lightning A perfect skill to hit multiple enemies that are close to each other. Also, it can be reused next turns without expending spell slots if your concentration is not broken. However, it will break other spell concentration
Spell_Conjuration_SleetStorm Baldur's Gate 3Sleet Storm Amazing crowd control spell that disrupts spellcaster concentration and creates Ice surfaces. After one turn this changes into water. It can be electrified or wet enemies can be hit for double damage.
Spell_Evocation_GustOfWind Baldur's Gate 3Gust of Wind Creates a wide cone of wind that pushes enemies 5 meters and throws them off balance. I use Thunderwave which also deals damage.
Spell_Transmutation_CreateWater Baldur's Gate 3Create or Destroy Water You can use this spell to make your foes wet. It is a perfect choice to be used with Metamagic: Quickened Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Quickened Spell. After that follow up with Lightning Bolt or Call Lightning for double damage.
Spell_Evocation_Thunderwave Baldur's Gate 3Thunderwave It allows you to knock back targets and deal thunder damage.


We are still able to choose between level 3 spells.

Spells Description
Spell_Abjuration_Counterspell Baldur's Gate 3Counterspell Another powerful spell that can counter almost any spell that foe casts. Even if you don't use it often, it is good to have it as it will notify you of what enemies are casting and let you decide the next steps

Replace Spell

Remove Cloud of Daggers, and choose from some very good crowd control options:

Spells Description
fear bg3Fear I think the most powerful option. It makes enemies drop their weapons, and they cannot do anything besides run. This has a wide area of effect and ignores allies. Just remember to pick up the foe's weapons!
Spell_Transmutation_Slow Baldur's Gate 3Slow You can target up to 6 foes to slow them down. If most of them succeed the combat will become drastically easier and you can overwhelm almost anyone
Spell_Illusion_HypnoticPattern Baldur's Gate 3Hypnotic Pattern Very deadly against low Wisdom enemies. The spell has a huge area of effect. The only downside would be that it only works for two turns, but this should be enough to take out a few foes.

Level 7

We reach level 4 spells. There are a few powerful options that will synergize well with our Storm Sorcerer build

Spells and Replace Spell

Spell Description
Spell_Evocation_IceStorm Baldur's Gate 3Ice Storm Drops Icicles from the sky that deal both ice and physical damage. Creates an Ice surface, which can make enemies fall. This can immobilize large groups of foes as they continue to slip.
Spell_Enchantment_DominateBeast Baldur's Gate 3Dominate Beast Take control of enemy beasts to fight on your side. Targeting someone with low Wisdom will allow you to break enemy ranks as they scramble and start fighting each other.

Level 8

The level-up gives the first level 5 spell slot. You can cast very powerful spells by upcasting current ones. moreover, a new Feat is unlocked

Spells and Replace Spell

Spell Description
Spell_Abjuration_Banishment Baldur's Gate 3Banishment Remove the target from the battlefield. This can be perfect for making the encounter easier and even disabling enemy buffs temporarily - like auras. The most important thing is that it does Charisma Saving Throw which is very rare and good to have

For replacement, it's your choice, you can pick something you want to try or discard a spell you do not use.


Feat Description
Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert My recommendation would be this feature. It will make you go first, allowing you to heavily damage enemies or take control of the battlefield before they can do anything
Dual Wielder icon passive feature bg3Dual Wielder If you do not have shield proficiency, I recommend picking this up. It will allow you to utilize the offhand effectively and equip a second quarterstaff or other item to improve spells. Otherwise, you could delay it for later.

Level 9

And we get to Level 5 spells. All of them are very powerful, but you will be able to cast them one or two times. Another downside is that most of them use a Concentration slot, which is already contending for multiple spells in your arsenal.

Spells and Replace Spell

There are many good choices here but I do not think any of them is "the best". I list a few alternatives that you are free to choose, based on your playstyle. You will continue using Lightning Bolt and Call Lightning for the highest possible damage.

