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Best Adept Build guide - Mass Effect 2 (ME2)

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This post covers the Best Adept build in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. This is a class that special implants to create small singularities. This ability allows them to disable and kill enemies using biotic fields.

Unfortunately, this class lacks advanced combat training, which may make them weaker in weapon combat compared to other classes.

Shepard Adept Build - Biotic Singularity

This build concentrates on what the Adept class can do best - creating biotic fields. You will constantly use abilities like Pull and Singularity to break enemy formations or stunlock them. Once their protections are down you will be able to create combos that throw them off the ledges or to the ceiling.

Of course, the build also uses weapons, they play an important role - removing enemy protections. Once that happens your Biotic abilities become much more effective. Moreover, during the mid-game, you will be able to unlock more advanced weapons that will make ranged weapon combat better.

For this Adept build to work the best you will also need a good choice of companions that can support you. All of this will be covered in this post.

Squad Point Allocation

This section will cover the end-game build squad point allocation for the Adept build. This is a quick overview

shepard adept build squad points mass effect 2

Power name Evolution Level (Squad Points)
warp mass effect 2Warp Heavy Warp (Optional) 3 (6)
Throw iconThrow Heavy Throw 4 (10)
singularity mass effect 2Singularity Heavy Singularity 4 (10)
Pull - 2 (3)
Shockwave iconShockwave - -
biotic mastery mass effect 2Biotic Mastery Bastion 4 (10)
Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo (Bonus power) Heavy Warp Ammo 4 (10)

You can forgo one level of Pull and get 4th level Warp. Unfortunately, this will mean that pulled enemies will be floating for only 5 seconds. In theory, this should be enough as your cooldown will be less than 3 seconds. However, in case you are under enemy fire or projectile's traveling distance is long the effect may wear off.

Due to this, I only have a level 3 Warp. Moreover, as you will see in the Tactics section it is only used in specific situations and Biotic detonation is done by companions.

Bonus Powers

For Adept build, there are multiple bonus powers that I suggest based on the situation.

  • Warp Ammo - is a great choice when you know that there will be many enemies with Biotic barriers. Allows you to shred the protection much faster before unleashing biotic abilities
  • Energy Drain - an extremely good ability that works well against Synthetic and Shielded enemies. With it, you can play much more aggressively as you can instantly restore your shields.
  • Stasis - a very powerful ability that can immobilize even the strongest enemies. This is the safest choice to take on the missions as you can always immobilize an enemy like the YMIR mech and take out the weaker ones before concentrating on it.
  • Barrier - take this one if you wish to play more aggressively. This ability is unique in that it has instant activation without breaking other animations. Once you have a shotgun or assault rifle this allows you to expose yourself for longer periods.

Ability Progression

Order Skill Description
1 singularity mass effect 2Singularity Lv 2 This is the signature ability of the Adept. It allows to stagger protected enemies, constantly interrupting their actions. Unprotected enemies are lifted and swirl around in the air. They are perfect targets for Throw or Warp biotic detonation.
2 warp mass effect 2Warp Lv 2 A perfect ability against enemy Biotic barriers and armors. It also stops the health regeneration of enemies. Use it against Vorcha and Krogans early in the game. You can also use it to detonate Biotic Explosions but that should be done by companions.
3 Throw iconThrow Lv 2 Very fun ability to use. Use it on ragdolled enemies that are affected by Singularity or Pull. Try to throw enemies off ledges or to the ceiling for instant kills.
4 biotic mastery mass effect 2Biotic Mastery Lv 2 Adepts passive class power that improves power cooldown.
5 Pull Lv 1 We take this to have a way to lift an enemy. Although Adept already has Singularity, this one's projectile travels much faster and you can then instantly follow up with Throw.
6 biotic mastery mass effect 2Biotic Mastery Lv 4 Take Bastion upgrade. It will reduce power's cooldown by 30% greatly improving the Adept offensive capabilities.
7 singularity mass effect 2Singularity Lv 4 Take Heavy Singularity upgrade. The ability will now be able to stagger most normal enemies in the game even with their protections. After you remove the armor enemies will be lifted and other abilities can be used for combos.
8 Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo Lv 2 (or any bonus power) At this stage, it is good to pick some bonus powers. Level up the ones that you have picked and change them based on a different mission. You want to maximize Adept effectiveness as much as you can.
9 Throw iconThrow Lv 4 Get a Heavy Throw upgrade. The field also works. However, I really enjoy it when enemies are slammed to walls or ceilings with maximum power.
10 Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo Lv 3 (or any bonus power) Further, upgrade your bonus ability for increased effectiveness.
11 Pull Lv 2 We get one more level to have 7 seconds of time for the enemy to be lifted by Adept. This allows to follow up with Throw or Warp combo.
12 Warp ammo iconWarp Ammo Lv 4  (or any bonus power) Get the maximum upgrade for the Bonus power.
13 warp mass effect 2Warp Lv 3 We take the third level to maximize Adept capability against heavily armored enemies or biotic barriers.