Spell Description
Spell_Evocation_ConeOfCold Baldur's Gate 3Cone of Cold A decent option that targets multiple foes in a cone. The downside is that it does not create any ice or water surface, so besides damage, there are no pros in using it.
Spell_Transmutation_Telekinesis Baldur's Gate 3Telekinesis I love this spell. First thing it allows you to play with enemies and throw them around the battlefield. Second, it can be recast without using a spell slot, which is another huge benefit.

Level 10

We reached the last level of the build. The sorcerer class gives the last sorcery point, a new cantrip option, a spell, and one metamagic selection.


You are free to take any cantrip that you find useful. More or less the build has been finished, so this is just a good addition:

Cantrips Description
Spell_Conjuration_MageHand Baldur's Gate 3Mage Hand Quality of Life spell, that you can use to summon a hand. It can solve some puzzles, pick and throw objects. It can also shove enemies from ledges.
Spell_Abjuration_BladeWard Baldur's Gate 3Blade Ward Reduce incoming piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage by half. If you are fighting against enemies that use physical attacks this in theory doubles your HP.

Spells and Replace Spell

We continue with level 5 spells. Generally, pick anything you want to add to the Sorcerer's arsenal. For spell replacement, again, remove what you don't use or want to try. Otherwise skip it.

Spell Description
Spell_Enchantment_HoldMonster Baldur's Gate 3Hold Monster Similar to Hold Person, it allows putting monsters in place. Add a nearby melee attacker or go close with your spell for guaranteed critical hits.
Spell_Enchantment_DominatePerson Baldur's Gate 3Dominate Person You can make a person fight for you. Similar to Dominate Beast, this can make encounters much more difficult for enemies as their ranks could fall apart from one strong fighter joining your side.

Class Passives

Passives Description
Metamagic: Heightened Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Heightened Spell Targets of spells that require Saving Throws have a Disadvantage on their first Saving Throw. It will give a higher success of spell success. But overall, at this point in the game, it will not matter much.

Level 11

This is a big stepping stone and unlocks level 6 spells. Moreover, we get the last feature of Storm Sorcerer.

Features Description
Storm's Fury icon passive feature bg3Storm's Fury Gives protection against melee-range enemies that dare to attack you. Good use of your reaction.

Spells and Replace Spell

Spell Description
chain lightning bg3Chain Lightning The obvious and most powerful choice for this build. Can also be twin cast using Metamagic: Twinned Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Twinned Spell.

I would also recommend replacing one of not used spells and getting:

Spell Description
disintegrate bg3Disintegrate A deadly single-target spell. You can also use it together with Metamagic: Twinned Spell icon passive feature bg3Metamagic: Twinned Spell​ for double damage.
globe of invulnerability bg3Globe of Invulnerability Almost a game-breaking spell, makes you invulnerable for 3 turns. This can make fights trivial and can be especially useful if you want to make sure ally NPCs survive fights.

Level 12

We reach the last level of the build, giving the finishing touches.

Spells and Replace Spell

More or less the build has all the mandatory spells, I recommend taking one of those that I mentioned before, or you could get some quirky ones:

Spell Description
arcane gate bg3Arcane Gate Allows to move multiple people through the portal
greater invisibility bg3Greater Invisibility Very potent when used on your Rogue. Allows you to easily delete enemies while being invisible if you pass Stealth Checks.
eyebite bg3Eyebite You can try this as an option with the build.


We now get the third Feat of the build

Feat Description
Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert Take this if you have not taken it before. It will make you go first, allowing you to heavily damage enemies or take control of the battlefield before they can do anything
Dual Wielder icon passive feature bg3Dual Wielder Take this if you have not taken it before. It will allow you to utilize the offhand effectively and equip a second quarterstaff or other item to improve spells. Otherwise, you could delay it for later.
War Caster: Concentration icon passive feature bg3War Caster: Concentration Another option if you want to have the highest probability that your spell concentration is not broken.

Illithid Powers

This is a special mechanic in Baldur's Gate 3, that allows you to consume tadpoles and unlock special Illithid Powers. These range from somewhat useful, to extremely deadly. I would like to leave a few recommendations:

Base Illithid Powers

Order Illithid Power Description
1 favourable beginnings bg3Favourable Beginnings Very useful power to take as it does not have any costs, and provides only benefits on the first hits.
2 luck of the far realms bg3Luck of the Far Realms Guarantees a critical hit, a very powerful action to have.
3 concentrated blast bg3Concentrated Blast Taking only for progression, to unlock the next power.
4 cull the weak bg3Cull the Weak Passive feature that does not cost anything and automatically deals bonus psychic damage around the target, once it is close to death.
5 shield of thralls bg3Shield of Thralls Taking for progression, to unlock the next power, but it also provides a good bonus as temporary health.

Elite Illithid Powers

These become unlocked later in the game as you progress. They are extremely powerful additions to the build.

Order Illithid Power Description
1 freecast bg3Freecast Removes any cost of spell slots or charges, allowing you to cast some very powerful spells in case you cannot do that, or want to save Smite slots.

General Tips

Now I would like to cover some general tips on how to play Storm Sorcerer Build.

Twinned Spell and Haste

Even if you did not plan this, Sorcerer can be extremely powerful support. At level 5 you gain access to level 3 spell slots and Haste. This spell gives 2 action points per turn, meaning you could double your damage output.

metamagic twinned spell description bg3

To do this you need to activate Metamagic: Twinned Spell and then cast Haste. You can now target two targets. I recommend doing this on yourself and another group member. This way two members in your party have double amount of actions. This will make your combat encounters much easier.

Use the Create Water spell

So if we want to hit enemies for the largest amount of possible damage, we need to make them wet. Wet enemies even if they have resistance to Lightning, get bonus damage. Due to this, you should always try to create wet surfaces in most encounters. Now how you can do that?

create water baldurs gate 3

In the early game, Clerics and Druids gain this spell, so having them cast it is one option. Another option is to throw water bottles. And last, you could get Rain Dancer staff from Arron merchant druid in the Druid Grove

Even if enemies are resistant to lightning you can make them wet which removes this resistance

The good thing is that at level 6 Storm Sorcerer you will also gain create water by default. However, you generally want someone else to cast it, to save action or bonus action points (if using metamagic). You also have Sleet Storm, which can be used to create an Ice surface, which melts the next turn into water.

Use metamagic to empower your first turn

You can use the Metamagic mechanic to create some powerful spell combos. My favorite would be Quickened Spell. It allows casting a spell via bonus action. Here are some good combos:

  • Haste and then cast two spells on the first turn and three on the second.
  • Hold Person or Monster, and then cast spells for guaranteed critical hits.

metamagic quickened spell heightened spell baldurs gate 3

Moreover, you can use Metamagic: Heightened Spell to create a disadvantage on Saving Throws on enemies. Meaning your spells have a much higher chance of success

Equipment Recommendations

Now I would like to go through some gear recommendations to maximize the Storm Sorcerer build effectiveness. Items are especially important as they take the build to the next level thanks to their unique effects.

Act 1

The early game can be hard, as you do not know where to find items. Picking the correct spells should cover most of the needs. So, as you progress feel free to equip the needed items.