As an alternative to Overload Lv 4, you can also take Warp Lv 4. It will greatly improve your offensive capabilities against barriers and armor and will be invaluable on the last mission.

Tactics and Squad

In this section, I would like to go through some tips on how to best utilize the Adept Build in Mass Effect 2.

Singularity for any situation

This is the most powerful ability that Adept has. What makes it special is that it works both on protected and unprotected enemies. Of course, protected enemies are a bit more difficult to deal with. However, if they come in contact with the ability here is what happens:

singualrity ability mass effect 2

Even though enemies can do some actions they are constantly being interrupted. This allows Adept to also be effective when enemies are with their protection. They also take constant damage, albeit small.

Unfortunately, this will not work on some enemies like Geth Prime, YMIR mech, etc.

Once enemy protection is down and they are still in the singularity field they will be lifted. This can now be exploited with Warp or Throw for some sweet Biotic combos.

Singularity/Pull + Throw Combo

Before playing adept I mainly used Biotic Explosions using Warp as a detonator. However, using Throw opened up new opportunities. What makes it special is its low base Cooldown of just 3 seconds. This is without any upgrades.

With the correct targeting angle, you can send enemies flying to the ceiling, walls, and ledges. It is a very satisfying ability once you learn how to use it.

pull and throw combo mass effect 2

Have in mind as with all Biotic abilities to activate you need enemies to be without protection. Also, Throw by itself when used on non-lifted enemies will not be as effective. So have this in mind when planning your next move.

Biotic Explosions

This is probably the most popular combo in the game. One needs to use Warp on enemies that are affected by Biotic fields and are floating in the air. Once these conditions are met applying Warp with either Adept or Companion will detonate an explosion.

This explosion deals AOE damage damaging not only the target but also nearby enemies. Check in the video below how the upcoming LOKI mech has its armor damaged from the explosion:

Biotic explosion adept mass effect 2

As you can see I use Adept's Singularity to set up the Biotic field and then Miranda to detonate it.

Using Warp correctly

Adept has Warp ability that can be used in multiple situations:

  • Damage enemy armor and barriers
  • Stop health regeneration
  • Detonate biotic fields

However, the big drawback of using it with Adept is the long cooldown. Once you use it you will not be able to use another ability for 6 seconds. On Insanity difficult this can mean life and death.

Due to this, to detonate Biotic explosions use your companions' Warp ability. This way you can constantly create biotic fields with Pull, Singularity, and Throw.

However, I still take this biotic ability. Why is that? This ability comes in very handy on boss-like enemies: Harbinger, YMIR mechs, etc. Because these enemies have strong protections using Warp will greatly improve your DPS against them.

Advanced Weapon Training

During the Collector Ship mission, you will be able to obtain Advanced Weapon Training. This means that Adept can start using assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

  • Assault Rifles - you have some great options and they are very effective at mid-range. These are perfect for Adept build as you want to avoid direct enemy fire.
  • Shotguns - are a more risky option but they can deal tremendous damage from up close. If you have good party composition and Barrier bonus power, you will have no problems in close combat. Of course, there is Geth Plasma Shotgun which is effective from a long range.