Slot Item Description
melee slot bg3Melee Melf's First StaffMelf's First Staff Gives +1 to spell attack rolls or DC. An alternative to The SpellsparklerThe Spellsparkler in case it is used by someone else.
The SpellsparklerThe Spellsparkler Each hit generates Lightning Charges that later detonate for bonus lightning damage. This staff should also support you in Act 2.
ranged slot bg3Ranged bow of awareness bg3Bow of Awareness Very useful before you get Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert​ feat. The higher initiative will allow you to go earlier.
Hand Crossbow +1 icon bg3Hand Crossbow +1 Equipping two of these will allow you to attack with off-hand. This is important as you may not have used for bonus action if your Sorcery points have been expended, so this will allow some bonus damage.
offhand slot bg3Shield Adamantine Shield icon bg3Adamantine Shield It provides a substantial defensive boost by reducing critical hit damage.
helmet slot bg3Head The Shadespell Circlet icon bg3The Shadespell Circlet Increases Spell Save Difficulty Counter, while obscured. Very easy to activate, use Shift, to see the sun icon, it should be half or full empty.
The Lifebringer icon bg3The Lifebringer The best defensive option in Act 1. Works well with The SpellsparklerThe Spellsparkler. Without it, the item loses its purpose.
cloak slot bg3Cloak Any Anything will work as act 1 does not have any good options.
armor slot bg3Armor The Protecty Sparkswall icon bg3The Protecty Sparkswall Works well with The SpellsparklerThe Spellsparkler for additional bonuses to Armour Class and Saving Throws with Lightning Charges. The best choice in Act 1.
gloves slot bg3Gloves Gloves of Belligerent Skies icon bg3Gloves of Belligerent Skies Applies Reverbation when dealing thunder or lightning damage. With 5 stacks, this will deal a bonus 1d4 damage and can make enemies Prone.
Bracers of Defence icon bg3Bracers of Defence Gives whooping +2 Armour Class. This is the perfect option especially if you do not have shield proficiency.
Gloves of Missile Snaring icon bg3Gloves of Missile Snaring Defensive gloves that allow to negate enemy ranged attack.
boots slot bg3Boots Vital Conduit Boots icon bg3Vital Conduit Boots Because you will be casting spells with Concentration often these Boots will give an additional survivability boost.
Disintegrating Night Walkers icon bg3Disintegrating Night Walkers Avoids slipping on various terrains and most importantly unlocks Misty Step each short rest.
Boots of Striding icon bg3Boots of Striding Gives additional protection against being Prone.
amulet slot bg3Amulet Pearl of Power Amulet icon bg3Pearl of Power Amulet A good amulet that allows restoring level 3 or lower spell slots.
ring slot bg3Rings Ring of Protection icon bg3Ring of Protection Gives defensive bonuses to Armour Class and Saving Throws.
Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands icon bg3Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands Allows Casting invisibility for free once per long rest.
Ring of Absolute Force icon bg3Ring of Absolute Force Bonus thunder damage to thunder spells.

Act 2 - mid-game

This is the mid-game, where most of the areas will be covered by dark. Radiant equipment will shine here and having Darkvision icon passive feature bg3Darkvision​ is recommended. We also can get some great items, albeit some will stay the same from Act 1.

Slot Item Description
melee slot bg3Melee Melf's First StaffMelf's First Staff These items are still relevant in Act 2 and provide very good bonuses.
The SpellsparklerThe Spellsparkler
ranged slot bg3Ranged Darkfire ShortbowDarkfire Shortbow This bow allows casting Haste without using a spell slot. However, if you do not care about that, continue using the items from Act 1.
offhand slot bg3Shield Ketheric's Shield icon bg3Ketheric's Shield The only shield that improves the Spell Difficulty class and attack rolls.
Sentinel Shield icon bg3Sentinel Shield A good option before you get the next Shield. The bonus initiative will ensure that you go earlier if you do not have an Alert icon passive feature bg3Alert​ perk.
helmet slot bg3Head Fistbreaker Helm icon bg3Fistbreaker Helm The best choice in Act 2 for any caster. Gives bonus initiative and Spell Save Difficulty Counter.
Hat of Storm Scion's Power icon bg3Hat of Storm Scion's Power An option in case Fistbreaker Helm icon bg3Fistbreaker Helm is taken. You will have to activate Heart of the Storm icon passive feature bg3Heart of the Storm​ with Thunder damage so that the Arcane Acuity effect would proc.
cloak slot bg3Cloak Cloak of Protection icon bg3Cloak of Protection Improves survivability and Saving Throw success.
armor slot bg3Armor The Protecty Sparkswall icon bg3The Protecty Sparkswall Works well with The SpellsparklerThe Spellsparkler for additional bonuses to Armour Class and Saving Throws with Lightning Charges. The best choice in Act 1.
Robe of Exquisite Focus icon bg3Robe of Exquisite Focus A decent choice, but only take it if The Protecty Sparkswall is equipped by someone else.
gloves slot bg3Gloves Gloves of Belligerent Skies icon bg3Gloves of Belligerent Skies You can continue using the same items from Act 1.
Bracers of Defence icon bg3Bracers of Defence
boots slot bg3Boots Evasive Shoes icon bg3Evasive Shoes Gives armor class an increase. Best choice if you are not using Shield
amulet slot bg3Amulet Spellcrux Amulet  icon bg3Spellcrux Amulet An amazing amulet that proves valuable in the late game for restoring level 5 and 6 spell slots.
Amulet of the Harpers icon bg3Amulet of the Harpers Gives free Shield use per Long Rest. This ensures bonus survivability for Storm Sorcerer.
ring slot bg3Rings Callous Glow Ring icon bg3Callous Glow Ring Gives defensive bonuses to Armour Class and Saving Throws.
Coruscation Ring icon bg3Coruscation Ring It is fairly easy to cast any light spell on yourself or have an ally do that. The Radiating Orb effect will debuff enemies, making it harder for them to hit targets.
Eversight Ring  icon bg3Eversight Ring Allows Casting invisibility for free once per long rest.
Ring of Mental Inhibition icon bg3Ring of Mental Inhibition Bonus thunder damage to thunder spells.
Ring of Twilight icon bg3Ring of Twilight Because it is easy to be obscured this allows to gain bonus armour class. Very useful in Act 2.

Act 3 - Final Build setup

This is the last act of the game, where you will get access to the most powerful items. To get them as early as possible you will need some planning, but overall, it should not be a problem.