Here is what I recommend for maximizing the squad's effectiveness:

  • I almost always recommend having Miranda. She can detonate Biotic fields with Warp and has Overload against enemies with shields. Moreover, she increases squad members' health and weapon damage. You can also take Thane, who also has Warp.
  • Samara is another excellent companion to have. She has multiple biotic abilities and also can use Reave. This is an extremely strong ability at stripping enemy protections. Once that is done the Adept can follow up with Singularity or Pull.
  • If you will fight multiple enemies that have Shield protection take Garrus or Miranda.
  • Against Armored enemies, it is best to have - Samara. Her ability deals double damage against this protection. Mordin is another good choice with his Incinerate and he is available early in the game. Thane and Miranda have Warp, which deals double damage to this protection
  • For Biotic Barriers definitely take Samara. Reave is a very powerful ability in these situations. Thane and Miranda are other good options as their Warp also deals double damage


This section will cover recommended equipment for the Adept Build in Mass Effect 2.

Assault Rifles

In case you go with Assault Rifle training during the Collector Ship option here are my recommended weapons:

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-96 Mattock Heavy rifle mass effect 2M-96 Mattock Armor
My go-to option for rifles. It makes the Adept much stronger in ranged combat and allows for faster protection stripping
M-15 Vindicator mass effect 2M-15 Vindicator Armor
This is the second option that I suggest taking. Unfortunately, it has fairly low ammo capacity.


Here are weapon options if you choose Shotguns for Advanced weapon training

Weapon Name Effective against Description
geth plasma shotgun mass effect 2Geth Plasma Shotgun Shields
This is a special shotgun that can also shoot accurately from mid-range. This means that you do not need to expose yourself as much. However, it only releases 3 pellets.
m 27 scimitar mass effect 2M-27 Scimitar Barriers
Although this shotgun is a bit weaker compared to other options it has an 8 ammo clip. This allows to release multiple shoots and constantly suppresses enemies with fire.

Of course, you can pick any other shotgun here. Just try them out and see how well you can utilize them.

Submachine Guns

Weapon Name Effective against Description
m-9 tempest mass effect 2M-9 Tempest Shields
This is my go-to option against Shields and Barriers. It has a 1.5x multiplier against them, making it very effective against multiple enemies in the game.
m-12 locust smg mass effect 2M-12 Locust Armor
Another SMG option. It has lower multipliers. However, each of its shots deals more damage compared to the above option.

Heavy Pistol

Weapon Name Effective against Description
M-5 phalanx mass effect 2M-5 Phalanx Armors This is my favorite pistol. It provides laser sight for 100% accuracy while aiming down sights. It is also very effective against armor and I use it once I am out of submachine gun ammo.
M 6 carnifex mass effect 2M-6 Carnifex Armors This one has high damage and is obtainable early in the game.

Heavy Weapons

Generally, any weapon works here. However, my favorite ones are below:

Weapon Name Effective against Description
collector particle beam mass effect 2Collector Particle Beam Shields
I enjoy using this weapon in tight situations. It also is very good in the late game against Collectors.
arc projector mass effect 2Arc Projector Armor
This weapon is very effective against a group of enemies. It can easily strip their defenses.


This section will cover what armors I recommend for Shepard Adept Build. There are multiple options and a few things to concentrate on:

Type Armor Description
Helmet Archon Visor Reduces the recharge time of your powers by 5%
Helmet Sentry Interface Increases shield strength by 5%
Chest N7 Chestplate Increases power damage by 3%.
Chest Shield Harness Increases shields by 5%.
Shoulders Amplifier Plates Increases power damage by 5%.
Shoulders Kestrel Shoulder Pieces Increases shields by 8%
Increases melee damage by 10%
Arms Heavy Damping Gauntlets Increases shields by 5%.
Arms N7 Gauntlets Increases health by 3%.
Legs Kestrel Power Pack Increases shields by 8%
Increases heavy weapon ammo capacity by 5%

Pick the ones based on your preference.


Thank you for reading this Adept build post in Mass Effect 2. I hope you enjoyed it and now better understand how to use this stealth class correctly.

Feel free to leave a comment below!


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