Slot Item Description
melee slot bg3Melee MarkoheshkirMarkoheshkir The most powerful stave in the game. You can imbue it with different elements - fire, for bonus fire damage, lightning - for higher lightning charge generation. So if going all in on Eldritch Blast, set Bolts of Doom.
Staff of Spell PowerStaff of Spell Power Gives a bonus to Spell Attack Rolls and Spell Save DC. Also allows casting a spell without using a spell slot per long rest. You can also get Dual Wielder feat and use this together with MarkoheshkirMarkoheshkir.
RhapsodyRhapsody The unique effect that gives +1 damage for each Scarlet Remittance stack. This requires you to kill enemies (previously you could destroy barrels), but this should be easy in late game where normal grunts will be dead from your lightning spells in a few hits.
Caitiff Staff icon bg3Caitiff Staff The stave is more targeted towards warlocks, but can still be used for bonus Spell Save DC.
ranged slot bg3Ranged Darkfire ShortbowDarkfire Shortbow This bow allows casting Haste without using a spell slot. However, if you do not care about that, continue using the items from Act 1.
offhand slot bg3Shield Ketheric's Shield icon bg3Ketheric's Shield This is still the top contender for the build
Shield of Shielding icon bg3Shield of Shielding Allows casting Shield as a reaction, giving a bonus layer of protection.
helmet slot bg3Head Hood of the Weave icon bg3Hood of the Weave Provides +2 to Spell Save DC for increased spell success.
Birthright icon bg3Birthright The best choice in Act 2 for any caster. Gives bonus initiative and Spell Save Difficulty Counter.
Hat of the Sharp Caster icon bg3Hat of the Sharp Caster Improves damage output by rerolling low damage rolls.
cloak slot bg3Cloak Cloak of The Weave icon bg3Cloak of The Weave This is the best cloak for this build as it gives a direct boost to attack rolls. The result is more successful spells.
Cloak of Displacement icon bg3Cloak of Displacement Improves the chances of attacks missing the wearer until getting hit for that turn.
armor slot bg3Armor Armour of Landfall icon bg3Armour of Landfall Gives advantages to Constitution Saving Throws, increases Spell Save DC, and an additional spell. Moreover, it has a decent Armour Class due to being light armor.
Robe of the Weave icon bg3Robe of the Weave A very good overall robe that improves spell effectiveness and success rate. A good addition is also
gloves slot bg3Gloves Helldusk Gloves icon bg3Helldusk Gloves Improves Spell Save DC, for a higher spell success chance.
gauntlet of the tyrant bg3Gauntlet of the Tyrant Improves Spell Save DC, for a higher spell success chance. Also gives a Command spell that can be used each Long Rest.
boots slot bg3Boots Bonespike Boots icon bg3Bonespike Boots Optimal choice if you are wearing a robe and go all in on the dual wielding, this way you get bonus armor class.
Helldusk Boots icon bg3Helldusk Boots These boots have a wide array of uses - allowing succeeding Saving Throws while using Reaction, a teleportation spell, and ignoring difficult terrain.
amulet slot bg3Amulet Amulet of The Devout icon bg3Amulet of The Devout I would say this is the best amulet for a spellcaster. It gives whooping +2 Spell Save DC. But it could be used on Cleric, which would utilize it better. However, if you multiclass cleric, then this amulet is mandatory in my opinion, to ensure you can maximize 2 Lightning spell damage per short rest.
Spell Savant Amulet icon bg3Spell Savant Amulet You can use the additional spell slot to create sorcery points.
Magic Amulet icon bg3Magic Amulet A good defensive option to use Reaction for Saving Throw advantage.
ring slot bg3Rings Ring of Feywild Sparks icon bg3Ring of Feywild Sparks The ring gives bonus Spell Save DC, making it easier to land spells. However, this effect is not listed in the description.
Callous Glow Ring icon bg3Callous Glow Ring Deals bonus 2 damage against illuminated enemies. Although it is not much, this also works with spells. Just be sure to cast Light on yourself.


Thank you for reading the Storm Sorcerer build for Baldur's Gate 3. We covered this powerful subclass progression, spell selection, gear recommendations, and ability picks. Moreover, I offered some Cleric subclass options if you are interested in dealing the maximum amount of damage possible.


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Has this guide been updated recently? I swear this used to recommend taking a lvl in Cleric once your charter reaches lvl 6, but now multilcassing is religated to a seperate section. Some of the spell choices seem tobhave changed also.

Hey! Yes I updated the build today. After some evaluations and additional knowledge I gathered, it seems going straight 12 lvls storm sorc or 10 lvl storm sorc/2 cleric is equal, just present different pros and cons.

If you want to multiclass to cleric, check one of the options I provided on how to progress. I hope this is enough info to make the build.



I would like to know what gear you use. I just respected to storm sorcerer, but I'm missing the draconic resilience. In act 2.

Hey, I will add recommended gear tomorrow, so bear with me :D

Draconic Resilience is not available to Storm Sorcerer


so once you can get heavy armor from cleric how do you redistribute stats? Or leave on dex?

Yes, leave Dexterity. You need it for higher initiative, so that your turn starts earlier and you can damage/take out foes at the start


I am new to BG3 and the world of DnD. Why isn't intelligence important? I can understand strength, but not intelligence. Could intelligence by a 10? Just curious

Intelligence is important if your main spellcasting attribute is intelligence and that is only Wizard. However, for Storm Sorcerer this is Charisma. This means that it decides most spell success and damage.

Moreover, there are not many spells that need Intelligence Saving Throw. You can read more about them here -

Of course, there are some skill checks like Arcana, Religion, etc. but usually that's not worth it compared to having higher wisdom (to get resistance against many more spells) or strength.

There are some other considerations, but mainly it is this one :)

Gamestegy Founder. I have been writing game guides and builds for 4 years. I like to push myself to create something wonderful for the readers!